NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2019) Sci-Fi Horror

  • Published on Dec 16, 2018
  • NEW MOVIE TRAILERS (2019) Sci-Fi Horror
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    0:00 - Brightburn
    2:29 - Leprechaun Returns
    4:15 - The Axiom
    5:52 - The Return
    7:05 - All About Nina
    9:00 - Lady Like
    11:17 - Death By Magic
    13:00 - DriverX
    15:05 - The Boogeyman
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  •  3 months ago +387

    0:00 - Brightburn
    2:29 - Leprechaun Returns
    4:15 - The Axiom
    5:52 - The Return
    7:05 - All About Nina
    9:00 - Lady Like
    11:17 - Death By Magic
    13:00 - DriverX
    15:05 - The Boogeyman

    • Jhokirk Tinoy
      Jhokirk Tinoy 8 days ago

      bro the boogeyman is 15:05 but the video is only 14:55

    • Dylan -
      Dylan - 13 days ago

      The axiom

    • Krypton
      Krypton 15 days ago


    • Anna Macias
      Anna Macias 27 days ago

      +twinninwin mustard that movie was shown on the syfy channel last Halloween. It not new they need to do better research.

    • TimidTheProducer-Live for God
      TimidTheProducer-Live for God 27 days ago

      All of these times are off. Fucking annoying.

  • Your local faggot

    A movie about an Uber Driver, really?

  • Samurai 0fana4chy
    Samurai 0fana4chy 2 days ago

    I think I messed up.........

  • oh fuck yeah yeah
    oh fuck yeah yeah 3 days ago

    I'm being chased by aliens let me just film it.

  • Simon Everett
    Simon Everett 4 days ago

    Not sure the title is all that accurate...??!thumb down.

  • Sem Skywalker
    Sem Skywalker 4 days ago

    What about getting the volume right? Your job here is really easy.

  • C Mac
    C Mac 4 days ago

    So stupid. Most are not sci-fi horror

  • Youri Carma
    Youri Carma 6 days ago

    13:00 - DriverX seems to be a fun movie the rest is crap.

  • Crfater Creation
    Crfater Creation 7 days ago

    Mom: I know theres somehting good inside you
    Brightburn/Brandon: But i am the evil version of Superman! and i kill people too...

  • dragongamerx12
    dragongamerx12 7 days ago

    he who must not be named is back

  • Professor Weeb
    Professor Weeb 7 days ago

    Bright burn is just super man

  • alfred desperoux
    alfred desperoux 8 days ago

    So when it switched to romantic comedy bullshit, will u kindly eat my dick.

  • Charlie Brady
    Charlie Brady 9 days ago

    The guy in the return looks like the monster

  • ishybeats
    ishybeats 10 days ago

    All About Nina, a women doing comedy and succeeding at it. truly a science fiction horror for men.

  • David Johnson
    David Johnson 10 days ago

    I'm TERRIFIED to see Nina

  • zzpza
    zzpza 13 days ago

    Horror movies are so cliché, same formula over and over and over again. Yawn! Let's have something original.

  • Ryan Leach
    Ryan Leach 13 days ago


  • Sophie Laatz
    Sophie Laatz 13 days ago

    VoLdMoRt HaS a CoUsIn???

  • Chris Lowe
    Chris Lowe 14 days ago

    Half of these trailers aren't even sci-fi or horror related.....

  • TicketMaster
    TicketMaster 15 days ago

    i'm questioning how are some of these are sci-fi horror

  • MBcmhchmc KGxnhkgx
    MBcmhchmc KGxnhkgx 16 days ago

    Voldemort left the chat

  • Tormented Tantalus
    Tormented Tantalus 16 days ago

    9:00 OOOF! I almost shit my pants from sheer terror.

  • Tormented Tantalus
    Tormented Tantalus 16 days ago

    7:05 Wow that movie looks absolutely terrifying.

  • Tormented Tantalus
    Tormented Tantalus 16 days ago

    Can we have good horror movies that don't rely on cheap ass fucking jumpscares for fear factor?

  • Ecuwildman 556
    Ecuwildman 556 17 days ago

    Could we get just one kick ass (stand-alone) Sam & Dean Winchester "Supernatural" MOVIE... Before it fades away? Somewhere in the timeline. Anyone agree?

  • Midland Redux
    Midland Redux 17 days ago

    I watched the Axiom trailer, it was way too long for a trailer, and I still have no idea what the movie is about.

  • - ChainedStatues
    - ChainedStatues 17 days ago

    Lol Axiom looks so low budget can see the rubber fingers bobbing on the creature lol oh boy, the first movie is for sure what would happen if superman went bad while still a kid, I know it was said in the comments but it’s obvious, it looks dope to me at least. Most of the movies coming that I saw reviews for look like crap which is too bad as i’ve been into movies my whole life and even after 30 years of watching them I can usually find a coupe that I know I will enjoy. It’s not lookin like that will happen this year too bad.

