Avengers Endgame Trailer NEW EASTER EGGS Revealed!

  • Published on Feb 13, 2019
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    What NEW details have emerged in this Avengers Endgame Super Bowl Trailer, and what major twists do they reveal about the upcoming Endgame movie? Erik Voss takes a second look at the recent Avengers trailer for more clues that you might have missed. What background detail could confirm time travel or Multiverse hopping in Endgame? What visual clue from the first Avengers (2012) and Spider-Man Homecoming could foreshadow a major element in the #AvengersEndgame story? Will Iron Man, Captain America, and Thanos make peace and team up in Endgame?
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  • New Rockstars
    New Rockstars  6 months ago +850

    Erik here! I forgot to mention it in the video, but yes, both shots of Avengers HQ feature the big "A" logo on the INSIDE WALL, which is a big reason I'm leaning toward my Theory #1 (the missing one was merely unfinished VFX), and why I didn't bother with this detail when I first noticed it. Sure, perhaps the empty-room shot could be mid-transition, as we see the new timeline's alterations fade into or out of existence, one by one... but that's probably reaching. I think we can agree: every inconsistency is worth exploring to its most farfetched extreme.

    • ʇsoɟd uɐɥʇɐu
      ʇsoɟd uɐɥʇɐu 4 months ago

      Cap has his original shield in that shot.

    • King Erick
      King Erick 4 months ago +1

      Haha im eleven and my name is Erick not "Hi im erik voss" 😂😂😂

    • CodeguruX
      CodeguruX 5 months ago

      The snap made so much of everything better. Jungle fever spiderman and blackman himself are dust. Leave it be.

    • CineFun
      CineFun 5 months ago +1

      i think it's more possible that it's Wolverine as the secret avenger

    • kama kaze
      kama kaze 5 months ago

      hey in infinity war .when tonys on the ship talking to pepper the phone breaks up after pepper saying come home...it ends pepper saying am gunna?.....maybe its come to you or save you..just a thought

  • Frosted Flakes
    Frosted Flakes 20 days ago +1

    That ending would be pretty lit

  • Gaming With KING
    Gaming With KING 3 months ago

    thanos has brain damage cx

  • KAV Studios
    KAV Studios 3 months ago

    Tony will surprise us more

  • WaitWait NotReady
    WaitWait NotReady 3 months ago

    Is he high?

  • lewisgam1ng8
    lewisgam1ng8 4 months ago

    It could be ultron

  • TooGoated Dilemma
    TooGoated Dilemma 4 months ago

    I really want Stark and captain America to have a moment where they both beat up thanos

  • Techy Nerdy Gypsy
    Techy Nerdy Gypsy 4 months ago

    I totally believe in Multi verses jumping!!!

  • SlyTyguy 25
    SlyTyguy 25 4 months ago

    I think Captain America Will Play a realy big part

  • Yeast
    Yeast 4 months ago

    5:06 bananas...

  • gannyam jargalsaihan
    gannyam jargalsaihan 4 months ago +1

    Time travel thats not Avengers s base
    That s shield base

  • Almo Medvedec
    Almo Medvedec 4 months ago

    I'm probably gonna be shaking when I see the marvel logo in the cinema

  • J- Draws
    J- Draws 4 months ago

    In the second trailer Cap says "I've asked people to MOVE ON. But NOT US, NOT US. I think those dialouges are actually all cap

  • Vibhor Gosain
    Vibhor Gosain 4 months ago

    If they say that we will only see the 21 minutes of the movie in the trailer,then it's a lie because according to all the trailers all these events can't happen in first 20 minutes

  • Henry Yoho
    Henry Yoho 4 months ago

    There were a on the interior wall in both shots

  • Minty
    Minty 4 months ago

    Tony stark

  • Achilles ‘87
    Achilles ‘87 4 months ago

    The Avengers symbol is gone from the building on the left side in the background when the room is empty 0:51

  • Rae Adams
    Rae Adams 4 months ago +3

    OMGOSH!!! The plane at 2:42 is the same plane as in the last endgame trailer!!! Take a look. Stark tech??? What does this mean

