Russia's Geography Problem


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  • Wendover Productions
    Wendover Productions  Year ago +2190

    I hope you like this video! I know its a bit more serious than some others ones but hopefully its still an enjoyable watch.
    Also, people have been asking for them, so I’ve put a link in the description to a copy of the script with sources in footnotes. I’ll be doing that for every video from now on.
    Please also go and check out backblaze! Sponsors make this channel happen (seriously) and Backblaze is a legitimately good product that I’ve used for a while so at the very least go and try them out with their 15 day free trial. It helps both me and you out.

    • Tusk
      Tusk 8 days ago +1

      You really need to study Russian economy better same goes for most youtubers because if the Russian economy is so bad then PLEASE EXPLAIN ME THIS how did Russia pay off all of its debts something that countries that you claim to be far richer then Russia such as Canada and the US cant even pay off their debt but Russia did as of 2019 Russia doesn't have debt and is the only major economy that is not slowing down in economic growth that means its completely unaffected by the sanctions nor by the trade wars and now the allies of the US are losing faith in their strategy even Germany is looking for an economic alliance with Russia because it realized how strong the Russian economy really is
      Despite making less the Russians still have enough for food a home and a car what more would you need? I really fail to see it as economically weak
      Almost no Russian ever has debt to pay they dont need loans they are trully free unlike us seriously i fail to see how we Canadians could possibly be doing better then Russia clearly the stories about Russia being economically weak are full of lies
      Also Russia is has the strongest Navy in the Arctic sea which thanks to Russian nuclear ice breakers is now navigable and a shorter route for a lot of connerce its really been booster Russia's economy

    • Caleb Kim
      Caleb Kim 17 days ago

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    • ThisKid IsCrazy
      ThisKid IsCrazy Month ago

      Wendover Productions nice video but how did calculate that your data is 3170 dollars worth?

    • Alex Istinspring
      Alex Istinspring Month ago

      oh dude awesome video, just explaining how things are without falling to shitty propaganda cliches. thank you.

  • MotherLand17
    MotherLand17 4 hours ago

    I like it how you know what is in Putins mind...

  • Cool Russian
    Cool Russian 6 hours ago

    Crimea is Russian not Ukrainian

  • DennisCrazyAdventures
    DennisCrazyAdventures 9 hours ago


  • Jack Coult
    Jack Coult 13 hours ago +1

    Winter is the only natural defense Russia needs.

  • Eduardo Espinoza
    Eduardo Espinoza 14 hours ago

    Russia should invade Ukraine!

  • Sergii Melnychuk
    Sergii Melnychuk 20 hours ago

    The 882 state had nothing to do with Russia, it was called Kievan Rus'. Neither Russian language nor culture were present at that time. The name Russia came to existence in 14 century. Until then it was a state called the Grand Duchy of Moscow, which originated in 1283, just a little after the Kievan Rus' was conquered by the Mongols. Check your facts. Calling eastern part of Europe "Russia" is like calling all the north western Europe "Germany".

  • AmericanPatriot2011
    AmericanPatriot2011 22 hours ago +1

    Save yourself 12 minutes: Russia is mostly a wasteland.
    You’re welcome.

  • Longlivethe4th
    Longlivethe4th Day ago

    The point of the "invasion" of Crimea was that the local authorities had declared secession for Ukraine and asked to return to Russia (it was part of Russia until the 1950s, and the change at that time was of little significance as Ukraine was also part of USSR. The reason for the local authorities to want a return to Russia was that simply that the coup d'etat in Kiev by pro-NATO forces backed by Fascist groups was announcing a crackdown on russian-speaking ukrainians (one of the first measures announced, even if not carried later, was to suppress the mention of the Russian language as an official language in Ukraine)

  • MetaDragon
    MetaDragon Day ago

    Mediterranean ocean....
    We need to redefine all the bodies of water in the world

  • Matthew Francis
    Matthew Francis Day ago

    rusia is not Europe, rusia is SHIT!!!!

      MAYO MASTER 2 hours ago

      But russia is partly in Europe....

