Newton's Prism Experiment


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  • priyanshu Raj
    priyanshu Raj 10 hours ago

    What is requried angle for formation of rain bow

  • leo kogler
    leo kogler 8 days ago

    Perfect explanation, thank you.

  • leo kogler
    leo kogler 8 days ago

    Every colour has a different wave length, but bundled it only has one, the white one. - am I right in thinking this way ? Is there a theorem for that phenomen ? - please let me know. ;-)

  • leo kogler
    leo kogler 8 days ago

    I think it is not an experiment, it is an evidence for different colours bundled into white.

  • Prince Wazirstan
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  • Jyoti Rungta
    Jyoti Rungta 10 days ago

    Can we use torch light as source of light ... Pls tell I have presentation in school .. pls

  • Santosh Singh
    Santosh Singh 28 days ago +1

    I make the newton disc in my school exhibition and I am stand first in my class

  • Humphrey the Elephant

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  • Amit Singh
    Amit Singh Month ago

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  • Cripple kid 090
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    Great video

  • Gustavodlp
    Gustavodlp Month ago +4

    It would be cool if he blew smoke onto the beam to see the smoke illuminated in different colors and showing the light path as the colors separate

  • Imrankhan Nagori
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  • Anka Tümkaya
    Anka Tümkaya 2 months ago

    What is ‘Tested, determined, examined’ here ¿

  • Hamza Zaki
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  • TG professional
    TG professional 2 months ago +1

    My friend my question is why rainbow appears in sky and our normal prism don't show that light in air??

    • Sudhansu Sahu
      Sudhansu Sahu 2 months ago

      Rainbow is projected on our retina here paper works like a screen and in case of rainbow our retina works as a screen.

  • Miguel Santos
    Miguel Santos 3 months ago

    We live under a dome🌈earth is flat

  • Mysticroach
    Mysticroach 3 months ago +3

    2:45 Rainbow Dick!

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  • Jeffery Doud
    Jeffery Doud 3 months ago

    Thank you!

  • Make me scientific
    Make me scientific 3 months ago +2

    Gr8 video Thanks #makemescientific

  • Sajeel Munawar
    Sajeel Munawar 4 months ago

    pk maru dang SE prism rakneich nai aata

    NEETA DESHMUKH 4 months ago

    Hey I had a doubt..
    At 1.48
    Why does the refracted ray(before the screen is kept) is still white?why cant we see the VIBGYOR in mid air also?

  • Sage 1123
    Sage 1123 4 months ago

    This is some screwed up crap. 2:00 it talks about how white light is made of 2 lights, because half work one way, and the other half work another. And solid proof that white light has 2 lights, like the sun as in one light and the moon as the second light and both above your heads. No proof what so ever to show how red, orange and yellow make white, just one end of the color spectrum.

  • Elvis Menezes
    Elvis Menezes 5 months ago

    Can we use red lasers?

  • Dr Doom
    Dr Doom 6 months ago

    Ok now how to convert red light in matter?

  • Brandon Pea
    Brandon Pea 6 months ago

    All I can now is think of Necrozma

  • Jay Andrew
    Jay Andrew 7 months ago

    So what would the color pattern project with a 2 dimensional square or round slit of white light? In looking at the sunlight projecting a curious pattern through the square shaped beveled glass on my front door this morning. Top down-violet, blue, white(center of glass is flat,1/2" beveled edges, 1/4" pane)yellow,red. Left to right looking with the light, red, yellow, white, blue, violet. WHY is red or violet not the initial edge color of the symetrical square beveled glass? .......with respective colors following as the square beveled glass thickens towards the middle? The glass is symetrical BUT the refraction is not. Anyone? Thank you

  • ali ali
    ali ali 8 months ago

    Can we recollect the white light again from the seven colours?

  • Albeit_Jordan
    Albeit_Jordan 8 months ago

    Lovely video!

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  • Tayvian Mellott
    Tayvian Mellott 10 months ago

    Really helpful

  • The Roblox Master
    The Roblox Master 10 months ago

    im only in grade 4 and i understated EVERYTHING SO EASY OMG

  • Raghav Rajpoot RR
    Raghav Rajpoot RR 11 months ago

    Thanks sir

  • Anitha Reddy
    Anitha Reddy 11 months ago

    we get a great imagination when we watch and we understand

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  • Zhip_ 2005
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  • Oğuzhan Yılmaz
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  • Adam Ducharme
    Adam Ducharme Year ago

    I to everyone who cant figure out how he got a beam of white light. Its clearly sunlight. its the best light for this and the beam can be created by a couple pieces of cardboard over your window. or just barley crack your curtains if you have dark enough curtains to block most of the light.

