Why is India growing so fast? | CNBC Explains


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  • Rily
    Rily 23 hours ago

    सुबह की भूमि, सूर्य के बच्चे की वापसी, उत्साह के साथ, तुम एक आत्मा को प्यार करते हो। भूमि प्रिय और पवित्र, महान नायकों का पालना, नीर आक्रमणकारियों, आपके पवित्र तटों को रौंद डालेगा, जब कभी यह आपके आसमान में है और आपके बादलों और ओ'र आपकी पहाड़ियों और समुद्र के माध्यम से, क्या हम चमक को गौरवशाली महसूस करते हैं। स्वतंत्रता! तेरा बैनर हमारे सभी दिलों और सूरज और सितारों के लिए प्रिय है, ओह कभी नहीं इसके चमकते हुए क्षेत्रों को अत्याचारियों द्वारा मंद किया जा सकता है! प्यार की खूबसूरत भूमि ओह में प्रकाश की भूमि भूमि गले लगाओ apt tis उत्साह झूठ बोलने के लिए। लेकिन अगर यह महिमा है जब तू अपने बेटों के लिए पीड़ित और मर जाते हैं!

  • Kanishk Dubey
    Kanishk Dubey Day ago

    India is not growing because the deserved are leaving india and the reserved are getting education, job , scholarship. The ill conceived policy of reservation has not been able to tackle ill effects of caste system. But still reservation is there, thinking that one type of wrong can be justified by another wrong.

  • Miraj M
    Miraj M Day ago

    Don’t forget to look at india’s Neighbour Bangladesh. Growth rate 7.8%+. Getting some massive growth indicators in various sector. Gov’t open up over 100+ economic zones to foreign investors with no tax, direct access to sea port, cheap labors etc. True next China.

  • Alek Kap INDIA
    Alek Kap INDIA 2 days ago


  • Smart News
    Smart News 2 days ago

    modi matherchod

  • Anibal Cadena
    Anibal Cadena 2 days ago

    Porque no saben mamarla, solo meterla

  • Akshit Dadhwal
    Akshit Dadhwal 3 days ago

    India is growing without majority of indians being not indebted...

  • sandeep basani
    sandeep basani 3 days ago +1

    India should be divided in to two countries

  • Pooja Pincha
    Pooja Pincha 3 days ago

    Now ease of doing business rank is 70

  • Hong
    Hong 4 days ago

    India is a totally different country than China in culture, politic and economy. The only thing people put them together is the population. India has to find her own way to develop. There is no easy way to do it. China tried and failed many times in the whole history since 1850.

    • G Joeye
      G Joeye 12 hours ago

      by 2050, india will be 3rd largest economy, as per UN, WHO, WORLD BANK, IMF, PWC, MOODY etc.

  • Rahul vasavan
    Rahul vasavan 4 days ago

    The mainn problem in India is this foreign ran NGOs.. wherever development happens...dis NGOs get local people...by brain washing & paying them..and stage protests & bandh...

  • wei wang
    wei wang 4 days ago

    I am very glad to see India’s rapid economic growth. As the hometown of Buddhism and our neighbors for thousands of years, India should enjoy prosperity. The people of India will get rid of poverty, give full play to their high intelligence, have more inventions and creations in science and technology, make more contributions to mankind, and let us Asians unite together! Best wishes from China.

  • Raya
    Raya 4 days ago

    Simple. The traitors looting India since Independence are no longer in power.

  • Michale Huang
    Michale Huang 5 days ago

    Can India build some basic infrastructure for their people, then it at least won’t be a laugh stock anymore?

  • abcd xyz
    abcd xyz 5 days ago

    Indians = views
    Suggestion for indians to dislike the video... They mention india in their title to get the views only. Content zero. cheap mentality

  • SofOne
    SofOne 6 days ago

    China , India and Indonesia have a common asset. People. The people of China, India or Indonesia is the main driver for growth.
    Manage properly , the people of India will contribute more and more to the economy of India. Now India export expertise and professional to the world. IT expertise.