  • Dinho675
    Dinho675 19 days ago

    where is the sci-fi in " All About Nina" ? Did you drunk? LOL T_T

  • Park Jimin is my light

    The boogyman is like three episodes of Grimm mashed together 😂

  • Park Jimin is my light

    So... Lady like was like meh at first then I thought SHIT is this a lesbian movie?! And then... totally disappointment. I'm not a les nor looking for "representation" for queers but I really gladly surprised and felt very interested when I thougth Lady like could be a more idk "original" movie? with a more interesting plot? Well, idk the moment I saw she was like... into her bestfriend's boyfriend I was like "there it goes my enthusiasm".
    But, if by any chance I'm wrong and it really is a les love story movie then... the editing on this trailer sucks.

  • Lizalieu
    Lizalieu 21 day ago

    If your going to say that these are Sci-fi Horror, then give me sci-fi and freaking horror. I just wasted about seven minutes on trailers for movies I DON'T CARE ABOUT. So I'm a little annoyed.

  • Super luma Bros
    Super luma Bros 22 days ago


  • pspjerry
    pspjerry 22 days ago


  • Rere GFYS
    Rere GFYS 22 days ago

    Very big dislike for posting movies that are not sci fi horror and on top of that they all look like shit. thanks bye.

  • BradDaMan
    BradDaMan 23 days ago

    Why can no female comedians on this planet go even 5 seconds without talking about their vaginas? All about Nina looks more like an Amy Schumer parody..

  • Jeantell Roz
    Jeantell Roz 23 days ago +1

    I think Nina is me but in a woman!

  • ew ness
    ew ness 24 days ago

    4:02 total rip off of the pale man from pan's labyrinth

  • Trace zach daniels
    Trace zach daniels 24 days ago

    SO SHWEEEETTT...much love Tee with LIONS NAMED LEO.[the music worldwide}
    ,,,,so fun....

  • J Kaul
    J Kaul 25 days ago

    What the fuck happened in the middle of this video.. was expecting horror and sci-fi.... not comedy

  • Cantante De Musica Ranchera

    the first one should of been for bazarrow same beginnings as superman exept an evil version

  • emmalee beardslee
    emmalee beardslee 26 days ago

    how is all about nina, lady like, death by magic, and driverx horror or sci fi?

  • TheSuperSeal Official
    TheSuperSeal Official 27 days ago

    0:00 - B The Beginning (Live action Film)
    2:29 - The Return Of Voldemort
    5:52 - No Returns!
    7:05 - Legally Brunette
    9:00 - Bitches Be Like
    11:17 - Now You See Me 3
    13:00 - Cash Cab: The Movie
    15:05 - Jeff The Killer

  • Anna Macias
    Anna Macias 27 days ago

    The last trailer was a Syfy movie that was shown during Halloween. The Cucuy a boogeyman. Has already been shown and seen, the monster wasn't that scary at all...

  • Lucachu515 YT
    Lucachu515 YT 29 days ago

    Wow all about Nina is about dating. I’m soooo terrified

  • John Roberts
    John Roberts 29 days ago

    Another shitty movie that's doomed to a two-star rating before it's even been released. The music is even more irritating that the video. Give me the $$$ and I'll produce a better film, and I have no experience! This one is garbage.

  • j lll
    j lll 29 days ago

    another stupid college movie,

  • Dude Guy
    Dude Guy 29 days ago

    Sci fi horror? What the hell?

  • Sergiuss555
    Sergiuss555 29 days ago

    Trash for retarded millenials.

  • That Gaijin Fella
    That Gaijin Fella Month ago

    So Brightburn is essentially just an evil Superman kid.

  • even1313
    even1313 Month ago

    So, like, not one single movie in this list is sci fi.

  • Cornbread Less
    Cornbread Less Month ago

    The axiom monster looks like the rake

  • Michael Naughtin
    Michael Naughtin Month ago

    There’s that frase again (You are special) self help gurro

  • Lagu Instrumental
    Lagu Instrumental Month ago

    I am eating popcorn while watching trailer

  • rubber chicken
    rubber chicken Month ago

    Cool stories, bro. Needs more dragons.

  • Syralix115
    Syralix115 Month ago

    some of these are not even sci-fi horror

  • Hella Sleep
    Hella Sleep Month ago

    The first was basically a rip-off of superman

  • Paul Fuccillo
    Paul Fuccillo Month ago

    how does All about nina and Lady like fall under the category of scifi horror???

