World of Wonder & Kameron Michaels/Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil Inspired Makeover Tutorial

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • Celebrate the release of Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil with Kameron Michaels as they teach you how to get the Maleficent look. Be sure to see Disney’s Maleficent: Mistress of Evil with your friends in theaters October 18th. Get tickets now!
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    From World of Wonder, the producers of The Eyes of Tammy Faye, Party Monster, The Strange History of Don't Ask, Don't Tell, The Last Beekeeper, RuPaul's Drag Race, Life With La Toya, and Million Dollar Listing.
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Comments • 88

  • 津波x Tsunamix
    津波x Tsunamix Month ago

    This sucks. The drag competition, and the film.

  • Sergio Melendez
    Sergio Melendez Month ago +2

    I feel like this is the first movie I’ve seen Angelina Jolie in since the last Maleficent lmao

  • cj222100
    cj222100 Month ago

    I can't think of a queen more perfect for this, Kameron is one of my favorite queens ever on RPDR & she's already got the cheekbones for this look lol! Her costumes were always the best, I loved the syfy-fantasy elements & all her amazing headpieces!

  • Spookay T'is Me
    Spookay T'is Me Month ago

    Those lips ended up looking huge and clown-ish!

  • Rin Ju
    Rin Ju Month ago


  • Diego Peña
    Diego Peña Month ago

    OMG I love him

  • Alondra
    Alondra Month ago

    Don't forget to 00:59 your tickets now

  • mangolollipop
    mangolollipop Month ago

    God I love a recycle queen!

  • _alexation _
    _alexation _ Month ago

    Oh yesssss omg she knows she’s the one

  • Sherry Spectre
    Sherry Spectre Month ago

    Malificent has always been my favorite Disney character, period. Even as a child, when I didn't know her name she was my #1.

  • Leothatcould
    Leothatcould Month ago

    Loved ittttt

  • ghettospinners25
    ghettospinners25 Month ago

    All these videos popping up of the queens getting dressed up and all I think about is the shad DELTA WORK threw about it...

  • karvoonaki
    karvoonaki Month ago

    So nice to see Kameron out of her shell 😍

  • Vitaly C
    Vitaly C Month ago +3

    'Snatch the Tickets: The Shequel '

  • BoAKaN
    BoAKaN Month ago

    Why does the final look appear like Cardi B as Maleficent

  • Carmin Llontopsuca
    Carmin Llontopsuca Month ago

    Please just fuck me!!!!! Jajajaja

  • G G
    G G Month ago +4

    Where did her tattoos go???

  • Silvair Junior
    Silvair Junior Month ago

    To quote miss O'Hara:


  • Christian Dorr
    Christian Dorr Month ago +17

    Her feather look was better than Maleficent’s actual look, she did that

    • Trung Tran
      Trung Tran Month ago +1

      bow down to our queen of plumage, Kameron Michaels!

  • black out
    black out Month ago +19

    She missed the opportunity at the end to tell us to snatch our tickets to see maleficent

  • Jonathan Anders
    Jonathan Anders Month ago +4

    A DisneyxDrag Queen collab? Who would have thought? I stan.

  • FeelingVeryAttackedRN
    FeelingVeryAttackedRN Month ago +1

    How is she such a beautiful woman.... that mug is beatttt

  • ryan shannon
    ryan shannon Month ago

    I get this is great but why is Disney sponsoring massive channels like WOW why don’t they help out smaller youtubers this is not a read on WOW this is aimed at Disney I get they want it seen by over a million people but they could support smaller channels

  • Chill Hills
    Chill Hills Month ago

    Is that makeup or a pasty on his nipple?
    Either way, it must be cold in there.

  • Francesca DuLash
    Francesca DuLash Month ago

    So Disney is ok with a drag but god forbid a child might see Kameron's tattoo?!?!? How is that harmful to a child?!?!?

  • Octobris
    Octobris Month ago

    Seeing the thumbnail I thought it was Brooke Lynn for a second

  • Kyla D. Gold
    Kyla D. Gold Month ago +2

    Damn Kameron you're killing me with your hotness 😍

  • Abe Perez
    Abe Perez Month ago


  • Majed Talal Salem 2001

    So good i love it so much wow 🎃👍🏻

  • Oznerol Amoyagiug
    Oznerol Amoyagiug Month ago +5

    Idk why but I expected the " Hi HeLlO HoW ArE YoU"

  • Jay
    Jay Month ago +27

    Kameron is such a hot dude...

  • Jj Mm
    Jj Mm Month ago +3

    I thought Mistress of evil was Angelina’s biographical film.

    • AK
      AK Month ago +1


  • shiroi201
    shiroi201 Month ago +1

    Ok nina was gorgeous but kameron looks like straight out of the movie!! 😍 the look is totally up his alley as well so that helps😆 truly stunning!

