Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X Water Test! Secretly Waterproof?


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  • brendon silvius
    brendon silvius 26 minutes ago

    Just bought me and s9;)

  • Jasmine Michelle
    Jasmine Michelle 2 hours ago

    Driod Nation 👽🤘🏾

  • The Fortnite KKK
    The Fortnite KKK 5 hours ago

    Apple pro wearing a Samsung shirt lol???

  • Keneth Michael
    Keneth Michael 5 hours ago +1

    This guy prefer sumsumg,thus why he wore sumsung shirt

  • hassan malik
    hassan malik 8 hours ago

    Never drop s9 from 1000ft it breaks into pieces

  • Super Seg
    Super Seg 14 hours ago

    Samsung King

  • Alice Ali
    Alice Ali Day ago

    Samsung s9 vs all iphone

  • Aazim Ahamed
    Aazim Ahamed Day ago

    Honest review 🤗

  • Ita Kristiaba
    Ita Kristiaba Day ago

    I think i want buy samsung s9+ too , idk iphone X no worth it

  • Dev 5301
    Dev 5301 Day ago

    What the hell is this feet crap I don't know how big your foot is😃

  • temple one
    temple one 2 days ago


  • Gamming Guide
    Gamming Guide 2 days ago

    He said it wasn’t water proof sooo i don’t now why everyone is so hyped ?????

  • Shawn Singh
    Shawn Singh 2 days ago

    Samsung forever bro

  • Skyler choo
    Skyler choo 3 days ago

    Watching on 29

  • My Xp
    My Xp 3 days ago

    Dear company claim only water resistance instead of water proof.s9 may affect after some time.

  • The No.1 Goalie
    The No.1 Goalie 5 days ago

    Should I use my s9 in the shower

  • Eyob Belay Asemie
    Eyob Belay Asemie 5 days ago

    I am a Samsung person

  • Burrito Master
    Burrito Master 6 days ago

    Hey wtf is that t shirt that u wearing -_- I'mma remove u from subscribers I thought you are apple pro!!!

  • biondina zilli
    biondina zilli 6 days ago

    Samsung king🤩😍😘❤👑👑👑👑i lo youu

  • Amilah George
    Amilah George 7 days ago

    Don't you guys understand....the fact that he name his channel applepro so to gain Intel from Apple for us Samsung ppl

  • Danny's Videos
    Danny's Videos 7 days ago

    I put my friends phone in the washing machine on accident for a few hours, shit fine tough as the rock's rock.

  • Mustafa Mohamed
    Mustafa Mohamed 8 days ago

    6:10 Headphone Jack 😥

  • lil Gaming
    lil Gaming 8 days ago

    Apple is doo doo

  • Bills Slime
    Bills Slime 8 days ago

    I’m pretty sure that a s9 plus

  • Rothko Karbine
    Rothko Karbine 9 days ago

    Apple is garbage.

  • Dastan Safarov
    Dastan Safarov 9 days ago

    Samsung Galaxy 🔝

  • Isaiah Browning
    Isaiah Browning 9 days ago

    I am watching this on my s9 I love it it's my baby

  • M. P. Infante
    M. P. Infante 9 days ago

    9 / 9 was Samsung S9 day.
    The Galaxy S9 is THE STRONGEST!

  • Pubg king Arkans Z
    Pubg king Arkans Z 9 days ago

    Best smartphone Galaxy S9

  • Gonzalo Melendez
    Gonzalo Melendez 10 days ago

    After years with iphone i switch to s9 and let me tell you im glad i have the s9 the phone is great way better than iphone

  • The Beast
    The Beast 10 days ago

    Hmmm ... inconsistent results apparently, because I dropped my iPhone X into the damned sea in Cyprus! It must have been around 20 feet deep and it took us half an hour to find it but it was perfect when it came back up!

  • Cesar Alejo
    Cesar Alejo 10 days ago

    seriously? IP67 submerged to more than the rated depth? what would you expect? 😂

  • sunny Dayys
    sunny Dayys 10 days ago

    interesting who makes the screen for iPhone samsong , there must be a leak or break in gasket if was taken apart, then thats big problem

  • Spooder Man
    Spooder Man 11 days ago

    Maybe you should change your name to "Everything Samsung Pro"?

