Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice | National Geographic

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
  • This small lake outside Stockholm, Sweden, emits otherworldly sounds as Mårten Ajne skates over its precariously thin, black ice. “Wild ice skating,” or “Nordic skating,” is both an art and a science. A skater seeks out the thinnest, most pristine black ice possible-both for its smoothness, and for its high-pitched, laser-like sounds.
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    Black ice is recently frozen, and can be as thin as 2 inches and still support the weight of a skater. Like a dome or arch, the support comes from the sides rather than the top, and the water underneath prevents the ice from breaking. But, experience and careful advance planning are key. Factors including temperature, atmospheric conditions, and even satellite images of the Earth’s surface are considered. It’s complicated, but appealing to mathematicians like Ajne. Even with preparation, there’s a risk of falling in… So it’s best done in groups, for safety.
    Read about the science behind Nordic skating in "How Skating on Thin Ice Creates Laser-Like Sounds"
    Hear the Otherworldly Sounds of Skating on Thin Ice | National Geographic
    National Geographic
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  • National Geographic
    National Geographic  11 days ago +1214

    Black ice is recently frozen and can be as thin as 2 inches! Do you think you want to try Nordic or wild ice skating? Make sure to try in groups if you do!

  • Ronnie Edalgo
    Ronnie Edalgo 14 minutes ago

    I'm pretty sure it's not ice it's definitely aliens 👽👽

  • Monte Lang
    Monte Lang 22 minutes ago

    How very interesting!

  • nyxxie023
    nyxxie023 Hour ago

    I hope he doesn't do this alone.

  • Mayee Monroy
    Mayee Monroy 2 hours ago

    Wow so cool

  • Megans Average Gaming
    Megans Average Gaming 2 hours ago

    This is really cool I just hope none of you watching are stupid enough to try this - or if you do make sure you have plenty of friends a rope dry clothes and blankets with you

  • zack lamers
    zack lamers 2 hours ago

    all thin ice does that just throw a rock across it

  • OmerTheGreatOne
    OmerTheGreatOne 3 hours ago

    i wanna hear the sound he makes when the ice cracks.

  • Maxwell James
    Maxwell James 3 hours ago

    otherworldly? more like ungodly.

  • Alena Ps
    Alena Ps 3 hours ago

    This will be my go-to video during stressful times

  • TableToppery
    TableToppery 3 hours ago

    What brand of skates are those? They look like they clip to the bottom of hiking boots....

  • Apollys
    Apollys 4 hours ago

    You don't have to highlight a word in yellow on every subtitle...

  • OfficialUkGirl
    OfficialUkGirl 5 hours ago +3

    And then he falls....

  • Bobby Tucker
    Bobby Tucker 5 hours ago

    I hope for his benefit he's wearing waterproof and thermal clothing, that water is mighty cold, I know from experience.

  • Thug Lincoln
    Thug Lincoln 6 hours ago

    @1:39 about you can see the ice bend and undulate as he skates over, and it oscillates a small amount after.

  • japs did 9/11
    japs did 9/11 7 hours ago +1

    I want to skate on a lake. :(

  • Bitten_By_Frost
    Bitten_By_Frost 8 hours ago

    would love to do this on a day off.

  • Cheydinal
    Cheydinal 9 hours ago

    Who else thought the ice was so thin you break through if you stop?

  • Anfubvinch
    Anfubvinch 9 hours ago

    Sounds like a sonar

  • San Son
    San Son 9 hours ago

    Is national geographic promoting skating on thin ice?

  • NYer FaLife
    NYer FaLife 9 hours ago

    Thin ice-skaters... they're a dying breed.

  • Denis Solaro
    Denis Solaro 10 hours ago

    A laser like light, I can conceive. But a "laser like sound" ? I must be using the wrong lasers. What frequency are your lasers at?

  • aihamer
    aihamer 10 hours ago

    svenskar var är ni

  • Nik Zvi Inline
    Nik Zvi Inline 10 hours ago

    Amazing video! I actually want to try this!

  • The Wonder Craft
    The Wonder Craft 11 hours ago

    Looks fun

  • notrombones
    notrombones 11 hours ago

    Pretty cool.
    And so is Sweden's Single-Payer Healthcare system too.

  • // girl from Venus //
    // girl from Venus // 11 hours ago

    This made me incredibly anxious, but at the same time it was satisfying
    One of my biggest fears is dark bodies of water that has no telling of how deep it is .-.

