I Got a Tattoo from One of Yelp's Worst-Rated Tattoo Parlors

  • Published on Nov 29, 2018
  • Taji gets a tattoo from a tattoo artist who has a 1 star review average online.
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Comments • 9 188

  • Rowan P
    Rowan P 16 hours ago

    I think you would've felt more comfortable overall if you had come in with a tattoo... or had you been ready to get whatever image this dude last drew in his sketchbook. I thought it was cool the way he seemed to open up to you, he's got a niche job and tattoo parlors can be culture shocks.

  • Lebron Hokage
    Lebron Hokage 16 hours ago

    That Tattoo Wasn't It, Chief.

  • Lebron Hokage
    Lebron Hokage 17 hours ago

    Is That Comethazine?

    LORD ZILLAKAMI 17 hours ago

    Lol he looks like H3

  • Phelan Wolfe
    Phelan Wolfe 18 hours ago

    That tattoo is garbage. You can't tell what it is at all! Poor kid likes it too. Lol. What a huge mistake. Geez.

  • Dixo Gaming
    Dixo Gaming 18 hours ago

    I feel sorry for him that tattoo is shit and you know it.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt 18 hours ago

    Philip solo is stealing ideas too. fuck him and fuck this dude

  • Kenneth Martinez
    Kenneth Martinez 18 hours ago

    Garbage tattoo man sry

  • Ngo Q. Anh
    Ngo Q. Anh 19 hours ago

    That look shit bro, we know you don't like it stop acting.
    Breh my 10 year old niece can draw better than that.

    • Ngo Q. Anh
      Ngo Q. Anh 19 hours ago

      Not cool ethan klein look alike, you are messing with vice's credibility

  • Henry Callaghan
    Henry Callaghan 19 hours ago

    vice is shit now

  • Christian Colon
    Christian Colon 19 hours ago

    Nice love this

  • Orly YT
    Orly YT 19 hours ago

    H3 H3 Productions All Over Again

  • Christian Hernandez
    Christian Hernandez 19 hours ago


  • MGN N.
    MGN N. 19 hours ago

    What is the guy getting the tattoo look like bear grills

  • Jack Blaack
    Jack Blaack 20 hours ago

    he put 5 stars 🤣 this gotta be a joke

  • Classix Glaze
    Classix Glaze 20 hours ago

    Not gonna lie thought this was Ben Shapiro for a phat min

    ASAP UZI 20 hours ago

    This nigga looks like a skinny Ethan Klein from H3H3 😂

  • Peyton Collins
    Peyton Collins 20 hours ago

    philip did it better and had a better personality

  • David Costello
    David Costello 20 hours ago

    OMG I know Nate he used to be my neighbor when I used to live in NJ I had to beat the shit out of him I caught him trying to have sex with my female pitbull in my backyard I actually felt bad for him and he’s lucky my kid’s wasn’t there that’s why I didn’t call the cops on him

  • Iwannafightu
    Iwannafightu 21 hour ago +1


  • Lucas Strickler
    Lucas Strickler 21 hour ago

    It looks like a ripped colon

  • The Hamburgler
    The Hamburgler 21 hour ago

    Literally a Phillipsolo clone

  • Tee C
    Tee C 21 hour ago

    I saw that shirt with the flames and thought this was filmed in the mid 90s.

  • jack spay
    jack spay 21 hour ago

    I genuinely loathe tattoos! I hate them. I get why people do it. But they are so unattractive to look at. Why do that your clear, healthy skin? I guess that's my personal preference. I don't hate people with tattoos. But I certainly do not find them appealing.

  • Kitty says meow
    Kitty says meow 22 hours ago

    You cant even tell what it is supposed to be like to me it looks like some got a tattoo from the movie "sharknado" the surf board looks like a shark and the waves look like a tornado

  • Emiliano
    Emiliano 22 hours ago

    Actual dogshit tattoo

  • MAGA #45
    MAGA #45 22 hours ago

    This is just my opinion, but I think it’s a crappy tattoo. I think his problem is his art work. It’s not a good drawing to begin with; there’s no depth in the picture. However, art, and tattoos are subjective. One person might like one tattoo, and someone else might hate it. As long as the person who has the tattoo likes it, That’s all that matters. I have some shi++y ones that I got when I was a kid that I love. I also have some that I hate.
    The best tip I can give you is to find a tattoo artist that someone you know has art from. Then, talk one of you friends into getting a tattoo with you and let him go first. Even good artists can have an off night.