  • hacker L
    hacker L 11 days ago

    s8 and s8 plus: *eats popcorn*

  • Sofia Ramirez
    Sofia Ramirez 11 days ago

    Yo prefiero el Samsung Galaxy S9

  • FaZe_CooLD0WnTM
    FaZe_CooLD0WnTM 11 days ago

    That's why I never got a iPhone lol, my note 9 is a beast... Galaxy skin tho🤫

  • LukasNa
    LukasNa 12 days ago

    Your wetsuit bro...

  • Gisela González
    Gisela González 12 days ago

    At least Samsung resisted almost all of them IPhone X didn’t resist a second

  • Gisela González
    Gisela González 12 days ago

    Let’s go Samsung we beat apple LOL

  • Cliff Gamer
    Cliff Gamer 12 days ago

    iPhone 7 plus beat Samsung S7 even at 35 feet depth

  • Đức Phan Nguyễn Minh

    That is S9 plus, right?

  • Sumit Kolekar
    Sumit Kolekar 12 days ago

    Make it with Sony xz3

  • Tk Boi
    Tk Boi 12 days ago

    *Samsung is the best!*

  • Kairan Khaesirad
    Kairan Khaesirad 13 days ago +1

    Samsung can go die in a hole and up my asshole

  • Infernus 7903
    Infernus 7903 13 days ago

    Samsung its better than iPhone YEWAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Danny PS17
    Danny PS17 13 days ago

    6:53 nice wallpaper, where do you get that😂🤣😂

  • Ognjen Đemrovski
    Ognjen Đemrovski 14 days ago

    Nice watch,I like it...

    ABO TOYAB 14 days ago

    do you distry mone phone if give me one phone

  • Dexter D
    Dexter D 14 days ago

    I took my s9 to the beach n got it wet didnt even put the phone underwater n now it wont stop saying I have moisture around my USB port. This is terrible because now I can't even charge my phone n my phone is dry as can be

  • aleks deliu
    aleks deliu 14 days ago

    Samsung king

  • jonty singh
    jonty singh 14 days ago

    Hahahahahaha fucking dumbass apple

  • Aman Abdul
    Aman Abdul 14 days ago

    Samsung not king galaxy note 9 is king

    • Sleekbog 23
      Sleekbog 23 9 days ago

      Aman Abdul Because you must be fucking brain-dead galaxy was made by Samsung

    • Sleekbog 23
      Sleekbog 23 9 days ago

      Aman Abdul How old are you

  • Muhammed Aadil
    Muhammed Aadil 15 days ago

    Which mobile u have to use waterproof s9 ya s9+
    And s9 is a waterproof..??

  • Klunat Tik 2
    Klunat Tik 2 15 days ago

    I love iPhone and I love samsung

  • Colorig
    Colorig 15 days ago

    S9 is waterproof and that's great, but the thing is, iPhone X is better because Samsung rushed their phone making it look like S8. The only difference is just a better camera, software and horrible AR compared to iPhone X. As an S9+ user, I kinda regret not buying an iPhone.

  • iTech Talk
    iTech Talk 16 days ago

    Why does it matter which phone can stay under water the longest, I would buy any out of those two phones because let’s face it you won’t be spending 30 mins underwater with your phone.

  • Txte_ iq
    Txte_ iq 16 days ago

    Love you from iraq

  • Lagu
    Lagu 16 days ago

    Would be rlly nice to get an note 9. Ok ok my s6 is still really good

  • karina
    karina 16 days ago

    im watchig this video only for the guy

  • Night Fang
    Night Fang 16 days ago

    I currently have iphone x but i will be waiting for s10 and when it comes out i will switch to samsung.

  • Вадим Решетников

    Айфон 10👍🏻

  • Solemn Package
    Solemn Package 17 days ago

    Do not submerge your Samsung. Odds are your usb port will stop working.

  • XCloy Playz
    XCloy Playz 17 days ago +1

    *Samsung Victory*

  • Muhd Nazmi
    Muhd Nazmi 17 days ago

    Hi, do you mind giving me fortnite galaxy skin on your samsung note 9?😭😭😭

  • Aaron Sullivan
    Aaron Sullivan 17 days ago

    I had a iPhone x got my hands wet while using it and it was to much for the iPhone it's a total loss so now I have a s9

  • Febriansyah Hamidan
    Febriansyah Hamidan 18 days ago

    Kalo bukan buat ngejatohin merk lain, orang gila mana yang beli i phone buat di masukin air?