  • Da51lva
    Da51lva Day ago

    Stop saying Moscow sounding like Cow when it should be sound like low or grow the OW end bit...

  • Adrian Hrendus
    Adrian Hrendus Day ago

    2:11 and 2:39 two different states loool

  • Aston Sadgrove
    Aston Sadgrove Day ago

    Russia's greatest general is General Winter

    BOSSPLAYAR 2 days ago

    Just another propaganda crap video.. What invasion dumb ass? There was a vote, hate it or love it.. Crimea is Russian!

  • Soviet Comeade
    Soviet Comeade 2 days ago


  • Bogdan Zivkovic
    Bogdan Zivkovic 2 days ago

    Wait, Russia has no ice free ports, but what about Sochi, Adler and Novorossiysk in the Black Sea?

  • The Е Л Ь
    The Е Л Ь 2 days ago


  • Vuk Pidzula
    Vuk Pidzula 2 days ago


  • Topgun God
    Topgun God 2 days ago

    Russia did NOT invade Crimea.
    STOP with the political propaganda and lies.

  • mukkaar
    mukkaar 2 days ago

    Natural resources are one of the key things that dictatorships need. Be it food, metal, oil and whatnot, you can harvest and sell those with poorly educated public. It means they can pretty much use anyone for the jobs and don't need to care as much. It's source of money to keep power that is not dependent on people.

  • Karlmn Sol
    Karlmn Sol 2 days ago

    Eso tuyo es obsesion

  • Klark Brothers
    Klark Brothers 2 days ago

    Almost 30 years of corruption in every structure, is the reason for GDP being that low. Russia is ruled by a dictator who has his own gang. For all intents and purposes he is a modern gangster. Nothing different from all other post-soviet countries. Billions on billions of dollars are stolen every year from budget. This is the sole reason people live in poverty. Ask anyone who lives there. Outside of propaganda believers/spreaders. There is a reason Russia spends the biggest dollar on propaganda than any other country.

  • Adele D
    Adele D 2 days ago

    Fuck I’m watching this video, laughing, and crying. This guy knows more about Russia than Russian themselves, as if he has been living in there for decades and traveling like crazy

  • Adele D
    Adele D 2 days ago

    Agree, I can’t even buy a ticket to Vladivostok from central Russia for the visa interview because it is too far away and expensive :o

  • Adele D
    Adele D 2 days ago

    I’m Russian and I laugh every time I hear Ivan the Terrible. I think the more appropriate logical translation is Ivan the Terrifying, because terrible sometimes means pathetic. Js

  • HYPROSTIC# 124
    HYPROSTIC# 124 3 days ago


    • Liam McQueen
      Liam McQueen 13 hours ago

      @HYPROSTIC# 124, They don't, Russian and NATO missiles are just as powerful as each other.

  • niIIer1
    niIIer1 3 days ago

    Japan, Turkey and Denmark cockblocking Russia hard. FeelsGoodMan.

  • йиит
    йиит 3 days ago

    enlightening video thanks!

  • StazyXT nom
    StazyXT nom 3 days ago

    Video was more o less adequate untill crimea. crom that moment i understood i lost my time on fakeeater.

  • Богдан Захарків

    Kyivan Rus' != Russia, that's 2 different states, with different nations, languages etc
    its like Austria = Australia

  • Evan Plite
    Evan Plite 3 days ago

    Your use of mercator projections to illustrate the geography of countries in extreme latitudes is highly irritating as it misrepresents their size and shape.

  • Sentinel Vortex
    Sentinel Vortex 3 days ago


  • Tr U
    Tr U 3 days ago

    Go watch "Russian roulette" on VICE. It's about the whole Russian invasion of Crimea. Note that it's pretty graphic on the later episodes

  • 1234 abcde
    1234 abcde 4 days ago

    "The eastern half of the northern border is largely unprotected geographically - a flaw Germany exploited in both World War One and World War Two" 1:46 just wrong. In WWII Germany invaded France by passing through the Ardennes, back then a nearly unpassable mix of mountains and forest, why the hell do you just say things that aren't even true, and don't research about it before! you put it in a video?

