Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice | National Geographic

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
  • This small lake outside Stockholm, Sweden, emits otherworldly sounds as Mårten Ajne skates over its precariously thin, black ice. “Wild ice skating,” or “Nordic skating,” is both an art and a science. A skater seeks out the thinnest, most pristine black ice possible-both for its smoothness, and for its high-pitched, laser-like sounds.
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    Black ice is recently frozen, and can be as thin as 2 inches and still support the weight of a skater. Like a dome or arch, the support comes from the sides rather than the top, and the water underneath prevents the ice from breaking. But, experience and careful advance planning are key. Factors including temperature, atmospheric conditions, and even satellite images of the Earth’s surface are considered. It’s complicated, but appealing to mathematicians like Ajne. Even with preparation, there’s a risk of falling in… So it’s best done in groups, for safety.
    Read about the science behind Nordic skating in "How Skating on Thin Ice Creates Laser-Like Sounds"
    Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice | National Geographic
    National Geographic
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  • National Geographic
    National Geographic  9 months ago +3868

    Black ice is recently frozen and can be as thin as 2 inches! Do you think you want to try Nordic or wild ice skating? Make sure to try in groups if you do!

    • Selfmade DC
      Selfmade DC 27 minutes ago

      National Geographic yea groups is a good idea 🤔🤔🤔

    • QUAG
      QUAG 10 hours ago +1

      Black ice didnt ask to be here, Black ice is a product of the enviroment. Stop blaming Black ice!!

    • Josh S-TV
      Josh S-TV 17 hours ago

      Alien sounds

    • Alexandra .Willitts
      Alexandra .Willitts 17 hours ago

      Puhleez, I hear this very sound (sonar beep) any time I toss a rock straight up into the air and have it land on ice that's more than 6 inches thick when ice forms on waterways here in NJ.
      I once hit a golf ball with a baseball bat across a frozen lake down beyond Chatsworth NJ and kept hearing the "sonar beep" even when the golf ball was more than 300 yards away.
      This is nothing.

  • Altoids 4life
    Altoids 4life 6 minutes ago


  • turkey bandit
    turkey bandit 21 minute ago

    I was just waiting for him to fall in

  • J0HN_F
    J0HN_F 45 minutes ago +1

    Till alla svenskar som kollar

  • Dolores Abernathy

    HOW WAS THE SOUND RECORDED FOR THIS ? (sorry for yelling)

  • Pit Plan
    Pit Plan Hour ago

    u hear these sounds in Ice Age 1

  • SideShow Bob
    SideShow Bob Hour ago

    Used to do this down at the crick as a teenager, but I was bullet proof and an idiot. Ohh the adrenaline.

  • Rex Banner
    Rex Banner 2 hours ago

    It must be a great way to travel up river for hunting or any kind of trading.

  • Margaret OK
    Margaret OK 2 hours ago

    Beautiful footage

  • goodkavin
    goodkavin 2 hours ago

    2:04 cameraman skater

  • Cidadão da Terra
    Cidadão da Terra 2 hours ago

    If you should go skating
    On the thin ice of modern life
    Dragging behind you the silent reproach
    Of a million tear-stained eyes
    Don't be surprised when a crack in the ice
    Appears under your feet
    You slip out of your depth and out of your mind
    With your fear flowing out behind you
    As you claw the thin ice

  • Cidadão da Terra
    Cidadão da Terra 2 hours ago

    It is not 5 mm but 5 cm.

  • Enjoy NJ
    Enjoy NJ 2 hours ago

    It sounds like super mario bros, whenever they jump

  • Canset Keleş
    Canset Keleş 2 hours ago

    Sounds exactly like the M.U.T.O monsters from Godzilla (2014)

  • Monarch Of Memes
    Monarch Of Memes 3 hours ago

    He will make some otherwordly sounds if he falls in. Sounds of his little harp when he is a ghost going to the afterlife

  • Clover Paint
    Clover Paint 3 hours ago

    Pew pew pew pew

  • Quinton Kirk
    Quinton Kirk 3 hours ago

    This fool is crazy

  • David Wilson
    David Wilson 3 hours ago

    Cool..but what's the big deal..it not like the water is running like a river underneath top layer..being took away from where u fall in.. now that's scary..

  • tommy d u b b s
    tommy d u b b s 3 hours ago +1

    You're skating on thin ice pal....

  • M0thaphucka
    M0thaphucka 4 hours ago

    You’re on thin ice there buddy.. watch it

  • Cheng Her
    Cheng Her 4 hours ago


  • Robert Cananzi
    Robert Cananzi 4 hours ago

    Wait so people wouldn’t dare skate on ice this thin? Goes to show how inexperienced I am with ice being an Australian. I would have skated that any day without thinking twice.

