• Published on Mar 15, 2018
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    For today's video we wanted to take you on a little "DIY tour" around our spaces to show you which DIY's have stayed with us after all these years! If we didn't keep them we either gave them away to friends/ viewers, sold them, donated them, and maybe an ex took a DIY or two lol
    @thesorrygirls everywhere!
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  • TheSorryGirls
    TheSorryGirls  Month ago +252

    you guys. are the sweetest. Thank you so much for your kind words. So much love to all of you that have supported us over the years and those that continue to support us 😭💙

    • Svetlana Barshova
      Svetlana Barshova 3 days ago

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    • mianotokay
      mianotokay 23 days ago

      Omg it looks like the words are slanted help my eyes

    • Serena Faraj
      Serena Faraj Month ago


    • srhy
      srhy Month ago

      Ninth X Luke i believe it was a google pixel book! They had a giveaway for it

  • VitaMita
    VitaMita 2 days ago

    Can you do a series of​ different pallet furniture?

  • TheAmaGri
    TheAmaGri 3 days ago

    Omg i remember the hooks

  • Lily McCran
    Lily McCran 3 days ago

    I noticed a hook on your bedroom ceiling, please make a diy of something hanging from it! Xx

  • J Hey
    J Hey 4 days ago

    I watched the hanger organiser when it first came out

  • BreezyRenee333
    BreezyRenee333 11 days ago +1


  • MyDoanne
    MyDoanne 15 days ago

    You guys should sell the stuff you don't keep for the price you made it! I'd deffo buy some of your cool stuff!

  • jenni sosa
    jenni sosa 16 days ago

    Could you guys do a video of all your power tools you use in majority of your projects?

  • Meg Vincent
    Meg Vincent 16 days ago

    Hi I’m new and I love your vids. Thank you!

  • nilssonalma
    nilssonalma 17 days ago

    I made the polaroid pictures when you did and they are still on our fridge!

  • laceria obesiden
    laceria obesiden 17 days ago

    Around since the first diy Halloween costumes!

  • Melanie R
    Melanie R 22 days ago

    I was 10 when you guys first started the channel but I do remember starting watching your videos in elementary school! it was before I actually had a google account, so I wasn't actually subscribed and I kept watching your videos for like 3 years after that, just never subscribing for some odd reason. Then I went on a "tech fast" for a year when I was 15(I was also vegan for a bit there... it was weird) but then I saw one of your videos, the hair brush phone case one, and it was just such a pleasant flashback! so I have been stalking your videos now, and I remember a lot of these DIYs, and Im sure that I could find the hanger/jewellery organizer if I went through my old boxes! This video made me smile

  • ThatStylePlace
    ThatStylePlace 23 days ago

    I don't comment often but when I saw the early video of yours with the jewellery and hanger I was surprised it's been 8 years. It doesn't feel like it.

  • Lauren Garza
    Lauren Garza 24 days ago

    OMG THE BANDANA. Genius.

  • JustLivingLife
    JustLivingLife 25 days ago

    Can’t believe I have been subscribed for so long! I remember that jewellery hanger because I loved it so much I made one for myself and I still just it to this day.

  • Karunya Sabapathy
    Karunya Sabapathy 25 days ago

    Omg. When you realize you literally watched all of these videos when they first came out. Can't believe it's been that many years!
    Feel like I've grown with you! (:

  • RubyOpheliaQuinn
    RubyOpheliaQuinn 26 days ago

    I have been around since the beginning!

  • Marely Mendez
    Marely Mendez 26 days ago

    You got a new subscriber 😉😋

  • Miranda534Panda
    Miranda534Panda 28 days ago


  • I Am Soup
    I Am Soup 29 days ago

    Who was here before 100k

  • Meelad Ghanem
    Meelad Ghanem 29 days ago

    OMG, I feel like crying because of the big feeling of Nostalgia this video had given me❤️❤️😭

  • SterlsTacos
    SterlsTacos Month ago

    Omg I’ve been subscribed for so long because I remember a bunch of these diys!!💖

  • Kaylie Vlogs
    Kaylie Vlogs Month ago

    This was posted on my birthday😀

  • ????
    ???? Month ago

    I remember every single one of these?? I can't believe it's been 8 years?????

  • Qiana Butler
    Qiana Butler Month ago

    This video made me realize that I've been subscribed for a looooooooong time. Thanks for continuing to inspire me, and teaching me that girls can do anything! (literally anything haha)

  • Bethany Joy
    Bethany Joy Month ago

    I was laughing because I have literally watched every single one of those DIYs you showed. Love you guys so much 😍

  • Belema Iyo
    Belema Iyo Month ago

    Wow! Can't believe it's been over 3 years since I first saw your videos. So good.

  • Michele Beagan
    Michele Beagan Month ago

    Wait did you guys not keep the marble table it was so pretty

  • Megan Little
    Megan Little Month ago

    So weird seeing all your old diys, I remember making my own necklace hanger and I still have it ☺️

  • frielie
    frielie Month ago +1

    I’ve watch you since 2012!😘

  • Kelsey Howe
    Kelsey Howe Month ago

    Are the loft/balcony planters still there?! There were awesome

  • Salmah N
    Salmah N Month ago

    Platform bed DIY!

