Russia's Geography Problem

  • Published on Mar 28, 2017
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  • Wendover Productions
    Wendover Productions  2 years ago +2378

    I hope you like this video! I know its a bit more serious than some others ones but hopefully its still an enjoyable watch.
    Also, people have been asking for them, so I’ve put a link in the description to a copy of the script with sources in footnotes. I’ll be doing that for every video from now on.
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    • yanski1974 74
      yanski1974 74 4 days ago

      realhistory productions

    • Александр Доманевский
      Александр Доманевский 11 days ago

      Стремление к славе? Дурак или как?????

    • Александр Доманевский
      Александр Доманевский 12 days ago

      Идиот, ичись лучше! История основа!

    • Action
      Action 14 days ago +1

      Author you are russofob. 1. Crimea - RUSSIA was, is , and ll be. Last crimean khan Shahin Giray decline of Crimea and in 1784 was formed Tavrid region in Russian Empire. 2. RUSSIA HAS A PORT WITH WARM WATER TO THE OCEAN FROM ARCHANGELSK. DELETE UR NONSENSE SHIT VIDEO.

    • Curtismontgomery821 Montgomery
      Curtismontgomery821 Montgomery 17 days ago

      Sea of japan does not BELONG to japan

  • SuddenDeath
    SuddenDeath Day ago

    8:00 invasion... more like rescue mission

  • keletoniatehsecond

    I wouldn't exactly say we in finland are "dependant" on russian gas as russian gas constitutes only about 11% of our energy consumption annually.

  • Rake Rake
    Rake Rake Day ago

    Just keep fucking with Russia and you will all going to be fucked just like many times before!Remember,Russia didn't send its troops on Western European or Usa borders,their military troops are inside Russia borders.USA and Nato troops are on Russian borders.One day someone is going to make mistake being pushed by USA and than the Europe is going to burn and USA is going lo laugh.Weak and fucked Europe is most important and main goal of USA and Jewish politics.Strong Russia with Germany is biggest USA fear!USA was directly involved in almost 200 foreign affairs,conflicts,revolutions,wars,attacks on other states and regions,bombings,killing presidents!!!!Russia only 10 and 6 were inside it's direct territory and not like USA 15 000 miles far away from its borders.What's the story now with Iraq,Libia,Syria,Yugoslavia,Avganistan,Ukraine and many others?Nobady mentions it anymore?USA make conflict,fake problems and than after installing they own people they steel everything from that country,,oil,gas,natural resorses..they are just modern hyenas and parasites.But Russia,China,India and many others are now good and strong partners and Europe is weak and scared.They just do what Uncle Sam tell him.But not for long.

  • Сила Сибири


  • Zorrobeat
    Zorrobeat Day ago

    *So THATS why climate change is really feared!*

  • Goran Marinic
    Goran Marinic Day ago

    When somebody from so called democratic country complitely ignores referendum of crimean people.

  • Fagot Reich
    Fagot Reich 2 days ago

    i bet russia really regrets selling the alaska. trading money for teritorry is never a smart decision.

  • Goa Constrictor
    Goa Constrictor 2 days ago

    We will be helping Meowth?

  • nanomyou5
    nanomyou5 2 days ago

    Forecasts don't work, because forecasting is hard, non-trivial, most forecasters get wedded to their own beliefs and are not any better than monkeys throwing darts blind. See Philip Tetlock's Superforcasters research into the accuracy of expert forecasts.

  • sanchela uralskii
    sanchela uralskii 2 days ago

    omeone constantly attacks Russia and for it they get everything on the tail, and now the distance is not so important considering our weapons, so this is nonsense

  • Mark Wawrzyniak
    Mark Wawrzyniak 2 days ago

    Why invade Russia? What for? Spirit and potatoes?

  • Jonas Fischer
    Jonas Fischer 2 days ago

    Ihr Spinner

  • Susan Ott
    Susan Ott 2 days ago

    Russia doesnt have any geography problems.. I wish we ( the USA) had that much land over here.

  • SoulArtSound
    SoulArtSound 2 days ago

    About NATO unity.......Cyprus

  • Kakkerige Volksverlakker

    Shrinking population you say? We in the West have an excellent solution for that problem: unlimited mass immigration!

  • Early Riser
    Early Riser 2 days ago

    Nothing in that video matters due to today's weapons. Pre-nuclear it may have mattered but not today or tomorrow. Whoever controls A.I. will control the world, and the race is on right now.

  • spasev
    spasev 2 days ago

    Lies. Shame on you.

  • GGdosse
    GGdosse 2 days ago


  • Alpha Gamer
    Alpha Gamer 2 days ago

    Philippines Georgraphy Problem ?