  • Mohammed Hameed
    Mohammed Hameed 4 months ago

    THANOS 5(@;9#

  • Septemz
    Septemz 4 months ago +1

    There’s an advengers logo on the left side on both shots

  • Mighty God YT
    Mighty God YT 4 months ago +1

    Yes your smart so smart

  • MR T W I X
    MR T W I X 4 months ago +15

    Does that mean quicksilver could come back from the avengers traveling through the quintimrealm

  • Atom
    Atom 4 months ago

    Cap is going to be a lad.

  • Herman Rosales
    Herman Rosales 4 months ago +1

    Thanks- just move on for the snap
    Tony - some people move on
    Rogers- but not us

  • John Chandler
    John Chandler 4 months ago +1

    Erik Voss is a secret Avenger!

  • Stevie Matthews
    Stevie Matthews 4 months ago +5

    I think Tony Stark will surprise us the most 😃

    • JOKEY
      JOKEY 4 months ago

      I think Pepper will surprise us the most

  • OMGDan Playz
    OMGDan Playz 4 months ago

    Thanos COULD team up with the others cause i heard the infinity gems have their own mind. And when he sees gamora he kinda looks sad like what have i done? And he wants to Clean up this mess idk Thanos will surprise me the most in endgame

  • Geetika Garg
    Geetika Garg 4 months ago


  • Luckykat
    Luckykat 4 months ago

    in tehn shot without an a at the building on the left wal was an a so the advangers did already existed

  • Ashton Tanner
    Ashton Tanner 5 months ago +1

    Captian Thor will suprise us the most

  • tacocaT327
    tacocaT327 5 months ago


  • Mike S
    Mike S 5 months ago

    You folks are the best

  • Tony Gutierrez
    Tony Gutierrez 5 months ago

    for the theory about the time travel may be not bc u can see a shield jet thru the window meaning is more than likely that the image wasn't finished yet

  • travis newman
    travis newman 5 months ago

    Remember nick told stark he wasn’t allowed in it? Maybe there going to go back to that time and change nicks view.

  • Thomas Steele
    Thomas Steele 5 months ago

    But what about Thor in the showdown? He's easily the most powerful avenger, and he hates Thanos more than anyone else. Why wouldn't he be in the final battle?

  • tomer s
    tomer s 5 months ago

    this isn't time travel or diffrent univers, this is unfinished footage becaus thers another A- symbol, Which means the avengers are still existing.

  • Andres Ayala
    Andres Ayala 5 months ago

    He has his shield back

  • Daniel Woods
    Daniel Woods 5 months ago

    There is no showdown. Nothing happens to thanos in present time. There is no point, what's done is done, you cant unsnap. Thanos has no interest in fighting, hes gonna chill on the farm.

  • Trioajo
    Trioajo 5 months ago

    so thanos gon pull an obito?

  • Pepe Montes Conjunto
    Pepe Montes Conjunto 5 months ago

    I think they walk that hall several times in the movie. They were going to take the fight to Thanos early after IWar. They lose again. And then a timejump after 5 years with AntMan and the white suits

  • Jut _
    Jut _ 5 months ago

    Whenever I type thanos it autocorrects to thanks

  • Justin Butler
    Justin Butler 5 months ago

    Well the avengers A is still on the wall inside that building in both shots so it's not time travel

  • Benjamin Le
    Benjamin Le 5 months ago +2

    Thanos teams up with stark and cap to save gamora and the reward is undoing the snap?

  • ItsBanyo 22
    ItsBanyo 22 5 months ago

    There is an A on the left of the shot in both takes of the shot so so with that what you will

  • Joshii Perez
    Joshii Perez 5 months ago

    Who the hell os rudy? Don't you mean Rhodey? 0:40

    CARLOS GAMBOA 5 months ago

    What about captain America’s shield that he has in his hand

  • Nicholas Fulkerson
    Nicholas Fulkerson 5 months ago +1

    " so as you see, there is not a rock back there, but now there is!

