Russia's Geography Problem

  • Published on Mar 28, 2017
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  • Wendover Productions
    Wendover Productions  Year ago +2072

    I hope you like this video! I know its a bit more serious than some others ones but hopefully its still an enjoyable watch.
    Also, people have been asking for them, so I’ve put a link in the description to a copy of the script with sources in footnotes. I’ll be doing that for every video from now on.
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    • asdf
      asdf 3 days ago

      The Crimea part is true. But you could have mentioned how US was complicit in the coup that forced their hand to do so. If the coup hadn't happened Crimea would still belong to Ukraine today.

    • Jason Tuscaloosa
      Jason Tuscaloosa 10 days ago

      Thanks brother for sharing the knowledge... all your videos are greatly informative & very enjoyable!

    • Mr. RumpusKrumpus
      Mr. RumpusKrumpus Month ago

      Do Canada's geography problem!!

    • Balázs Molnár
      Balázs Molnár Month ago

      I found many strange approaches and ideas in the video comparing to other "geo" videos.
      1. You mention the core of the Russia is the European part. This means you do not have to conquer all of Russia. If you just control the European part rest of Russia is simply collapsing. This was the base idea of Hitler when tried to conquer the USSR. If you control Moscow and all major cities the centralized government simply would fall apart.
      2. About the "funnel" to Moscow. It is quite strange you considered the Rhine river as a barrier for France in another video while the some rivers through the plains in Russian were not.
      3. You left out the ex. Comecon countries which are also close to 100% dependent on Russian natural gas AND oil. Yes, are connection to westwards just in case but the reality all of these countries has higher then 90% NG import rate from Russia.
      (At least for HUN and SVK the oil supply can be solved via another way but of course for higher cost. trough Adria and Baratsag I. pipelines.)

  • alex lisitsky
    alex lisitsky 2 hours ago

    @WendoverProductions You forgot to mention the Port of Murmansk, it is a major deep water port that is ice-free year round.

  • Григорий Касьянов

    1. Murmansk is the ice-free port of northern part of Central Russia
    2. Russia did NOT invade Crimea and the Crimea move to Russia was Crimea's own decision, due to bandits taking the lead in Ukrainan political system.
    Stop spreading brainwashing facts that are not true.

  • Eleeth Tahgra
    Eleeth Tahgra Day ago

    3:25 Unless...wait for are the Mongols.

  • big jo
    big jo Day ago

    Good thing

  • Janizary -
    Janizary - Day ago

    2:15 OMG it is NOT and NEVER BEEN Slavic state slavs never settled there who told you that bullshit?

  • RC RC
    RC RC 2 days ago

    Ps: crimea wasn't invaded that is pure propaganda

  • RC RC
    RC RC 2 days ago

    Ukraine is Russia... The corruption and soros claim on it cannot be viewed as legit

  • Mikel Quintana
    Mikel Quintana 2 days ago

    8:01 Russia didnt invade Crimea, There was a voting where mainly most of the people decided to be Russia and not Ukraine.

  • Исследователь Свиней

    Это не вторжение, идиот. Это аннексия после референдума, где 95% крымчан высказали свое желание быть в составе россии.

  • Cheyne Simons
    Cheyne Simons 3 days ago

    russia did NOt annex Crimea. the citizens VOTED to REGION RUSSIA. i geus democracy does nt count in other countries A ????????? PROPAGANDIST PIECE OF SHIT, YOUR CHANNEL IS BEING BLOCKED SO DONT BOTHER REPLYING!!!!

  • AMSG Brina Korea
    AMSG Brina Korea 3 days ago

    Let me correct you:
    Vladivostok, you need to pass through the East Sea aka Sea of -CENSORED-, which is controlled by both South Korea and -CENSORED-, which both are NATO allies.

  • madhavi nowduru
    madhavi nowduru 4 days ago


  • dmnetinho
    dmnetinho 4 days ago

  • FuranDuron
    FuranDuron 5 days ago

    Country like its people.

  • beepybeetle
    beepybeetle 5 days ago

    beep boop putin bots abound in this comments section

  • Loblolly Lol
    Loblolly Lol 6 days ago

    Japan does not own the Sea of Japan, it is international waters

  • Mr. Rusvector
    Mr. Rusvector 6 days ago

    I think the name of the city of Murmansk is very much influenced by Scandinavian word Normansk where letter o often sounds like English oo.

