16-inch MacBook Pro - 24-Hour Review

  • Published on Nov 13, 2019
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    It’s here. The new 16-inch MacBook Pro. No, I’m not messing with you. It’s not a dream. You didn’t wake up in an alternate reality. It’s really here. Bigger screen. All-new keyboard. 8 TB storage and 64 GB memory options. Here. Here. Here. Really. I swear. And I jumped on a plane, got it, and am about to go all hands on with it for you. Right. Now.
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Comments • 643

  • cheapcigar
    cheapcigar Day ago

    You need me to focus?

  • Benzinewagen
    Benzinewagen Day ago

    That fatally arrogant Philled bonefish should be roasted not to bring out the improved 13” tomorrow instead of hampering the world even more with butterfly crap

  • Ghys Dev
    Ghys Dev 5 days ago

    My new MBP i7 16inch is getting really bad thermals! Sometimes it goes to 80°C for no reason, even at around 5-7% CPU load. Anyone else?

  • suryadi handoko
    suryadi handoko 8 days ago

    just got mine yesterday, i love it so much!! such a high quality product!!

  • Fritha71
    Fritha71 9 days ago

    Now please please PLEASE, Apple, give me (most of) this on a 14-inch MB Pro and I'll bombard you with money...! Okay, even the same ol' size of 13.3-inch will do...! My trusty 2014 machine is begging to be retired, but I will cling to this keyboard for life until then.............

  • גל בדיחי
    גל בדיחי 12 days ago +2

    can u give me for free MacBook 16' ? (preferred the upgrade one; but the basic is good either )
    I always wanted one for editing my painting videos , but can't afford :)

  • professordeb
    professordeb 13 days ago

    I have several 85W power supplies for a 2017 15" MacBook Pro...can these be used with the 2019 16" MacBook Pro even if the charging rate is reduced? Can any harm come from a lower-powered charge block?

  • Maurice Bond
    Maurice Bond 15 days ago

    Sorry but this machine is not for me : I didn't follow courses in M.I.T. and...my fingers are not woman 's fingers so that I am afraid to break the keyboard with my man's fingers !

  • Bom Cabedal
    Bom Cabedal 17 days ago

    Great speakers is nice, but I know almost no one who actually uses their laptop's on-board speakers. For work they use headphones, for playing things at home there's a full sound system.

  • LacklusterOfficial
    LacklusterOfficial 18 days ago

    i'd love to know more about the bass + speakers on that laptop. thanks for mentioning the 720p facetime camera, as it is important that they did not update it. would be great if they finally did (!)

  • Big Dog
    Big Dog 18 days ago

    if only they ditched the stupid ass touch bar, and placed keys there again. then it might be a perfect laptop

  • Gumhuang Kim
    Gumhuang Kim 19 days ago

    my macbook pro 16 battery charge is not at 10000mAh. is this common? Charge Information:
    Charge Remaining (mAh): 8830
    Fully Charged: Yes
    Charging: No
    Full Charge Capacity (mAh): 8830
    Health Information:
    Cycle Count: 1
    Condition: Normal
    Battery Installed: Yes
    Amperage (mA): 0
    Voltage (mV): 12821

  • nowew owkelw
    nowew owkelw 20 days ago

    but 10th gen cpus are out for the holidays

  • Antony Zuker
    Antony Zuker 20 days ago

    when it will be hot the cpu will throttle and cut the half of its frequency, because new intel cpu is so hot .

  • Hof79905
    Hof79905 20 days ago +1

    Does the screen really shake when typing as seen at the 4:05 min mark?

  • Patrick Morris
    Patrick Morris 20 days ago

    You have a cool star wars collection in the back there.

  • Stephen Olsen
    Stephen Olsen 20 days ago

    You asked about the sound. Glad you recorded the vo using the mbp, but sorry to hear it sounds like you’re recording this while driving in a semi quiet car. Compare the sound to the good sound in your plug toward end of vid.