  • Raghavendra Rao
    Raghavendra Rao 6 days ago

    We are still screwed up in many ways...labor unions are horrifying, and therefore our manufactured stuff is lousier and more expensive than China...We don't export enough...We are dependent on oil, and India rises and sinks with the price of oil. We make our educated people work too hard and violate their human rights, and our best brains want to get out of the country...best part of India is it's educated people...meanwhile pollution is horrifying...and nothing seems to be happening about it...we need more toilets...and idiots come to good engineering and medical colleges and our best kids lose out on admission to STEM colleges...Government jobs are reserved for lower castes, who are stupid and undereducated...

  • Phoenix
    Phoenix 6 days ago

    "Your population is 1.32 billion but your videos don't even hit a million"
    -9 yo army

  • Pranjali Deorukhkar
    Pranjali Deorukhkar 7 days ago +1

    Made In India Move showed a positive result on Indian & Local vendors so your information is not even worth of trash

  • Abhi Giri
    Abhi Giri 7 days ago

    Statistics have changed now.

  • くたばれ
    くたばれ 7 days ago

    Indians are beggars before the world. You people can only sell masalas, which is of no use to the world.
    On the other side even shit made in Sweden is sold for 100s of dollars.
    Shame on you guys.

  • udennyn
    udennyn 7 days ago +1

    Forests and green area is getting depleted very fast.TB,diabetes and cancaer epidemic is geiwing very fast in metros.We grow vegetables and fruits with chemicals and injections.Its difficult to get pure milk here.Population is growing very fast.Politicians and media are projecting India in a different way.😑😕

  • wobblydangly
    wobblydangly 8 days ago +1

    China is pouring billions of dollars into research across a vast range of disciplines-its scientists published more papers than those of any other country in 23 of the 30 busiest fields. Meanwhile India's focus is not eradicating poverty but any vestiges of its colonial past. Renaming cities and banning beef. If corruption was an olympic sport India would wipe the board clean,

  • Seshadri Sampath
    Seshadri Sampath 9 days ago

    The background scene of the narrator in 23rd second is not India. It is Little India in Singapore.

  • ZhengXiang Tan
    ZhengXiang Tan 9 days ago

    Every part of the video that Xin En is featured in is filmed in Singapore, not India 😂

  • Nandhu Das
    Nandhu Das 10 days ago

    Just stop using China products. Then wait and see what's going to happen 😉

  • Nilesh Patel
    Nilesh Patel 10 days ago

    This is a chinese reporter...

  • Seeema Agarwal
    Seeema Agarwal 10 days ago

    In the vedio she said only about the hardships and cons of India. Yet she mentions India is growing

  • Ullash Hossain
    Ullash Hossain 11 days ago +1

    maybe they don't use condoms

    JOEY BENRA 12 days ago

    INDIA is a 4th world dirty dungeon with a billion hungry mouths ..... there is just no hopes for that GOD-forsaken country .... !! STAY AWAY FROM THAT NIGHTMARISH HELL.

  • ankita biswas
    ankita biswas 12 days ago

    I believe you should post another video explaining why the job market in India is so poor after 2014. If big companies like Walmart, IKEA are investing in India, why is it not reflecting in the job market crisis scenario.

  • Mya Paudel
    Mya Paudel 12 days ago

    I pray for the Indian people as they have risen from the ashes from what colonial britain did to us. God favours the righteous my brothers and sisters.

  • sanjay negi
    sanjay negi 13 days ago

    Why it seems the vedio was on how bad is modi not on why India is growing so fast 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ishika -
    Ishika - 14 days ago +1

    As an economics hons student . Demonetization and GST are both very strong policies. India only needed one of them but god knows why modi implemented both GST would have been enough to tackle up with the black money but combining it with demonetization was the worse decision. Both of these policies will have negative effects in short term or present as they'll be new to market but with time market will adjust itself with the policies and these will show amazing results in long run. Example of this is Ludhiana City in punjab which is also known as the Manchester of India( its a business city 5th wealthiest in india Hero,Octave ,Monte Carlo etc belong to this city with 99% entrepreneurship of Adidas nike etc.) This city was the first one to tackle up with GST and Demonetization and is developing at a much faster rate now. India only needed one of these policies implementing both together caused a lot of problems. Plus india will grow at a much faster rate now not due to the policies or anything cuz of its people and major business cities. Every country has its own time now its india's. I don't care if it gets stronger than china or not i just want my country to be a happy one in future ❤

