Fluffy Goes To India | Gabriel Iglesias

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Happy throwback Thursday from 2014!
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Shreyaan's world
    Shreyaan's world 42 minutes ago

    They don't use a horn they use a hand..

  • Shreyaan's world
    Shreyaan's world 43 minutes ago

    U r just too funny bro

  • Shreyaan's world
    Shreyaan's world 43 minutes ago

    Somebody stop himm

  • Fine- I''ll do it myself
    Fine- I''ll do it myself 54 minutes ago +3

    Did anyone caught his lie when he said he boarded the flight to London from Delhi with Martin,.. He was alone (in the joke) on his way to airport in Delhi when driver ran the red signal... Bad way to manufacture joke buddy..

    • delhidevilz
      delhidevilz 51 minute ago +1

      Didn't notice that earlier, damn that was a cheap trick

  • Aditya Hemrajani
    Aditya Hemrajani Hour ago

    I kind of felt offended as an Indian before but it all got really well.
    Especially "Blood of Jews"

  • Daniel Clover
    Daniel Clover Hour ago

    20:07 I'm not from India, but I just love fanta!

  • Ancil B
    Ancil B Hour ago

    I am indian t

  • sangita shruthi
    sangita shruthi Hour ago

    Anyone thinking which india he visited? Seriously 🐄 story even i didn't know even though I born in village 😂

  • WarningCircle 88
    WarningCircle 88 Hour ago


  • Aaliyah Gonzalez
    Aaliyah Gonzalez Hour ago

    if i was not poor i would go to the tour

  • DawgyDawg
    DawgyDawg Hour ago

    If normal people have calves, this guy has cows. I bet Indians worshipped his cankles

  • TamA Raahh
    TamA Raahh Hour ago

    Yes most of them speak over five languages

  • Benito Mussolini
    Benito Mussolini Hour ago

    May be u visited South india.

  • Always Top
    Always Top Hour ago


  • DawgyDawg
    DawgyDawg 2 hours ago

    dislike for being morbidly obese

  • DawgyDawg
    DawgyDawg 2 hours ago

    that is one fat fuck

  • Atul Dubey
    Atul Dubey 2 hours ago

    Those dislike from Germany 😂😂

  • E.G.
    E.G. 2 hours ago

    LMAO this guy is great

  • Navaldeep Sharma
    Navaldeep Sharma 2 hours ago

    When r u coming next time to India.

  • Uday Kari
    Uday Kari 3 hours ago

    Actually, cayenne pepper was brought to India from Mexico by the Portuguese.

  • The All Rounder Show
    The All Rounder Show 3 hours ago

    Traffic doesn't flow in India..............

  • himanshu kumar
    himanshu kumar 3 hours ago

    Where the fuck did this asshat found the Indian accent he's trying to enact. I hv never seen any Indian person talking in that particular accent 😡😡😡

    HARDIK PAWAR 3 hours ago

    Well i got that poland joke .😂😂

  • Jatin Ahuja
    Jatin Ahuja 3 hours ago +1

    @6:33 😆😆👍 True

  • Abhik Banerjee
    Abhik Banerjee 3 hours ago

    I'm watching, feeling a bit offended and then I realize, what he is saying is mostly true... It's so sad when foreigners have such a bad impression but then it's out fault alright....

  • Dharwad Daily
    Dharwad Daily 3 hours ago

    Hearing about fanta as a Indian made me thinking that you went somewhere else ... definately not India.

  • Praveendra Singh
    Praveendra Singh 4 hours ago

    Cow story is wrong. Learn history Fat Man!

  • abhinav kumar Pandey
    abhinav kumar Pandey 4 hours ago

    Fanta... Really

  • blazing mufasa
    blazing mufasa 4 hours ago

    The best ones start with - so Martin and i

  • Oscar Reyez
    Oscar Reyez 4 hours ago


  • salim ansari
    salim ansari 4 hours ago

    he is making fun off india and indians just look into the mirror you fatty obese bald

    DERPYFACE201 5 hours ago

    Indians: America is a place of riches, work, and good place.
    America: InDiA iS a mUsLim AfrIcAn NatIoN wIth PovErTy aNd eVeRyoNe wEaRs tUrbAns

  • Gamerbro
    Gamerbro 5 hours ago

    Greman idiots. Seriously just call security. But blood of jews is way offensive. Take that to the face german morons

  • DarkGodPlaysGames
    DarkGodPlaysGames 5 hours ago

    17:32 lol, better not make fun of germans or Hittlers ghost is gonna get ya.