    So I have 14 theories about this".

  • BrutalacePSN
    BrutalacePSN 5 months ago +3

    What if another Thanons (from another parallell universe) comes to fight the original Thanos? DUN DUN DUN

  • Parris Crockett
    Parris Crockett 5 months ago

    What if antman goes into a time vortex without knowing if he actually went back in time, but gets out of the quantum realm after freaking out when he doesn't hear any answers from the Pym family.

  • Cameron Smalls
    Cameron Smalls 5 months ago

    Those three could die that's why

  • TT Barbecue OP
    TT Barbecue OP 5 months ago

    I think the building in the back is because they went back in time when captain marvel was prime

  • potanginang lpto
    potanginang lpto 5 months ago

    My theory is thanos will help the avengers and they will fight the final boss on captain marvel because the teserak is still on the avengers so the ininity gauntlet is 50% power not full power

  • Michaelangelo
    Michaelangelo 5 months ago

    You are obsessed. If you would take the time you do wasted on doing this, learning some actual knowledge- you may be something special. BUT I’m sure other “men” like yourself that spend just as much time on superhero movies appreciate you.

  • HalfQurarter65 YT
    HalfQurarter65 YT 5 months ago


    MILLER CASTILLO 5 months ago +1

    Where captain marvel

  • poonam gupta
    poonam gupta 5 months ago +10

    Thanos has snapped half of living creatures but where are other half
    We cannot see any person other than avengers

  • GnaR
    GnaR 5 months ago +1

    Thanos will use the gauntlet to mind control Cpt Marvel.

  • Phillip Zachary
    Phillip Zachary 5 months ago

    Not watching this channel again.

  • Ge Fang
    Ge Fang 5 months ago

    What if 1983 is actually 1989?

  • history and games
    history and games 5 months ago +2

    The shadow on the poster looks like the Avengers

  • chruck90
    chruck90 5 months ago

    Interesting theory about the missing "A", but it shows it in the far left of the widened shot when you were comparing both. Btw I enjoy your watching your video

    BEASTUX 5 months ago

    Thanos has thicc ass

  • Itsfelipe
    Itsfelipe 5 months ago +2

    The way Nick Fury loses his eye is ridiculous

    • Thedarknate08
      Thedarknate08 5 months ago

      I don't even like Nick Fury anymore after seeing that garbage!

  • Mohammed Saleh
    Mohammed Saleh 5 months ago

    In captai

  • Toxic Gamer_YT
    Toxic Gamer_YT 5 months ago

    thanos hair

  • sarosh ENCORE
    sarosh ENCORE 5 months ago

    When Thanos says "Move On", you gotta move on.
    Cause' Thanos demands your silence! 😁
    Feige, Iger, Downey, evans: But Not Us!

  • Aj_Plays1229
    Aj_Plays1229 5 months ago

    If they travel through time and also bring back peter Parker he better reference back to the future

  • Jeroen Stobbe
    Jeroen Stobbe 5 months ago

    I now think it doesn't say 1983, but 1993

  • Ellen Van Torre
    Ellen Van Torre 5 months ago

    Thanos and thor are in the same place team up

  • Young Sweg
    Young Sweg 5 months ago

    I think thanks because maybe of feeling dead because of gamora

  • AJ4
    AJ4 5 months ago

    He is gonna die

  • AJ4
    AJ4 5 months ago

    Captain America

  • LCM dude
    LCM dude 5 months ago


  • gbuddy
    gbuddy 5 months ago

    Get a life.

  • Kid From 21 Jump Street

    Unrelated: All the dead females are sure gonna make The A-Force MCU movie a lot harder to cast hahaha.
    RIP to the female
    Avengers / Guardians Of The Galaxy:
    - Gamora
    - Scarlet Witch
    - Wasp
    - Mantis
    I WOULD WATCH AN "A-FORCE" MCU FILM W/ ONLY THOSE 4!!!! As WWE may say, a Femme Fatale Fatal Four Way!!!!