• Published on May 15, 2018
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  • Shane Walker
    Shane Walker 12 days ago

    How much would you sell it for

  • Shane Walker
    Shane Walker 12 days ago

    If u make another one

  • תבור סויסה
    תבור סויסה 15 days ago

    With I buy a shield from Captain America he will be just as strong in the video

  • Kc Uduma
    Kc Uduma 17 days ago

    why do you always make stuff heavy

  • James Kennedy
    James Kennedy 28 days ago

    I have a real one

  • OjanYt_OK 3000
    OjanYt_OK 3000 29 days ago

    Hacksmith:sell wakandan shueld for 3000$
    Mrbeast:this is only 3000$? Really?!?

  • Pokemon universe
    Pokemon universe 29 days ago +1

    Cool nice vid man your haircut is dope and you are captin America you are my favourite TVclipr infact i will sub right now

  • Juan Diego Ortiz
    Juan Diego Ortiz Month ago

    What about building the shield out of cardboard :/

  • Jojo Vallejo
    Jojo Vallejo Month ago

    1:26 wut did it cost you? everything.

  • Nery Ona
    Nery Ona Month ago

    My favorite wakanda Shield

  • Aline Zonin
    Aline Zonin Month ago



    ı am fun

  • lane teague
    lane teague Month ago

    Man the military needs to offer you a job,if they already havent???

  • trops in school
    trops in school Month ago

  • Hjbbuhouvvuh Yvgy
    Hjbbuhouvvuh Yvgy Month ago

    Captain America

  • DragonRedstone0 Dragon

    Show your iron man suit in New York please

  • Dark Rubin
    Dark Rubin Month ago

    Говно блять

  • ticci toby
    ticci toby Month ago

    You look like captain America even if your your normal self

  • Daksh Kumar
    Daksh Kumar 2 months ago

    Shower all things you have

  • Edward John Paul Velaco

    Can you give it to me? If I subcribe? Please 😊

  • fleits polt
    fleits polt 2 months ago


  • fleits polt
    fleits polt 2 months ago

    Eu n sei falar englich

  • fleits polt
    fleits polt 2 months ago

    Yes gold for

  • Arshmaan Pirzada
    Arshmaan Pirzada 2 months ago

    It is I legal to use gun

  • Alessandro Silvestri
    Alessandro Silvestri 2 months ago

    How can i buy it?

  • Simon Reyes
    Simon Reyes 2 months ago

    Next wakanda sheild gun

  • Gunner Oenning
    Gunner Oenning 2 months ago

    Try make weapon hidden blade assassin

  • Devcoolfire
    Devcoolfire 2 months ago

    You need to be a superhero

  • RQ _808
    RQ _808 2 months ago

    Wakanda. Shield better from the hacksmith he added more layers of metal or iron

  • Baranefe Taksim
    Baranefe Taksim 2 months ago


  • Idontsnipealot
    Idontsnipealot 2 months ago

    Who heard the voice crack when he said cheap and also HI the Hacksmith I'm a new subscriber and I hit the bell btw

  • { EL_HANTER}
    { EL_HANTER} 2 months ago

    He resisted a shot

    SHIV ELITE GAMER 2 months ago

    Contact Mr Beast for sponsor for money

  • Arthur Bl3ck
    Arthur Bl3ck 2 months ago

    Please sell this shield

  • Hakam
    Hakam 2 months ago

    I would pay you ten thousand US dollars if you make this new shield but it has to be made of Titanium

  • Hakam
    Hakam 2 months ago

    I would pay 4 thousand US dollars for the shield

  • Weritnite
    Weritnite 2 months ago

    What about fiber glass.Thats quite strong and light

  • pedro Rozalen lopez
    pedro Rozalen lopez 2 months ago +1

    I want one

  • Mohammad Abbaa
    Mohammad Abbaa 2 months ago

    Captain America's old shield vs Strom breaker plzzzzzzzzzz.

  • Adryden Freerun
    Adryden Freerun 2 months ago

    Will you sell all those things? I mean, create a company, that'd be great

  • Andrei Vlogs
    Andrei Vlogs 2 months ago

    Make the original captain America shield out of titanium 🤩

  • rain syah
    rain syah 2 months ago

    Black panther suit

  • Isai Hernandez
    Isai Hernandez 3 months ago

    Can u give away the cardboard sheld

  • blvck_samy 07
    blvck_samy 07 3 months ago +1

    can you make me a shield i give you 50dollar

    THUNDER GAMING 4 months ago

    Nice video

  • sjdjdijfj uer4vvyhu
    sjdjdijfj uer4vvyhu 4 months ago +1

    So you have Bose QuietComfort 35? Those are great headphones. I'm using ones right now.