  • Errol Brown
    Errol Brown 14 days ago

    Nobody with a brain believes the growth statistics that the Chinese Communist party puts out

  • kesh av
    kesh av 14 days ago

    We can change condition threw transferring ourselves to pakodas from pepsi and Starbucks.

  • Anna C
    Anna C 14 days ago

    Watching in 2019 nothing happened 😆

  • CUGS2009
    CUGS2009 16 days ago +1

    India is growing fast because the manure they use from cow is very powerful with many magic. I love cow.

  • Tho Athome
    Tho Athome 17 days ago

    India should have Google CEO as their president.

  • k md
    k md 18 days ago

    What growth u r talking about.. The shit.. 99% are all cheaters

  • P SN
    P SN 18 days ago

    Appears that figures and facts reflect the real nature things changing and taking place and seems that doesn't support and oppose any sections. Ok, appreciable genuine report.

  • Ajeng Er.
    Ajeng Er. 19 days ago

    The nerator look so lame

  • Wilson Chima
    Wilson Chima 19 days ago

    Can you please make a video about Infinix smart phone.

  • nirmal g
    nirmal g 20 days ago

    Yo CNBC u couldn't take a 4 hour flight to shoot this in India?

  • Dinesh Akhade
    Dinesh Akhade 20 days ago

    Growth rate of less industrial countries are always higher .Per capita GDP reflect countries prosperity india rank 140 below sri lanka 110 th place and just above bangladesh and pakistan who are 147 and 148 place respectively india economy still depend on agricultural which is depend on monsoon . India is still not done basic ground work like population control , literacy, irrigation , sanitation then manufacturing self reliability , then manufacturing export and last service sector which provide very less employment . Instead encouraged service sector for few affluent middle class . India is largest importer of gold , defence equipment, crude oil , consumer of multinationals for automobile , electronic goods , even most low tech consumer item . Basic work is still to start from bottom . Average indian struggling for drinking and irrigation water , is still image abroad

  • Jomal George
    Jomal George 20 days ago +1

    Indian population is growing because of the lack of the use of condoms

  • Vinay singh
    Vinay singh 20 days ago

    Fake video, India will never grow.

  • 王见恒
    王见恒 20 days ago

    Only one china in the world,india will be a part of china,chindia

  • Farooque azmy
    Farooque azmy 20 days ago

    In this government ..poor becoming more poor only...

  • Yash Joshi
    Yash Joshi 21 day ago

    Par ek tarah se yai ek bahut achchi informational video bhi hai kyuki ye hamare DESH ke alag-alag important economic contributing sectors ke bare me jankari pradaan karne me karyarat hai jinke bare mai mainstream urbanbanized areas (cities) mai jyada tar rahene vale log nahi janate hai aisa mera maanna hai.

  • Yash Joshi
    Yash Joshi 21 day ago

    India agar puri duniya ki sabse fastest growing economy hai to yai bahut achchi baat hai hamare DESH ke liye
    Es tarah ke videos banakar India ki growth aur development ko kyu panauti laga rahe hai aap?

  • Yash Joshi
    Yash Joshi 21 day ago

    Parantu aaise vishaypar video bananeki jarurat hi kya hai?
    Ulta es vishaypar video baniye ki jagah BHARAT DESH me prevelant socio-economic tatha religious aur political problems ko kaise tackle kiya ja sakhta hai

  • David Charley
    David Charley 21 day ago

    According to this news channel billionaires called middle class and trillionaires called uper class.

