Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X Water Test! Secretly Waterproof?

  • Published on Mar 8, 2018
  • Ultimate Samsung Galaxy S9 Water Test. How Deep Can It Go? Can You Swim With It? Secretly Waterproof? vs iPhone X Waterproof Test.
    Galaxy S9 DROP Test:
    S9 vs iPhone X Features:
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  • Blue Bread
    Blue Bread Day ago

    I have the s9 128 gb

  • Abbas Shirzad
    Abbas Shirzad Day ago +1

    Very nice

  • GameGuy
    GameGuy 2 days ago

    Gotta love Samsung

    LIFE HACKER 2 days ago

    Bro give me a iphone 10r😭😭😢😢

  • Ayşegül n
    Ayşegül n 3 days ago

    S9 win

  • Ayşegül n
    Ayşegül n 3 days ago

    Samsung s9 amazing

  • Talha Zafar
    Talha Zafar 6 days ago

    Its a S9+

  • ammar azamuddin
    ammar azamuddin 6 days ago

    Iphone only better become stopwatch LoL

  • Void
    Void 6 days ago

    Guys Samsung is absolutly better because the iPhone died in the first test and ne Samsung ist inmortal!

  • Best Safari Adventures
    Best Safari Adventures 6 days ago +3

    Galaxy s9 is the best phone in the world

  • Witherd B0nnie
    Witherd B0nnie 8 days ago

    Samsung thicc?

  • Andwiova Bang Kacamata

    10:10 🤣

  • matrixbg
    matrixbg 12 days ago

    Waterproof phone: works after 30 minutes under water
    Waterresistant phone: display flickers after 30 minutes under water

    Him: Wow! I seriously cannot believe that.

  • Plastic Pro
    Plastic Pro 12 days ago

    iphone got fucked up 🤣🤣

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn 14 days ago

    eyefone fanbois will cry now..xd xd xd

  • Sara A
    Sara A 15 days ago

    Bruh take the Samsung shirt off first then do a review 👎🏼

    • Rihab Zouaoui
      Rihab Zouaoui 12 days ago

      There's an apple sign right on top of the Samsung logo :)

  • Daniel
    Daniel 17 days ago

    I'm underwater watching this video

  • Ethan Pierce
    Ethan Pierce 18 days ago

    Apple said that part of the reason they don’t have a headphone jack is to make it more water resistant. Samsung proved them wrong. Samsung still has a headphone jack and has BETTER water resistance than Apple. Damn

  • Dark Dragoness
    Dark Dragoness 20 days ago

    I don't trust putting my s9 in water but that's because I have a hard time believing that a phone can be waterproof

  • Salah Nur5tř
    Salah Nur5tř 23 days ago

    I have samsung s9 Purple

  • Jc Munar
    Jc Munar 23 days ago

    watching this on my S9 😁

  • Phone Floaty
    Phone Floaty 24 days ago

    Even tho its waterproof how many people go swimming with it like a gopro ?

  • Simple Fella
    Simple Fella 24 days ago

    Callhimself everythingapplepro ... wears Samsung shirt

  • Lucas Dzenowski
    Lucas Dzenowski 24 days ago

    I cant believe yall by this bs he used to be so transparent and now hes not even grading them the same i cant even begin to express my disappointment yes I understand the apple didn’t go far but it still works like omg u earned my unsub

  • z_german
    z_german 24 days ago

    Impressive. Nicely done.

  • ktm crush
    ktm crush 26 days ago

    Love the shirt

  • proxyodz
    proxyodz 26 days ago

    i dropped my samsung phone in muddy water i let it dry out by taking the battery out works like a charm my little bro dropped an iphone from 2ft on the concrete the whole screen cracked my dad dropped his phone only a little dent so Samsung u my fav bro king forever and i dont trust lg

  • Rafika Alvaro
    Rafika Alvaro 26 days ago

    I phone

  • Kristian Hornacek
    Kristian Hornacek 28 days ago

    Samsung is the best 🥂

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young 28 days ago

    9:43 wait what 40 oc that's like Cyprus weather in England the most is 28

  • Alex Young
    Alex Young 28 days ago

    why would they make it secretly waterproof

  • Axriel Dreemurr
    Axriel Dreemurr 28 days ago

    Lol i'm watching with my s9

  • Banana Bus
    Banana Bus 29 days ago

    now imagine if Samsung got rid of the headphone jack

  • Rorie Williams
    Rorie Williams Month ago

    All the apple fanboys be hating on samsung - face the facts dude!

