Top 5 Snubbed Disney Princesses


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  • Raycelin McGuire
    Raycelin McGuire 2 days ago

    Alanwee from the black cauldron... and Venelope from Wreck it ralph..

  • C A
    C A 2 days ago

    Elasa is a queen and Ana just shouldn't count for anything at all jot even a Disney princess because she is the queen's sister.

  • mrs mozzarella sticks
    mrs mozzarella sticks 3 days ago +1


  • Erica Reid
    Erica Reid 3 days ago +1

    What about Moana??

  • koolcrewable
    koolcrewable 4 days ago

    i always thought esmerelda should be one - she is brave and kind and saves quasimodo

  • Varnapriya Prakash
    Varnapriya Prakash 5 days ago

    What about Princess Elena from the tv series Elena of Avalon?! Honestly, she’s pretty cool and it’s really annoying that Disney still doesn’t have a Hispanic princess in their Disney Princesses line!!

  • emily cheetham
    emily cheetham 6 days ago

    I’m most annoyed that Megaera isn’t a Disney princess afterall she married a freeking god and performed a heroic deed giving her life for Hercules. I LOVE Herculese and I know other females who love it too.

  • Wes Allen
    Wes Allen 8 days ago

    How and why was Tinkerbells Disney Princess Title revoked?

    • Wes Allen
      Wes Allen 8 days ago


  • Zoe Laxamana
    Zoe Laxamana 8 days ago

    You seem to be hating on Ariel. But I still like everyone else more than Ariel.

  • Kat Happy
    Kat Happy 9 days ago

    What about poor princess Eilonwy from the black cauldron.

  • McTash
    McTash 9 days ago

    Aww, leave my Ariel alone! 😂

  • Minnie Craftz
    Minnie Craftz 9 days ago

    Can you make a video about bratty princesses ex:Ariel when she sings that she wants more

  • Julia Productions
    Julia Productions 10 days ago

    Anna and Elsa are not Disney princesses

  • Meme stagram
    Meme stagram 10 days ago

    I find it funny that you don't have to be female. Thus, Kuzco meets all the criteria. "He was a llama for the majority of the movie", you say. Well, Tiana was a frog for the majority of her movie, and she's a princess, so Kuzco is eligible for Disney princess. So, I ask you, WHAT'S HIS NAME?!!!!

  • Natalie Nolet
    Natalie Nolet 10 days ago

    If Giselle is Amy Adams and doesn't qualify to be a Disney princess, will Belle now lose her title because now Belle is Emma Watson??????

  • real tea with me
    real tea with me 12 days ago

    So much shade to the little mermiad

  • tenstepsgirl
    tenstepsgirl 16 days ago

    poor Tinkerbell...

  • Tori Jackson
    Tori Jackson 16 days ago

    Elsa is older than Tarzan.....she is the rightful heir

  • Leila Bolen
    Leila Bolen 16 days ago


  • Rosa 1299
    Rosa 1299 16 days ago

    All of them should be on the list.

  • Leni B
    Leni B 17 days ago

    I really wish Nala was a princess, she is so great! oh well, hakuna matata!

  • Taryn
    Taryn 17 days ago

    What about Esmeralda?!?!

  • Lucy Mc
    Lucy Mc 17 days ago


  • Britten Moshkosky
    Britten Moshkosky 21 day ago

    If you count killing your fiancés mom as heroism then Giselle counts but the entire time she essentially stayed "maiden from the forest" she didn't even marry the Prince at the end

  • Nine de Vries
    Nine de Vries 22 days ago

    I LOVE KIDA! ♥️♥️♥️

  • Butterfly Beauty
    Butterfly Beauty 22 days ago

    What do you have against Ariel

  • Pink Potato
    Pink Potato 23 days ago

    Honestly I love Meg so much

  • Zoe Wilson
    Zoe Wilson 23 days ago

    Ariel is the youngerest of seven

  • Eirene
    Eirene 24 days ago


  • Blaze van Wyk
    Blaze van Wyk 27 days ago

    Excuse me carlen brother anna and elsa were born befoer tarzan so tarzan is the youngest so he can't be the rightful air...just saying

