Remote Control Challenge For 24 Hours!! **Gone Too Far**

  • Published on May 14, 2019
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    In this episode of Free Time, we did the Remote Control challenge!
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Comments • 2 430

  • allenbl7 7ig
    allenbl7 7ig Day ago

    Did I just forget that melody would you just give me a little bit of a...

    Like if you have heard of this song

  • allenbl7 7ig
    allenbl7 7ig Day ago

    Bro cayls is sooooooo cute

  • allenbl7 7ig
    allenbl7 7ig Day ago


  • Roberto Suarez
    Roberto Suarez Day ago

    can i have a soutout please?

  • Roberto Suarez
    Roberto Suarez Day ago +1

    do a pause challenge with your family and Infnite if thats ok?

  • Pokeman RichieTeo
    Pokeman RichieTeo 4 days ago

    That remote control is exactly the same as mine so if ur saying that has magic so does mine have magic?

  • Andrei Lompero
    Andrei Lompero 5 days ago

    Tal is like a 13 yrs old having a good grades 1:04

  • Ken Rize
    Ken Rize 5 days ago

    Jason is the one friend that can still keep up with you with your jokes even if he's angry about it...

  • Haley Hale
    Haley Hale 6 days ago

    At the end you just see Caylus dancing in the background with nobody noticing 😂

  • Yuuto Yasashii
    Yuuto Yasashii 6 days ago

    do they sell jason's nude pictures?

  • Animal LPS Jam
    Animal LPS Jam 7 days ago

    As soon as I turned on the notifications, Jason started screaming... 😬

  • Bloody Devil YT UwU
    Bloody Devil YT UwU 8 days ago +1

    Is is just or it feels like they abuse Jason every video 😂😂😂😂😂

  • foxdiddy
    foxdiddy 8 days ago +1

    Use the remote to turn them on 😍

  • Megan Kerr
    Megan Kerr 10 days ago


  • Tanner_ Nagrone_Official

    I’ve been binging this Channel and everyone else’s and I can’t stress this enough. Micheal is annoying asf

  • mehak akthar
    mehak akthar 13 days ago

    i love jojo i feel so bad for him if tal would do this to me i would have ******* beepp* him up

  • Bailey Wickham
    Bailey Wickham 14 days ago

    Everytime Jason laughs why does he sound like pennywise?

  • じゅぱんだJupanda

    That one innocent person that just wants to make friends but knows he will just get screwed instead

  • maziah mohd nor
    maziah mohd nor 15 days ago +1

    4:35 when you realize that it's Saturday and you ran all the way for nothing

  • kazuyo kita
    kazuyo kita 15 days ago

    do part2

  • Twilight Night
    Twilight Night 16 days ago

    RIP phone

  • Shelby Wells
    Shelby Wells 20 days ago

    Jason had to have the last word

  • Earth Playz
    Earth Playz 21 day ago +1

    You should do Anthony controls all of your lives for 24 hours :D

  • Tornike Bochorishvili
    Tornike Bochorishvili 22 days ago

    yoooo u guys are so awesome keep doing your joob

  • Ursula Westmoreland
    Ursula Westmoreland 23 days ago

    Do a part 3

  • Zaara Jamsheed
    Zaara Jamsheed 24 days ago

    Do that on adi and Emily

  • Stephanie Loyola
    Stephanie Loyola 26 days ago

    To it on caylus

  • Youhana Sherif
    Youhana Sherif 27 days ago +1


  • Tiger boss Caravella
    Tiger boss Caravella 27 days ago

    RIP the phone 📱

  • Dominador Cortez
    Dominador Cortez 27 days ago

    Oh wrong guy's

  • ela .j
    ela .j 28 days ago

    do the eat it or wear it

  • LZ_DeAd
    LZ_DeAd 28 days ago +1

    Edit: thx for 0 likes

  • Lil Weirdo
    Lil Weirdo 28 days ago +1


  • Christen Smith
    Christen Smith 29 days ago

    Nick is sooooooo cut his my favorite

  • katie Blu
    katie Blu 29 days ago

    You have the tv I have

  • Cristal Star
    Cristal Star 29 days ago

    I have the same remote that I use for tv

  • Angelie Angel
    Angelie Angel Month ago

    Ok but that ending was perfect 😂😂

  • Jordan Hollister
    Jordan Hollister Month ago

    Yeah like for jojo get a new phone

  • Martin Cinco
    Martin Cinco Month ago

    Who knew they were invisible in the car

  • vathna serei panha
    vathna serei panha Month ago



  • n _
    n _ Month ago

    It's always jojo's phone that's being destroyed HAHAHAHA

  • Metal Head Ron
    Metal Head Ron Month ago +1

    Yo imagin if Emily walked in when Jason was naked on the ground 😆

  • Samantha Savage
    Samantha Savage Month ago

    i have a challenge and its Cant Say No to JoJo for 24 hours i think yall shoul do it beacause yall have been hurtitng JoJo for like the past 100,00000 years

  • Noemi Sandoval
    Noemi Sandoval Month ago

    With video is the one we’re infinite is filming and tal came in and did that????

  • Abigail Kline
    Abigail Kline Month ago

    poor caylus

  • Zircho batusbatusan

    *1:05** this always cracks me up*

  • Jim Catullo
    Jim Catullo Month ago

    Hahahahhahahahahahhaha that is funny😂🤣

  • Tuned V6 turbo
    Tuned V6 turbo Month ago +1

    Did he really throw the keys at his nuts

  • PurpleDragon6541
    PurpleDragon6541 Month ago

    How many times jojo’s phone got broke

  • PurpleDragon6541
    PurpleDragon6541 Month ago

    Jason like only wars Gucci shirts

  • Marlie gardner
    Marlie gardner Month ago

    Why you bully everyone tal

  • LazyOrgins
    LazyOrgins Month ago

    1:03 when you realized today is school

  • ZNL Clan
    ZNL Clan Month ago

    Caylus watching in the background.

  • MJ Squared
    MJ Squared Month ago

    y’all’s videos are so good and funny and you have to ruin them with Jason 🥴

  • Mr. WolfPlayz
    Mr. WolfPlayz Month ago

    Tal ADI jojo Caylus Anthony Nick Tell Jason to stop Cursing/swearing

  • Jayden R
    Jayden R Month ago


  • Jay Boyle
    Jay Boyle Month ago

    9:54 now why would he do that 🤦‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤬

  • Galaxy Wolf
    Galaxy Wolf Month ago

    How many times Jayson swore
    👇🏽(Like really 57 in the real videos🤗)

  • lps stars dk
    lps stars dk Month ago

    Caylus is like just soo funny and hes like coming the funniest timing

  • • blueberry biscuit •

    This just proves how Morgz is so boring lol