• Published on Apr 1, 2016
  • Check out the behind-the-scenes of this fun day out! :)
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  • Yhaya Alam
    Yhaya Alam Year ago

    Damn he was hella fat😂😂 i don’t even remember this

  • Lache
    Lache 3 years ago

    yay nocopyrightsounds

  • Jasper hanngan
    Jasper hanngan 3 years ago

    I did my work experience thair

  • Early Beats
    Early Beats 3 years ago

    91 videos

  • Ki Ham
    Ki Ham 3 years ago

    I would have gone, but my mum said no. But I will be going to NCS trip

    • Ki Ham
      Ki Ham 3 years ago

      I was devastated

  • bulls_eli
    bulls_eli 3 years ago

    send a friend request to rickyboby2001

  • Steve Piva
    Steve Piva 3 years ago

    play GTA 5 plz and I really like your channle you have another subscriber

  • james loves gameing
    james loves gameing 3 years ago

    Ali a I'm going on NCS this year July 25th starting date!! I'm looking forward to it!

    • james loves gameing
      james loves gameing 3 years ago

      you won't miss me if your there, with my bright orange wheelchair there's no way you could not see me xD you would be the first you tuber that I would have seen!

  • Asylum inmate 1888
    Asylum inmate 1888 3 years ago

    Are u going to insomnia scotland

  • GrayIronCreeper
    GrayIronCreeper 3 years ago

    There was a lot of muted bits

  • HedgehogzZ
    HedgehogzZ 3 years ago

    could I have a small loan of 1 subscriber

  • Travis Cox
    Travis Cox 3 years ago

    I'm going there on the 11th of July! :)

  • Mason HD PLAYZ
    Mason HD PLAYZ 3 years ago

    ali a id really appreciate a reply
    great vid bro 😊

  • Miss KittenGames
    Miss KittenGames 3 years ago

    #summergoals mine are to make a gaming youtube channel and vlog more.

  • Danny Lopez
    Danny Lopez 3 years ago

    This video is the devil see the veiws

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 3 years ago

    This was posted 6 days ago with 666k views devil confirmed

  • EvansPyroParty
    EvansPyroParty 3 years ago

    My #SummerGoals are to go to musical festivals and go to a supernatural convention. NCS looks fun

  • Jäger’s ACOG
    Jäger’s ACOG 3 years ago

    I've already signed up for it Ali

  • tylerpsz
    tylerpsz 3 years ago

    How old is he

  • tylerpsz
    tylerpsz 3 years ago

    How old is he

    TRACY MAGUIRE 3 years ago

    To become beta at go carting you shoud try it

  • Daniel Kritzinger
    Daniel Kritzinger 3 years ago

    Ali pls come to South Africa it'll be awesome

  • Hargo 23
    Hargo 23 3 years ago

    we actuy see Ali a hair for once at 4:17

  • JDS
    JDS 3 years ago

    Australia is the best for surfing!

  • Tadi
    Tadi 3 years ago

    #SummerGoals is to pass all my exams

  • LIam Pate
    LIam Pate 3 years ago

    go to Australia surfing

  • Uxirayz
    Uxirayz 3 years ago

    2:31 that dark matter doe

  • CpNq
    CpNq 3 years ago

    ncs is fucking wank went on it and was the worst experience of my life

  • Riversson
    Riversson 3 years ago

    you to ali

  • Vex Fusion
    Vex Fusion 3 years ago


  • Liam allan Allan
    Liam allan Allan 3 years ago

    Play zombies more plz I love your zombies videos

  • Mr.Fusions M.L.G
    Mr.Fusions M.L.G 3 years ago


  • Mr.Fusions M.L.G
    Mr.Fusions M.L.G 3 years ago

    My summer goal is to wake board at are lake house

  • Carboss Amill
    Carboss Amill 3 years ago

    nice shirt

  • Santizagola
    Santizagola 3 years ago

    Wha is Ali a's real name ?

  • Yes
    Yes 3 years ago

    NCS = NoCopyrightSounds

    • Felix Wolfe
      Felix Wolfe 3 years ago

      +Puuhöylä = illuminati confirmed

  • Whiiiteeey
    Whiiiteeey 3 years ago

    alia fake taxi edition

  • Eben_Ljnub313-ابن الجنوب٣١٣

    Guy check out my latest battlefield 4 video
    Behind the enemy lines
    Awesome squadUp battle

  • Absolute Gamer
    Absolute Gamer 3 years ago

    go to the gym

  • BUZMAN Gaming
    BUZMAN Gaming 3 years ago

    I'm sorry but I'm unsubscribing because people like u don't make the game fun anymore don't take this as I hate u I just can't watch people that don't make people like me have fun with the game I'm sorry.

    • Storm
      Storm 3 years ago

      That made no sense at all, please re-type your comment so I can understand what you just said.

    • BUZMAN Gaming
      BUZMAN Gaming 3 years ago


  • Christian Wheelock
    Christian Wheelock 3 years ago

    1 like = absolutely nothing
    1 sub = also nothing
    If you ignore = infinite good luck

  • RonniBarker
    RonniBarker 3 years ago

    You was amazing, I can't believe that I saw you! You did awesome!

  • its peanut
    its peanut 3 years ago

    u are so awesome when ur being chairitable

  • H . A
    H . A 3 years ago

    The letter "W" will take over TVclip...comment #W

  • Jackw745 ps4
    Jackw745 ps4 3 years ago

    an with to be temper

  • Jackw745 ps4
    Jackw745 ps4 3 years ago

    I saw u on tv with Emma on the roof

  • W G
    W G 3 years ago

    Please can I have a shoutout I watch all your videos and I've been subscribed since 3million subs and I've shared your channel to my friends and more

  • Alfred Platt
    Alfred Platt 3 years ago

    my summer goal would be that i can forget 3 specific people who use me and make 3 new better friends :-)

  • Ludovic Santerre
    Ludovic Santerre 3 years ago

    what does make alia special? he's just a player wich does fake videos

    • Ludovic Santerre
      Ludovic Santerre 3 years ago

      like : there is new weapons in bo3! and in the video he shows a pixel on a picture that he thinks it's a dlc weapon (that will never appear in the game)

    • Jack S.
      Jack S. 3 years ago

      how are his videos fake lmao

  • Abz Hassan
    Abz Hassan 3 years ago

    My sister saw you and took a picture of you

  • King BoxHD
    King BoxHD 3 years ago

    My dad works in the kebab store behind Ali at 1:11. Marathon kebab house

  • snipity sniper
    snipity sniper 3 years ago

    Come to Australia to surf

  • Mr.MeowMeow
    Mr.MeowMeow 3 years ago

    Emma is awesome

  • Smeagol The wizard
    Smeagol The wizard 3 years ago

    So you also did High adventure basically

    HaWX CLAN 3 years ago

    #summergoals beat alias level on cod

  • Samuel Henley
    Samuel Henley 3 years ago


  • Team BuildIt
    Team BuildIt 3 years ago

    Wrestlemania is soon

  • Antonis Vekios
    Antonis Vekios 3 years ago

    Come to greece


    NCS came to my school

  • Geonaute2
    Geonaute2 3 years ago

    My summer goal is to get a job as a translator.