  • Dinesh Sahu
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  • The Beats
    The Beats Year ago

    i was always wishing to see a actual spectrum from a prism

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  • Pranav R
    Pranav R Year ago

    when the screen is moved is it because of the lens's focus length is the light again appears white or is it because of some other reason?

  • international Remixes

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  • Sn.Balcı
    Sn.Balcı Year ago

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  • Tarwin El físico

    Podrías hacerlos con láser newton prisma.

  • 510suess
    510suess Year ago

    is there any artificial source of white light that you know of that can be used to accomplish this experiment well? If so, what is it, and how would you set it up? I have not found a good way to adequately collimate light from an incandescent source. Thank you.

  • JayEzOweEnn
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  • 신혜준
    신혜준 Year ago

    Why does the light become white when the light passes through the second prism? Can anyone tell me why?

  • Willie Pep
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    how about a flash light air heads!

  • Abidin Berk
    Abidin Berk Year ago +3

    That's pretty cool, best desk made video I ever seen about Newton's Prism experiment. (: Go ahead.

  • Glamalicious
    Glamalicious Year ago

    why am I even here?

  • Daniel Z
    Daniel Z Year ago +1

    Where can I get a prism like that?

  • celio gouvea
    celio gouvea Year ago +1

    I still don't understand why the triangle shape (section of the prism) separate the colors and the rectangle or square don't, we can see only a refraction? In another words, how the photon knows the glass has different shapes and decide to take different directions?

    • celio gouvea
      celio gouvea Year ago

      +Aahana Agarwal​ I know, I am talking about the section of the prism. The dispersion occurs right after the photons enter the prism, while in a square section just refract, do you understand what I am trying to explain?

    • Aahana Agarwal
      Aahana Agarwal Year ago

      celio gouvea that is not triangle shape it is prism

    • celio gouvea
      celio gouvea Year ago

      Can you tell me the shape of the glass above?

    • celio gouvea
      celio gouvea Year ago

    • celio gouvea
      celio gouvea Year ago

      +arifa haque​ the dispersion starts while photon enters the prism so, how the photon knows the shape of the glass? I think the shape stretchs space time, there's no other possibility to explain this phenomenon.

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  • Sherif El Kadi
    Sherif El Kadi Year ago +1

    Amazing ! Great Video ! Thx For Sharing.
    All i could think of was creation, The Ancient Egyptians , the Pyramids.
    And eventually what we see and perceive and resonate with in this world.
    A tiny little bit that is summarized in 3 Main Colors.
    Was the World really meant to have 3 religions ?
    Why Choose the Middle one ? Is it because it is the highest ?
    I guess a Deception Really had to be put in the middle.
    Just like with the Death of Jesus.
    While in fact the 3rd one is the Right one.
    You keep looking at the light and all its aspects really forgetting all the rest.
    The Pyramid System is misunderstood and can be an Illusion according to Moses.
    That's why he took his people away.
    I think that was a Jesusy time as well and people could have swor by the stars too.
    He took them (and they considered him their savior) from that point they though wrong.
    But ended up right somehow also.
    Because he was taking them from the pyramid system to the Cube one.
    And i could go on and on about this.
    Good Luck Champ.
    If you like this kind of Stuff.
    BioGeometry would really expand your knowledge giving it a really nice boost.

  • Thomas William Johnson

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  • Dark Knight42
    Dark Knight42 Year ago

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  • M kumar 1993
    M kumar 1993 Year ago +2

    very good experiment

  • riffitup
    riffitup Year ago

    If the prism diffracts the white light into its component seven colours then why is the beam of light coming out of the prism still white in colour? And why do we see the colours/spectrum only on the screen?

  • raaj naidu
    raaj naidu Year ago is best

  • Alexsandra Penna
    Alexsandra Penna Year ago

    Quer fonte de luz foi usada?

  • Faizul Afiat
    Faizul Afiat Year ago

    where did you buy prism?