  • Mordecai
    Mordecai 2 days ago

    I'm Georgian and 20% of my country is occupied by Russia.

  • welshpete12
    welshpete12 2 days ago

    Very interesting , it's nice to a proper grown up video for a change !

  • JDave Foster
    JDave Foster 2 days ago

    Mind reading is always fake news.

  • Mahmoud Refaat
    Mahmoud Refaat 3 days ago

    الدحيح مر من هنا

  • Timur Hamidov
    Timur Hamidov 3 days ago

    Russia has only 2 problems: fools and roads

  • Jorge Trevino
    Jorge Trevino 3 days ago

    Mate, there was no such Russian invasion of Crimea. Where did you get that info? The Fake New Times?

  • FinlandForceTeam
    FinlandForceTeam 3 days ago

    3:42 why is finland part of russia?

  • James Ryan
    James Ryan 3 days ago

    Excellent video. Global warming could see a big change in world power as all the northern seas bordering Russia stay unfrozen year round.

  • trekteam
    trekteam 3 days ago

    Bendover Productions!


    One long ad for backblaze. Thumbs down from me.

  • Jacek Kuc
    Jacek Kuc 3 days ago +1


  • darpat
    darpat 3 days ago

    What is the difference between Europe and the Russians? They are all stinking left wing socialists. We should have helped the Germans destroy Russia long ago.

  • Иван Бодунов

    Никому тут губозакатывательная машинка не нужна?

  • sagar Yenchilwar
    sagar Yenchilwar 3 days ago +1

    Russia's Geo problem:


  • 00Billy
    00Billy 3 days ago

    Japan has nothing. Except massive debt.

  • David Webb
    David Webb 3 days ago +1

    Very interesting video right up to the point you said Russia invaded Crimea. It didn't. That you can get such a fundamental fact wrong devalues an otherwise excellent presentation.

  • Nimontron
    Nimontron 4 days ago +1

    It seems like, with the global warming future is in Russia.

  • Ian Swartz
    Ian Swartz 4 days ago

    its only a problem if you say its so

  • Павел Зайцев

    In the same vein, the "thinkers" of America and Britain discussed the need for the extermination of the Jews in the early twentieth century.
    Britain, for example, is no better than the fascist Germany of 1933-1946. Recall the deliberate destruction of the Irish people at the end of the 19th century, the people of China, the natives of India (in concentration camps), including in the second third of the 20th century ...
    A normal person can not have the idea of ​​destroying another country.
    NATO is a real terrorist community, which since 1999, the year of the destruction of Yugoslavia, does not hide this truth.

    MYESSYALLYAH Cbssjr 4 days ago

    Death to america

  • Господин Хороший

    Thank you foreigner for explaining me why I'am so poor.

  • Philosophy BA
    Philosophy BA 4 days ago

    Russia has 16 seas. I remember this from 1 grade in Moscow. NATO shmato, terrorist attacks in Brussels and Europe every month.

  • mun bong choi
    mun bong choi 4 days ago

    rephrase sea of japan to East Sea. Before western european named the sea it was already named East sea.

  • Addicted Robloxian
    Addicted Robloxian 5 days ago

    just use kamchatka for access to the sea xD

  • patrick hare
    patrick hare 5 days ago

    34 million people in siberia... 1 billion Chinese just to South salivating

  • Renzokuken Leneyoyo
    Renzokuken Leneyoyo 5 days ago

    Wasn't Crimea leased to Ucraine by Kruschev and hasn't it been historically russian? Wasn't there a referendum on crimea?
    And why are referendums only "just and lawful" if they serve western/banking/military interests?

  • six pence
    six pence 5 days ago

    If some countries can cooperate why can't ALL countries cooperate and live in peace? We have enough resources worldwide for everyone. Such a waste. All due to human emotions and paranoia.

  • Creatif Etudes
    Creatif Etudes 5 days ago +19

    You forget to mention the political takeover organized by the US in Ukraine before calling a Russian invasion. 🤨

    • mikeyjock
      mikeyjock 3 days ago +3

      hard to invade a place you have had a naval base since time began. obviously an American wrote this. 'the excuse of saving Russian people'...every Russian I personally know here in Canada grew up in Odessa.

  • fridgemagnett
    fridgemagnett 5 days ago +1

    Russia did not annex the Crimea.

  • IloveDoubleD
    IloveDoubleD 5 days ago

    The Crimea belonged to Russia prior to seeding it to the Ukraine when the Ukraine was part of the Warsaw pact. It was originally Russian and there really are Russian people living there. Sad this video omitted that bit of history.

