The Best of Adrian Martinez: 2018 Mid-Season Highlights | Nebraska | Big Ten Football

  • Published on Oct 17, 2018
  • The top plays from the first half of the 2018 season for Nebraska QB Adrian Martinez.
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Comments • 56

  • John Adrian Martinez


  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 11 days ago

    Adrian Martinez may already be better than Taylor Martinez. He's very underrated.

  • bpstyles
    bpstyles 27 days ago

    Thank you for no music.

  • BTaylorTV
    BTaylorTV 2 months ago

    I see why all the other conferences don’t like playing against the SEC

  • C. Mowitz
    C. Mowitz 3 months ago

    Martinez came to late and Scott Frost too

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 5 months ago

    He'll be better than Taylor Martinez. Already looks like a better thrower.

  • John Lewis
    John Lewis 5 months ago +1

    Nebraska will be the most improved Big 10 team record wise thanks to Martinez.

  • William Freeman
    William Freeman 5 months ago +1

    My god our defense was horrible.

  • Dominick Mccurdy
    Dominick Mccurdy 6 months ago

    He reminds me of Vick so much

  • Grumor Town
    Grumor Town 7 months ago +2

    Nebraska Oline was a surprise, they’ll be a problem next year,.

  • Colton Smith
    Colton Smith 7 months ago


  • kituwahband
    kituwahband 7 months ago

    This young man!! I am glad Frost found him, i am glad he won starting QB, i am glad he can run & pass! Martinez for Heisman yall, I'm out!! GBR

  •  7 months ago +3

    Get this man a defense!

  • Colton Smith
    Colton Smith 7 months ago +8

    Martinez for heisman

  • Billy D Baker
    Billy D Baker 7 months ago

    Coach can't recruit offensive linemen. I hope he stays healthy. No bowl game for the seniors of '18. Pathetic.

  • Colton Courter
    Colton Courter 8 months ago +2

    He's the next big thing since Joe Montainya.

    O D GREEN 8 months ago +2

    Scott Frost and Co....2020 B10 Champs.

  • Headshawt03
    Headshawt03 8 months ago

    @6:17 F@!K YEA BABY!

  • Bobby Busk
    Bobby Busk 8 months ago +6

    This team WILL be good, different mentality in Lincoln than I've ever seen. I know the 4-7 record is bad, but there time will come. This will be a CFB team on the next 5 years.

  • Dan Grubbs
    Dan Grubbs 8 months ago

    This kid reminds me of Patrick Mahomes.

  • Joboo Luvs u
    Joboo Luvs u 8 months ago +5

    Colorado is a filth team always play dirty.

  • Sean Whitaker
    Sean Whitaker 8 months ago +27

    This guy and the Husker offense under Scott Frost will be problematic in the big 10. Big 10 aint used to seeing offenses like this. Shore up the defense and I can see Nebraska becoming an easy shoe in for the Big 10 championship year in and year out. YOu know you got a coach when you go into OSU playing 20 freshmen and damn near almost beat them. The progress throughout this year is pretty amazing. Better days lie ahead for Frost and Nebraska.

    • Anthony Machingo
      Anthony Machingo 4 months ago +2

      As a Buckeye fan, I admit, you guys had us Buckeye fans very shocked. I was very impressed with them, and Martinez is the real deal. I'll give them one more year, and I expect them to compete for the conference title year in and year out after that.

  • Antwuan Bradshaw
    Antwuan Bradshaw 8 months ago +11

    Today is raining in Huskerland, but tomorrow is the sun will shine bright. Martinez is a baller.
    If the cliche is true that the biggest jump is from year one to year two......then Martinez just might be All American next season. This year, he is undeniably one of the single most dependable play makers in the conference. Another year in the system for not only him but the rest of this
    P.S. We still need to hit the recruiting trail hard for another playmaking QB.....One injury and we are relying on a freshman walk on......

  • SXI96
    SXI96 8 months ago +18

    This kid is so composed under pressure and he's only a frosh, impressive, he's gonna be a great one for sure

  • Mary O
    Mary O 8 months ago +10

    Warning Husker fans. Don't watch this before bed. Now I'm fired up.

  • Michael Luther
    Michael Luther 8 months ago +2

    Nightmare of all Big 10 teams

  • Peter McDougall
    Peter McDougall 8 months ago +18

    Glad he's a freshman, this kid is special! GBR!!!

  • Jaxxgirl76
    Jaxxgirl76 9 months ago

    What about the highlights from the Minnesota game!!!

  • Jeffrey B
    Jeffrey B 9 months ago +21

    See ya Tristan. Now I know why you transferred!

  • J K
    J K 9 months ago +3

    Funny how a little editing can make nebraska seem like a good football team. Lol we all know better tho

    • J K
      J K 8 months ago

      The better and more deserving team won yesterday but next season Martinez will be very good if he can develop his raw talents during the off-season. Nebraska as a team may even turn around their losing ways next year. There ya go... closest thing to an olive branch that you're gonna get.

    • J K
      J K 8 months ago

      @Jauhnie Rawtin agreed

    • Jauhnie Rawtin
      Jauhnie Rawtin 8 months ago

      My expectations are perfectly placed. I didn't say we would win lol I said we're setting ourselves up for a chance. Especially with how wide open the west is. Its anybody's division next year.

    • J K
      J K 8 months ago

      @Jauhnie Rawtin hanging in there with the worst and most vulnerable top ten team is the only noteworthy accomplishment of the season for you fellas. You even let illinois hang 35 on you so I wouldn't get too confident too soon. I acknowledge that there has been massive improvement in recent weeks but keep your expectations realistic. It is massive improvement from the very bottom, after all.

    • Jauhnie Rawtin
      Jauhnie Rawtin 8 months ago +1

      Historically Nebraska is one of the great programs of college football. In the last 10 years or so especially the M.R. years we were awful. And the start of the season was rough. But winning 4 of our last 5 and nearly beating Ohio state is putting us in great shape for a run at the west division title next year. Go Big Red

  • Melvin Thompson
    Melvin Thompson 9 months ago +3

    Yes where is it Big Ten!!! Show the intentional injury on Adrian Martinez!!! What it doesn’t count be it not Helmet to Helmet ???? Targeting is Targeting!!!

  • Melvin Thompson
    Melvin Thompson 9 months ago +13

    Go Big Red!!!