  • Rorie Williams
    Rorie Williams Month ago

    All the apple fanboys be hating on samsung - face the facts dude!

  • Seb Da Beast
    Seb Da Beast Month ago

    Please read this people which is the latest Samsung phone also the best PLEASE TELL ME

  • Explore My Over Me
    Explore My Over Me Month ago

    4:42 we don't see the flick ? it seem unfair.

  • Naneth Panesales
    Naneth Panesales Month ago

    Wow i know how to use my phone s9..

  • Caleb Peacock
    Caleb Peacock Month ago

    Watching on my brand new s9+!

  • Toni96 _
    Toni96 _ Month ago +1

    Can you pls give me galaxy skin my epic games name is xxicelegionxxx and my password is xxfireisbadxx

  • Tino Mendoza
    Tino Mendoza Month ago +1

    when u said you love iPhone and you wearing a Samsung shirt 😀😂😂😂

  • Joshua Colomb
    Joshua Colomb Month ago +2

    Samsung the best💎💎💎

  • Anonymous Paisa
    Anonymous Paisa Month ago

    Bruh I cracked led my camera on my so some one help me

  • Alese Bodiford
    Alese Bodiford Month ago

    Samsung rules

  • Angry Face Reaction
    Angry Face Reaction Month ago +2

    *_look at how they massacred my boy_*

  • Name less
    Name less Month ago


  • udaan quality
    udaan quality Month ago

    s9 PLUS is that you?

  • Идибой Исматзода

    Samsung number one))!!!))

  • الشاطر علي


  • Thuy Kute
    Thuy Kute Month ago

    Is there any cover here?

  • SKGAMING 356
    SKGAMING 356 Month ago

    thats a 9+

  • smart migo
    smart migo Month ago

    Samsung always better

  • weed san
    weed san Month ago

    Man u would make me so happy if u gift me s9 insted of destroying it, eh

  • Naruto Uzumaki
    Naruto Uzumaki Month ago

    Samsung win

  • Áron Radolfi
    Áron Radolfi Month ago

    Hello,what shoes in the video?

  • MyWeird Channel
    MyWeird Channel Month ago

    Idk man should I put my s9 in the water

  • Sorrow Uchiha
    Sorrow Uchiha Month ago

    with a little water you need to turn off display to recalibrate. sometimes with a little drop it wont calibrate

  • Iridescent Studios
    Iridescent Studios Month ago

    I dropped my S9 into the Sea and it survived after being submerged for 3 - 4 hours.

  • Benjamian Hausmann
    Benjamian Hausmann Month ago

    its water proof not coold water ! its fore holydays in warm landscapes

  • Supaporn Ploiklang
    Supaporn Ploiklang Month ago

    I Love s9😍

  • Gene Mitra
    Gene Mitra Month ago

    hows aftereffect..? after 1month.. after 2 months..

  • Justus Gordon-Tilo
    Justus Gordon-Tilo Month ago

    Another funny story
    *I have the same exact pants and have NEVER seen them anywhere else*

  • Seth Enki
    Seth Enki Month ago

    The S9 wins in every aspect I guess?

  • Rash Boi
    Rash Boi Month ago

    Apple in Samsung shirt 😂 😂

  • Trung Hậu
    Trung Hậu Month ago

    Good video

  • Adam Buttress
    Adam Buttress Month ago

    No one noticed he has his wetsuit on backwards Hahahaha!! The zip goes at the back! Smh

  • APPLEYKING -Thunder Bay Explorer-

    Samsung should make its own OS

  • MVP Crepz
    MVP Crepz Month ago

    Do I have to cover the charger hole or the headphone?

    SAHIL ANSARI Month ago

    jhoot toh mt bol s9 nhi h ye s9+ liya h tune..

  • Pa7h
    Pa7h Month ago

    Ima just say that. That’s a Samsung s9 plus I bet all of you already knew

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  • George Martin
    George Martin Month ago

    Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone gay

  • shazwan manjung
    shazwan manjung Month ago

    Im proud to own my s9+😁

  • Dorian bullet boats

    Using a failing iphone x to see tr rue the ruining of the Samsung 9 .. Samsung is good in the litle spects and it's cheaper for the same thing thing the only diferent is aple and android aple is good cuz of tradition and it's og not with performance but what's beer and cheaper had exoandeble memery Samsung .. but at the end of the the day I would prefer apple !!!!

