Nick Wright PRAISES Jones, Ryan save Falcons, Atlanta defeats Philadelphia Eagles, 24-20

  • Published on Sep 16, 2019
  • Nick Wright PRAISES Jones, Ryan save Falcons, Atlanta defeats Philadelphia Eagles, 24-20
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  • Bryan Rivera
    Bryan Rivera 26 days ago

    Nick how much is philly paying you

  • Zach Von
    Zach Von 28 days ago

    If they say for "philly a superbowl contender they have to find a way to win." Since most every analyst picked philly to win, does that then make the atlanta falcons super bowl contenders? Rise up Brotherhood!

  • Dom-Kennedy Harris
    Dom-Kennedy Harris 28 days ago

    All these sports shows and the media constantly forget one very important aspect of the sport. Physicality!!! Idc how many pretty boy 4.3 athletes you have on your team. Atlanta is the type of team that will punch you in the mouth. They are fast and they will light you up. Deion Jones and Keanu Neal are hitmen for that defense.

  • K Comm
    K Comm 29 days ago


  • K Comm
    K Comm 29 days ago

    @3:20 ....uh....the Atlanta Falcons played in this game....not the Buffalo Bills... #CMONMAN #RUKIDDINGME

  • B Will
    B Will 29 days ago

    Cris, that's your old team..the Falcons played very well and Philly should have been scored on at least one more time. Matt threw a pick in the end zone. Nick, you've never been for the Falcons and that's fine but when the Falcons were decimated with injuries last year you all acted as if they weren't and called them a bad that the shoe is on the other foot you give those teams excuses GTHOH!!

  • KinggTae
    KinggTae 29 days ago

    Eagle players got hurt In game they wasn’t hurt goin in idiots

  • Todd Nielsen
    Todd Nielsen Month ago +1

    Nick Wright is RIGHT. Chris saying "Oh they had to pull out the 'jail break screen to win in ATL" Well Philly had a chance and many chances to win the game afterwards, and didn't. A win is a win, Sorry Philly lost Zack Ertz didn't convert to make it first and goal. Philly lost, because they got destroyed in the trenches all night long and didn't make the plays, Atlanta did. Please stop chalking this up as 'oh they were injured and should have won' they didn't win despite all of the amazing depth they have. Atlanta destroyed one of the leagues premier offensive and defensive lines and all the while committing 3 awful interceptions still stuck it out until the end and got the win. Respect that. Stop being a TV pungent with an agenda, a win is a win. Atlanta won and I would argue dominated the Eagles for 3 quarters, put some respect on the Falcon's name. Can't wait until yall jump on the Falcon's playoff bandwagon, its gonna be hilarious.

  • Todd Nielsen
    Todd Nielsen Month ago +2

    Right, Philly clearly lost the game because of injury......Not because they got dominated in the trenches and Carson was awful in the first half missing easy completions, great Chris Carter, take a jab, Julio gets paid and hasn't lived up to his contract until the game sealing touchdown of the game......yeah.....Eagles would have won, but 2 receivers got banged up so, discount the entire win to, Oh the Falcons are lucky they made the plays when they did......Typical. Sleep on the Falcons, please, stay asleep, its gonna be hilarious seeing Chris backward compliment this team deep into the season. I'm guessing it will be, "Cam is hurt, Brees is hurt, they should win the division" yeah thanks for the Lazy commentary, guess being in the HOF awards you that lazy perspective. Great analysis.

  • Q Royal
    Q Royal Month ago +3

    But eagles got the so called best dline but only got one sack , best online & we had wentz playing hopscotch ! what’s y’all excuse for that ? 🤣

  • M Stith
    M Stith Month ago +1

    I love how pundits manipulate what we see, with our own eyes, to support their preseason predictions. Before this game, Atlanta had no chance (at home, mind you), now, there is an excuse for why their predictions were worthless. Kind of comical..

  • M Stith
    M Stith Month ago +1

    So, Chris Carter, are you suggesting that ATLANTA played a perfect game to beat Philly??? REALLY? Philly got BEAT and it shouldn't have even been close...

  • o k
    o k Month ago +2

    I think that Matt Ryan has it pretty tough, he gets more hate than he gets credit, he’s not bad, he’s either hot garbage or hot fire

  • All Hail Gingers
    All Hail Gingers Month ago +1

    Eagles were injured LAST YEAR TO WTH U SMOKIN ATLANTA

  • Obie Hickman
    Obie Hickman Month ago

    Man f$$$ the Falcons get a ring B$$$$es 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Donavin Fontanez
    Donavin Fontanez Month ago

    Was this like a Superbowl win for Atlanta or something?