  • André Emanoel
    André Emanoel 4 days ago

    "Much of history is defined by chance, not circumstance because, in the end, reality is just the confluence of chance and circumstance."
    Great statement.

  • MrMentat57
    MrMentat57 4 days ago

    This is wrong on so many levels - for instance, there is no need to invade Crimea to gain access to another warm-water port as it suffers from the same drawback as Novorossisk: The access to the oceans is via the Bosporus (and strait of Gibraltar)
    Moreover, the video fails to mention Murmansk, a major port which is ice-free all year.
    No, the weak economy of Russia is fundamentally due to one reason: The disaster of communism. The Russian geographic problem is spelled China. They have, since the conversion to capitalism, the resources and the manpower to expand into Siberia. Their willingness to do so is demonstrated by their non-acceptance of the Treaty of Peking from 1860. What holds them back is probably the fact that Russia is a major nuclear arms power, which has nothing to do with geography...

  • Acin75
    Acin75 4 days ago +1

    And it is also determined by how one treats one's neighbours. For stands g together makes one stronger, while being devided is the 1st step to a conflict. In a nutshell that us what "divida et impare" (divide & concour/rule) is all about.
    And that is why Russia by all means tries to seed distrust in the EU and among its members.

  • Jerry Tan
    Jerry Tan 5 days ago

    Isn't Moldova Schengen, EU or NATO state?

  • pitti
    pitti 5 days ago

    7:02 what animal is that?

    • pitti
      pitti 4 days ago

      You're right! WOW!

    • MrMentat57
      MrMentat57 4 days ago

      The Russian bear, eating the island of Ösel

  • riptorn
    riptorn 5 days ago

    It can be conquered politically though.

  • Mantulis87
    Mantulis87 5 days ago

    Wait what? 1:35 mediterranean ocean? Feels good to learn everyday new things.

  • Dr. Sausages
    Dr. Sausages 5 days ago

    that not a problem, American patriot

  • Darin
    Darin 5 days ago

    Russia can defend from an invasion with only artillery

  • pow contr
    pow contr 5 days ago

    some facts is low quality propoganda. if you work and make 100500 dollars - you rich? but if you spending 100000 your balance is 500. you almost rich? yes russians make 7.500, but spending less money then americans, other europeans. bullshit propaganda for schoolchildren detected in this video

  • van0tot100
    van0tot100 5 days ago +2

    I disagree with most of your arguments. Why is a Navy related to the GDP per capita? Scandinavia has insignificant Navy's and has a huge GDP per capita. Also, even EuroMaidan didn't threaten the lease of Sevastopol until I think 2040 and Ukraine needed the billions for its lease so badly that they would have never cancelled the deal. Strategically there barely was a need to take this step. Now they are subject to sanctions that probably harm their Navy more in terms of budget cuts that outweigh the benefits of a warm water port. The economy is in the sewer because of that and I think if the real incomes will continue to drop at this pace, very soon the regime will collapse. I think Putin invaded Crimea to distract from domestic issues and because he is a power addict as the occupation of Crimea is extremely expensive and drains the Russian economy. Also, NATO armies have been in serious decline since the early 90's in terms of budget and manpower, and except for the U.S. no single European army, no perhaps even all combined can seriously threaten Russia. NATO isn't threatening Russia, and this NATO fear is only constructed to blame domestic problems on a imaginary foe. If Russia stops waging war and reduces its military budget significantly, it can invest in education and infrastructure that Russia really needs. If Russia wasn't so corrupt and obsessed with other countries like Ukraine and the U.S., it could have been the world's most prosperous nation as it has enormous natural resources and a fairly well educated workforce.

  • Nick Wharton
    Nick Wharton 5 days ago

    Murmansk was an important lend-lease port during WW II. Russia's submarine fleet is capable of sailing under the polar ice. Just saying - nice presentation.