  • Ele Kappa
    Ele Kappa Year ago

    can anyone tell me what lens was used

  • RichardCorral
    RichardCorral Year ago

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  • Mrakodrap
    Mrakodrap Year ago

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    book theif Year ago +2

    am I d only one who didn't understand d video

  • Jaweria Iqbal
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  • PID & other hot potatoes

    Also, you did NOT "form those colors from white light without a prism". Meaning you did not prove that is isn't the prism that is responsible for making the colored light.
    But your work here is not completely in vain.
    The lesson to be learned here, is, that the shape of your color light is being caused by your prism. Which means that the shape of a rainbow in nature must be caused by that which is causing the colored light in the first place.
    Indoors, it is not the white paper that causes the color, it is the prism. Outdoors the water droplets only take the place of the paper. Water droplets are not the proper shape to create a rainbow, like a prism does. Also, as you demonstrated, the rainbow is not seen at the prism but rather at some distance from the prism. This is one of many reasons the water droplets are not the source of the colored light, they are just the projector screen.
    The important thing is the shape of the colored light. Rainbows, in nature, are the shape they are for a reason. Just like your rainbow indoors.
    The fact that the cause of a rainbow's arc is not included in the explanation of how they are created creates a bit of an issue. Combined with the fact that your rainbow does not arc supports this.

  • -RD- Salind
    -RD- Salind Year ago

    67 dislikes?

  • PID & other hot potatoes

    When you use the red filter the light just seems to be white, until it passed through the red filter. Here, it is clearly the filter that causes the white light to turn red. Similarly, we get green light with a green filter, and so on. Why then, when you pass the same white light through a dispersion prism and and we get a rainbow, do we NOT think the prism is causing the rainbow?? Review : a red filter turns white light red. A blue filter turns white light blue. Green filter turns white light green. When white light through a prism gives a rainbow? All the sudden the light we know as white must really be a rainbow?
    I have seen no proof of this. Someone needs to prove the prism is not the cause of the rainbow color light, (just like you said). Light goes through all shapes of glass and prism's and does not come out rainbow colored. Only the dispersion prism makes the rainbow...

  • 뿡치
    뿡치 Year ago

    Thank you for support korean subtitle :) That's so interesting and useful video!

  • Alex Delarge
    Alex Delarge Year ago

    Proof that the people at MIT are a bunch of stoners.

  • Science With Lulu

    Why does anyone vote down such a video?
    Great work! Was nice to finally see it really happening =)

  • Samuel of the Brooms


  • Lokir From Rorikstead
    Lokir From Rorikstead 2 years ago

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    I took a pic and added the phrase "dark side of the moon"

  • German 75
    German 75 2 years ago

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  • Vince Calimlim
    Vince Calimlim 2 years ago

    is there an indigo???

    SUNIL KAMBOJ 2 years ago

    which source of light should be used in this experiment.

  • John Hightower
    John Hightower 2 years ago +2

    So simple to us, now.

  • Phil chaser
    Phil chaser 2 years ago +21

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    • Ankit Saxena
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  • Bush Camping Tools
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    Great video. Got a bunch of high quality prisms and plano convex lens to demo this for my kid.

  • King Aesthetic
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  • Ruma Bhattacharya
    Ruma Bhattacharya 2 years ago +20

    what is the source of white light?
    what are the materials used for this experiment?

    • Sudipta Haldar
      Sudipta Haldar 6 months ago

      Ruma Bhattacharya I am read in my physics combination of 7 colour is known as white light.In this vedio material used glass prism which can we use to artificial rainbow through the light

    • Jessica Harlow
      Jessica Harlow 11 months ago +1

      The source of white light is sun. The materials used include a prism, a lens, and a screen.

    • NotDAnIEL
      NotDAnIEL Year ago +3

      The sun

    • dan wigersma
      dan wigersma Year ago +3

      I refer you to the ultraviolet catastrophe. As far as the actual construction of a light bulb, you sound sorta Indian, Pakistani, or Bangladeshi. Ask your countrymen how to build a lightbulb by hand. It involves tungsten, SiO2, a vacuum pump, and a soul-crushing hand-eye coordination.

  • Mikael Andersson
    Mikael Andersson 2 years ago

    So light is a particle then - Newton probably.

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  • Levi Moses
    Levi Moses 2 years ago

    I can't read that equation on the paper. I don't understand.

    • BigBot
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      Sin theta represents the angle of the prism of how light is being reflected to a new direction.

  • SP95 ntR
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    range ????

  • nikel Ooo
    nikel Ooo 2 years ago

    Don't know if it's the case, but with a proper output you can get a similar beam from a fiber optic light box!

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    What light source did you use and where can i get it?

  • Joseph Luther
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    Great synchronization between the video and the narration! I'm impressed.