21 Things that Turned 21 This Year (2017) - mental_floss List Show Ep. 523

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  • Cassandra Hum
    Cassandra Hum 9 hours ago

    I turned 21

    BATONTWIRLER1996 14 hours ago

    Love that this was uploaded on my 21st birthday

  • MrSquark
    MrSquark 19 hours ago

    Wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men I call them

  • Duncan McGee
    Duncan McGee Day ago

    Why am I not on this list?

  • TheEditingShop
    TheEditingShop Day ago

    Zig-a-zig, a bastardisation of the English slang word "ziggy" meaning cigarette and "aah" as in a sigh of relief. Due to the context of the song it can be safely assumed that the lyric refers to a post-coital smoke.

  • nate yungman
    nate yungman Day ago

    My favorite thing that debuted in 1996, me.

  • Jeremy the Person
    Jeremy the Person Day ago +1

    Tomb raider

  • mdiem
    mdiem Day ago

    My highschool diploma turned 21 this year.

  • Chris Shipman
    Chris Shipman Day ago


  • Monkey Wrench
    Monkey Wrench Day ago

    you suck, john green.

  • Courtney Cox
    Courtney Cox 2 days ago

    All of these are the same age as me!!!

  • LizzyMarieTina
    LizzyMarieTina 2 days ago

    I did! I got to spend my 21st with some of my favorite people.

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones 2 days ago

    I turned 21 this year; I guess it could be worse, I could be dead. Though I am still not used to the idea of being of legal age to drink alchohol. I'm so sober, I can't even spell alcohol!

  • Darth Savage
    Darth Savage 2 days ago

    The only reason I'm upset that GRRM hasn't finished the series is that Roy Dotrice won't be able to finish the series on Audiobook

  • Vrbanvs A. T. Silvanvs

    At the end I heard "thanks for watching menopause video"...goes nicely with the "it'll make you feel very old" :)

  • DigitalYojimbo
    DigitalYojimbo 2 days ago

    Your sister.

  • Thoughts And feels
    Thoughts And feels 2 days ago

    I'm 21 this year... I don't know how I feel

  • WumbologistPhD
    WumbologistPhD 2 days ago

    I turned 21 this year as well.

  • Lian Pangilinan
    Lian Pangilinan 2 days ago

    That Ryan Reynolds part was hilarious.

  • Purple yoshis in the sky

    I am 100% straight, but if Ryan Reynolds asked me to have sex with him I would happily oblige.

  • Purple yoshis in the sky

    Joke's on you, this made me feel young because I'm not 21 yet

  • Matt Johnston
    Matt Johnston 3 days ago

    Ask.com told me that "Jeeves is on vacation, but don't worry, he'll come back soon" That was ten years ago, when I first learned about disappointment.

  • Caleb Tong
    Caleb Tong 3 days ago

    22nd thing turning 21 this year.... ME!! :D

  • Check It Out
    Check It Out 3 days ago

    I wish i was 21 again

  • Jason Alaksa
    Jason Alaksa 3 days ago

    Really? We don't know what 'zigazig' is? I feel like that's never REALLY been a mystery. :/ lol

  • G. Brent Wilson
    G. Brent Wilson 3 days ago

    Air Dancers are manic depressive... I'm happy! No I'm sad... I'm happy! No I'm sad... I'm happy!!

  • Esti Flame
    Esti Flame 3 days ago

    #22: Me!

  • Lizzie K
    Lizzie K 3 days ago

    I turned 21 as well!! Just a couple of weeks ago 😊🎂

  • kpenny523
    kpenny523 3 days ago

    omg i turned 21 this year and my birthday is the episode #! 5/23

  • Storm Galactica
    Storm Galactica 3 days ago +1

    We get it, you all turned 21 this year. Happy belated (or early I guess) birthday, nerds.

  • Laurie P
    Laurie P 3 days ago

    I hope you do this again in 2022 or do 18 this year. My favourite thing about being 18 this year is that on Dec 31st all adults will have been born in the 20th century and all children in the 21st.