  • Jeremy Shaw
    Jeremy Shaw Month ago

    This could be a cool photo shoot with Nina x Kameron

  • Aymac unt
    Aymac unt Month ago

    I'm bothered by that ugly blue background, hate the set up. Anyways, Kameron looks STUNning

  • JustJ8
    JustJ8 Month ago +1

    So awkwardly fake lol

  • HappySlayer81
    HappySlayer81 Month ago

    Damn! How's he getting better looking?

  • Jessie Sagato
    Jessie Sagato Month ago +139

    Don’t forget to s n a t c h ur ticket to Maleficent in theaters

    • Blaine Altean
      Blaine Altean Month ago +1

      Congratulations!! You are the winner of this week challenge.

    • shiroi201
      shiroi201 Month ago +1

      Yaaaaas 😂😂😂

    • JustJ8
      JustJ8 Month ago +3

      I was lookin for dis comment

  • Linda Buck
    Linda Buck Month ago +2

    Magnificent Maleficent!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • James Boon
    James Boon Month ago +24

    KAMERON is ATTRACTIVE in every single way !

  • umm huh?
    umm huh? Month ago +18

    I thought that was Charlie hides in the thumbnail 😂

  • Giacomo Carnevale
    Giacomo Carnevale Month ago +1

    I mean he's still beautiful but looks nothing like maleficent: Hazel contacts, darker and angled brows, natural lashes, lighter eye shadow, darker lip and and more nose contour. It's not hard. Cmon

  • Angie Aldeguer
    Angie Aldeguer Month ago +2

    So happy to see Kameron here, so beautiful and confident ♥️♥️♥️

  • Oasis of Isis
    Oasis of Isis Month ago +5

    Ummm where are your tattoos!?! Talk about serious coverage! 😳 Love this look BTW.. Stunning!! 💕

    • shiroi201
      shiroi201 Month ago

      @Oasis of Isis yeah but they are on the creepier side so i would understand if they wanted to cover those up XD

    • Oasis of Isis
      Oasis of Isis Month ago

      @shiroi201 I luvvvv Katya's tattoos! LOL 😍☠👹

    • Oasis of Isis
      Oasis of Isis Month ago

      @DeviousOni Makes TOTAL sense!

    • shiroi201
      shiroi201 Month ago

      @DeviousOni that's probably really the reason. Even though it would've been enough to cover the chest tattoo since that would be visible when in costume. And it's not like he has obviously creepy tattoos like katya XD

    • DeviousOni
      DeviousOni Month ago +4

      Disney likely had him cover them up bc tattoos are not on brand for a classic Disney character. Much like how Disney has their Disneyland/world "cast" have strict presentation policies to keep the characters they portray as true to life as possible. I imagine Kameron got paid as handsome a check to do this as he is to convince him to cover up.

  • skinny legend
    skinny legend Month ago

    you can’t fool us shawn mendes

  • Maria Paz Cárdenas
    Maria Paz Cárdenas Month ago +110

    Shes is an actual goddess I can’t w Kameron, she’s one of the most polished, talented and kindest queens on earth, I admire him so much🥺🥺🥺🥺

    • cj222100
      cj222100 Month ago

      She's one of my favorites too, & always had the sickest outfits & headpieces!

    • ajh z
      ajh z Month ago +2

      and big dick

  • Jonathan Onorato
    Jonathan Onorato Month ago +1

    I never found Kameron to be attractive but damn daddy you’re looking so good in this video and this was much better than Nina’s.

  • Andres Lopez Zarate
    Andres Lopez Zarate Month ago +1

    Ugh KAMERON 😍😍

  • Raúl Núñez
    Raúl Núñez Month ago


  • ach nix
    ach nix Month ago +1

    Ok but... i wish youd give us a tutorial on your dick instead though.

    THE NAFERATU Month ago +13

    Beautiful in and out of drag, also yess makeup tips

  • TheZiBuKs
    TheZiBuKs Month ago +43

    theres still trade underneath that mistress of
    evil and I am living for it 😈

  • Patti Harvey
    Patti Harvey Month ago

    Hi Kam! Pretty darn close to Jolie.😛👍

  • Brittany Vest
    Brittany Vest Month ago +4

    That subtle little edit while talking about the makeup artists *In theatres October 18th. Ad. Ver. Tise. Kam!

  • Maddy C
    Maddy C Month ago +18

    Lots of love for my favorite introverted queen!

  • essie g.
    essie g. Month ago

    maleficent is shook at this look bc she couldn’t pull it off any better

  • yorel 123
    yorel 123 Month ago +15

    Actually I was thinking on the feather dress that he used in Drag race❤️

  • Jonathan Portillo
    Jonathan Portillo Month ago +31

    I feel Disney should post this on their TVclip channel or social media websites as well.

  • Bodil Soldeberg
    Bodil Soldeberg Month ago +7

    Come through miss sponsored Kameron, you better weeerk! mama, represent us introverts! XD

  • João pedro
    João pedro Month ago +1

    I love you kameron .