  • boimin sixteen
    boimin sixteen 21 day ago


  • Ravindra K
    Ravindra K 21 day ago

    Growth can be significantly faster without the modi campaign... he is literally making dumb decisions. Vote INC

  • Priyank Sharma
    Priyank Sharma 22 days ago

    "Double whammy of worsening currency and rising oil prices" ??
    You do understand that an oil based economy's currency worsens WHEN the oil prices increase due to the rise in costs of import. This video is little more than a pretty face talking about shit she doesn't understand.

  • Vee Kwok
    Vee Kwok 22 days ago

    This video, at least some parts was made in Singapore not India. The temple shown at the beginning of the video is called Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple along Serangoon Road, Little India, Singapore. I am Singaporean.

  • Jack Of Hearts
    Jack Of Hearts 22 days ago

    From where were you caught by the authorities

  • alipaf2002
    alipaf2002 22 days ago

    @4:47 where is rest of the clip

  • James Liu
    James Liu 22 days ago

    You mean the pollution and the population?

  • sonu bhandari
    sonu bhandari 22 days ago

    Keep going👍

  • MeMyPCandI
    MeMyPCandI 22 days ago

    I know India is growing in Ontario.. lol

  • Manu Haart
    Manu Haart 22 days ago

    The title "Why India is growing fast" because of its population.😂😂😂

  • ADUZ Studio
    ADUZ Studio 23 days ago


  • Subhajit Sarkar
    Subhajit Sarkar 23 days ago

    Actual reality is India not growing in terms of Economy but its only growing in terms of Population due to stupid brainwashed Minorities who are not so called Minorities at all. 2021-2022 socio economic & caste census will surely prove that.

  • α Centauri
    α Centauri 24 days ago

    Wait, what ? India is growing ?

  • Wilson Cardoz
    Wilson Cardoz 24 days ago

    Nazar lagayi 😂😂😂💩

  • Ki Rex
    Ki Rex 24 days ago +1

    Stop making too many people. You need a cap. Government must be harsh if not you are priming yourself for a civil unrest which can escalate into a civil war due to the large diversity of religion and cultures.

  • Elamaran N
    Elamaran N 24 days ago

    Corruption corruption every where corruption then how they pave way for progress😈😈

  • Sanjay Deori
    Sanjay Deori 24 days ago

    Why india is growing so fast? From 1.3 billion to 2.0 billion by 2030. Its because most of the people are in their 20s and 30s. So there will be good growth. And these indians will also travel the world. Visa free!

  • shanto mathai
    shanto mathai 25 days ago

    Is this vedio about china or India


    Modi is brand top

  • Hanifaql
    Hanifaql 25 days ago

    I hate her

  • Kid Zoom
    Kid Zoom 26 days ago

    Both the Indian and Chinese govts are manipulating growth figures. The whole world economy is a house of cards at the moment.

  • Naveen Dahiya
    Naveen Dahiya 26 days ago

    Taaki 4 cast me 4 cast or bana sake

  • Pluviophile
    Pluviophile 26 days ago

    General elections are coming in 2019. Is anyone planning to go to India gate and protest for our real needs? If farmers can, so can we middle class workers. We will ask for huge funding in R&D, infrastructure, increasing education standards, population control, removal of reservation system, banning of religion and caste. DOES ANYONE SUPPORT MY IDEA?

  • T K Chavan Chavan
    T K Chavan Chavan 27 days ago

    Guess they couldn't abstain from the allure of cheap labour.

  • parth jain
    parth jain 27 days ago

    To get the benefits from fastest growing economy wallmart and other companies are trying to get in India

  • the master
    the master 27 days ago

    Gross, pollution pollution pollution. No good happening if its growing. What they mean by growth is so gross.

    SNOWISTA 28 days ago +1

    At 3:23, I can bet that it's not India. It's too clean for Indian standards.

  • sravani sravs
    sravani sravs 28 days ago

    India may be the one of the fastest countries in the world. But think once. US population is 330 million. But India has 1.3 billion. And less than 1% of indians have more than 60% of the money in india. See how the inequality is ruling us. Most of the Indians are middle class ( poor) people. Then most of the Indians are poor. Only few are rich.