  • Ae Ea
    Ae Ea 6 days ago +1

    I am really amazed about this video because it manages to stay neutral, describing realistically the situation,

  • Tony Angel
    Tony Angel 6 days ago +1

    you my friend are an imbecile.....your arguments are more flawed than the geography of Russia

  • Count Rufus
    Count Rufus 6 days ago +2

    Yep Usa a geographical problem.And therefore the world must carve it up

  • Trail Blazing
    Trail Blazing 6 days ago

    Americans must be the dumbest of all westerners

  • Ralf Rath
    Ralf Rath 6 days ago

    If Russia shut off their gas then Germany would shut off the money - so what is the problem?”

  • msotil
    msotil 6 days ago +2

    NATO is not what it is purported to be. NATO is simply an extension and fig leaf for USA/Israel projects. When Israel, a non-NATO country, attacked a convoy of Turkish ships in the Mediterranean international waters, nothing was done. Turkey was told not to invoke Article 5, lest the dubious alliance crumble.

  • enironavigator
    enironavigator 6 days ago +1

    Уже 2019 и gdp совсем другой)

  • Daiki Cipolloni
    Daiki Cipolloni 6 days ago

    9:49 *speech 100*

  • Вагиз Ханбеков

    Georgia is not a member of CIS

  • Daniel Mogos
    Daniel Mogos 6 days ago

    Its funny, Russia and US are direct neighbours but they create buffer zones in Europe. Get the hell out of here and do war in your own countries.

  • Mark Kamau
    Mark Kamau 6 days ago

    Russia is fast developing its Northern Sea Route, which lies in Arctic waters and within Russia’s Exclusive Economic Zone.Its expected to become a major trade route and a competitive transport artery for goods shipped between Europe and Asia;projected to significantly increase its cargo traffic up to 80 million tons a year.According to estimates from the Federal Agency for Maritime and River Transport, it could grow sixfold in the next 3 years. By 2030 the volume is expected to skyrocket to 70 million tons.The Russian Northern sea route from Southeast Asia to Europe cuts transportation time in half compared to traditional routes through the Suez and Panama canals.The Russian govt plans to use it to boost the domestic shipbuilding industry.

  • Livonian Mapping
    Livonian Mapping 7 days ago


  • Anthony Wilcox
    Anthony Wilcox 7 days ago

    This is why Russia wants to get rid of NATO and the EU.

  • Phoenix Swanson
    Phoenix Swanson 7 days ago


  • Thesanathani
    Thesanathani 7 days ago


  • John Bodnar
    John Bodnar 7 days ago

    Crimea is Ukraine.

  • Tyrving
    Tyrving 7 days ago +10

    fails to account gdp of the Soviet Union, second largest world economy for decades

    • Immortal Science of Hauntology
      Immortal Science of Hauntology 3 days ago

      @your dad the only big contributor to the Soviet economy after the Russian SFSR was Ukrainian SSR, still dwarfed by Russia and actually culturally very similar.

    • your dad
      your dad 3 days ago

      @Immortal Science of Hauntology
      no different except for the sheer size and differences between each state which made up USSR, as opposed to teeny-tiny uk where everywhere except London are in very similar conditions.

      but i do suppose you're quite right. quite.

    • Immortal Science of Hauntology
      Immortal Science of Hauntology 3 days ago

      @your dad the soviet union was a single state with an economic and political core in Russia. it's no different to calculating the full GDP of the UK when talking about English history. the modern Russian Federation to this day contains other "countries" in the form of its autonomous republics.

    • your dad
      your dad 4 days ago +1

      but the soviet union was a group of countries - that's like working out the gdp of all of europe put together, discounting the individual differences of each country. it would be pointless

  • juan david restrepo duran

    To me, Russia and other Eastern territories suffered from a very staunch traditionalism that crippled the strive for advancement, also, Eastern superpowers always eventually have had to deal with long-standing conflicts with at least one of the other super powers in the area (eg. China vs Mongols, Sino-Japanese wars, Russia vs the mongols, Russia vs any Turkic people, Turkey vs Mamluks, Turkey vs Russia, Turkey vs Persian kingdoms, Caliphates vs Mongols, Indian kingdoms vs Mongols, etc...) this means that they have to put a lot of resources over huge swathes of land and move everything towards victory, which affects the capacity of technological inventiveness to help the conflict and ensure the national progress in the subsequently expected period of prosperity, which btw, comes slower because the financial drain is bigger. Their size and population also means they suffer more easily of ideologies or religions that differ a lot between each other and affect the capacity of rule if not favored and jeopardize diplomacy in times of war, also, this size thing means huge natural barriers that affect communication, and, ironically, the more you go to the east, the bigger swathes of land, it means that a brilliant ruler raises a golden empire but a stupid one causes catastrophe (eg. China’s many civil wars). In Europe, however, although communicative barriers are more frecuent in a less extensive land, communication is still favored by this and the smaller nations that fought each other in long-standing, but kind of interrupted conflicts, usually the financial drain was smaller (we have examples of the extremes obviously) and the competence with many entities ensured that advance was necessary for political relevance, also, having many neighbors meant you got to play out a lot of commercial and political relations necessary for survival, which ended up benefiting most of Western Europe; that’s one of the reasons the Western European nations were able to eventually win the race to the bigger and more powerful, but deeply conflicted, eastern super-powers (aside from things that involved some luck like the American conquest, but that was totally used as an advantage for domination for almost 500 years by the Western European powers).