  • Devance Da'Boss
    Devance Da'Boss Month ago

    Evil superman

  • Blacked and Boosted

    second movie's name is wrong

  • Demarcus Glass
    Demarcus Glass Month ago

    all about nina?? tf is that doing on this list?

  • Jordan Fisher
    Jordan Fisher Month ago

    The first few were sci-fi and horror, but then it turned into romcoms and crap. Your title caused me to waist time that I’ll never get back

  • Abby Sheyba
    Abby Sheyba Month ago

    So like evil superman?

  • MrBubba19692
    MrBubba19692 Month ago

    HTF is "All about Nina", "Lady Like" and "Death by Magic" Sci Fi horror? More like horror that you mistakenly bought a ticket to that shit.

  • snark nado
    snark nado Month ago

    Mary Elizabeth Winstead!!!

  • Corey Cann
    Corey Cann Month ago

    All these movies make b rated grindhouse flicks look like john carpenter in his prime.

  • Freddy Perez
    Freddy Perez Month ago

    Was expecting horror not comedy

  • Rabid Text
    Rabid Text Month ago

    this is definitely sci fi horror

  • Chris Stevens
    Chris Stevens Month ago

    what? half of these aren't scifi or horror. waste of my time

  • infiniteandroid
    infiniteandroid Month ago

    Nina what a fucking mess

  • Albrecht Pineda
    Albrecht Pineda Month ago

    In the brightburn I thought it was a Superman reboot

  • Princess Small
    Princess Small Month ago


  • Serge Stelmack
    Serge Stelmack Month ago

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd... they're all crap.

  • zoodiac57
    zoodiac57 Month ago

    what movie is that thumbnail from?

  • xc5647321 xc5647321

    02:41--- compare this to a movie titled YELLOWBRICKROAD from 2010

  • OldAgitator
    OldAgitator Month ago +1

    BOOOOORING.... what is it about women that makes them shit comedians... whats up with needing to talk about tampons all the time? fak

  • ashokrayvenn
    ashokrayvenn Month ago

    Did they forget the topic halfway through?

  • COABRO 004
    COABRO 004 Month ago


  • Kiran Mulik
    Kiran Mulik Month ago

    Voldamoths brother

  • d13L Luge
    d13L Luge Month ago

    why are there romantic drama comedies labeled as sci fi horror?

  • reality 101
    reality 101 Month ago

    so let me guess everyone dies

    THE ADMIRAL Month ago

    Axiom a.k.a. VOLDEMORT

  • Johnny long leg
    Johnny long leg Month ago

    At first I thought the kid in bright burn was Superman

  • Salvador Amaya
    Salvador Amaya Month ago

    Seems to me,the first movie where the boy was writing what appears to be kryptonian writings was Superman. Dark Superman?I'm confused. ???

  • Nemanja Skoric
    Nemanja Skoric Month ago

    1st movie is what happened on Earth 3 in DC comics.

  • Len Ross
    Len Ross Month ago

    Don’t waste your time watching this every movie looks like a b movie

  • Aaron Mcgraw
    Aaron Mcgraw Month ago

    Teenagers get laid and talk about their feelings. Yay!!!

  • Movies and VisualFX

    I like the look of this but they RAPED the man of Steel trailer !!!!

  • Alain D,mystic
    Alain D,mystic Month ago

    Ufc El Cucuie running amuck in Cuccuie looks A horror love to see,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!

    BLO0DY SMILES Month ago

    Um these arnt all horror and syfy

  • bushwalker 41
    bushwalker 41 Month ago

    Evil version of Superman

  • Dave Slade
    Dave Slade Month ago

    mostly liberal crap

  • tyce pickett
    tyce pickett Month ago

    What the fuck is this?Origin story for Evil superman looks decent but then we have four horror movies with a 20 dollar budget all combined, two romantic comedys and is that seriously a movie about a middle aged uber driver? Who the fuck puts these lists together? Fire them.

  • PleaseDontSubscribe

    How does a channel fuck up so badly to completely leave out one of the trailers in the timestamps, and then also accidentally include a romantic comedy trailer?

  • Raditya Sanjaya
    Raditya Sanjaya Month ago

    he wears red cape, shuld be called supreme man

  • milkman man
    milkman man Month ago +1

    Brightburn is just a horror version of superman. ITS EXACTLY THE SAME except its if he turned bad. I thought it was ultraman. I'll def check it out

  • Romi Farooqi
    Romi Farooqi Month ago

    BrightBurn = evil superman

  • Bitter Bleach
    Bitter Bleach Month ago

    Some of these aren't even horror movies

  • AnniBananni
    AnniBananni Month ago

    Where's the Leprechaun?

  • StarvingSound
    StarvingSound Month ago

    How's Nina a horror movie?

  • Chameleon1616
    Chameleon1616 Month ago

    Driver X looks ok for its budget