Swae Lee - Sextasy (Official Video)

  • Published on Sep 12, 2019
  • Sextasy out now! smarturl.it/Sextasy
    Won't Be Late ft. Drake out now! smarturl.it/WontBeLate
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    Music video by Swae Lee performing Sextasy. © 2019 Eardruma Records/Interscope Records
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  • Vishal Mishra
    Vishal Mishra 22 hours ago

    ae aee aee ee
    oo oou ooo oooo
    needless say I keep her on c..
    wrong song ?, ok sorry.

  • MoneyBackReo
    MoneyBackReo Day ago

    🕺🏿🕺🏿🧟‍♂️💨💨groovy baby

  • y f
    y f Day ago

    Why don’t people watch this video???
    Views of this video are not enough!!
    I’m Japanese fan

  • Joe Dematei
    Joe Dematei Day ago

    The Einer Bankz version should have been the only version released of this song.

  • mathew0817
    mathew0817 Day ago

    big dick chung

  • Đạt Vũ
    Đạt Vũ Day ago

    Who is the girl, guys? Thanks =))

  • Hunter Clark
    Hunter Clark Day ago

    straight ass nigga

  • Latia Melody
    Latia Melody Day ago

    Dangerously in love....

  • Young paê
    Young paê Day ago


  • yehlien
    yehlien Day ago


  • Dacascos gego
    Dacascos gego Day ago


  • Alpha God
    Alpha God Day ago

    Nigga look like De'Aundre Bonds son

  • Andrea Hawkins
    Andrea Hawkins Day ago

    beautiful video ❤️

  • PhaZe Clan
    PhaZe Clan Day ago

    This is horrible

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  • Lord Tron
    Lord Tron Day ago

    Suddenly I feel lonely. 😟

  • X roamer
    X roamer Day ago


  • исчадие ада

    Rae Remmurd

  • battle tv
    battle tv Day ago

    i hate it when girls smoke its just eww

  • Daniel Cascante
    Daniel Cascante 2 days ago

    Someone notice that this video was filmed in the same house from Tyga´s Taste?

  • Lebron Stubbs
    Lebron Stubbs 2 days ago

    This song is 👏🏽🔥

  • Felipe Pastrana
    Felipe Pastrana 2 days ago


  • Leonardo Leomin
    Leonardo Leomin 2 days ago

    I love this music af

  • Gorilla
    Gorilla 2 days ago

    The clip is very cool, I don't understand how he scored so few hits.

  • Karmierre
    Karmierre 2 days ago

    New song out now!!! Check it out🔥🔥🔥

  • Eduardo Flores
    Eduardo Flores 2 days ago

    Alguien que hable español, como se llama la chica

  • luiggi Vini
    luiggi Vini 3 days ago +11


  • Sindre Rånes
    Sindre Rånes 3 days ago

    The name of the girl is Cenit Nadir. Your welcome.

  • Mayaa Blanco B
    Mayaa Blanco B 3 days ago +6

    Soy la única que entendió el español ????🤗👌🏾

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  • balaji mk
    balaji mk 4 days ago

    LIL PEEP🦢💥

  • Luka Grzobic
    Luka Grzobic 4 days ago +1

    straight ecstasy

  • jeff smith
    jeff smith 4 days ago +1

    Her dancing is cringe to me idk why lol

    MXTROJR 4 days ago

    Oh, oh oh oh
    You won't need me luckily
    Oh girl
    (Mike WiLL Made It)
    You're not taking tonight luckily
    Let me save you like a refugee
    Let me give you sextasy
    Don't let me be ya memory
    I've got the drank and a remedy
    I know you'd be so intimate with me
    Intimate with me couldn't wait
    I know you're ready for my embrace
    I think you're ready for love's embrace
    And you can't please everyone
    You're coming out in the dark
    But what is it you wish to find?
    Just let me ease your mind
    They criticized us, just ease your mind
    Is it mine? We'll find out in due time
    I've been searching near and far
    I don't care where my old one ends up
    I know you're ready for what's to come
    I get enough for both of us
    Oh and I hope you stay relevant
    Passed like a bird so heavenly
    Oh, gave you nights that I can't take back
    Oh, and I won't regret and I won't forget
    And I won't for- and I can't forget
    I was creeping with the restless
    You can't pay for the vibe you get
    Say that you won't work against me
    Time to leave you with the rest of them
    Lipstick matching, magenta
    I had a simple agenda
    And we connect immediately
    And I need more time to give you everything
    I need your love on repeat
    To rescue me from myself when I fear my heart
    Take my soul then lose my number
    In a dream, we'll never be apart
    I was scarred when I lost my star
    But if you cried with somebody, be concerned
    Come with me, I can't do you no harm
    Fuck with me, bae I mean you no harm
    Have you smile, blushin' all the way home

  • Canal Do Lixoso
    Canal Do Lixoso 5 days ago

    Esse doidão um dia vai estourar

  • Barry Bourke
    Barry Bourke 5 days ago

    Swae be looking orcish 2day

  • ML Moore
    ML Moore 5 days ago

    Ooh imma play this foe my 🍯. I likey

  • Irshad Ali
    Irshad Ali 5 days ago +2

    Swae lee is legend of melodies

  • Emtiazz Mullick
    Emtiazz Mullick 5 days ago

    Good Stuff!

  • V Noona
    V Noona 5 days ago


  • Borja López
    Borja López 5 days ago +10

    " The intro is reference for Quentin Tarantino "

  • Levina Ortiz
    Levina Ortiz 6 days ago


  • i Rod
    i Rod 6 days ago


  • Arthur Brown
    Arthur Brown 6 days ago +2

    They must up music now I wish they go back playing slow music now

  • Jonathan Mora
    Jonathan Mora 6 days ago +19

    This song would be fire if he didn’t use auto tune

    • MJ
      MJ 3 days ago

      It's still a really good song don't get me wrong, however I feel alot of artist rely on that now way too much

    • sni greta
      sni greta 3 days ago

      He doesn't need autotune though 🤷

    • MJ
      MJ 3 days ago +1

      The guy hardly has alot of songs without Autotune lmao

    • Jonathan Mora
      Jonathan Mora 4 days ago

      Arlet Quezada Swae Lee x Einer Bankz sextasy

    • Jonathan Mora
      Jonathan Mora 4 days ago

      Arlet Quezada listen to it

  • nappynatural23yrs
    nappynatural23yrs 6 days ago +1

    Who is thats gurl and why she dance terrible

  • Eric Barnes
    Eric Barnes 6 days ago +3

    Cigarette scene at the end , best part.

  • Nicolás Germán
    Nicolás Germán 6 days ago

    Buen vídeo

  • Aaron Stewart
    Aaron Stewart 6 days ago


  • Douglas Richardson
    Douglas Richardson 6 days ago

    nice beat

  • kannon baldino
    kannon baldino 6 days ago +1

    He did his thing on this hoe ik his brother proud

  • Pro Trader
    Pro Trader 6 days ago

    i needed 31 seconds.. nice womaannnnnnn

  • Jose Luis Medina Morelos

    This song is so underrated....!

  • Chi Jc
    Chi Jc 7 days ago

    Swae the male vision of sade. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • João Victor Cardoso

    🇧🇷 pesado dms!!

  • Jibril Rhodes
    Jibril Rhodes 7 days ago

    i can tell this was a freestyle

    CHIVITIS 7 days ago

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  • deadshot gaming
    deadshot gaming 7 days ago


  • Cody Bogard
    Cody Bogard 8 days ago

    they had to pay a chick to say this... H e can't pleasure a chick, he's literally genetic garbage