  • alienpioneer
    alienpioneer 7 days ago

    To back up my data i use Pied Pier net :) .I am also friend with Big Head .

  • Christopher Seipt
    Christopher Seipt 7 days ago +2

    3:48 Строгино детка

  • Kurt Boz
    Kurt Boz 8 days ago

    Long live samil basayev. Nur icinde yat cCc

  • Shaggy
    Shaggy 9 days ago

    Russia: no one can beat me
    Finland: sure

    • Boyar
      Boyar 9 days ago

      Finland was poor province of Russia for a long time.

  • Johnny Yiseongjoon
    Johnny Yiseongjoon 9 days ago

    Sea of Japan controlled by Japan? Are North Korea and South Korea jokes to you? It may be called sea of Japan(though I disagree) but you highlighted ocean area half of which is Korean territory and said it's all controlled by Japan.

  • Chi Ngo
    Chi Ngo 9 days ago +1

    This guy says China has it's problem geographically, now Russia, it is nature, he does not has to spell it out. Every country has it's problem geographically.

  • Gary Panter
    Gary Panter 9 days ago

    Having a language with a non-arabic based alphabet hasn't helped either

    • Gary Panter
      Gary Panter 8 days ago

      @L Haviland yes but they don't have the geography restrictions

    • L Haviland
      L Haviland 8 days ago

      Japan does pretty well...

  • The Brainsmasher
    The Brainsmasher 9 days ago

    "13 million troops required to fully occupy russia, more than 17 nations' armies combined."
    Now thats a foolish thing you said, makes no sense at all. In 1940, US army was merely 450k large and in 1945, there were over 12 million servicemen in the army which was almost 10 percent of US's population. There is no serious conflict going on today so no reason to build and keep a large army. Besides troop based warfare is getting obsolete, nuclear can take care of business just fine.

  • fabribeijing
    fabribeijing 9 days ago +3

    1) Mediterranean Ocean, 2) Crimea was not invaded.
    if you want to do propaganda for Uncle Sam, two things: 1 grow up, you sound like a high school grad who wants to be an adult. 2) get your facts together, you're ridiculous.

  • just me
    just me 9 days ago

    The only problem russia has is a dick problem

    But its very small if you know what i mean

  • Alexsandar Iskandar
    Alexsandar Iskandar 9 days ago +1

    I love every single country on that map, IDGAF what any of you mfers say!

  • Harry Kiralfy Broe
    Harry Kiralfy Broe 9 days ago

    Russia didn't invade Ukraine. This is paid opposition propaganda...

  • Siya Manci
    Siya Manci 10 days ago

    Today you do not need military to conquere a country. Bio warfare, Psychological warfare, Cyber warfare are best ways to conquer a country like Russia

  • northernalberta
    northernalberta 10 days ago +2

    I thought the port of Murmansk was ice-free?

    • Franz IV
      Franz IV 8 days ago

      That is correct, in most cases it is ice free, but not guaranteed every year.

  • nonya Biznessses
    nonya Biznessses 10 days ago

    When was this made, and what MORON created it? Asshole loser motherfucker is talking about the SOVIET UNION NOT RUSSIA!!! Russia is not a SMALL nation fragemented off from the USSR. Asshole deserves to die who made this

  • in42u
    in42u 10 days ago +1

    3:54 you have a mistake on that map: Crimea isn't part of Russia

  • Bill Bell
    Bill Bell 10 days ago

    Some experts would disagree with that suggestion that the north European plain is like a funnel. AAMOF Russia has been invaded several times over the past century or two, _from the west_. Military planners there know that their country is insecure inasmuch as they must be prepared to defend a boundary against incursions that could occur at any point along its hundreds of miles length. This is quite unlike the situation for France at the other end of that notional 'funnel'.