  • Larry T
    Larry T Month ago

    Yeah! Just like in the Super Bowl vs the Pats! Chokers!!!

  • the body
    the body Month ago +1


    • the body
      the body Month ago

      To all falcon fans until you get a super bowl shut up do you all have short memories whe put you out 2017 2002 2004 ot the play offs and we are a better team period we lost 3 starting receivers

  • William rice
    William rice Month ago +5

    Chris mad Falcons stopped him from going to the super bowl in 98.

    • Tyler Decker
      Tyler Decker 27 days ago

      William rice he hates the falcons like most media. It’s kind of ridiculous. I’m from Iowa and the media just hates on the falcons.

  • anwarugas90
    anwarugas90 Month ago

    I swear if we had shanahan Eagles wouldn’t blitz that much, he would make them pay. You sending seven to eight guys, zero coverage on the top all night, that was insult.

  • Merc Rogue
    Merc Rogue Month ago +1

    Thanks, chinless wonder.

  • Antonio Welch
    Antonio Welch Month ago +1

    Lol philly got beat, period

  • Josh
    Josh Month ago

    Atlanta fans are all in the comments crying about our injuries being mentioned. That's how you know they know they weren't supposed to win. They'll be a 7 win team. Reminds me of the three bucs last year.

    • Gavin Vincent
      Gavin Vincent 29 days ago

      Josh you sound stupid as shit. They are complaining because everyone’s acting like they weren’t injured to. They were missing two of their linemen on already a top 5 worst line in the league last season. And the punter was injured. He was giving the eagles the ball in midfield every punt and they never scored

  • Michael Engelmann
    Michael Engelmann Month ago

    They oversimplified that game, too many hurt players, too many missed opportunities, passes, missed tackles, missed interceptions, etc

  • Jason Mcneal
    Jason Mcneal Month ago

    Damn Falcons fans.....y'all sound like some scorned lover with all this hatred coming towards the national media. Could the national media just be tired of picking the Falcons for doing "big things" and consistently see them coming up short ........ EVERY TIME!!! It's not hate y'all, they're just weary of a promising (at times loaded) team underachieving year in and year out. Good game tho.....the season continues.

  • Jason Mcneal
    Jason Mcneal Month ago +3

    Way to fight and get the W Falcons..... Y'all made enough plays to win and that's what it is all about. Hope to see y'all again because i know that my Eagles will be in the mix when the dust clears at the end of the season. Go Eagles

  • Jason Mcneal
    Jason Mcneal Month ago

    Wow....I'm an Eagles fan and we lost the game straight up. NO EXCUSES. I just don't understand the shots fired at the Eagles injury situation, damn. My question for you Falcons fans is...if you lost Julio Jones for the game would it affect the outcome of game? We lost more productivity out of our receiving corp (Alshon, Desean and Dallas G) than what "one" Julio brings.

  • allin yofeelings
    allin yofeelings Month ago +1

    Why everybody always making excuses for Wentz???

  • allin yofeelings
    allin yofeelings Month ago +2

    Julio Jones is a beast exactly what u want in a receiver an Calvin Ridley is his Minny me mat Ryan has no excuses

  • WEB
    WEB Month ago +2

    Chris and Nick I want to be blunt the Falcons mistakes and their injured punter kept Philly in the game. We'll talk more at the end of the year

  • WEB
    WEB Month ago +2

    Chris Carter I know you hate to praise the Falcons because they knocked you out of your only potential Super Bowl win of your career but don't forget the fact that the Falcons d-line shut down the Eagles as you call it the best offensive line in football which pretty much got manhandled and shut down there running game which exposed Carson Wentz to be more one-dimensional which then made the Eagles less productive

  • frank white
    frank white Month ago +6

    Die hard eagles fan here. Giving mad respect to atlanta you came out hitting, great defense and we have no excuse with injuries next man up. You guys earned thatvW.

    • o k
      o k Month ago +2

      Coming from a die hard falcons fan, you guys definitely were coming back, especially when the offense came in with that TD with 3 minutes left. Got respect for y’all. #riseup

  • NBK Vamp
    NBK Vamp Month ago

    Here’s the better fact, that last touchdown, was a penalty, right in front of the referee yall held one of our guys in the back, don’t believe me then go look at the tape, my question is how much did y’all pay that ref?

  • Larry T
    Larry T Month ago

    Lucky Win for Falcons Super Bowl chokers beat Super Champs 2017!