  • Frank Stain
    Frank Stain 12 hours ago

    first rule of paramedics: do not resuscitate drowning victim with skates in spring...

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  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 14 hours ago

    Please do not attempt, if your doctor has declared you as obese or if your family and friends refer to you as "big boned".

  • Benjamin Rosseland
    Benjamin Rosseland 15 hours ago

    Love how it says be careful and cautious. We have a big pond or lake whatever you'd like to call it where I live in Norway. It emits the exact same sounds every year. Its pretty much just as thin and black as this ice, yet everyone hops onto it with no fear of falling through. Noones fallen through yet so...

  • jort93z
    jort93z 15 hours ago

    Lol "45mm, thats thick" and 10 seconds later "it can be as thin as 2 inches". 45mm is already less than 2 inches, lol.

  • crustybellybutton 24
    crustybellybutton 24 19 hours ago

    Your on thin ice buddy

  • Traxxattaxx
    Traxxattaxx 20 hours ago

    This guy is skating on thin ice.... and I’m not being literal.

  • Kaitlin Grey
    Kaitlin Grey 21 hour ago

    It's not always actually supporting his weight. It's cracking behind him, that's what's causing some of the sounds.

  • grace abesvlt
    grace abesvlt 21 hour ago

    Sounds like skateboard wheels and laser guns-

  • Kamina
    Kamina 22 hours ago


  • Reginasarah68
    Reginasarah68 22 hours ago

    This video is very relevant to my life rn lol

  • RyderGalaxy101
    RyderGalaxy101 22 hours ago

    Guess you could say they’re on thin ice

  • Keegan Carney
    Keegan Carney 23 hours ago

    How deep was it where you measured the thickness?

  • cheese toastie
    cheese toastie 23 hours ago

    To me it sounded like an undersea creature's form of communication

  • Nancy L
    Nancy L 23 hours ago

    That's scary the ice could break😓

  • Owen MacIntosh
    Owen MacIntosh Day ago

    If he falls...

  • RentableDwarf
    RentableDwarf Day ago


  • xtina
    xtina Day ago


  • binkymagnus
    binkymagnus Day ago

    i really would not want to be the guy following him with the camera. there were cracks forming!!

  • eXozGaming
    eXozGaming Day ago

    I think i just got a sample for my next mixtape

  • giggadragon
    giggadragon Day ago

    Mario spin sound anyone?

  • Lexor888
    Lexor888 Day ago

    We did that as kids when there was no internet to get 500 different types of data to feel safe and we didn't care to measure the strengh of the ice. Stupid? - Yes of course, but it's a whole different game when you feel your heartbeat in your throat like it had the size of a basketball.

  • itsme 21
    itsme 21 Day ago

    Even though the ice is thin it's stronger than most would think it's relatively clear. Most weakness in ice comes from air being trapped in the ice

  • kali baker
    kali baker Day ago

    I want to skate too

  • Keith Sparling
    Keith Sparling Day ago

    Crazy! I skated a lot as a kid, on lakes, rivers etc. I have fallen through, luckily in shallow water... it's no picnic! Somebody has to accompany them I'm sure. Definitely exciting!

  • Ya boy Brent
    Ya boy Brent Day ago

    This is in the netherlands too

  • I Am Prometheus
    I Am Prometheus Day ago

    What's so other worldly.

  • Žygimantas Ramonas

    My lake does the same thing

  • RandomKitty
    RandomKitty Day ago

    It sounds like a platform about to break and it's support cables about to snap.
    Both terrifying on their own.

  • kodiak wild
    kodiak wild Day ago

    😂😂😂 no. interesting, though.

  • pls
    pls Day ago

    i guess you could say this guy was.........

    skating on thin ice


  • Daniel Price
    Daniel Price Day ago

    The ice we skate
    It’s getting pretty thin

    • Daniel Price
      Daniel Price Day ago

      I beat all of you to it 😎

    • Daniel Price
      Daniel Price Day ago

      Hey now, you’re an all star, get your game on, go play
      Hey now, you’re a rockstar, get your game on, get paid,
      And all that glitters is goooooold
      Only shooting stars break the mould

    • Daniel Price
      Daniel Price Day ago

      You know the way I like it and I’ll never get bored

    • Daniel Price
      Daniel Price Day ago

      My world’s on fire, how about yours,

    • Daniel Price
      Daniel Price Day ago

      The water’s getting warmer so you might as well swim

  • Daneki Firnes
    Daneki Firnes Day ago

    It's not otherworldly..it's thisworldly

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  • Adam TV
    Adam TV Day ago

    that sound tho!