  • Sgt. Metters
    Sgt. Metters 28 days ago

    List starts at 3:46. You're welcome

  • Fairy Joa
    Fairy Joa 29 days ago

    What about the ACTUAL PRINCESS in Taram and the magic coldron? Seems like everyone have forgot about her... Which is sad... :/

  • Henry McCoy
    Henry McCoy 29 days ago

    Dosney is RACIST!
    i.e. you have to be human
    excluding aliens, elves, dwarves, trolls, etc

  • Amelia Ostrander
    Amelia Ostrander Month ago

    I agree with Jane, Nala & the Enchanted one.

  • mkmurr
    mkmurr Month ago

    Could you guys do a video on the queering of Disney villains?

  • Taylor Wolfe
    Taylor Wolfe Month ago

    Someone please explain this to me, if Mrs. Potts turned into a human again at the end of the film how would Jane have inherited the tea set?

  • McKaylee Pugmire
    McKaylee Pugmire Month ago

    Ariel ended the movie as a human so she counts

  • random stuff
    random stuff Month ago

    I suspect Nala got the snub for the same reason Giselle did. One of the "duties" of a Disney princess is to have someone dress up like you at Disney theme parks. For a pseudo-human character like Ariel, that's possible. How would you do that for Nala though?
    Also, while Disney doesn't explicitly state it in the criteria, I suspect being a Queen disqualifies Nala. For whatever reason, in the majority of fiction, especially kid's fiction, Queens are evil and Princesses are good and virtuous. O.O Does that mean all Disney Pricesses are doomed to become evil Queens?

  • DreamStephanieR
    DreamStephanieR Month ago

    I love Disney and Disney princesses and all, but this whole thing seems silly. If they are a princess that is created by Disney to be in a Disney movie, are they not by definition a Disney princess?? (it's as far as exceptions go where things get hairy.)

  • Nat G
    Nat G Month ago

    Thanks for pronouncing Ariel the way my family does 😃. Although it made me think you were saying my first name, Aeriel, than actually saying the character's name.

  • JRae Munoz
    JRae Munoz Month ago


  • Talmadge Lazorko
    Talmadge Lazorko Month ago

    Kida should deff be a princess!!!!

  • Lena's
    Lena's Month ago

    Pocahontas did something heroic not just Milan which is my favorite Disney princess is all time

  • Zachary Hill
    Zachary Hill Month ago

    I am shocked to see that Elsa got the title of Disney princess I mean in frozen she didn't seem like a heroine the ran away from her home and her sister all that she knows just so she not hurt anyone and so on an so on plus she's a queen now her sister Anna is a princess and a true heroine

  • 1988chiyo
    1988chiyo Month ago
    Found this video of Cinderella which I thought was fantastic. Wanted to share it in case anyone hasn't seen it 🙂 it changed my view on Cinderella.

  • Daniel Cuevas
    Daniel Cuevas Month ago

    Game theory knows the true criteria

  • Zoidberg Jesus
    Zoidberg Jesus Month ago

    Don’t think Anna and Elsa are Disney Princesses

  • Kassidee Hobson
    Kassidee Hobson Month ago +1


  • Sara Cooper
    Sara Cooper Month ago

    Princess Eilonwy from the Black Cauldron is one too, but we all know that didn't do well in theaters. I call bullcrap on the sequels though. Even if they were straight to DVD, a lot of these are in sequels. Cinderella has 2 sequels, Pocahontas has one, Aladdin has two that Jasmine is both in, Mulan has one, and Belle is in some. Ariel also has two, though one is like a prequel. I'm guessing they count it as not being a sequel in the theater? That and now Frozen 2 is going to be a thing so they broke their own rule.