  • Serhiy Odarenko
    Serhiy Odarenko 6 days ago

    Russia is the same terrorist state as the Islamic state

  • Gene Boiko
    Gene Boiko 6 days ago

    Here we have two hot NATO lovers - Dmitri Patronov and NOFKAS01- who claim that NATO is a peace-loving organization ! (??) What ??? That's what I call - totally zombified crowd ! NATO was created as a military organization to oppose the military power of the USSR ! Answering to thIs NATO challenge the USSR signed in Warsaw the military pact with its easteuropean allies. The USSR and the Warsaw treaty organization were disbanded by Gorbachev in early 1990s. But NATO did not disband and instead waged the war against Yugoslavia ruining that country and establishing the Muslim terrorist and narco-trafficing region of Kosovo as a separate state ! Later on NATO troops participated in the destruction of several other countries located outside their defensive sphere of responsibility in Europe (thus violating the principles on which this military alliance was based in the first place) ! Now NATO is plain and simple the european branch of the US Armed Forces at the command of the US President.

  • Chris & Tian
    Chris & Tian 6 days ago

    Better go back
    to school. We in Europe want Russisian gas not US crap. Europe has enough scalegas itself. Russia existence can not be questioned without rasiist motives. Very sneaky and devious question! Thereby Russia is commited to a prommis the US does nt even understand what that means, you can ask that your locals....

    • Liam McQueen
      Liam McQueen 13 hours ago

      @Chris & Tian, How in the fuck is Russian gas any better than US gas? It's gas for Christ's sake!

  • Boogey MANN
    Boogey MANN 6 days ago

    It has a problem- Germany-

  • Jisoo Kim
    Jisoo Kim 6 days ago

    Actually Germany isn't really relying on Russian oil and gas. The oil imported from Russia is a small percentage only and while a good chunk of gas comes from Russia, there is no real dependency anymore. Since the renewables and coal plants cover most of Germany's energy needs, if Russia ever were to shut off the exports they would end up hurting themselves more than the Germans since the Russian economy is depending on exports of natural resources. In case of a gas shortage Germany would just power up the coal plants that are currently held in reserve, shut down gas plants and just buy the gas needed for other uses from other sources. The stocked supplies are big enough for about half a year which is more than enough time to resupply from a different source.

  • Tuho
    Tuho 6 days ago

    Lol russia would suffer more if they would shut down gas to germany and if germany was smart they would just build more nuclear plants.

  • Rani39
    Rani39 6 days ago

    U.S is European's ally? Think again.

  • pepelimabarr
    pepelimabarr 7 days ago

    You must assume the fact that Crimea is a part of Russia.... Aside of that, your video is good.

  • iksimkd
    iksimkd 7 days ago

    Russia, like almost all other Slavic countries has a mentality problem, not a geography one. Slavic people are prone to fight with each other, wage wars and cause problems for one another. Political and economic development are also major factors. Slavic people are greedy, politicians steal when they come to power and always work for themselves and close ones rather then the benefit and well being for their country and people.

  • Mach9
    Mach9 7 days ago


  • potato memes
    potato memes 7 days ago

    4:51 That's my hometown in the background

  • Jigov
    Jigov 7 days ago

    Russia is not the original name of this country. Russia comes after Urus, meaning ,,Great" Urus - Rus - Russia.
    Urus is an adjective, it cannot be a name of people or nation. Thats because thats not the complete name. Its URUS-BULGAR. Thats the original name of this country. URUS-BULGAR means - Great Bulgaria. Its very famous country from Antiquity and early Middle Ages, which very strangely dissapeared and ,,RUS" appeared :p
    Thats why Russians use Bulgarian alphabet, Bulgarian Christianity and speak Old form of Bulgarian language.

  • Андрей 91
    Андрей 91 7 days ago

    а путин все равно гандон...