  • Bohneneintopf
    Bohneneintopf Day ago

    "The water underneath helps prevent the ice from breaking", except when it doesn't

  • Top
    Top Day ago

    The ice we skate is getting pretty thin

  • 124Nightwing
    124Nightwing Day ago

    And yet I'm still left to wonder how he can stand on his skates without him falling on his back or the ice giving way beneath him.

  • Peter Shroom
    Peter Shroom Day ago

    Lasers dont make sound?

  • Nibba
    Nibba Day ago

    This is fake news, there’s just a Nordic bro shooting a laser gun behind the camera

  • Phill Huddleston
    Phill Huddleston Day ago +3

    Skating on thin ice sounds so familiar, must be a good thing to do I guess; )

  • NaV3P
    NaV3P Day ago

    You can see at 1:58 how the ice moves like "waves"

  • Alexander/Gustavsson/Parkour

    This is in 🇸🇪

  • I don't know
    I don't know Day ago

    Ice skating looks so easy on him..

  • Dan Kelly
    Dan Kelly Day ago

    It's not enough to be in a group all of you should wear full wet suits.

  • Leonard Ermel
    Leonard Ermel Day ago

    This ice looks like my phone's display...

  • ice cold
    ice cold Day ago

    as kids chucking rocks over new ice is always fun cause u can skip rocks for 100s of feet and hear the echo just like this vid. i love this. so thin ice and he skating it absolutely amazing.

  • 날봄
    날봄 Day ago

    얼음 꺼질까 겁난다

  • Josh Blount
    Josh Blount Day ago

    1:42 His weight pushing down on the ice, and his movement forward at a steady speed, causes a ripple effect to travel with him. This can bee seen as he approaches and passes the camera. The ice surface flexes as his weight on the ice slightly displaces water under him.

  • Mahlen Morris
    Mahlen Morris Day ago

    Lasers don't sound like that. At most they emit a low hum; even then, that's just the power supply.

  • 남자독일
    남자독일 Day ago

    Wouldnt support an american tho :D

  • L Hijk
    L Hijk Day ago


  • Inaara Z
    Inaara Z Day ago

    Every second of this video gave me stress

  • Faithful Judah
    Faithful Judah Day ago

    Do a triple axel jump. I dare you

  • Boozer
    Boozer Day ago


  • P V
    P V Day ago


  • P V
    P V Day ago


  • Dorren Williams
    Dorren Williams Day ago


  • Downhomesunset
    Downhomesunset Day ago

    “You learn from your mistake....” not if you’re dead!

  • Chrille söder
    Chrille söder Day ago

    eee satelite ? cant remember that. just need some centimeters and stay away from outlets and inlets where the ice can be thiner.. you dont need to be a professor for that

  • Hi
    Hi Day ago

    Aint "black ice" a racist joke?

  • MasterofPlay7
    MasterofPlay7 2 days ago

    like laser guns in star war....

  • ARGaming
    ARGaming 2 days ago

    Clearly not otherworldly.

  • Dakamaru
    Dakamaru 2 days ago

    Michael Guthrie will be first.

  • Justin Night
    Justin Night 2 days ago

    What if your mistake is falling in? Would you try again???

  • MrCrashBandicoot25
    MrCrashBandicoot25 2 days ago

    Im kinda drunk and high, this was the perfect video. Just captivating!

  • A.J. Pekarek
    A.J. Pekarek 2 days ago

    OMG AJNE is my name and where I live, A.J. Ne(Nebraska)

  • Siyovaxsh En-sipad-zid-ana

    Love how it says it’s a science, when it isn’t. Everything is passed off as science now.

  • PipeGameWeak
    PipeGameWeak 2 days ago

    seem dangerous as a muthafucker forreal

  • Dave O
    Dave O 2 days ago

    I learned when I was a kid, if you take a metal slinky and bite one end and raise the other above your head. Then jiggle it up and down, you get the same sound, like Star Wars. Pretty crazy. This brings me back to my childhood.
    Don’t ask me why I was biting slinkies

  • B oiii
    B oiii 2 days ago

    Isen är inte tjock den är tunn

  • Andy joe
    Andy joe 2 days ago

    I heard that sound at my friends house lol

  • Amazing Turtle
    Amazing Turtle 2 days ago

    Where I used to live a pond was frozen over and we found a whiskey bottle half in the mud and started throwing/sliding it across the ice. The sounds were a lot like this