  • qaper boi
    qaper boi 5 hours ago

    8:20 Has to be the funniest part

  • Quasimodo Not
    Quasimodo Not 5 hours ago

    Keralites love beef. We dont give a fuck about holy cows.

  • Dely Rivera
    Dely Rivera 6 hours ago

    Whenever he starts a story saying "Martin and I" I automatically know is gonna be good 😂🤣

  • Nighty Darket
    Nighty Darket 6 hours ago

    This was hilarious because I'm german great show

  • Petey B
    Petey B 6 hours ago

    That Golden Gate bridge on Stage is amazing!!! It deserves a like.

  • AngelicFireIce
    AngelicFireIce 6 hours ago

    Southern's talk with our hands, in fact, want a quick laugh on your southern friends, hold their hands when they start to talk and watch how upset/frustrated they get.

  • Rachel Pachuau
    Rachel Pachuau 6 hours ago

    Some of this guy’s jokes are from Russell Peters🙄

  • Kelly Roth
    Kelly Roth 7 hours ago

    Funny! But Hindus do not think cows used to be people. I had always heard this growing up too. But I am not married to an Indian Hindu, very devout, and he said this is not true. Cows are revered because so many women used to die in childbirth and since there were no baby bottles at the time, they would let the infant suckle from the cow. Cows saved the lives of a lot of babies. This is why they are so honored. It is a way of respecting a creature who helped so many people live. But that being said, this is absolutely hysterical!

  • Vnatu
    Vnatu 7 hours ago

    Who tf is he callin a pendejos? Fat ass

  • Snowstorm Jinx
    Snowstorm Jinx 7 hours ago

    Thats mexico made me laugh

  • Sonia d
    Sonia d 8 hours ago

    Hey Fluffy your cow story is wrong

    • Mike John
      Mike John 7 hours ago

      It was there for his punchline

  • Vnatu
    Vnatu 8 hours ago

    Mexicans and Indians are similar, does that mean their scammers too?

  • UCC Master
    UCC Master 8 hours ago +1

    "I didn't know there were going to be Germans here tonight. I'm like Poland!" - My historian self broke out laughing

  • Mayra Hernandez
    Mayra Hernandez 8 hours ago

    Fanta is fake Jarritos!! Coca Cola is actually more popular 👀😤

  • mahi mahi
    mahi mahi 8 hours ago

    I couldn't stop laughing 🤣😂

  • Jitendra Banthiya
    Jitendra Banthiya 8 hours ago

    This man is saying fake storIes

  • Ashwini Mehra
    Ashwini Mehra 9 hours ago

    Your story about the cow worship is wrong

  • Prasun Rakshit
    Prasun Rakshit 9 hours ago

    fuck appreciation for US life!!! we have culture not like you ppl...US IS MF INCEST

  • C4rdB0ard
    C4rdB0ard 9 hours ago

    As an Indian who goes to see my family every 2 years, I CAN CLARIFY
    this is true

  • Wayne Mcquillan
    Wayne Mcquillan 9 hours ago

    8.7k white people disliked this video because they were offended on behalf of Indian people 🤣

  • Multi tiered Investor
    Multi tiered Investor 10 hours ago

    Transito de Centro America!

  • Extreme Viking
    Extreme Viking 10 hours ago

    Wtf hahah

  • Rashid Iqbal
    Rashid Iqbal 10 hours ago

    German Nazis invented Fanta so it is funny :-)

  • Shawna loren
    Shawna loren 10 hours ago


  • Travis Schpeltinger
    Travis Schpeltinger 10 hours ago

    Why all his braking impressions sound like jake brakes?

    • Robin Kidwell
      Robin Kidwell 4 hours ago


  • Puneet Sidhu
    Puneet Sidhu 10 hours ago