  • Алексей Муравьев

    Demografik population people insaide russia, is really LOW +- twise smaller, and cosist about 70.000000
    Bekoz, officially number is lair

  • Alex S
    Alex S 7 days ago

    Russia was and still is and will be an unconquerable country. The size and sheer will of the Russian people that survived some of the hardest times humanity have ever experienced in its history. Not only survived but prospered. Russia is the richest country in the world by potential. They have everything imaginable from oil, gas, gold, silver, platinum, coal, uranium, titanium, (untapped oil and gas reserves that can supply entire world for the next 100 years) forests, fertile soil, clean unpolluted rivers, untouched natural goods that human foot has not even yet set and is not allowed to set because of laws against human impediment on nature. The list goes on.... it is true that most Russians live in the European part of Russia and that it's the majority of peoples lives in th western part of the country but that is nothing to be concerned about... look at Australia. What the main issue with Russia is that the country has been boycotted by the west since the revolution and free trade and commerce was only done with handful of countries and not the entire world. To average Russian it does not matter that they earn 7k (per capita) because unlike Americans, Russians all own their own homes, they get free education and healthcare and are able to live of what they earn and live comfortably. Yes hard times of the 90's due to the collapse of the system were hard, but that has passed. Not everything is perfect... no country is perfect but Russia is growing strong...... USA is so afraid of Russia because they know if Russia unleashes it's unlimited resources upon Europe (oil, gas, energy) the standard and Russian economy is going to skyrocket and it could easily become the world power number 1 unmatched in history. This is why US is building bases around the world trying to stem small countries from making relations with Russia to tap into Russian energy because they know if that happens they influence in the world will diminish. USA is behaving like a thug... overthrowing and instigating wars around the world for the sole purpose to keep it's power and influence, but guess what this is what Rome tried to do also and it failed big time...why? because they had no other plan but to conquer militarily and it the end it imploded. The same is going to happen to US.... Trump sees this and is trying to prevent confrontation in which the US cannot win...but left wing globalists in the US are stil holding on to power.

  • ukrainianmusicvideo
    ukrainianmusicvideo 7 days ago

    You start out on a false premise which disqualifies the rest. . Rus was not Russia. Rus was Ukraine and Belarus founded in 882.. Russia started from the Dutchy of Muscovy founded in 1283. Ukraine and Russia have different origins. Read here

    • vbskor
      vbskor 6 days ago

      Yeah, yeah, but you just forgot to mention your “blood purity,” pathetic urko-neo-nazi

    ULTRATHEGREAT 7 days ago

    Love Alternate History Hub! 😁

  • Preussen über alles
    Preussen über alles 7 days ago +2

    @Luis Solares :
    I replied to your post in the thread started by toddles9 six months ago, but I don't see my reply so that I will repeat it here.
    @Luis Solares :
    I replied to your post last week but I don't see my reply so that I will repeat it here.
    1. I have never talked to you, unless you are using another account and a different username.
    2. I *never* resort to calling names back; instead, I carry out an evaluation of the skills of the people that hurl actual insults.
    If they don't pass, the credit is all theirs.
    3. If you just come and see my conversation with someone else, you can't raise charges that easily, at least you have to point out to what you criticize in order to understand what you mean.
    4. If you have read my replies to Michele Hanlon, his posts have been deleted and without them you can't learn how he escalated the exchange and what his actual words were.
    Therefore, you are speaking of something you don't know.
    5. If you consider that *Pindostani* is offensive, just figure out a name for your country instead of *Pindostan* because _'America'_ is the name of continent.
    *_What is an actual insult is to grab the name of the continent and involve all the other American countries in the crimes you commit against them and the rest of the world as well._*

  • Preussen über alles

    I replied to Luis Solares and I can't see my post.

  • Preussen über alles

    Someone is deleting posts.

  • sauce god
    sauce god 8 days ago

    Do Nigeria next

  • A BC
    A BC 8 days ago

    01:36 *"Mediterranean ocean"?! Really?! Omg! Stop being a dumbass yank!*
    08:00 *Russian invasion of Crimea?! Did CNN force feed this information to you?!*
    Do us all a favor, and stop using Hillary Clinton as your go to information source! Crimea was always an autonomous Oblast in Ukraine, and the choice for them was crystal clear, stay and be a part of a country in economic/political ruin or join the Russian Federation that aligns itself with China and with a stable economic outlook and sovereign decision making.