  • Shreya Mohta
    Shreya Mohta 28 days ago

    Firangi bade ache sae homework kiye h India k baare mein

  • handsome hound
    handsome hound 28 days ago

    Thats what happens when you replace a leading well educated economist with ignorant and illiterate tea sellers

  • Sai Kumar Manchala
    Sai Kumar Manchala 28 days ago

    Title itself sugggests that it(CNBC) does not want India to grow fast .

  • xxx xxx
    xxx xxx 29 days ago

    *17/20 most developing cities in the world are from India. My city Nagpur stands at number 5th most developing city in the world.*

  • Heartthrob Heart
    Heartthrob Heart 29 days ago

    2.5 K dislikes!!!

  • Zulhardika Rendy Permana

    How to attract indians viewer 101

  • Keneth Michael
    Keneth Michael Month ago +1

    Because it still so poor

  • sreejith shankar
    sreejith shankar Month ago

    But we are living with others money like America.... huge debt burden for Americans

  • Justmyopinionlol
    Justmyopinionlol Month ago +7

    I like India more than China but their country will still be a shithole 100 years from now while China will probably be at least like S. Korea today. India has a lot of soft power but for anyone who has ever visit India will quickly notice that the population is quite dumb and diverse which makes it hard to integrate everyone into an advanced economy. The world is also transitioning into more automation for high labor activity so having a large population is not going to help.

    • Neo Natzi
      Neo Natzi 22 days ago

      +Justmyopinionlol each country has its own "dumb" population inc. usa,, ours come into highlight because of our sheer population...and talking about pakistan ..lets just say that islam created and finished that country...today while many remain poor in india, infra sucks but our govt is forced to spend billions of dollars towards security because of pakistan's proxy war..

    • Justmyopinionlol
      Justmyopinionlol 22 days ago

      +Neo Natzi most overseas Indians tend to be smart. I am talking about the population inside India. Pakistani also tend to do well overseas but Pakistan is also another shithole that is even worse than India.

    • Neo Natzi
      Neo Natzi 22 days ago

      most of it is true..but indian population is dumb? seriuosly? what sector do you work in..cause clearly you have no idea

  • Pranav Ramachandran

    0:25 is in Singapore! 😅

  • Shivram Naibagkar
    Shivram Naibagkar Month ago

    If the population surpasses China, making india the edge for largest working population, how will India benefit
    If there are not sufficient jobs provided?

  • Country Drinks
    Country Drinks Month ago

    make a video about the growth and future of Bangladesh.

  • Pradeep singh Dhami
    Pradeep singh Dhami Month ago +1

    Because of pm modi

  • s v
    s v Month ago

    Only Modiji can take India at sky high level.

  • Anuj Tiwari
    Anuj Tiwari Month ago

    A chinese explaining Indian economy..Now that's a growth we looking at....

    • Пређите океан
      Пређите океан 24 days ago

      Her nationality is Singaporean. Although more than 80% of Singaporeans are Chinese, this woman is obviously not Chinese. She is more like a Filipino.

  • Miracle PK
    Miracle PK Month ago +1

    Just Support Narendra Modi And we will be next Superpower Till 2020

  • Damam Prasetyo
    Damam Prasetyo Month ago

    U can compare India n Chinese it's look very different I don't understand why democracy mke a many problem in the biggest country we can see that

  • Sadhanabrata Roy
    Sadhanabrata Roy Month ago

    India is a nothing but a consumer society.... Most countries view this country as a cheap labour market and the youths view it is a a country that they can study only to land a job in foreign....... Profit Per Capita is stagnant ...Modi has increased Imports but Exports have fallen.....Rahul will do the opposite.....this country has lost his individualism..... Go to Japan, China, Even Vietnam.... People will find that has respect for their culture.... I am figured this out while passing class 10 .....2 years ago.... India is now a poor Man's USA ..... I am only pointing the negative sides..... Because I didn't do my research on the positive.... Do tell me the positives....

  • Vinit Kumar
    Vinit Kumar Month ago

    Only because of massiv population