  • From Scratch Aunty Bindy

    WOW! Actually the feeling old effect wasn't too unbearable with this one - I just smiled all the way through lost in nostalgia 😊 Thanks John & MFV Crew

  • Mike
    Mike 3 days ago +1

    They are called "Wacky inflatable arm flailing tube men"

  • coredumperror
    coredumperror 4 days ago

    OH trust me John, this video definitely made me feel old. I cannot believe that Tickle-Me Elmo is old enough to drink!!

  • Jim Johnson
    Jim Johnson 4 days ago

    As Sinatra sang
    "When I was seventeen
    It was a very good year
    It was a very good year for small town girls
    And soft summer nights
    We'd hide from the lights
    On the village green
    When I was seventeen"

  • Northstar Pokeshipper

    Don't forget Pikachu turned 21 this year! He made his debut with Pokemon Red and Green on February 27th, 1996!

  • mysticshadow2003
    mysticshadow2003 4 days ago

    Um no, they are cleeeearly wacky waving inflatable arm flailing tube men

  • kevinbee25
    kevinbee25 4 days ago

    Big up Trinidad and Tobago 🇹🇹

  • Zyra L. F.
    Zyra L. F. 4 days ago

    No. Don't thank google. Terrible overlords ruined searches.

  • vlogerhood
    vlogerhood 4 days ago

    "I've never felt that way before" -John Green discovering his bisexuality on camera.

  • Katelovescbj
    Katelovescbj 4 days ago

    Me. I turned 21

  • Sophie Gent
    Sophie Gent 5 days ago

    *coughs* also Tom Holland

  • Vincent Adultman
    Vincent Adultman 5 days ago

    Whatever happened to Elliot and "Misconceptions?"

  • AFKei
    AFKei 5 days ago

    Hello 90s peeps how are you doing?

  • komoyodo
    komoyodo 5 days ago

    I turned 21 this year :O

  • Isaiah Martinez
    Isaiah Martinez 5 days ago

    U forgot me ha

  • Candice Gomez
    Candice Gomez 5 days ago


  • captloki13
    captloki13 5 days ago

    Does it mean I'm allowed to fuck it?

  • katie wright
    katie wright 5 days ago

    I turned 21 this year whoop whoop

  • RussianAsian
    RussianAsian 5 days ago

    I turned 21 this year

  • zane reynolds
    zane reynolds 6 days ago

    U forgot Pokémon u uncultured swine

  • Shawn McMillan
    Shawn McMillan 6 days ago +2

    Pokemon turned 21

    • agentrikamcgee
      agentrikamcgee 5 days ago +1

      Relating to this and the Ryan Reynolds Rant, Reynolds is playing the eponymous Detective Pikachu in the live-action movie. I’m still in shock.

  • Anonymously Anonymous

    Patiently waiting for the skeleton clique

  • KC Familam
    KC Familam 6 days ago

    ain't nobody in indianapolis saying that shit, stop it.

  • lightsandcandy
    lightsandcandy 6 days ago


  • jessica polk
    jessica polk 6 days ago

    Why am i not in this list!

  • Gabriell Erth
    Gabriell Erth 6 days ago +1

    I turned 21 in 2017 😏

  • TheBGGaming
    TheBGGaming 6 days ago

    so tickle me elmo can now go to the bar???

  • amarella
    amarella 6 days ago

    You know what else turned 21? Me!!!!!

  • AnnikaOakinnA
    AnnikaOakinnA 6 days ago

    There's an air dancer in a mall parking lot near my apartment advertising "Balsam Fur Trees" and I wince every time I see it.

  • PandaCubez
    PandaCubez 6 days ago

    I turned 21 the day this video was posted...

  • Jordan Newsom
    Jordan Newsom 6 days ago

    It's funny. I was born in 1996 and I know of everything you mentioned but I'm really not familiar with any of it. ...except Google of course. And freaking Blue's Clues. I used to watch the crap out of that show.

  • Robert Schalk
    Robert Schalk 6 days ago +1

    I was born :3

  • Saul Brad
    Saul Brad 6 days ago

    Other things that turned 21 are Pokemon, Nintendo 64, Linkin Park, and Crash Bandicoot.