  • Interest videos
    Interest videos Month ago

    It’s so funny how Samsung lovers are so happy Samsung won

    SUMIT FUMIT Month ago

    Everything about APPLE
    N wearing Samsung T-shirt

  • Choo Herng Tan
    Choo Herng Tan Month ago

    Salt water can corrode the motherboard of the s9 lucky for me I didn’t swim in the ocean with it.

  • Amjad Khan
    Amjad Khan Month ago

    Samsung galaxy s9 plus

  • Amjad Khan
    Amjad Khan Month ago

    Is that really a water proof or not?

  • Vlad C
    Vlad C Month ago +1

    One man in this comment section will say Apple is the best and I swear he will be buttfucked

  • DERECK Chacón
    DERECK Chacón Month ago


  • ____
    ____ Month ago

    When you got out of the water when u jumped off the bridge u sounded like bear grills

  • AK Media
    AK Media Month ago +2


  • Ali Malik
    Ali Malik Month ago


  • Jakub Markowski
    Jakub Markowski 2 months ago

    On iPhones the screen seal is the first to surrender on Samsung’s it’s the back glass.

  • Michael Morales
    Michael Morales 2 months ago

    Can steam from a sauna mess up the samsung galaxy 9?

  • Nawidkg_
    Nawidkg_ 2 months ago

    I have a Samsung galaxy s6 now for 2 years, dropped it in 2 meter deep water it was laying there for 5 minutes (I got some swimming glasses) perfectly worked at first the speaker was soaked I let it dry and after that worked perfectly, I dropped a iPhone 6 in 1 meter of water stayed there for 1 minute, never worked again I sent it to a repair shop and they said it will cost me a new iPhone if they wanted to fix it. Samsung is better, iPhone only has better security

  • PlayMonius
    PlayMonius 2 months ago

    Samsung destroys Apple.

  • adam_waz_good XD
    adam_waz_good XD 2 months ago

    iPhone is water resistant. Not water proof. It’s supposed to survive an accidental drop in the water. It’s not a fucking go pro.

  • adam_waz_good XD
    adam_waz_good XD 2 months ago

    iPhone is better but Samsung is WAY more durable. Let’s just say iPhones are not for the clumsy!😂😂😂

  • UnknownShadows786
    UnknownShadows786 2 months ago +1

    I'm only watching this to find out if I can watch Netflix in the shower with my s9 plus lmaoo

  • Luke's Bike riding
    Luke's Bike riding 2 months ago

    Did any one know his wetsuit was on backwards

  • sherri moquin
    sherri moquin 2 months ago +2

    At least The Galaxy s9 and s9+ has a micro sd card for extra storage space while iPhone doesn't

    • sherri moquin
      sherri moquin 28 days ago

      +Divine Crownn apple iPhone has a slot on the side to

    • Divine Crownn
      Divine Crownn 28 days ago +1

      Yeah but if water gets into that slot, lets just say you're screwed lol

  • Marc Engilbert Geonzon
    Marc Engilbert Geonzon 2 months ago

    Samsung manufactures OLED display for Iphones. It is a fact!

  • Bilal Ansari
    Bilal Ansari 2 months ago

    Samsung Galaxy S9 is very good phone
    I like Samsung

  • Tematio Fabrice
    Tematio Fabrice 2 months ago

    Writing this post from my S9+ 256 Gb😘

  • Eric O.
    Eric O. 2 months ago

    Dropped my S9 in an ice hole on a lake by accident and it survived 2 days at 5.5 feet of depth!

  • martin barstad
    martin barstad 2 months ago

    Samsung is best dont ask just belive that is better then iphone

  • I Am Dominic
    I Am Dominic 2 months ago

    Thats the sine that samsung is better

  • DrAwesome2358
    DrAwesome2358 2 months ago

    I'm confused on why that phones moisture sensor on the S9 didnt go off at all in this video but mine went off after 30 minutes at an indoor water park. And it wouldn't let me charge my phone for over 5hrs. It would have a message telling me to unplug my phone when ever I would plug it in.

  • DerKatzenmensch
    DerKatzenmensch 2 months ago

    Samsung = Better Phones
    Apple = Better Tablets