  • Вадйм Копейко

    Kevian Rus isnt russian

    • Anton Nakonechnyi
      Anton Nakonechnyi Day ago

      +vbskor till the 19 century the most common naming of Ukrainian language is Ruthenian. Ukrainian culture is Rus culture. Russian culture never have this traditions and songs.

    • vbskor
      vbskor 6 days ago +1

      And not Ukrainian either, "Kievan Rus" is a period of time, not a state. Your Ukraine in those days did not exist at all.

  • Hayden Taylor
    Hayden Taylor 8 days ago

    bUt hOw dO thEy mAkE aMErIcAn dOllArs iF thEy'rE iN rUssIA

  • Foxi!
    Foxi! 8 days ago

    you don't need any soldiers to hold and control the population, if there is no more population...

  • Tusk
    Tusk 8 days ago +2

    You really need to study Russian economy better same goes for most youtubers because if the Russian economy is so bad then PLEASE EXPLAIN ME THIS how did Russia pay off all of its debts something that countries that you claim to be far richer then Russia such as Canada and the US cant even pay off their debt but Russia did as of 2019 Russia doesn't have debt and is the only major economy that is not slowing down in economic growth that means its completely unaffected by the sanctions nor by the trade wars and now the allies of the US are losing faith in their strategy even Germany is looking for an economic alliance with Russia because it realized how strong the Russian economy really is
    Despite making less the Russians still have enough for food a home and a car what more would you need? I really fail to see it as economically weak
    Almost no Russian ever has debt to pay they dont need loans they are trully free unlike us seriously i fail to see how we Canadians could possibly be doing better then Russia clearly the stories about Russia being economically weak are full of lies
    Also Russia is has the strongest Navy in the Arctic sea which thanks to Russian nuclear ice breakers is now navigable and a shorter route for a lot of connerce its really been booster Russia's economy

    • Tusk
    • Tusk
      Tusk 3 days ago

      Enrico du Plessis this might change your mind and reveal to you how useless the sanctions are
      I do agree with your last paragraph tho but this happened quite a few years ago now there's really nothing the US sanctions can do to Russia ill link you a different vid that explains how bad it was in the 90s as well as how Russia became this strong economically

    • Enrico du Plessis
      Enrico du Plessis 4 days ago +1

      @Tusk - Finally! Someone with a brain on this forum. Don't know if I agree with you that sanctions did not hurt Russia at all though. It definitely did hurt them as there was a downturn in the economy as a result.
      The positive thing however is that Russia has great, patriotic, human resources. Despite the Hollywood cliche, Russians are actually far more educated than Westerners think. There is a culture of continuous study in Russia. They have one of the highest literacy rates in the world.
      The West does not and probably will never understand the Russian mind. As a result of sanctions, Russians simply went and started doing things for themselves. They no longer import grain. They now grow their own, and in fact have become a major exporter. Some will know how often ordinary Russians have "thanked" the US for sanctions on social media, as it has made them stronger and more self-sufficient than ever.

  • Yours Truely
    Yours Truely 8 days ago

    The world has no geography problems. It has human behavior problems.

  • Zanna
    Zanna 8 days ago

    Glory to STALIN

    • Zanna
      Zanna 8 days ago


  • Vlado Krstevski
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  • Niki Indzhiev
    Niki Indzhiev 8 days ago +2

    Let me just say that while true that none of the 18th largest countries, ranked by GDP nominal (not adjusted for inflation) or by PPP (purchasing power parity) , are landlocked. If you look at the ranking per capita you would notice that 5/18 countries are landlocked and high in the rankings (Lichtenstein, Luxemburg, Switzerland, San Marino and Austria)

    • underestimated kid
      underestimated kid 5 days ago

      +Niki Indzhiev like if bill gates creates a new country and is the only citizen of it
      Won't it be the highest GDP per capita

    • Niki Indzhiev
      Niki Indzhiev 5 days ago

      +underestimated kid as is Lichtenstein's and Luxemburg and yet that doesnt matter

    • underestimated kid
      underestimated kid 5 days ago

      San Marino's population is very low

  • liothecat
    liothecat 8 days ago

    wait Crimea wasn't annexed didn't they vote to join back with Russia?