  • DeaconTaylor
    DeaconTaylor 6 days ago

    yup, already feeling old and havent passed the intro yet.

  • Spencer Meilstrup
    Spencer Meilstrup 6 days ago

    The N64 happened too

  • Štěpán Balážik
    Štěpán Balážik 6 days ago

    For eff sake, I will 21 next year. Am I old now?

  • Verticaltruth
    Verticaltruth 6 days ago

    He said Sega saturn. My mind did a time warp

  • Random Gamer
    Random Gamer 6 days ago

    Pokémon turned 21 also

  • smiling seagoat
    smiling seagoat 6 days ago

    Sabrina the teenage witch
    Blue's clues
    Jerry Maguire
    Ask Jeeves
    😭 My memories

  • Isabel Song
    Isabel Song 6 days ago

    I turned 21 in 2017!

  • whipticle
    whipticle 6 days ago

    Its the same video as 20 things that turned 20 in 2016!!!! Wake up people!!!!!!

  • Peter Bochnovič
    Peter Bochnovič 6 days ago

    I turned 21 on the day of this upload 😂

  • MCLegoboy
    MCLegoboy 6 days ago

    Give me a few more years and then I'll start feeling old. I was only 2 years old in 1996.

  • Daniel Carranza
    Daniel Carranza 6 days ago

    Ask jeeves!! Lol

  • Ryan Ellis
    Ryan Ellis 6 days ago

    I am old. 
    That makes me sad. 
    I want to not be old. 
    Alas, yet even so, I am.

  • Fire Water
    Fire Water 6 days ago

    My brother

  • Caleb Antonio
    Caleb Antonio 6 days ago

    It would be cool if it was 21 on trending by its 22

  • Zeldas Champion
    Zeldas Champion 6 days ago +1

    2:24 John's coming out moment...

    • SentsuizanXS
      SentsuizanXS 4 days ago

      Zeldas Champion Everyone's gay for Ryan Reynolds

  • RiceKrispy
    RiceKrispy 6 days ago

    I feel so honored to have turned 21 this year along with such iconic pieces of history.

  • Joelle
    Joelle 6 days ago

    21 things that turned 21 this year.
    ME! ✋🏼

  • Sarah Motawi
    Sarah Motawi 6 days ago

    When this vid is #21 on trending

  • brooke majka
    brooke majka 6 days ago

    The video is 21 on trending

  • MaratViddyVoo
    MaratViddyVoo 6 days ago

    I turn 21 soon. Yay for being born in 1996!

  • Atomic Thrasher
    Atomic Thrasher 6 days ago

    wack eaving inflatable Atomic Thrasher check it out

  • Youngassassin 1190
    Youngassassin 1190 6 days ago

    21 on trending right now

  • Fatman in Paradise
    Fatman in Paradise 6 days ago

    Listen to jam...SpaceJam.😎

  • chris zanotti
    chris zanotti 6 days ago

    there's still news paper that alot of people read, and it says you paid to get this in trending

  • R Squared
    R Squared 6 days ago


  • Sports and stuff
    Sports and stuff 6 days ago

    Game of thrones

  • Ashlee Knowlton
    Ashlee Knowlton 6 days ago

    I turned 21 this year :-)

  • Ahlam Abdelkader
    Ahlam Abdelkader 6 days ago

    This came out on my birthday!! And I'm 21!!

  • Victoria Zecchini
    Victoria Zecchini 6 days ago

    I also turned 21 in 2017. :)

  • Annie Matthews
    Annie Matthews 6 days ago

    I also turned 21 in 2017, and it was fun to see what I shared my birth year with!

  • RevolutionizeTheGame

    So these are the things that happened when I was born 21 years ago.

  • Snow Anaya
    Snow Anaya 6 days ago

    Ryan Reynolds getting the role as Detective Pikachu was the highlight of the year.

    TheROFLOLCOPTER 6 days ago

    22nd thing that turned 21 in 2017. ME :D

  • blueroseknight
    blueroseknight 6 days ago

    Nintendo 64!

  • Jack Uberdo
    Jack Uberdo 6 days ago +1


  • Maya Armour
    Maya Armour 6 days ago

    Me: i turned 21 today!!!