  • Naomi McHale
    Naomi McHale Month ago

    Is moana a Disney princess she passed most of this

  • uhohwawh
    uhohwawh Month ago

    nancy is actually a disney princess

  • Jacob Adelsheimer
    Jacob Adelsheimer Month ago


  • Melody B.
    Melody B. Month ago

    I wish I could smack this list in the face, all of the princesses are perfect, and Nala is a good role model for animals! Giselle is also my favorite Disney character, such a shame...

  • Gilbert Garcia
    Gilbert Garcia Month ago

    Here is MY Disney princess snubs I would bring back 1girl from Atlantis 2dazzle 3the Tarzan girl 4(a person you didn't mention the black Coleraine girl 5vallnelope and yeah this is my snub to be in the list

  • Tavas
    Tavas Month ago

    ariel shouldn't be a disney princess

  • M Terry
    M Terry Month ago +1

    If you know how monarch works... you will know that Elsa is rightful ruler! It’s called oldest gets title!!!!!

  • Harry Potter Fan
    Harry Potter Fan Month ago

    If they made a Disney character who is half cat and half human could she be a Disney princess? Obviously if she was a princess in her movie.

    LEXI DELGADO Month ago

    What about Jessie in toy story 2 actually no she does not count

  • Ella B
    Ella B Month ago

    6:45 you mean the princess and the frog

  • Ella B
    Ella B Month ago

    5:44 Ariel is human for part of the movie though. tiana is human for less of the movie than ariel

  • Caroline Woud
    Caroline Woud Month ago

    My counter to the nala.
    You have to be human in any part of the movie you’re Starting in
    (Aerial was human after the song of ‘poor unfortunate souls’)

  • Evan Shelton
    Evan Shelton Month ago

    Ariel Became human at the end

  • AshLee R Parker
    AshLee R Parker Month ago

    If Aladdin was targeted towards boys, how then was Jasmine a princess and Meg is not??? Put Nala, Meg and Jane on the list and take Jasmine and Ariel off

  • AshLee R Parker
    AshLee R Parker Month ago

    I love Nala!

  • Brenna Odair
    Brenna Odair Month ago

    Esmeralda, Eilonwy, tiger Lily???

  • Tornado Taylor
    Tornado Taylor Month ago

    Ariel was human for most of the film tho so she counted

  • Madeline Moore
    Madeline Moore Month ago

    i think that Nala was snubbed becouse they cant have a lion walking around disney for kids to meet, other then that she would be the best disney princess

  • Welcome to the Metaverse

    What about Esmerelda? Tough, independent, open-minded and kind. Granted, she isn't born or married royal and Hunchback didn't do as well at the box office, but she's still pretty freakin awesome.

  • Ariel Vincent
    Ariel Vincent 2 months ago

    does Anna still count considering she was about to marry Hans bc of love on first sight? she didn't even know the dude and he turned out to be the bad guy!

  • MissVasques
    MissVasques 2 months ago

    Nala shouldn’t as Disney princesses should be able to be played by actors in Disney Parks and Nala there just seems off. Plus a lion among Hunan just seems like it would be too dangerous.

  • Emma
    Emma 2 months ago

    Does that mean Nala isn't a Disney Princess...I am crushed.....

  • cheshirefoxxx
    cheshirefoxxx 2 months ago

    ughh giselle is by far the most amazing disney princess ♥ amy adams was phenomenal and although i think disney princess movies became modern when tangled happened, the 'enchanted' story really takes the genre outside its demographic.. sadly giselle isn't the princess for 5 year old girls and therefore isn't marketable.. it's kind of disturbing when someone like sarah silverman is the voice of the newest disney princess, though i do have to admit she nailed the voice.. lastly, i think it's kind of sad if giselle is scrapped as a disney princess because of royalties, amy adams is super expensive but i think she pulls in enough money for her family already

  • Fable Seeks
    Fable Seeks 2 months ago

    Yes Kida!!! My favorite. Besides Meg of course.