  • Alisha Catherine Renee Swartz

    I've actually been around since the jewelry hanger lol, didn't know it's been this long, but I also watched all your videos (shoutout to the leopard couch)

  • marti morelli
    marti morelli Month ago

    awwww this video brings so many memories!!! Im so happy you have grown so much, you totally deserve it ❤️

  • eeeeeeeeeeb
    eeeeeeeeeeb Month ago

    its crazy ive been subscribed to you guys since you had like 20k subscribers. its actually amazing how fast you guys grew in a short amount of time (at least in my perspective.) the best diy channel right now! (plus youre canadian!

  • Sea Wolf
    Sea Wolf Month ago

    Grl pwr!

  • Aneta Bošková
    Aneta Bošková Month ago

    so cute! i watch your channel since 2013 i think, you're the best!

  • AmandaRachLee
    AmandaRachLee Month ago

    this was such a throwback i love it!

  • Sneha Raj
    Sneha Raj Month ago

    I remember the first time I stumbled across your guys’ channel was when I was in middle¿/high school¿? And I came across the Halloween costume highlighters idea 😂 that and the black swan costumes. I remember checking back a year later for Halloween costume ideas and here I still am :) I’m a sophomore in college now for time reference haha good luck with everything you guys!

  • Christopher Norris
    Christopher Norris Month ago

    I think I discovered you guys from the cement planter and phone charging dock DIYs. Around that time, I tried the glass terrarium but cutting the glass was not successful for me.

  • Clarice Cambrill
    Clarice Cambrill Month ago

    The faux white brick wall has been hanging out on my balcony for years still going strong !

  • Navya Goh
    Navya Goh Month ago

    Yass!! I remember the hanging jewellery hanger. I made and I do to still have it🙂❤️

  • Madeline
    Madeline Month ago

    I remember the jewelry hanger!

  • Justin Castillo
    Justin Castillo Month ago

    anyone else have good nostalgia from watching these past videos? :)

  • brenda benner
    brenda benner Month ago

    it is so cool that you guys keep and still use some of the diys that you guys have done. i want to try some of them when we get moved in to our house i always love seeing your new videos and see what you guys come up with.

  • BucketFullOfMe
    BucketFullOfMe Month ago

    Made the laptop sleeve you did a few years ago, still use it every single day

  • Gwen Asayas
    Gwen Asayas Month ago

    Sorry girls, I've been around since your multiple t-shirt DIYs back in 2010 and rocked those shirts in high school 😂
    The cut up and tied type t shirts hahaha
    I feel like I grew up with you guys and I'm still going keep it up ladies

  • monalisaparking
    monalisaparking Month ago

    I have only been following for a year or so but I still felt so nostalgic and sentimental seeing all the things you've kept for so long 😂😊😘💕❤

  • jaejayjx
    jaejayjx Month ago

    Didn't Becky DIY her dining table??

  • Keelynn Barrier
    Keelynn Barrier Month ago

    I think the jewelry holder is the oldest

  • Nidhi Tattitali
    Nidhi Tattitali Month ago

    Becky got married rite so why do you guys still live together

  • Something Park
    Something Park Month ago

    Wow! It's actually a good idea to show us the diys you've made through the years. It's sweet and lovely!!

  • Lacey
    Lacey Month ago

    I'm surprised there was no copper lamp

  • lyle bobert
    lyle bobert Month ago

    Been here for three years!! I still have the diy terrarium!

  • Layla Rogers
    Layla Rogers Month ago

    I cant believe ive been here sonce that jewelery organizer i love you two i just cant leave

  • Natalie M.
    Natalie M. Month ago

    I would love to remake a picture for my mom like that! How cute

  • Gabriel Maxwell
    Gabriel Maxwell Month ago

    I remember all of them! The very first video I remember was the highlighter hats one! That was such a long time ago! You've come so far since then :)

  • Lyndley Hillebrand
    Lyndley Hillebrand Month ago

    I remember the jewelry hanger!

  • Beautypi Girl
    Beautypi Girl Month ago

    I found you guys from the $20 challenge collaboration!! love you guys though! Great channel! WISH I WAS AS CREATIVE!! Love from the Toronto area too :)))))

  • Johnston Journeys
    Johnston Journeys Month ago

    OMG dying at how long its been that I've been subscribed!!! Loved this video! Does Kelsey live at the office? So cool.

  • DeniVev
    DeniVev Month ago

    Its so fun seeing your old videos! I found the channel when i was making my infinity scarf and found your tutorial. Its been the beginningssss 💕 much love

  • Breybreyyy
    Breybreyyy Month ago

    Becky's haaaaair~ 😍

  • Ichigo Addiction
    Ichigo Addiction Month ago

    There isnt links below :/

    • TheSorryGirls
      TheSorryGirls  Month ago

      The blog post has all of the links! The blog post is linked. :)

  • Rylee Sinclair
    Rylee Sinclair Month ago

    Love that this is trending ❤️❤️

  • Raesling Undomiel
    Raesling Undomiel Month ago

    Love that YT pillow, too. You mean that wasn't a DIY? Totally could be.