  • Claq Yagami
    Claq Yagami 7 days ago

    Their american overlords, not ally.
    Europe is a complete vassal state.

  • Pavol Skáčik
    Pavol Skáčik 8 days ago

    i love these videos! Great job

  • Kos Tis
    Kos Tis 8 days ago

    There is no such thing as a Mediterranean Ocean

  • Трей Райли
    Трей Райли 8 days ago

    Да, я живу в Мурманске, и корабли приходят из порта

  • 0tube0user
    0tube0user 9 days ago

    a video done by idiots for idiots ... when you see cartoons as part of a narrative you know what it means, designed by simple thinking, for simple thinkers.

  • Rutor Rutor
    Rutor Rutor 9 days ago +1

    Mistake. GDP per capita. 2017 Russia $25,533 - $27,890. and Thanks from Russia )

  • sanfords weird
    sanfords weird 9 days ago

    Medditerainian ocean TF?

  • Slava Karlson
    Slava Karlson 9 days ago

    Russian INVASION in Crimea?? Do you know that russian forces never left Crimea since USSR ? There was a really long-term contarct about force bases.

  • Ristar85
    Ristar85 9 days ago

    retarded white monkey, Crimea had a referendum and the Ukrainian armed forces in Crimea changed its allegiance the minute Ukraine went nazi on them.

    • Ristar85
      Ristar85 4 days ago

      +jaxk snow and so are you.

    • jaxk snow
      jaxk snow 5 days ago

      Russians are white

  • Jason Tuscaloosa
    Jason Tuscaloosa 10 days ago +1

    Great information

  • Pyryp2
    Pyryp2 10 days ago

    Economic weakness can't be attributed to geography, sure it can make it harder or easier to prosper, but Russia's problem can be directly attributed to always having been under a regime that does not foster economic growth. Socialism always leads to starvation and genocide and Czarist Russia essentially held large portion of it's population in slavery as serfs.

  • Mark
    Mark 10 days ago

    Oh no, judging by the amount of dislikes, I know that there is a war between 3 type stuff of people, Pro-Russians, Russians or Pro-NATO or people who is actually trying to give out facts that may be right or wrong...

  • The Odd Mango Juice
    The Odd Mango Juice 10 days ago +1

    Wakanda is landlocked, and they’re very powerful... right?

  • James Long
    James Long 10 days ago

    Considering recent developments, I think you might need to move Ukraine across to the Nato side

  • molochz
    molochz 10 days ago

    TIL Russians live in Europe.
    Colour me surprised.

  • Anatoliuz
    Anatoliuz 13 days ago

    When Red Army went out of Berlin and Berlin Wall has fallen, NATO countries, including USA as main ruler, told us then NATO won't ever be expanded on East.
    Since 1993 every European country is NATO puppet. Rocket shafts are located several handred kilometers from our borders. Last time the war with European country killed 40+ millions of Soviet people.
    USA used nuclear weapons on civilians.
    NATO wants just to dissolve Russia and grab resources for free.
    The problem is nuclear weapons.
    Remember, if we lose the fight with your armies, we'll ruin the whole Earth for you.
    So just fuck off and turn you armies and NATO shafts back to 1993 locations.

  • yellow jacket UK
    yellow jacket UK 13 days ago +1

    russias problem is its too warming should help

  • fusionmechanic1
    fusionmechanic1 13 days ago

    Dont forget that those 12 countries who joined did so in fear of russia. Russia has a history of sending armies to those who would join nato and eu. Lime they have done to grozny hungary and now ukraine. We all know they have special forces in eastern ukraine keeping country in civil war so not to be stable enough to join eu.

  • gonzalo selicante
    gonzalo selicante 13 days ago

    Great great video! I think you should use a 3d globe map instead of a flat one that deforms countries.... specially in countries so far north... scale, distances etc will appear better.
    Keep em coming

  • Nikita Samoilenko
    Nikita Samoilenko 14 days ago +2

    It’s true ! Nice to see so well educated people , maybe in that way it will be easer for people to understand Ukraine-Russian (west-east) conflict

  • LispyLeaf
    LispyLeaf 15 days ago +1

    I feel so smart watching this 😂

  • PatienceZero
    PatienceZero 15 days ago +1

    France's major flaw is that it is filled with french!

