LIVE | #OTBAM: Ireland return (and Eoin), Mike Tindall, Champions League, Damien Delaney, Tier 2 |

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
  • Welcome to Wednesday morning's #OTBAM, as Eoin Sheahan returns to studio - (Ger is back from Japan too but he was only gone for a week)
    Returning to the action in the #RWC2019, we'll be talking to New Zealand Herald Journalist Gregor Paul about this week's semi-final between Eddie Jones' England and the All Blacks and also what went so wrong for Ireland.
    Damien Delaney will be in studio for a run through all of last night's Champions League action, and the round of games we can look forward to tonight.
    There's #GAA, the sports pages and everything else too!
    For all that and more, be sure to tune in to #OTBAM from 7:30am! #RWC2019 #OTBAM #ChampionsLeague
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Comments • 17

  • Paul Leonard
    Paul Leonard 26 days ago

    Hopefully our players might stop being put in cotton wool for years before world cup. Get them out in pro14 and provincial battles

  • John Dennis
    John Dennis 26 days ago

    Those soccer players on the newspapers don't even look like sportsman! Tiny wee fellas. Is soccer only for trans women?

  • Peter Coles
    Peter Coles 26 days ago +1

    I remember the arrogance Ginger expressed before 1st 6 Nations game and how he dismissed England..... 2 would get into Ireland's side..... what a buerk.

  • Wayne Shilcock
    Wayne Shilcock 27 days ago

    Lancaster is not the answer, look at what happen to England under his leadership.

      DARTH MONG 21 day ago

      You could argue he sowed what Eddie Jones is reaping.

  • Dean Thomson
    Dean Thomson 27 days ago +1

    Henshaw been overrated for years. Gatland saw that early on in Lions tour and he was lucky to even start in midweek games... same with Peter O, went from hero to zero.. although was best on feild this week. Needs someone outside of Irealnd and provincial bias to analyse all players and advise coach. NZ went backwards when Robbie Dean's selected the whole Canterbury side for the All Blacks. Only non Canterbury player was Tana Umaga.. including the bench...

  • bonzobanzi11
    bonzobanzi11 27 days ago +1

    Has anyone told Eoin that they used to sell Pocori Sweat in Ireland back in the 80's

  • tom kelly
    tom kelly 27 days ago +4

    Toner got the last laugh

  • iamwearingacup
    iamwearingacup 27 days ago +12

    Jesus would yous not have given Eoin a few days off?

  • Kerry Star
    Kerry Star 27 days ago +4

    Can't believe yer hauled back into studio this week Boys. Bags surely still packed.

  • Kerry Star
    Kerry Star 27 days ago

    I'd none yesterday it's ok today.

  • Paul Dempsey
    Paul Dempsey 27 days ago +3

    Lads is there something wrong with the sound? No sound for me, is it on my end? the adds have sound & the Emer Flately video has sound but none from yesterday or today :( I'm on a mac.

    • Paul Dempsey
      Paul Dempsey 27 days ago

      @Off The Ball ha ha ha, thats gas, cause in work I only use one ear piece & the other one isn't working!!! Tried another headphones & its working in the left one!! I'm catching up on itunes now anyway, thanks lads!

    • Off The Ball
      Off The Ball  27 days ago +2

      @Damian Keane sorted from the rest of today, can't change yesterday or this morning unfortunately! There shouldn't be the same issue with the podcast, if that makes a difference to you Damian!

    • Damian Keane
      Damian Keane 27 days ago +1

      @Off The Ball It's still only working out of the left headphone for me. Is this sorted for tomorrow's show?

    • Off The Ball
      Off The Ball  27 days ago +2

      @David Kavanagh @PaulDempsey - hi lads, there's been a few issues this week with sound where audio is only appearing in one headphone or channel, that's been sorted now. Very odd that you're getting no audio at all - will look into it!

    • David Kavanagh
      David Kavanagh 27 days ago +2

      none for me either, yesterday or today