Russian Literature: Russian folk fairy tales / Русские народные сказки (RU & EN CC)

  • Published on May 31, 2017
  • Dive into Russian culture - learn more about Russian folk fairy tales! Main characters, topics and examples of Russian fairy tales in this video.
    Types of folk fairy tales:
    - про животных / about animals
    - волшебные / magical
    -социально-бытовые / social-household
    Кот и Лиса
    Кот, Петух и Лиса
    Маша и Медведь
    Баба Яга
    Иван-Царевич и Серый Волк
    Солдатская шинель
    Барин и Собака
    И многие другие сказки (and many other fairy tales):
    If you have doubts regarding original fairy tales and adaptations, here are originals:
    Фильмы и мультфильмы / Movies and cartoons, based on fairy tales:
    Иван-Царевич и Серый Волк (2011 год)
    Морозко (1964 год)
    Царевна-Лягашка (1954 год)
    Русские народные сказки. Сборник мультфильмов
    You can find much more! :)
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    RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +9

    Hello people! I have made Russian subtitles for this video but really do not have time now to translate them to English.
    BUT you still can use automatical translation of subtitles to English or any other language.
    Just click to "Settings" -> "Subtitles" -> "Translate" -> choose the language of subtitles.
    I checked it and I think that Google translation is quite good, really!
    If someone has time and desire to help with subtitles for this video, I will higly appreciate it.
    Thanks for understang and for watching us :) Good luck!

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +1

      Only Russian you will see if you just choose "Subtitles". You need to click to "Settings", then "Subtitles", there you will see options: or Russian subtitkes, or "TRANSLATE", you need to choose translate and choose English language. I checked, it works))

    • Polar Bear
      Polar Bear Year ago

      RU-LAND CLUB I click it but there is only russian..

  • J Wastag
    J Wastag 10 months ago

    у вас такой нежный красивый голос

  • LaurensVRC
    LaurensVRC Year ago

    All in Russian is the best way to learn. Well done.

  • Müşfiq Mahmudlu

    Great job. Thanks so much.
    Can you make a video about verb motions of "to come"

  • Jeffro Bodeen
    Jeffro Bodeen Year ago

    thanks for speaking slow and clear for all of us who dont study their russian enough. this might be my new favorite ru land video. its about skazki - my favorite. and in all russian. thats the way i like it. bolshoye spasibo. domovoi is my favorite russian myth. when i walk in the house i always say hi to the domovoi so my house doesnt fall apart. i like ivan the fool too. and the tale of the empty drum. one more, vasilisa the fair. i think thats the one i like. she has a doll that helps her escape baba yaga. skolko let skolko zim nika! you look very pretty, ready for summer

  • Muhammed Refaat
    Muhammed Refaat Year ago +1

    Наконец я нашёл кого-то и рассказывает нам про русских народных сказок,
    Огромное спасибо вам😊.

  • Russki Malayu
    Russki Malayu Year ago +1

    Да , точно. Русские народные сказки интересные. Огромное спасибо.

  • mikekmkam
    mikekmkam Year ago

    Прекрасно и мне интересно. Сипосибо огромное ! Можно вас рассказывать более о рycckими народными сказкими так эти ?

  • Franca L
    Franca L Year ago

    I love it, please make more videos like this! So happy that I understood almost everything. I really like your way of speaking. You don't go either too fast or too slow. It's good for intermediate learners. I love hearing about the literature and the old stories :)

    TOP VIDEOS Year ago

    your eyes are pretty fairly tales

  • MiltonJava
    MiltonJava Year ago

    Большое спасибо. Где Колобок?

    • MiltonJava
      MiltonJava Year ago

      Да, да. Я знаю Колобок потому что я занимаю театром и я буду делать скоро Колобок.

      RU-LAND CLUB  Year ago +2

      MiltonJava Колобок относится к сказкам о животных)) я не говорила о нём, потому что он встречается только в одной сказке. На самом деле есть ещё очень много персонажей, обо всех не расскажешь за 15 минут :)

  • Dilly™
    Dilly™ Year ago

    I like your lessons.. it's soo useful to me.. Thank you for these lesson..

  • Hany Michael
    Hany Michael Year ago +2

    привет из Египта))

  • Hany Michael
    Hany Michael Year ago

    ты замечательная))))