  • Mikhail Voropaev
    Mikhail Voropaev 16 days ago

    Who cares about Navy in 21st century? Britain and Japan named here are just small island states with no significant military power.
    Russia has enough sea access to defend itself, it’s not Russia’s plan to go overseas to attack anybody. Besides, they have nukes.
    And, finally, arguing low GDP per capita as a geographic weakness is simply stupid! China’s one is lower, but they have the biggest army in the World. The highest is probably in Luxembourg. To concur the latter one needs 3 tanks and a dozen of drunk Russians (in these tanks).
    The only country which needs (and does have) a big Navy these days is US. The reason is simple - they decided it’s their job to be the World’s police.

  • Joseph Krakowski
    Joseph Krakowski 17 days ago +2

    When he says that the north of France is safe cause of the English Channel
    *Man i hope that a very strong naval power that will become the Strongest nation on earth isn't on the other side of that channel and for many centuries there main Rival is France*

  • triniti korneli
    triniti korneli 17 days ago

    So much bullshits in this video. Like omg.

  • Rafael Camilo
    Rafael Camilo 18 days ago

    Geography with richness. They have almost every mineral of periodic table. Some with abundance.

  • Assad Is a lion
    Assad Is a lion 18 days ago

    Russians make 10.000-11.000 a yr and rising. They made 15.000 before sanctions then went down to 8.000 but went back up to under 11.000

  • Vincent Kennedy McMahon

    The narrator sounds about American

  • Валерий Бугаенко

    Where is Crimea?

  • SarielReigns777 - Верховный Кыборг

    Americunt Propaganda Video
    Russia what?
    Nah Yankee
    USA is shithole with $22 Trillion foreign debt, which is more than 100% of the Nominal GDP, Very Shitty Healthcare, 30%-40% inflation in US economy , very high unemployment everywhere in America, homeless on the streets on NY, LA , 50 million Americunts don't have access to basic needs , no gun control plus , you can fuck off in your Yankee States
    Russian Economy is in much better shape ,very low inflation in Economy , very low debt ($312.75 Billion) which is just 15% of Russian Nominal GDP , Russian Healthcare is much better than America , Russian Education System ranks number 3 in the world after South Korea and Finland , Freed Education in Russia and Advanced University level Education is very cheap , Russian Per Capita Income - $35,000 , HDI ranking - 0.806 , Higher living standards , plus much free life , I enjoy my life here
    Not like the Facist American Police State , Americunt regime
    Russia alone produces and exports more than 50% world's wheat production , alongwith other Soyabeans ,Beet and other grains,
    Russian cities are much better than European and Americunt shit.
    Russians are Masters of Manufacturing in Aircraft and Spacecraft Technology
    Even NASA astronauts have to come to Russia for training , and NASA cannot even go to space without Russian RD-180 Rocket Engines
    Ever drove a Lada or Marussia? Ever used a YotaPhone or Taiga Phone?
    Fucking Americunt losers
    Go die fucking Retarded Braindead Air of Waste Yankee

    • SarielReigns777 - Верховный Кыборг
      SarielReigns777 - Верховный Кыборг 15 days ago

      Russians are Slavs ,Tatars , Chechens and over 200 ethnicities that live in Russia
      "Mongol yoke"?
      Hitler said the same thing , and look how it ended for him🤷🏻‍♂️
      Not the mention the Rothschild corporations funded Hitler in his campaign
      The dumbass Yankees will say the same thing again , just this time , the Russian flag will be put up on the White House
      Your Yankeestan can be destroyed in less than 1 hour
      You shithole idiot go die elsewhere
      +Crippled Kermit

    • Crippled Kermit
      Crippled Kermit 17 days ago

      SarielReigns777 - Верховный Кыборг lol get fucked mongol no one cares russia is the leader in drunk drivers

  • Pepe
    Pepe 21 day ago +1

    - Russia invades Ukraine
    - Russian trolls deny the invasion
    - Russian trolls say the invasion was justified
    - Russian trolls say its to protect the Russian civilians not expand borders
    - Russian trolls recognize Crimea as a part of Russia
    - Russian trolls are reading this and trying to generate an automatic response
    - Type Russianphobe, brainwashed by western media and nazi
    - Russian trolls receive their rubles from uncle Putin.