  • Milos Stanojevic
    Milos Stanojevic 10 days ago

    Russias geog. prob . and they talk about Franc protected by . . . And all is about WAR ! ! ! What a s. hit of program .

  • Mike Northrup
    Mike Northrup 10 days ago

    I showed this video to my he is declared a Hero of the Motherland for orbiting the Earth!

  • Samuel Delaney
    Samuel Delaney 10 days ago

    Very interesting and informative.

  • Shiny lucario Lucario
    Shiny lucario Lucario 10 days ago

    What a stupid video even if Russia needed Crimea they voted for anexation themselves cause they are Mostly Russian origin cause Russians expelled previous owners who were Mongols as they are no longer present in this part of the world and all parts Siberia and all other parts external were conquered from Mongolian people and Russia never presented a real threat to the other nations as it was poor and to big to conquer which means that it was to big for themselves dont look face of the people by their ruler and it s not their mentality to hurt other people as it s for the people they conquered they were defending against Mongolian hordes that attacked them and thys taking land for them if you already know they were a dependancy of Mongolian Empire in 14 century so you know as proof please dont delete my comment so can everyone s opinion can be heard .

    • Shiny lucario Lucario
      Shiny lucario Lucario 9 days ago

      They held elections and ukraine was given Crimea when Soviets were in charge to create them as a buffer state and with Crimea they just sweetened the deal and now Russia got it back if you dont believe me look at Russian History and you l see who was defending Crimea in Russian Turkish war against Germany and France and Turks while they were trying to take it i believe it was called a Crimean war so you know and that was over a hundred years ago if you dont believe me look at it yourself.

    • Samuel Delaney
      Samuel Delaney 10 days ago

      Shiny lucario Lucario Russia invaded Crimea and then held an "election." The Ukraine and the former Soviet Republic signed an agreement when the Ukraine gained independence. The agreement guaranteed Ukrainian boundaries in exchange for nuclear weapons stationed in Ukrainian territory.

  • Shiny lucario Lucario
    Shiny lucario Lucario 10 days ago +2

    It was not a invasion it was unamuosly voted for by 90 percent of Crimean citizens

    • L Haviland
      L Haviland 8 days ago +1

      He's a neoliberal, he can't comprehend that.

  • Алексей Трофимов

    the author - you're a degenerate. learn the story of a clown.

  • You think i'm funny?
    You think i'm funny? 11 days ago +24

    i'd rather have cheap gas from Russia then expensive gas from the US

  • Sandemansam
    Sandemansam 11 days ago +2

    The NATO pact does what? Yeah it's a joke just look at the Ukraine annex

    • Matt R
      Matt R 8 days ago +1

      Ukraine is not in NATO

  • Adam
    Adam 11 days ago

    LIes. Putin and Russia did not invade Crimea. Crimea simply agreed to the contract to be allied with Russians.

  • UFOdriver
    UFOdriver 11 days ago

    3:38 < In 1018 King Bolesław the Great of Poland conquered Rus’, and put his son-in-law Sviatopolk (who also was the eldest Russian prince) on the Russian throne. Władysław Vasa, King of Poland, conquered Rus’ and became the Tsar for 3 years between 1610-1613.

    • Иван Иванов
      Иван Иванов 7 days ago

      Absolutly right. But don't forget three devision of Poland. Don't make the same mistakes.

    • UFOdriver
      UFOdriver 7 days ago

      Just a bit of history, we will not change the past but let us not forget it;)

    • Иван Иванов
      Иван Иванов 9 days ago

      Poland dreams

  • FDX
    FDX 11 days ago

    I make sure to watch this video about twice annually.

  • Kenn Mossman
    Kenn Mossman 12 days ago

    COMPARE TO Canada

  • jippoo
    jippoo 12 days ago

    why u show finland as part of russia?

  • Denise T Smith
    Denise T Smith 12 days ago


  • Апостол Полураспада

    To begin with, let's define, are we talking about a military component or an economic one? If about the military, then for the war we have enough cruise missiles and strategic bombers, as well as nuclear submarines, so as not to have problems with a small number of ports. In addition, it does not cost anything in 2 weeks to capture Denmark and use its ports. If we are talking about economics, then in Russia there are a large number of atomic icebreakers on the Northern Sea Route, Murmansk does not freeze, and no one bothers to trade by land. That's the beauty of the fact that the US needs a merchant fleet, because they are separated from the rest of the world - and Russia can do with railways, road transport and airplanes. And it’s ridiculous to compare the economy of Mauritius and Russia - how many tanks will the economy of Mauritius build if one of the NATO countries attacks it?
    5 million views and 84 thousand likes under the video, which made an illiterate schoolboy ... Where is our world heading?