  • DaFletch
    DaFletch 4 hours ago

    Same effect can be heard when throwing branches on thin ice, it's just a more safe past-time

  • Dani
    Dani 4 hours ago

    Sounds like little laser beams😂

  • StayAwake _
    StayAwake _ 4 hours ago

    Walking on thin ice? No, bud..
    I’m SKATING on thin ice 🥶

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover 5 hours ago

    my grandnpa here in sweden does this skating but you can get an even louder "laser" sound on bigger lakes

  • Elena 897
    Elena 897 5 hours ago

    *imagine falling*

  • Kris
    Kris 5 hours ago

    Wow thats amazing

  • K.G. Donathan
    K.G. Donathan 5 hours ago

    Getting serious Castle Rock vibes.

  • Mike234
    Mike234 5 hours ago

    It sounds like bioraptors from pitch black

  • Quixy Lados
    Quixy Lados 5 hours ago

    This also happens in my hometown where we go ice skating. It's sick!

  • redfox4561
    redfox4561 5 hours ago

    That looks terrifying

    MOOSA 6 hours ago

    When someone asks me what degree I’m in
    “It’s both an art and a science”

  • TheMaster1
    TheMaster1 6 hours ago

    Very familiar sound to any Nordic person who likes to spend time outdoors. This is just small compared to the almost explosive fracture sounds during springtime when the ice is super thick but the sun is starting to warm it up. I've actually felt the ice tremble due to those while ice fishing.

  • Ethereal Forest
    Ethereal Forest 6 hours ago

    My friends after me bothering them for hours upon hours: You're on thin ice buddy

  • Aditya Purwanto
    Aditya Purwanto 6 hours ago

    Seems like the type of ice that will rob you off your balance, black ice.

  • Attack444 444
    Attack444 444 6 hours ago

    How many times has he done an unexpected swim :D

  • Peachyj06
    Peachyj06 6 hours ago

    1:45 that slightly moving ice... geez

  • Renew Your Mind
    Renew Your Mind 6 hours ago

    Who else watched until the end & had a sigh of relief? Like, here's Ricky, he does this all the time nothing to worry....oh! Oh! That's not good! Someone throw him a rope!

  • Daryl Leckt
    Daryl Leckt 6 hours ago

    dude weighs 140 lbs

  • Spider Watson
    Spider Watson 6 hours ago

    Something therapeutic about it. Almost hypnotic like.
    Wonderful video!
    Thanks NatGeo!

  • Your friend The Wren
    Your friend The Wren 6 hours ago

    I'm the only one hoping to see him break the ice and fall in?

  • Tom Howard
    Tom Howard 6 hours ago

    It's not otherworldly if it happens on earth XD

  • HopperDragon
    HopperDragon 6 hours ago

    But what if they fall in though.

  • Justin Carnes
    Justin Carnes 7 hours ago +1

    I like rice.

  • Colton Peacy
    Colton Peacy 7 hours ago


  • Batgirl P
    Batgirl P 7 hours ago

    Or....just skate on regular ice.

  • Alexey Wysocki
    Alexey Wysocki 7 hours ago

    Get off my lawn

  • LucifersHammerOfGenocide

    So this is what they used for the sounds in Star Wars. Interesting.

  • Louis Emery
    Louis Emery 7 hours ago

    Never mind the skater, what about the cameraman? How long was the lake? When there is no air bubbles the ice is hard.
    That experience was beautiful. Great sound reproduction!

  • E2 Arctic
    E2 Arctic 7 hours ago +1

    Imagine doing a Hockey Stop.

  • NPC #7125366
    NPC #7125366 7 hours ago

    Probably won’t see many black people out there.

  • lemon
    lemon 8 hours ago

    This!! Gives !! Me !! Anxiety!!

  • PronunciationLesson
    PronunciationLesson 8 hours ago

    sounds like Clone Wars fighting.

  • Icy Pawz
    Icy Pawz 8 hours ago

    Wow! That is amazing! It's funny to think that somewhere in Sweden, a person was skating on thin ice. I didn't even know that was possible.

  • Mattigot
    Mattigot 8 hours ago

    Skating Away, on the thin ice of a new day. Those older than 50 will understand.

  • Pritam Das
    Pritam Das 8 hours ago

    TIL otherwordly is a word

  • Steve mc
    Steve mc 8 hours ago

    Opening sounds just like the Black Cats theme from Call of Duty World At War

  • Sully
    Sully 8 hours ago

    give me a stick and a puck asap

  • Mc Muffin
    Mc Muffin 8 hours ago

    Black ice is so sneaky like it can literally rob you without you even knowing

  • Mike Williams
    Mike Williams 8 hours ago

    I have heard this at a reservoir near me! It can be creepy!