  • mk553
    mk553 21 day ago

    But I just got the Late 2018 not that long ago. :-(

  • xkidmidnightx
    xkidmidnightx 21 day ago

    This man is sentient soy

  • Vertroa
    Vertroa 21 day ago

    You type like an animal

  • pikeee
    pikeee 21 day ago

    (if someone like technologi, then don't bay any Apple devices....)

  • Bryce Steiner
    Bryce Steiner 21 day ago

    I think the recording sounds excellent. The one Advertising the video service at the end sounds a little funny but the rest for the MacBook Pro sounded really good, surprisingly.

  • Imam Bux
    Imam Bux 21 day ago

    I will wait for MacBook Pro 14 with new old keyboard.

  • life style
    life style 21 day ago

    Is it OLED screen??

  • davincij15
    davincij15 21 day ago

    Too bad no wifi 6 its not good enough.

  • Glendon Chin
    Glendon Chin 21 day ago

    Just give the 13 inch model the new keyboard and I'm in

  • Max Mustermann
    Max Mustermann 21 day ago +1

    I wonder if the Pro 5500M is as good as the Pro Vega 16/20? If yes it is significant cheaper?

  • Phoenix Fieryn
    Phoenix Fieryn 21 day ago

    Watch out, the Pro 5500M is different than the RX 5500M. It has more CU's, but lower boost speeds.

    Also as someone who is new to your channel, you got me when you said this was recorded on the Mac. That's incredible for a laptop.

  • Ha Do
    Ha Do 21 day ago

    Is it worth it to upgrade from 2018 Macbook Pro 15" to 2019 16"?

  • Craig
    Craig 22 days ago

    Surprising now that Ive is gone.

  • J T
    J T 22 days ago

    Here’s the big question that will determine if I buy it or not:
    Is it user serviceable?
    Because I’m not going to pay for a whole new computer when the inevitable SSD failure happens or it needs a new battery or whatnot, nor will I ever take it to the shady idiots at the “genius” bar when I should have the option to fix my own property that I paid for.

  • Susan Pratt
    Susan Pratt 22 days ago

    I went to my local Best Buy, and they had a 16 inch MacBook Pro. I am in awe of this powerful laptop. I love that the escape and the touch ID keys are separate from the touch bar, and the keys themselves are great. The speakers are awesome, everything else except that the camera is only 720 instead of 1080 p, and no Face ID, that would be really nice. It didn't have the 10th Generation processor so it is not WiFi 6, but it did have Bluetooth 5.0. You can max up the processor, the ram, the video (adding 4 more GB of video ram for a total of 8) and up to 8 TB of SSD. And much better cooling. I also love that the price of the base didn't go up as much as I expected or rumored to be ($3,000, it was lower).
    I also found a nice docking station for the MacBooks which has extra ports, like some Type A, Type C, HDMI, SD Slots, network port, and a display port. This Docking station was $109.99 not to bad a price. Also, want to get a Bluetooth numeric keypad and an LG Blue-ray reader/writer so I can watch or make my own blue-ray videos. I would also get that software so that I can put Windows on it for my Office 365 which includes Access and Publisher).
    This MacBook has more power than the Windows PC's. I rarely even seen one that has a 1TB SSD, let alone 2, 4 or 8 TB SSD. More Ram 32 GB or 64 GB options that I don't see often. They really catered to the Creators on this MacBook. Bigger screen and still not too big to carry around, and not too heavy either. I am pretty pleased with this MacBook Pro.
    Now the Windows PC Makers will have some major competition.

  • ApokNyneWheel
    ApokNyneWheel 22 days ago

    If this is what the post-Ive era looks like then bring it on

  • Ovr Sd
    Ovr Sd 22 days ago

    I like how my 15" MBP late 2013 looks more modern again since the release of the 16".

  • Rubicon NW
    Rubicon NW 22 days ago

    I'm still using the mid 2012 macbook pro. This is the mac I've been waiting for. Good job Apple

  • 空Akon
    空Akon 22 days ago

    I can hear it in your tone that you and I are equally excited !!!

  • lilrush151
    lilrush151 22 days ago

    I honestly thought Apple would never listen. Good for you Apple - they've got me looking at picking one up.