    • LA Ryan
      LA Ryan Month ago +1

      Lucky win? I hope we play you MF's again in the playoffs and this time it won't be close because we should have won by at least three td's.

  • Anthony Walker
    Anthony Walker Month ago

    can we get some type of damn credit gotdamn smh

  • MegaTechpc
    MegaTechpc Month ago +1

    So no credit whatsoever to the Falcons defense? You know, there is a reason Philly couldn't run the ball and it's because the Falcons got embarrassed by Dalvin Cook last week and made stopping the run a priority vs the Eagles. Also Oliver's outstanding tackle was tge reason Ertz didnt get that final first down. Smh...

  • Wayne Thomas
    Wayne Thomas Month ago +4

    Give me a break, not a single compliment to the Falcons defense?! Psh!

    • Shereda Cook
      Shereda Cook Month ago

      It's amazing. The defense did a great job. The defense minimized the consequences of those interceptions.And that last play on fourth down was perfection.

  • Ahmed Muhtaseb
    Ahmed Muhtaseb Month ago +2

    Injury’s because ATL Dline came in dangerous ...

  • Diablo sama
    Diablo sama Month ago

    My Eagles got unlucky... GG Falcons looks like u got ur revenge

  • Patrick Staggs
    Patrick Staggs Month ago +1

    It wasn't just Ryan and Jones. Jake matthews, mr. Sanu, and a hard hitting defense

  • FalconInHawaii
    FalconInHawaii Month ago +1

    Philly fans crack me up talking all that shit before the game & then now you're crying like sAint fans cause injuries made the Eagles lose? Seriously, Falcons had injuries also during the game did anyone talk about that. Well, let me point them out to you. Falcons starting RG Chris Lindstrom is on IR & LG Kaleb McGary got injured during the game which forced the Falcons to play their 3rd & 4th string lineman against supposedly "The best defensive front" yet Eagles only had one sack the entire game? Plus, Desmond Trufant who had 2 INT's in the first half also got injured during the game. So F off with the injury excuse and just face it the Eagles got worked the entire game & lost cause they aren't that good. The only reason why Philly had a chance to come back is due to Matt Ryan throwing 3 dumb INT's. Otherwise, the game isn't close at all! Now take your L and move on!

  • iamteamyou
    iamteamyou Month ago

    Jenny looking like a sexy as Stud!!!!

  • Preston Flowers
    Preston Flowers Month ago


  • Preston Flowers
    Preston Flowers Month ago +1


  • Uh JShin.
    Uh JShin. Month ago

    This man Cris Carter a whole ass bum. 😂 He hella using injuries as an excuse. Like the falcons didn’t go through the same shit last season. Grow tf up and pull your panties outta your ass crack. 🤡🤡🤡

  • Julio Herrera
    Julio Herrera Month ago

    Philadelphia is better

  • Joshua D
    Joshua D Month ago

    Damn I've never seen so many Falcons crybabies in my life I hope you all were crying more when ya blew that lead in the Super Bowl 😂😂😂😂😂 fact of the matter is we have like eight players injured four of them were key starters and we still are most won yah Azz!!

    • Jay Prime
      Jay Prime 29 days ago

      @Joshua D 2 years ago we actually DID LOSE OUR TOP 2 WR'S AND STILL WON, yall defense just couldn't stop us. and yall still had nelson aghlor, and ertz but yall couldnt get it done, yall were still moving the ball effectively, just came up short so shout injuries all you want a L is still an L. we had injuries when we played the eagles last year week 1 but yall didn't hear us yell injuries killed our defense which it did. so you can shut up about it and take the L

    • Joshua D
      Joshua D Month ago

      @Jay Prime ya won due to numerous factors injury being one of them. So let me ask you this if ya lost Ridley and Julio ya wouldn't struggle? FOH. How does a qb GIVE ints? All 3 in the second half? BASIN YOU GUYS SUCK WHAT I WANT LEO JONES YEAH I WOULDN'T EVEN BE A MIDDLE-OF-THE-PACK TEAM. THE ONLY THING I WILL GIVE Y'ALL THE SUPERIORITY OF YA D-LINE.

    • Joshua D
      Joshua D Month ago

      @LA Ryan look up the definition for excuses and then look up the definition for facts. Like here's a fact you guys almost lost that game with our second string wide receivers antar secondary playing the choices and you guys have arguably the best three wide receivers in the league. Now whats your excuse for it being such a close game?