  • Ig0r1995
    Ig0r1995 8 days ago

    the port was not the only reason for the taking of crimea
    the people there wanted to be russians, cause the people in the east & south of the ukraine doesnt match with the political decisions the ukraine did

  • فهمي كتاني
    فهمي كتاني 9 days ago

    But if a country wants to conquer Russia they just need to hold west of the Orals, Siberia is mildly populated and not with much power in itself.
    The only the thing that can make them undefeatable at that point is lunching nuclear weapons from Siberia.

    • Люций Бойправ
      Люций Бойправ 8 days ago

      But no country could do it so far. Nor Poland and Lithuania, nor Livonia and Teutonic Order, nor Sveden, nor France, nor Germany. They all was defeated in western part.
      Nuclear weapon is not more than a scary cudgel to make shure there wouldn't be new Great War.
      Because now we don't need to burn our own sities to make enemy army starve - now we can burn the whole globe and no one of our enemies wants it :D

      I think in the third quoter of 20-s century Russia reach the point where only Russians can destroy it.
      But, to be hornest, I am still not very optimistic about Russia's future. We are too good at destroing things - just look what Eltsin did in eight years :/

  • MR.CuuBA_TNT_
    MR.CuuBA_TNT_ 9 days ago

    Ну хз

  • Ли Харви Освальд

    Ukraine is not a friend of russia, and so many countries
    but another coutries became friends last years
    another point, about fleet, china's fleet is one of the most week fleets around the world

  • Anna Rozdorozhnia
    Anna Rozdorozhnia 9 days ago

    Total bullshit, Russia has nothing to do with Rus. What the fuck? What are you talking about?

  • Iva Kadagidze
    Iva Kadagidze 9 days ago

    i was amazed as to where this guy checks his facts they are not correct

  • Iva Kadagidze
    Iva Kadagidze 9 days ago

    this video has far to many factual incorrectnesses (idk if that a real word but !) there were many times in the video where i was amazed as to where this guy checks his facts they are not correct

    • Liam McQueen
      Liam McQueen Day ago

      @Iva Kadagidze, Aside from the Crimean part, where was he incorrect?

  • Canadian Mapping and Gaming


  • Tammy Martel
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  • Col.Glover 413
    Col.Glover 413 9 days ago

    Go watch Kent Hovind ✝️

  • angry italian man
    angry italian man 9 days ago

    "Russia invaded Crimea" lol

  • zacywoo
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  • john mcdonald
    john mcdonald 9 days ago

    Sucks to be Russian.

  • Lithunoisan mapper
    Lithunoisan mapper 9 days ago

    No it's just because communism wrecked it just like Lithuania
    Lithuanian might kill itself before Russia can

  • Gio D
    Gio D 10 days ago

    Why is Georgia inkluded in the Russian map?! WTF man, and u are teaching others about Geo politics! !

  • Dozenazer
    Dozenazer 10 days ago +4

    9:32 You erased the Kola Peninsula, which is part of Russia!
    That is foolish tbh.

  • Tobias Tellefsen
    Tobias Tellefsen 10 days ago +1

    This is really educating and really gives us a deeper understanding of this huge country. Mostly of the gas that they use in the U.K comes from Norway were I live. Iimagine if both Norway and Russia closed the gas pipelines to the rest of Europe.

  • KReaL570
    KReaL570 10 days ago

    Japan have sea???? Wtf is that r u omfg dislike

  • KReaL570
    KReaL570 10 days ago

    Most info lie

  • l wang
    l wang 11 days ago

    1:36 "Mediterranean ocean"

  • yigit denktas
    yigit denktas 11 days ago

    Geography is the destiny
    -Ibni Sina

  • Daniel Muginov
    Daniel Muginov 11 days ago

    not true russia is the best