  • Leilani Curran
    Leilani Curran 2 months ago

    Loki and Hela should be on the list 😂

  • Rachel Pou
    Rachel Pou 2 months ago

    I think you have a real garage against Ariel

  • Javi Koopa
    Javi Koopa 2 months ago

    Is that why Emma Watson’s Belle doll looks so horrible? So that they don’t have to pay her royalties?

  • Brandon Kovesdi
    Brandon Kovesdi 2 months ago

    Rules dont make any sense, Ariel is not a human, she is a mermaid, a non human race, period, full stop.

  • MissMagic
    MissMagic 2 months ago

    With Tarzan, I say heir. Not true heir, just heir. Because with your theory, and per the actual movie Frozen, the king and queen left AFTER Anna and Elsa was born. More specifically, Elsa was 18 and Anna was 15, when their parents died. (Just so you know, at the time of Elsa coronation, Elsa was 21 and Anna was 18) That would place Tarzan as their younger brother, an heir but not the true heir. And by the time Tarzan becomes an adult, Anna and Elsa would probably be in their 40's and 50's, that means they would have families by then, and had passed down the crown to their childern.

  • Darko Darlin / だrこ だrりん

    What about Princess elowny?

    RAWAN 2 months ago

    But Ariel turns human

  • Mark Drakan
    Mark Drakan 2 months ago

    Actual Princesses not included:
    Not Princesses not included:
    Miss Bianca

  • C Mellecke
    C Mellecke 2 months ago

    moanna is a Disney princess riley is not..

  • Brent V
    Brent V 2 months ago

    Can add Moana to that list of snubs now, and it's been *THREE* years since this video, and Anna and Elsa still have yet to be named to the Disney Princess list.

  • Evan Williams
    Evan Williams 2 months ago

    What about Esmeralda and the person from the black cauldron

  • Carmel Carmen
    Carmel Carmen 2 months ago


  • Annabel Tanner
    Annabel Tanner 2 months ago

    Megara should be a Disney princess

  • Veda G
    Veda G 2 months ago

    what about leia?

  • Emily Corner
    Emily Corner 2 months ago

    Not Anna and elsa

  • Hannah Hoang
    Hannah Hoang 2 months ago

    And a dress and a animal sidekick

  • Dancer_4_life 12
    Dancer_4_life 12 2 months ago +6

    I came back here from film theory because that video I just watched got me so mad he was acting like no one has watched this video. That really upset so much

  • Shyanne
    Shyanne 2 months ago

    Wasn't it confirmed that Tarzan is related to Anna and Elsa. Jane did marry royal but i guess since its not shown in the movie it doesn't count

  • Chris !!!
    Chris !!! 2 months ago +1

    Meg diserves to be a princess

  • Andrew Faraday
    Andrew Faraday 2 months ago

    He described Elsa as idealistic...
    She was going to kill everybody!

  • Anastasia Wortham
    Anastasia Wortham 2 months ago

    The only thing that all Disney princesses have in common is a dress and an animal sidekick

  • Xavier Lugo
    Xavier Lugo 2 months ago

    What happened with Moana. Im dissapointed

  • Kage342
    Kage342 2 months ago

    Anna and Elsa are still not crowned, even in 2018. Also I wanna know your source for the criteria.

  • Wishbone Aldc
    Wishbone Aldc 2 months ago +1

    What about Anastasia or venellope

  • miss wolfywolf
    miss wolfywolf 2 months ago

    I love Hercules and I'm a girl DISNEY

  • Mariah MacNeely
    Mariah MacNeely 2 months ago

    Why would Tarzan be the heir to arindel Elsa is older than him he’s the youngest Ana and Elsa were already like 16 when he was born on the island

  • Cynthia Slater
    Cynthia Slater 2 months ago

    What about Princess Eliowny?