  • Sammy •_•
    Sammy •_• 22 hours ago

    I think it looks like shit the line job makes it look like a blob

  • Samira Collins
    Samira Collins 22 hours ago

    God I want to like this dude so much but it really is just awful

  • Kman
    Kman 22 hours ago

    Only thing worse than nate is the lack of credit for phillip solo

  • Soo Doe
    Soo Doe 22 hours ago

    If anything the makeup community started this more then philp

  • Gage Reigns
    Gage Reigns 22 hours ago

    Your stealing PhilipSoloTv idea's that's fuckin lame piss on this shitty channel 💩💩💩

  • Ella Wines
    Ella Wines 22 hours ago

    Fuck that tattoo is so bad

  • Greg Dundee
    Greg Dundee 23 hours ago

    The parlour looks like a dump, the "artist" look like a drugged up loser and that tattoo is total crap. Good art isn't cheap and cheap art isn't good

  • Fingerlock
    Fingerlock 23 hours ago

    Oof thats rough.

  • MrUsmc2085
    MrUsmc2085 23 hours ago

    Bro your tattoo looked like a black blob! You might want to consider laser removal

  • Emanuel
    Emanuel 23 hours ago

    wtf was that tattoo 😂

  • Doc. FunkBlack
    Doc. FunkBlack 23 hours ago

    Oh my god this guys stays 12 inches away from the steering wheel.

  • TheFedericohiguain2
    TheFedericohiguain2 23 hours ago

    Let me just say that tattoo is horrible, can’t even see the surfer but there are some places I go to that has 2 or 3 stars at max and they aren’t that bad, an example is a UPS store near by that I usually send stuff, apparently they have bad reviews because people come with open boxes and they get charge to tape them and print the label which they get charge and because they get charge people wrote bad reviews about it, I went there with my box ready to go with the label and tape already and the lady got the box gave me a receipt in less than 2 minutes no problems at all. That is why I always check bad reviews first

  • Readous
    Readous 23 hours ago


  • Jaswinder Bansal
    Jaswinder Bansal 23 hours ago

    That’s a shit tattoo 😂😂

  • Henry Slade
    Henry Slade 23 hours ago

    This is the most awkward thing I’ve ever seen

  • 100000 subs with No Videos

    He seems like a nice guy

  • Jason Foulks
    Jason Foulks 23 hours ago

    That's a shitty tattoo...

  • Jay Bird
    Jay Bird 23 hours ago

    Oh god.... that tattoo is so bad... but I guess he deserves a shit tattoo cause he stole this idea..

  • Spencer 26 8 5534
    Spencer 26 8 5534 23 hours ago

    That make my tattoo look gr8 i got mine wjen i was 13 lmao u might need a cover up just sayin

  • Chris Vargas
    Chris Vargas 23 hours ago

    No wonder hes ass hes drinking out of a ny giants cup coffee

  • Daniel
    Daniel 23 hours ago

    Summit1G looking ass

  • Felipe Carlyle
    Felipe Carlyle 23 hours ago

    Are u on crack that looks like shit

  • noah kunz
    noah kunz Day ago +1

    he lookin like comethazine

  • Britton Webb
    Britton Webb Day ago

    Tattoo was ass ... just saying lol

  • Kietrix
    Kietrix Day ago

    I can’t tell what the fuck that shitty ass tattoo is.

  • Bullyanaboss Ayyye

    That is a terrible terrible tattoo. You can't even see what it's meant to be???

  • Roberto Hernandez

    He sort of looks like Aziz Ansari

  • Yvette B
    Yvette B Day ago

    It looks like a spooky tree in a spooky forest with bigfoot encountering a log. Idk man, doesnt look like anything you were thinking. Stop faking it.

  • OG Alex
    OG Alex Day ago +1

    He looks like a younger and skinnier h3h3

  • Matias Reyes
    Matias Reyes Day ago


  • Frank Cornejo
    Frank Cornejo Day ago

    Wtf!😂😂 bro that tattoo!

  • Alice McAleavy
    Alice McAleavy Day ago


  • Scott Jolet
    Scott Jolet Day ago

    "I think that one star was hella generous."