  • Damian Qualls
    Damian Qualls 8 hours ago

    You can recreate this sound by simply throwing rocks across ice (over a pond or lake) so that you can still enjoy the sound without the danger

  • Andre’
    Andre’ 8 hours ago

    ok youtube, i watched ir

  • Sand 22
    Sand 22 9 hours ago

    Jesus Christ

  • RIPxBlackHawk
    RIPxBlackHawk 9 hours ago

    I wonder what would happen if you remove the water underneath and you step on it. It could probably still hold you for the most part.

  • Timur Safin
    Timur Safin 9 hours ago

    Apetor from Norway did it years ago with much more fun I'd say. Check out apetor on TVclip.

  • Wandering Nomad
    Wandering Nomad 9 hours ago

    Jethro tull...

  • Wandering Nomad
    Wandering Nomad 9 hours ago

    On the thin ice of a new day...sailing away...

  • Wandering Nomad
    Wandering Nomad 9 hours ago

    Absolutely RAD!!..New addition to the bucket list...!...

  • Bill Clarke
    Bill Clarke 9 hours ago

    2 inches thick?? You mean 5 centimetres, do you not?

  • Can Hitler reach 2000 subs

    I was playing RDR2 and I heard this sound on a frozen lake and to me it sounded like giant tethers snapping under the ice sheet.

  • kaleidoscopicsoul
    kaleidoscopicsoul 9 hours ago

    Aliens are psytrancing underneath 😂😂

  • Dustin
    Dustin 9 hours ago

    I want to try so many things in life. This just got added to the list

  • Colby Ballantine
    Colby Ballantine 9 hours ago

    That’s called ice cracking and that is extremely dangerous but cool

  • Lauren Swearingen
    Lauren Swearingen 9 hours ago

    Gosh how I would love to throw my skates on and glide across this lake

  • Seth Remo
    Seth Remo 9 hours ago

    Skater: “Forty...five millimeters”
    Me: exCUSE ME??
    Skater/Cameraman: “Still *too thick*”

  • FruitBatsLyra
    FruitBatsLyra 9 hours ago

    You get similar sounds if you dangle a slinky from a ceiling fan.

  • Mark Marks
    Mark Marks 9 hours ago

    "Forty...forty five millimetres."
    "Well, that's thick!"

  • René Meijdam
    René Meijdam 9 hours ago

    Otherworldy sounds they say. This is pretty common in the netherlands so i think its not only there. But should i say was in the netherlands.

  • Jamie Ring
    Jamie Ring 9 hours ago

    If I stood on that ice I would break it.

  • Chee Thao
    Chee Thao 9 hours ago

    You can also get this sound by skipping rock on the ice.

  • Barra SS
    Barra SS 9 hours ago

    Dude...I think there is an alien saucer flying above you.

  • Jin3011
    Jin3011 9 hours ago

    Major NOPE!

  • jestes7
    jestes7 9 hours ago

    Poor fish

  • lickitysplit roberts
    lickitysplit roberts 10 hours ago

    I'm sure that just sounds great to the fish

  • Анастасия Романова

    good luck with swimming with those on his feet if he falls down

  • Reed Silvesan
    Reed Silvesan 10 hours ago

    looks like a good way to get into the other world to me

  • Ivan Emma
    Ivan Emma 10 hours ago

    Kinda like the shots of the blasters in Star Wars

  • Laifer Reyes
    Laifer Reyes 10 hours ago

    meanwhile in Sweeden

  • hyp3ract1v• •XB1X
    hyp3ract1v• •XB1X 10 hours ago

    How the heck can 1.5K people Dislike this ??
    How ??

  • Lionel I am
    Lionel I am 10 hours ago

    Cables under high tension have a similar sound to this. Very intriguing

  • Steve Blake
    Steve Blake 10 hours ago

    OMG brings memories of my youth growing up in new England time to take my boy out to skate

  • Core Puncher
    Core Puncher 10 hours ago +1

    I heard if you fall through the ice, Pink Floyd starts playing.

  • erik carp
    erik carp 10 hours ago

    Is this a real sound? It is so wierd

  • Gravelord Nito
    Gravelord Nito 10 hours ago

    Oh those poor poor fish

  • Domo Brah
    Domo Brah 11 hours ago

    Like skating on bubble wrap

  • GDcool500 [Roblox]
    GDcool500 [Roblox] 11 hours ago

    You can see the ice move 1:45

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon 11 hours ago

    Breaking News .. Scientist believed that thin Ice skating can make your brain shrink 99.9%

  • Chris P. Bacon
    Chris P. Bacon 11 hours ago

    This video gives me Chill!

  • Zinda
    Zinda 11 hours ago

    Search: sounds from space. On youtube.. same sounds