Basically Everything You Need To Know Before End Game

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • I have never been more hyped for a single movie in my entire life. So here is a recap of the previous movies prior to Avengers End Game WHICH LIKE I SAID... IM LIKE SUPER EXCITED FOR
    First Recap for more marvel recappingness
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  • SomeThingElseYT
    SomeThingElseYT  8 months ago +14653

    We made it to 2 million subscribers, thats honestly insane to me. Glad you all still enjoy the vids I make. Ill probably do something for 2 mil soon.

  • master boi 2000 Jaimes


  • Stereotypical _User

    what is vision dosen't use his infinity stone anymore because paralyzing war machine scarred him?

  • Brownie Land
    Brownie Land Day ago

    go to 13:27 and blast the volume

  • Oli Macalister
    Oli Macalister Day ago

    if you're wondering, some of the asgardians + thor's gf escaped in a escape pod, but their wasn't enough room for thor, loki, and the rest

  • Peytons gacha flowers

    Spiter man is a original to

  • dude guy
    dude guy 2 days ago

    an alien cat

  • SI-IacI0w S0n
    SI-IacI0w S0n 2 days ago

    Polite kidnapper be like:

  • jake
    jake 2 days ago

    I almost cried at how profound his speech was at 0:59

  • Nessa
    Nessa 2 days ago

    6:40 end me

  • Dominik Durkovsky
    Dominik Durkovsky 3 days ago

    Star wars recap ?

  • arman ata kunter atmaca

    Tracer: im already captain marvel

  • Giselle G.
    Giselle G. 3 days ago

    endgame broke me

  • Tea with Kylee C.
    Tea with Kylee C. 3 days ago

    I’ve legit never watched any of these movies either lol

  • Random Person
    Random Person 3 days ago

    Thanos to Vision:

    *V I B E C H E C K*

  • pikachu
    pikachu 3 days ago

    dust and blood
    dust and blood
    dust and blood

  • Nika Gabelashvili
    Nika Gabelashvili 4 days ago

    how thanos whiped out half of universe if universe is infinite?
    (sorry for bad writing and if universe isn't infinite😂😂😁)

  • Juzou Suzuya
    Juzou Suzuya 4 days ago

    so you're seriously telling me that tom hiddleston is not on that HUGEASS crew pic? man that's sad

  • Rosie Stiltskin
    Rosie Stiltskin 4 days ago

    14,000,605 outcomes H E A T H E N

  • Adrian Mejia
    Adrian Mejia 4 days ago

    How the hell did nick fury got beat up by kitten

  • Donut Enterprises
    Donut Enterprises 4 days ago +2

    "*sniff* My giwlfwiend."

  • Carla Thompson
    Carla Thompson 5 days ago +1

    13:28 DuSt

  • Godzilla The King Of The Monsters

    09:42 iron man has multiplied.

  • Maikur _
    Maikur _ 5 days ago

    Me watching this video after end game
    Stark is dead

  • quaking shister
    quaking shister 5 days ago

    d u s t a n d b l o o d

  • Give me the Knee caps

    Adam: Let me weave you a tail
    Pivots : (muffled) WHY DO I NEED A FURSUIT!?

  • Lovespinkstuff 7
    Lovespinkstuff 7 6 days ago

    Wait a minute..
    *steven universe fans have entered the chat*

  • noah popcorn
    noah popcorn 6 days ago +1

    Black panther: thanos will not have anything but dust and blood thanos:and the infinity stones the avengers: oh frick

  • The AsianPersuasian
    The AsianPersuasian 6 days ago +2

    Honestly though
    Thanos vs Dr.Strange was amazing, like dr. Strange turning a *black hole* into butterflies. Like WHAT

  • Aqua El hielo uwu
    Aqua El hielo uwu 6 days ago +1

    *dUs7 4Nd bl0D*

  • WiggleyJelloAnimations

    Vision is Jarvis

  • TheBossNad TBN
    TheBossNad TBN 8 days ago +3

    Thanos: You should have aimed for the head

    Thor: Yes but the gauntlet and your arm was better

  • 『ᏖᏝᏝ』ᴚリʄイ

    *i watched all of the movies in one day.* Oh they take more than 24 hours? *did I stutter*

  • Four
    Four 9 days ago


  • Kaleih, Vicky & Quino
    Kaleih, Vicky & Quino 10 days ago

    AVENGERS assemble

  • CGZ Parrot
    CGZ Parrot 10 days ago

    D u s t

  • Anxietoad Arts
    Anxietoad Arts 10 days ago +1

    Steve: *gets punched and knocked out by Thanos like right away*
    Tony and Stephen, and the guardians: ha... loser watch this *almost defeat Thanos with like 7 people*

  • scyther gaming
    scyther gaming 10 days ago

    It's so dumb thor's storm breaker has more power than the infinity stones literally he can tear open entire planets bc he can open that portal thingy and can resist the power of all 6 infinity stones

  • jsthidi G
    jsthidi G 10 days ago

    End game recap

  • TheCrazy Boy
    TheCrazy Boy 10 days ago +1

    7:56-9:18 my gworlfwend

  • elliot waterfield
    elliot waterfield 11 days ago

    RIP stan lee

  • tfue Jr
    tfue Jr 11 days ago

    End meeeeeeeeeeee

  • Crazy_Kawaii _Penguin
    Crazy_Kawaii _Penguin 11 days ago

    The one thing my dad hates about Captain Marvel is that,
    Captain Marvel is basically Marvel super woman, but, dc superman is like amazing and unbeatable. He has kryptonite. But Captain Marvel has no weakness. She's super indestructable and what not, but loves no one and has no soul. Why is she a thing?!

  • EpicGamerJay
    EpicGamerJay 11 days ago

    10:30 D U S T

  • MC boy gamer 0702
    MC boy gamer 0702 11 days ago

    Breh all I have to say is ENDGAME IS BEAST

  • Matthew Allison
    Matthew Allison 12 days ago

    Did any one else hear her ol penis

  • Haunted Kitty
    Haunted Kitty 12 days ago

    What actually happens on the bus
    Spiderman: I need you cause a distraction
    His best friend: .......

    His best friend again: there’s a spaceship we’re all gonna die!
    The kids on the bus: AAAAH!

  • ThickToast Yt
    ThickToast Yt 13 days ago


  • ThickToast Yt
    ThickToast Yt 13 days ago

    Any man survived as well

  • Jacob Geib
    Jacob Geib 13 days ago

    Captain was originally a man who got sued by dc for copying superman

    RECREATION 1X 13 days ago +2

    MARVEL MARVEL MARVEL MARVEL MARVEL MARVEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Still better then DC sorry not sorry

  • graphix 98
    graphix 98 13 days ago

    Did anybody else notice that Hawkeye was in every picture in infinity war picture at 1:40

  • Logan Natrall
    Logan Natrall 13 days ago

    1:17 isnt it the #1 movie of all time

  • Ant Playz
    Ant Playz 14 days ago +1

    What about venom :P??

  • Kote Kopaliani
    Kote Kopaliani 14 days ago

    XD a scratched nikki boi's eye with is B* baby claws! xDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki 14 days ago +1

    dust. and blood.

  • C .K.G
    C .K.G 15 days ago +4

    my favorite part was whe black panther says

  • Brayden Gonzalez
    Brayden Gonzalez 15 days ago +1

    Somethingelseyt why tell him end when you watch it

  • Milo Cosb
    Milo Cosb 15 days ago