  • I'm ded Insied
    I'm ded Insied 21 day ago

    Alaska isn't a country

  • MaxBuster
    MaxBuster 21 day ago

    4:39 Oh look, french ships represent the Royal Navy (look at the flag, this isn't the Union Jack, it's the Tricolor)

  • Kristina G
    Kristina G 21 day ago

    The person you collabed with made a.dizzy, short cutted collage.... hard to watch

  • banana man
    banana man 22 days ago

    Good vid

  • Akram Mikati
    Akram Mikati 22 days ago +1

    Russia didn't invade Crimea. The media is lying to you fools

  • Maximilian Dummnichtswürdigkerl

    Try Russia. C'mon, do it. It is fine.

  • Benjamin Pucher
    Benjamin Pucher 24 days ago

    You forgot Russia's Only Ice-Free Harbour without limits, Murmansk is an important hub for the russian navy

  • bowlchamps37
    bowlchamps37 25 days ago

    0:51 34million, 3 million less than the Tokyo-Yokohama region. Unbelievable.

  • Lt. Daffy
    Lt. Daffy 25 days ago

    НЯШ МЯШ,

  • Nützlicher Idiot!
    Nützlicher Idiot! 26 days ago

    show! Russia e muito grande mas tem poucas pessoas.

  • praise the lord jesus christ

    Nato has 27 million troops

  • Blessed Lucifer
    Blessed Lucifer 27 days ago

    backblaze selling you your information to you and other companies lol

    MISTER_X GAMING 28 days ago

    Make more of these

  • Stephen Butler
    Stephen Butler 28 days ago

    You'd think Saudi would build a pipeline to Germany....

  • Mr. RumpusKrumpus
    Mr. RumpusKrumpus Month ago +1

    Do Canada's geography problem!!

  • derrik tie
    derrik tie Month ago

    china will conquer russia...

  • *марк лебедь

    Fun to see russian trolls in the comments

  • Dylan Calvert
    Dylan Calvert Month ago

    I remember when Russia almost removed the Soviet Star from Moscow but decided against it because of the historical value and to damn with what other countries made of it.. Why can't we do that with our shit..?

  • My Kol
    My Kol Month ago +1

    Great analysis. One wonders why a reset button was ignorantly offered and looked like a sign of weakness.

  • Feldwebel Wolfenstool
    Feldwebel Wolfenstool Month ago +1

    8:15're a cheese-dick, you neglected to mention the fact that Crimea voted overwhelming in a referendum, over 95%, to re-join Mother was mostly ethnic Russians there to begin with, and even most of the 40% Uke population there voted to split from the rotten government in Kiev, too...

  • Alexandre Glebov
    Alexandre Glebov Month ago +1

    1-You forgot the Murmansk port
    2-Crimeia is Russia, USA is invading countries, Russia came there because ppl wanned them there and they decided democraticaly. Ask if Afeganistan ppl or Iraq ppl are happy now.
    3-Russia didn't invaded "Khans". It were "Khans" who invaded Russia for 200 years!
    ...just get back to the school and learn some history, will ya, before you make this silly videos, ok?

  • John Snow Kumar
    John Snow Kumar Month ago

    Russia cannot invade itself as it is technically in Europe. Rus in 988 AD was a small European kingdom of white Christians of size about the combined area of Massachusetts and Connecticut. Yes, the original kingdom of Rus with capital Kyev was centered in Kyev (so it's called Kiev'an Rus). The king / czar ordered all subjects to never admit that the king and subjects were a Catholic nation for about a decade. czar claimed (and ordered his subjects with penalty of banishment) that Rus started directly in the Greek orthodox Christian faith without ever being Catholic Christians. Rus broke away from the Catholic group of kingdoms after less than a decade of Catholicism in 988 AD: After breaking away from Catholicism, It's rulers started expanding little by little into frigid Inuit territories of nomadic Inuits (Eskimos etc). Eskimo settlements were about one nomadic village very 100 miles as they expanded into frigid territories east of Kyev. The Inuit fishermen across expanded virgin areas east of Imperial Rus eastwards and Siberia just kept peering from their sleepy fishing villages at white troops on horseback wearing colorful uniforms as the Imperial settlements and forts opened up in strategic places in Siberia and beyond over the decades and centuries.