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez Month ago

    #update on the living wall

  • Melanie Nicole
    Melanie Nicole Month ago

    I’m slightly makeup obsessed I love it it’s my job and my passion and I really would love to make a glass top vanity table I just don’t know how to go about it I don’t really want to buy it just because I really want something different and customizable to me, if you can give any tips or maybe a video I would really appreciate it! Thank you! Ps I love your videos!

  • Crafts with Cole
    Crafts with Cole Month ago

    This was so sweet and nostalgic! I have always wondered what you do with ALL of your countless (amazing) diys!

  • Omgirl Onie
    Omgirl Onie Month ago

    iv'e been subscribed since the begining!

  • Leila Murphy
    Leila Murphy Month ago

    Headbands don’t stay on my head either but I can wear the other kind because of my gigantic forehead 🤣

  • kimberly rubio
    kimberly rubio Month ago

    ive been subscribed since the necklace diy! i actually have been for a long time! its crazy how i know almost all of these diys.

  • Camille Navata
    Camille Navata Month ago

    I've been such a huge fan since the beginning. I remember you guys had a video about your graduation too! I also remember watching your videos and wondered why there weren't that much videos when you guys make quality DIYs. I'm so glad you guys have million subscribers now!!!!!

  • Sici Wright
    Sici Wright Month ago

    6 years

  • Leah S.
    Leah S. Month ago

    This video was great! Memory lane! 😍 I can't believe I've been around that long. Keep it up guys!

  • Alex Bennet
    Alex Bennet Month ago

    Iv seen all of these its crazy. I cant believe how long iv been subscribed

  • Victoria Stocker
    Victoria Stocker Month ago

    i’d love to see a video of all your guy’s favorite recreations of your diys. i think it’d be really cool to see everyone’s personal flare and style in your diy’s

  • LoserlyCool
    LoserlyCool Month ago

    Damn. I didn't realize that I was here since the beginning, I mean... The DIY NECKLACE HANGER????

  • Jaimee Sit
    Jaimee Sit Month ago

    I've been loving your channel for at least 4-5 years now. I've made the Polaroid magnets and two word tapestries :))

  • lulu6565
    lulu6565 Month ago

    request: more knitting, please!

  • liv R
    liv R Month ago

    you could make a lot of money and bring happiness to someone's life if you sold some of the DIY's on Etsy

  • Vicky Romero
    Vicky Romero Month ago

    A week since I subscribed and binge watch you girls . You both are amazing.cute and so creative.hope to learn to a lot from you girls and and enjoy your blogs

  • bohoshorty
    bohoshorty Month ago

    Can you show how to do the record wall like in your apartment?!

  • Shannon Anderson
    Shannon Anderson Month ago

    I've been around since the days of the Black Swan/White Swan Halloween Costumes!! And better yet, My firmed and I made them in high school when we were juniors. To be honest, wish it still fit, otherwise i think I would wear it every Halloween. Still as fab as when they were made.

  • Noah Kim
    Noah Kim Month ago

    i just DMed a video idea but in case you don’t see it, it was a basically clothing pieces made with old urban outfitters bags

  • Noga Baron
    Noga Baron Month ago

    You should do a "recraeting an old DIY's" video

  • Tracy Schrack
    Tracy Schrack Month ago

    I think the first diy that I tried was your hanging mason jar lights! But what made me start watching your channel was your Minnie Mouse Halloween costumes from so long ago!

  • eszter- ildikó
    eszter- ildikó Month ago

    This was so fun 😍❤️

  • Marit de Vries
    Marit de Vries Month ago

    You can water the dinoplants with a spraybottle!

  • Mia Lucio
    Mia Lucio Month ago

    i’ve been here since the beginningi feel like an OG

  • Kimberly Pajarillo
    Kimberly Pajarillo Month ago

    What about the barn board headboard?? Followed y’all foreverrrr

  • Emma Roufs
    Emma Roufs Month ago

    I have a bunch of charms that I don't know what to make with, could you make a video on a charm diy?

  • PrettyMuchJenny
    PrettyMuchJenny Month ago

    This was so fun to watch! It was a fun trip down memory lane. I've been watching since the Black Swan videos!

  • LauraPartridge
    LauraPartridge Month ago

    such a nice idea to make a vid like that! i'm a new subbie and I think you two are just so creative and inspiring

  • layan m
    layan m Month ago

    ive been watching your videos forrr sooo many years and been inspired ever since

  • Rebekah Rempel
    Rebekah Rempel Month ago

    No I was 5

  • SheAlieMcCartney
    SheAlieMcCartney Month ago


  • bunchesofhappiness
    bunchesofhappiness Month ago

    I can’t believe! I actually have been here since the days of the jewelry organizer! That’s so crazy I didn’t think it had been over 6 YEARS

  • caitlin_dancer
    caitlin_dancer Month ago

    Loved this!

  • Michelle Emily
    Michelle Emily Month ago +1

    what about the amazing herringbone table..?!?

  • Maya Sanseverino
    Maya Sanseverino Month ago

    I have only been subscribed for around a month but I am so happy I can see what you made over the year's