  • Planet Drinkinwater
    Planet Drinkinwater 18 days ago

    And people still say iphone is better and samsung is for poor people legit its cheaper and better!

  • Prashant Vasage
    Prashant Vasage 18 days ago

    ok.... now put into the fire and check its fire proof or not

  • Joshua Wang
    Joshua Wang 18 days ago

    I've been subbed since 100,000 #3 years

    PUTRA LOVERZ GT 18 days ago

    Samsung win😊😉

  • Dominic Gunawan
    Dominic Gunawan 18 days ago

    Pffff i already tried that i took pictures with my friends underwater

  • Ankit Dalal
    Ankit Dalal 18 days ago

    i have a dream to buy s9+ in my life😢

  • Jeffery Cain
    Jeffery Cain 19 days ago


  • Tijs Beek
    Tijs Beek 19 days ago

    I der that's Samsung sponsered TVclip, Nice shirt 😉😂

  • kohli Manik
    kohli Manik 19 days ago


  • Amr Ahmed
    Amr Ahmed 19 days ago

    Nice shirt!

  • Renz De leon
    Renz De leon 19 days ago

    I have s9+ and its amazing durable. Beast in gaming. Long battery life. And the camera is best of all smartphone camera in the world

  • AymanLegendBoy
    AymanLegendBoy 19 days ago

    Check out this app 👉 ... It pays for walking

  • Samara
    Samara 19 days ago


  • Maxim Huang
    Maxim Huang 19 days ago

    S9 in a depth of 20 Feet for a few minutes doesn’t respond.
    iPhone X in a depth of 20 Feet or more for a few minutes still responds and fairly ok.
    Remember the Old Challenge?

  • Awesome Aden
    Awesome Aden 19 days ago

    I have the I phone x I’ve dropped it down to 20 feet under water and it’s perfectly fine.

  • MiSt CLAN
    MiSt CLAN 20 days ago

    Disrespectful how you going to use iphone headphones with a samsung thats like drinking pepsi in a Coca-Cola cup

    2 PRO GAMER 20 days ago

    Samsung King

  • Artem Molchanov Yigusnoprovic

    Where did you find the iPhone Wallpaper?

  • إبراهيم سيله

    اعطيني واحد منها انا من اليمن ارجوك

  • محمد الفتلاوي

    Note8 user 😎

  • Nhon Nguyen
    Nhon Nguyen 20 days ago

    sao lin.dien thoa ss s9+ ben viet nam dinh ty nuoc mua vao cong sao da bi hu mang di bao hanh o do ma quang xuong nuoc..

  • Shaz Mahboob
    Shaz Mahboob 20 days ago

    Everything Samsung pro

  • Jiwan Chettri
    Jiwan Chettri 20 days ago

    Apple users be like : oh shit! Why I played this video.

  • Bayu Adam
    Bayu Adam 20 days ago

    So your wet fingers should have worked on operating a wet samsung S9 touchscreeen ?

  • Md Shujon
    Md Shujon 21 day ago

    samsung teh best phone........

  • Jared Quass
    Jared Quass 21 day ago

    I think people are getting confused with water proof and water resistant. There's certainly a difference.

    • AstroBound Gaming
      AstroBound Gaming 20 days ago

      The phones are *water resistant* right? Too much time in the water will still eventually kill it? Just trying to confirm

  • Markuss Grigulis
    Markuss Grigulis 21 day ago

    Fuck iphones android the best💪💪

  • Longhorn57
    Longhorn57 21 day ago

    Don't put apple earbuds in a galaxy never mix that trash with a galaxy yo

  • Collin Scarpino
    Collin Scarpino 21 day ago

    Wet suit is on backwards. Never the less love the vids

  • Ur Mum
    Ur Mum 21 day ago +3

    I am really starting to believe that the iPhone x isn't water resistant.

  • Ahmed Fayek Maestro
    Ahmed Fayek Maestro 21 day ago

    Galaxy good and not good ipone😑

  • Parth Mehta
    Parth Mehta 21 day ago +1

    I again liked your vidoe

  • Jason A. Voorhees
    Jason A. Voorhees 21 day ago

    Ohh good. But you did know both said resistance not PROOF right?