  • NewportMarlboro
    NewportMarlboro Day ago

    Wtf is this

  • Blake
    Blake Day ago

    That tattoo was shit

  • 22244crash
    22244crash Day ago

    Everybody head over to PilipSoloTV!

  • jay parker
    jay parker Day ago

    I seen another guy do the same thing and I thought they hired him cuz I forgot what he looked like... Then I realized they copied him😑

  • Devon .V
    Devon .V Day ago

    Anyone think he looks like h3?

  • Dazed Ema
    Dazed Ema Day ago

    I’m screaming into the night sky WHAT is that tattoo

  • AnnaBanana
    AnnaBanana Day ago

    The title should be: Ethan Klein Gets a Shitty Tattoo

  • Churro Sauceyy
    Churro Sauceyy Day ago

    This dude looks like a meme

  • Commie
    Commie Day ago

    This guy looks like a skinny Ethan

  • Zolia Zunn
    Zolia Zunn Day ago

    why does he look like h3h3

  • HeyItsMcKenna
    HeyItsMcKenna Day ago

    Unsubbed. Stealing creative property is lame.

  • Cheyenne Huerta
    Cheyenne Huerta Day ago

    He basically pressured that shop owner into tattooing a shitty design. A lighthouse and some color would’ve made that shit way cooler. Instead, he nagged him into doing an idea that didn’t tattoo well. 😂

  • Tristan  Becker
    Tristan Becker Day ago

    Tf was that, it looked terrible 😂😂

  • Cyberassassin44
    Cyberassassin44 Day ago

    That tattoo shit tho....

  • flox Klhohnv
    flox Klhohnv Day ago

    that guy is just awful

  • _sofiekay_
    _sofiekay_ Day ago

    I thought this was Ethan from H3H3

  • ødetosleep
    ødetosleep Day ago

    He looks like an Indian version of Oliver Tree without the bowlcut.

  • OmegaMan
    OmegaMan Day ago

    That tattoo sucks lol.

  • Superbad 14
    Superbad 14 Day ago

    Braille Skateboarding was the first to do this type of video not PhilipSoloTV if were getting technical and they’re not complaining like Philip is

  • EeEmkay
    EeEmkay Day ago

    Worst tattoo I've ever seen and was in my opinion very ugly too

  • Kian Fox
    Kian Fox Day ago

    Next weeks episode "1 star laser tattoo removal for the worlds worst tattoo

  • hussain999able
    hussain999able Day ago

    disliked cuz u stole the idea from
    PhilipSoloTV, next time learn to give credits you assholes

  • adam jones
    adam jones Day ago

    Shit tattoo. Talking from experience of having mainly all shit tattoos 😂

  • Fat MonMon
    Fat MonMon Day ago

    summit1g's brother?

  • Milano Auditore
    Milano Auditore Day ago +1

    Hey are you Ethan klein's brother? From H3H3?

  • King Thatcher
    King Thatcher Day ago

    That tattoo is trash it looks like a shark with a tumour floating

  • Tristen Yuzda
    Tristen Yuzda Day ago

    I haven’t watched the full thing yet but u r so brave for doing this

  • Alexis Davis
    Alexis Davis Day ago

    That "wave" looks more like a pool floatie 😂

  • WoodGrinds
    WoodGrinds Day ago

    what the fuck was that ?! awful tattoo

  • No Name
    No Name Day ago +1

    Your face is already fucked up so why not fuck up your body amirite

  • QVillain
    QVillain Day ago

    That tattoo is DOO DOO wtf is that supposed to be

  • blinkninja2003
    blinkninja2003 Day ago

    Can someone confirm with me he bent the needle the wrong way at about 4:10

  • Kai Waters
    Kai Waters Day ago

    It looks like shit

  • VillYum
    VillYum Day ago

    Nate’s awesome everyone should go review the fat cat and give it 5 Starts! Let’s blow the negative ones out the water!

  • Nikolas Bouthiette

    Skinny H3H3!

  • Britney Griffin
    Britney Griffin Day ago

    I felt bad for Nate. But its not a good tattoo

  • GayGard MousAssi

    That tattoo is really ass, like seriously it looks like a blob of ink shitted and smeared all around but hell yeah dude it’s all you could ever ask for so you can live with that mess (:

  • josh ryan
    josh ryan Day ago

    He stole guy fieri’s shirt wtffff

  • J W
    J W Day ago

    Actually a garbage tattoo though.