    • LA Ryan
      LA Ryan Month ago

      Joshua D. All I see is Eagles fans bitching and crying saying "If our players weren't hurt we would have won" FOH!

    • Jay Prime
      Jay Prime Month ago +1

      Joshua D were ass but how did we win? Injuries hit us last years but what did y’all do? Call us ass for losing our secondary and LB core? Y’all had a fully competent defense , 2 out of 4 quality receivers, 1 good TE. You had plenty of talent to work with yet Nelson dropped a game winner, Ertz can’t extent his arms, y’all RBs can’t faint 3 yards a carry, y’all Oline can’t block legos , yet y’all call us ass. Matt Ryan gave y’all 2 extra ints to win yet y’all got stuck short like we did the last 2 years. so y’all get no sympathy from me. Y’all took that L just take it into next week hope to not lose because I think y’all gonna go 7-9

  • Brian Walker
    Brian Walker Month ago +1

    They sure do make a lot of excuses for Philly...

  • T-Bone Hubbard
    T-Bone Hubbard Month ago +1

    I've been a Falcons Fan for a long time, we were decimated with injuries last year and no one gave a damn about us, but whenever the Eagles lose and get banged up with injuries, everybody wants to give them excuse, not to mention, the media is all in love with Carson Wentz, he didn't even play in the Postseason the last 2 years, also, my Little Brother who is a Die Hard Cowboys Fan even said that the Eagles Fans are so obnoxious and I say the same thing about the Saints Fans, but they like to get drunk

  • ADUSN BasedGod
    ADUSN BasedGod Month ago

    Atlanta gets no benefit of the doubt when all those starters were hurt. Fuck the media

  • falcons nation
    falcons nation Month ago +2

    We never get any love

  • GeorgiaRudeBoy
    GeorgiaRudeBoy Month ago

    Everybody with the Matt Ryan hate needs to stfu he's one of the best qbs in the league dont take my word for it look at the career stats and compare them to your qb and it takes more than a qb to win a title in football #RiseUp #FalconsNation #Falconsvsallyall

  • Olzick Montfort
    Olzick Montfort Month ago +1

    Get ready for the no Andrew luck excuse next week. Maybe the world should stop judging teams after week one. 2016 the falcons were demolished at home, week one by Tampa Bay. That season ended with a Superbowl loss.

  • Ronald Beaulieu
    Ronald Beaulieu Month ago

    I was hoping they’d go up by 28 in this game. You know how ATL likes to give up 28 pt leads, eh? 😂

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Month ago +1

    Jesus give the falcons defense some credit for shutting down the run and putting pressure on wentz. They never gave the falcons defense credit once. I can’t stand these two

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Month ago +1

    I can’t stand cris carter or this other doosh bag

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Month ago +2

    They give the falcons d-line no credit against that eagles great o-line. Falcons d-line played great. They were putting the hurt on wentz

    • MegaTechpc
      MegaTechpc Month ago +1

      *Atlanta defensive line crushes Wentz all game long
      Cris Carter - "tHe eAGLeS oFfEnSiVe LiNe dIDnT pLaY vErY wELL!"

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Month ago +11

    I’m so sick of the media saying eagles made too many mistakes and that’s why they lost but Matt Ryan threw 3 horrible picks where we should have scored and we still won. Falcons should have won by 20

    • Terencio
      Terencio 28 days ago

      Non-Biased Falcon Fan that what he said shows u how much of nothing why they hate on the falcons. And plus they act like they don’t have they one good/great player on they team unless they team in tanking mode.

    • Non-Biased Falcon Fan
      Non-Biased Falcon Fan 29 days ago +1

      @the body When Julio only scored 3 Tds all year in 2017, we still made the playoffs.

    • the body
      the body Month ago

      Fly eagles fly a better team the Eagles don't depend on one player without Julio Jones Atlanta would never make the playoffs period

  • Jeff Cochran
    Jeff Cochran Month ago +24

    The eagles players weren’t in the game because the falcons were bringing the pain.

  • Shakasha
    Shakasha Month ago +3

    Y'all are full of BS I swear the media make every excuse possible for Wentz. Carson was playing like garbage from the start he was throwing all kind of bad passes. Now if this was that they would say see he needs pieces around him in order to play good and he isn't a accurate passer. But Philly has been loaded since 2017 but no one want to say that. They skip over all the horrible things he did and just talk about the few good plays and act like he's just amazing. I'm still trying to figure out why he even got drafted 2nd overall because he didn't do shit in college either he had a loaded team as well.