  • Buck Cerin
    Buck Cerin Month ago

    I don't believe this nonsense. Russia is poor because of its massive transition from its Communist run economy to a free market one. This requires massive reconstruction and investment considering its size, former and current mismanagement. Russia is also poorer country because of its dependence on oil and natural resource revenue. Another issue pushing Russia back is that the ownership of the state has transitioned from the Communist Party to Oligarchs. Russians still live in a country that they don't own or run. The state's revenues are squandered by corruption and everything outside of Moscow is undeveloped and backward just as it was or even worse than during Communism. Despite all this I believe the future is looking better for them albeit it will take them some time to reverse all the damage that has been inflicted upon them. The only thing saving them from a Chinese invasion is their nuclear capabilities because considering their status now they would not be able to sustain a conventional war with China.

  • Yana S
    Yana S Month ago

    I'm originally from Ukraine. Thank you for this video.

  • Ab Muzzy
    Ab Muzzy Month ago

    As as we keep such a propaganda afloat - Russia is safe.

  • Alex Al
    Alex Al Month ago

    I think we romanians would have much better political and economic relations to Russia if it weren't the Moldova problem. Even so i wonder what can we choose between a empire (Russia )who takes a big chunk of your national land and western establisment who takes control of all your national economy and resources under the false pretext of freedom and human rights.

  • Trent Jones
    Trent Jones Month ago +6

    They have khabib though

  • John Tosh
    John Tosh Month ago

    Very stupid discussion.

  • Parshan. A
    Parshan. A Month ago

    Wow, Russia as its smallest was still huge.

  • mighty russia
    mighty russia Month ago

    why should Russia stop it‘s gas exports to Europe it would hurt Russia more than Europe, this whole blackmail story is bullshit

  • DreamingFlurry
    DreamingFlurry Month ago

    This argument about being protected by geography is kind of stupid, because as far as I know: Neither France, nor Germany have such protections and both thrived (and both tried to conquer the rest of Europe - France under Napoleon and Germany under that dumb Austrian (Hitler))...seriously, I think the Russians are overcompensating for a perceived weakness that shouldn't even exist with their large army!

  • Alen Jangozin
    Alen Jangozin Month ago

    I really liked a lot your videos about countries geographical problems! Could you please make a video about geographical problems of Kazakhstan? Many thanks in advance!

  • gameus boyius
    gameus boyius Month ago

    How dare you say Russia is flawed, you shall go to gulag.

  • RobloxianBoi
    RobloxianBoi Month ago

    Russians rage LOL

  • Yu Tu
    Yu Tu Month ago






  • Andrew Valere
    Andrew Valere Month ago +2

    Russians are so resilient and I think thats what fuels my fascination with the culture

  • Preussen über alles
    Preussen über alles Month ago +1

    It was interesting until you said _'Russian invasion of Crimea'_ what exposes you either like an utter ignoramus or like a paid troll to smuggle propaganda.

    • DerDitchwater
      DerDitchwater 7 days ago

      Or you know, completely correct...thats usually what people call it when you are living in a country one day, and the next you are surrounded by the soldiers of not that country.

  • Battlelolz
    Battlelolz Month ago

    this is changing however. More trade routes can now be acessed to and from Russia

  • CS95Pro / Konig
    CS95Pro / Konig Month ago

    The Mediterranean Wishes it was an ocean.

  • Veider X
    Veider X Month ago

    Никогда бы не подумал, что будучи русским, буду смотреть видео про Россию от иностранца...

  • TacticusPrime
    TacticusPrime Month ago

    It seems like Russia could protect itself by... not starting wars with people and building strong European alliances. The problem is that Russia wants power. It wants to lead other countries like it did during the Cold War. If Russia wants secure borders and friendships across the European plains, all it has to do is abandon the conceit that it should dictate politics to those who live there. If Russia became an actual liberal democracy and pointed its culture toward European values, then it would find security.

    • TacticusPrime
      TacticusPrime 26 days ago

      Anyone who wants an empire absolutely deserves to get fucked. I'm personally in favor of killing every single imperialist in every single country. Russia, America, China, etc.
      The wages of imperialism is death. It is Russian imperialism that has brought death on Russians in Chechnya and everywhere else. And it should be pointed out that the Russian apartment bombings were the clearest examples of false flag attacks since the Nazis invaded Poland. I mean, the Volgodonsk bombing was erroneously announced three days before it happened by Gennadiy Seleznyov.