  • M Latief
    M Latief 22 days ago

    Great sound

  • Strict NonConformist
    Strict NonConformist 22 days ago

    How on earth could you get the RAM speed wrong (you said 2066 Mhz, it’s 2666 Mhz) and SSD units wrong (Gb/s when it’s GB/s) as both are clearly spelled out by Apple’s information?

  • phen
    phen 22 days ago

    What Software do you use to track temperatures shown in the video at 6:25? thanks in advance

  • farts
    farts 22 days ago

    The mic is definitely better, and I’ll gladly use it for video conferencing, etc, but it’s definitely far from what any dedicated mic (even a cheap one) can do.

  • Pete Eddy
    Pete Eddy 22 days ago

    "And giving a much more sober set of reviews...
    ...as soon as I sober up!"

  • Christoph Burstup Weiss

    Interesting, but not a professional laptop to me due to its lack of USB-A and SD card readers. It's another Macbook Dongle.

    • Rene Ritchie
      Rene Ritchie  22 days ago

      But real professionals use CFast and USB4? 😂

  • Haider
    Haider 22 days ago

    Just to be clear, there’s no more keyboard issues right? And also how’s the sustained performance and are there any heating issues (particularly for the base model).

  • Kārlis Leinerts
    Kārlis Leinerts 22 days ago

    Rene, you should learn touch typing.

  • Nishad S
    Nishad S 22 days ago

    Could the new 16” MacBook pro be the new default MacBook?

  • William Aguiar
    William Aguiar 22 days ago

    I like way he delivers the review !

  • rohit
    rohit 22 days ago

    Hey review the i7 model !!

  • The ABC Jug Band
    The ABC Jug Band 22 days ago

    In a lot of ways this MacBook Pro is retro. That is, it’s gone back to what Apple do best.
    And on the day the Razr Flip phone was press released, it seems retro is back.
    And of course Renee shows Star Wars things...

  • Brah
    Brah 23 days ago

    It’s better to wait next year when Apple ditches Intel.

  • tg deen
    tg deen 23 days ago

    Its not touch screen.

  • jackr88
    jackr88 23 days ago +1

    (Disclaimer: I've bought one of these, I am not a hater)
    As soon as the audio started, i was like "WTF is wrong with the sound". It's obviously way sub-par compared to a proper mic.

  • jackr88
    jackr88 23 days ago

    Nitpick: It's 2666MHz RAM, not 2066MHz

  • DougOfTheAntarctic
    DougOfTheAntarctic 23 days ago +3

    Unfamiliar with the tea-drinking pinkie typing style at 4:00

  • Evan Shaw
    Evan Shaw 23 days ago

    I’ve had my 2017 MacBook Pro since release, never had a keyboard issue. They only problem I encountered was that the fan would make a ticking noise, and Apple replaced it.

  • mateo
    mateo 23 days ago

    I really hate it when people (majority of TVclip reviewers) complain about keyboards when they type like neanderthals. Yes the Apple Keyboards were flawed but most people can improve their typing experience, by, GET THIS, learning how to fucking type properly. Touch typists like good keyboards too but good technique mitigates any issue you have with any keyboard.

  • Cpt. Karnen
    Cpt. Karnen 23 days ago +1

    What are you using to show CPU, memory, and SSD on your menu bar?

  • Sobre El Mundo
    Sobre El Mundo 23 days ago

    Have you checked the little error in minute 4:15? I had that issue in my MacBook Pro 15 inches 2018 using FCX...what do you think is the reason for that failure?

  • Glenn Gutierrez
    Glenn Gutierrez 23 days ago

    I suspected this audio was recorded using the new MBP early on in the video. It has the same low frequency rumble as that Phil Schiller sit-down interview where they did the same thing. It would be great if Apple could (optionally) automatically recognize that and filter it out, but anyone doing this kind of recording would be wise to run the audio through a high-pass filter before publishing.

    BIG HORN MGTOW 23 days ago

    15.3 or 16 inch, does 0.7 inches it really matter? No not really. Will I rush out and get one? When I get tired of my 15.3 😁 oh and by the way I’ve owned two Mac laptops the Air and the Pro and the keyboard has never given me a problem.