    • ForOne814
      ForOne814 26 days ago +1

      +TacticusPrime you clearly don't have any understanding of the topic. There were dozens of separatists movement across Russia in the 90s. Tatarstan, Urals, etc.
      Chechnya raped and slaughtered? Really? Oh, the poor Chechens, they didn't do anything to Russians, well, apart from killing thousands of them, but that's nothing, they just wanna some independence and Sharia law and also spreading of Islam onto North, how can you have anything against that?
      Also good relations between Russia and Europe are impossible, because for that to happen Russia needs to give up all its ambitions and foreign pretension
      s. You know what it will lead to? Political or actual suicide for everyone involved, Russians want their empire. All of them, communists, nationalists, just regular retards that aren't into politics. Liberals don't but they literally hate this country. Not that I personally like it, it's kinda doomed from the start, but not to the extent of destroying it on purpose. If the West offered adequate conditions we would've been friend. We will be one day, if China becomes too much of a threat.

    • TacticusPrime
      TacticusPrime Month ago

      That is the stupidest fucking thing I've ever heard. How on Earth would Russia be "balkanized"? If you mean that states like Chechnya would be given independence rather than raped and slaughtered, then that's clearly a good thing. If you mean that actual Russia would be divided up... how and where?

    • Gideon Nkansah Asante
      Gideon Nkansah Asante Month ago +1

      Wrong. it's not as simple as you think. this particular means have been tried without good results, read about the Yeltsin times, Russia will be 'balkanised' the minute they lay down their guard.

  • War Never Changes
    War Never Changes Month ago

    Originally born in Siberia but moved to Canada when I was young. I gotta say that I'm glad you made this video! As far as I know I think you've gotten most of it right.

  • dʒeɪms
    dʒeɪms Month ago

    I think that your assertation that you would need 13 million ground troops to occupy russia is completely wrong, and provably so by historical examples. The mongols conquered much more and their entire population probably did not exceed 10 million. What is necessary to conquer Russia would be to leave the Russians in a sufficiently vulnerable situation to make defence too costly to maintain without perpetual retreat. Because of Russia being quite flat, if you can through superior firepower attack them on flat terrain, there is little cover and maintain this paradigm while they shrink, their resources will dwindle and they will gradually weaken to the point of collapse. The enemy cannot fight if it is overpowered and lacking any defensive assets.
    Lets imagine a guerrilla war scenario under an occupied tactically defeated Russia:
    Russian rebels try to organise small bands of resistance
    The only assets available are small arms like ak47 and grenades. maybe a btr70 or something, I'm sure theres a few lying around. The majority of movement will probably be reliant on trucks though.
    but now suppose theres absolutely no petrol for those trucks
    how do you organise? how do you fight a guerrilla war with no possible method of concentrating force because you have inferior transport? its simply impossible.
    The Russian terrain, somehow this is always forgotten plays against both the Russians and for the Russians. However it doesn't matter if the roads turn to mud if you have helicopters and drones that can fly 8000km round trips and surgically strike a farmer living in polar siberia.

  • Saad Ali
    Saad Ali Month ago +2

    If Pakistan and Soviet Union had friendly relations in 1947 neither Soviet Union nor East Bengal would collapse Pakistan would have took over Kashmir with the support of USSR and china and USSR would have access to the ocean by creating economic corridor from Central Asia to Karachi and Gawadar.

  • potrebitel3
    potrebitel3 Month ago

    Good disclaimer at the end. Because Switzerland :-)

  • Carlos Banderas
    Carlos Banderas Month ago

    The Problem is france Didn t have Rhein River AS a protection against Germany.
    The Border was a little more Western.

  • Voffka
    Voffka Month ago

    comments are full of stupid russian trolls... be aware

  • Voffka
    Voffka Month ago

    russia is the capital of terrorism and idiots

  • Some edgy name
    Some edgy name Month ago +2

    Russia should take Sweden since Sweden fucked themselves up with an Islamic invasion due to their open border policies

  • Kumaroadking1
    Kumaroadking1 Month ago

    Oops big wrong,Soviet sub fleet could wipe out anyone

  • Carlos Suarez
    Carlos Suarez Month ago

    The Mongols had no problem conquering the Rus. They only left Novgorod untouched.

    • furious guy
      furious guy 3 days ago

      There was no Russia before Mongol invasion.