  • Asome3333e1 Gamr
    Asome3333e1 Gamr 4 months ago

    He should be the next captain America.

  • Kostas Ioannidis
    Kostas Ioannidis 4 months ago

    your face looks like Captain America in this costume

  • Shanique Jefferson
    Shanique Jefferson 4 months ago

    I like your video

  • Sudesh Kanwar
    Sudesh Kanwar 5 months ago

    Or iron spider also

  • Sudesh Kanwar
    Sudesh Kanwar 5 months ago

    Make the iron man suit

  • zachkrit312 SCS
    zachkrit312 SCS 5 months ago

    You should team with Chris Evans

  • Win Rony
    Win Rony 5 months ago

    Wow infity war have captain amerika??

  • Vincent Lim
    Vincent Lim 5 months ago


  • Eleanor Maya
    Eleanor Maya 5 months ago +3

    Just figured something.
    You're actually Steve Stark.
    Or Tony Rogers.

  • nè thầy em tân
    nè thầy em tân 5 months ago

    hay qua

  • BR7 Productions
    BR7 Productions 5 months ago


  • Mincenchez
    Mincenchez 6 months ago

    Personally, I don't see the point in it expanding such a small amount. If it were small enough to use your hands and then expanded to that size then sure, or if it expanded to a size similar to caps first shield then it would make more sense otherwise I just don't get it

  • Im Nayeon
    Im Nayeon 6 months ago

    Are you captain America


    You look like steve rogers

  • Jeremy Whitman Kinghorn

    what's the actual purpose of the shield moving itself? Just to look cool?

  • LittlePantherG
    LittlePantherG 6 months ago

    Instead of titanium you should use uranium.

  • Artic Ninja
    Artic Ninja 6 months ago

    What would I have to do to get one ?

  • Artic Ninja
    Artic Ninja 6 months ago

    Can I have one of them please? ?????????????

  • Nelson Sano
    Nelson Sano 6 months ago

    If you will sell it how much you want for the shirt

  • ElPashy :v
    ElPashy :v 6 months ago

    You can giveme one please

  • Bohdan Schmied
    Bohdan Schmied 7 months ago

    Plese how to make black partner claws

  • Sidi Ashour
    Sidi Ashour 7 months ago

    i am trying to recreate the shield but i am going to make it out of regular metal. but i cant seem to find the valve you used for reversing the airflow. could you maybe give me a link? please

  • Андрей Бро
    Андрей Бро 7 months ago

    You have Instagram?

  • 강지혁
    강지혁 7 months ago

    한국인 이없어

  • Sunny Thomas
    Sunny Thomas 7 months ago

    After reading the comments i realised that you arnt Captain America.

  • Jt Russel
    Jt Russel 7 months ago

    @5:26 he looks exactly like infinity war captain america

  • Walker #173
    Walker #173 8 months ago

    you look same like captain america in infinity war

  • Mai Thanh
    Mai Thanh 8 months ago

    Wakanda shield vs stormbreaker please !🙁🙁🙁

  • Mai Thanh
    Mai Thanh 8 months ago

    Make storm breaker pleaseeeeee !!!!

  • Hunter Strickland
    Hunter Strickland 8 months ago

    I have a titanium shield and it can withstand a 45 caliber bullet. But the titanium is expense like $350.

  • Thunder Strom
    Thunder Strom 8 months ago +1

    You looked like CA

  • Dinan Fortnite Player
    Dinan Fortnite Player 8 months ago

    Are you love Koko Krunch?

  • Sweatervoost
    Sweatervoost 8 months ago

    I know I’m kind of late but could it still hold the pneumatic cannon and still be functional (not as durable of course) if I were to 3D print it?

  • cooper collins
    cooper collins 9 months ago +1

    How much was your old shield

  • Jake collins
    Jake collins 9 months ago

    Hey can you make me one

  • Ian Horsburgh
    Ian Horsburgh 9 months ago

    You should covwr it with line X and it will be undestructive

    LOCKDOWN GAMING 9 months ago

    Please shout out to LOCKDOWN DEMERCHANT AND Foxy11996 please

  • Hazel Joyce Curay
    Hazel Joyce Curay 9 months ago

    I like the old

  • suresh krishnan
    suresh krishnan 9 months ago

    please make thanos blade

  • Purplepanda0297 ttv
    Purplepanda0297 ttv 9 months ago

    For a cosplay you should be captain america you look 100 percent like him

  • BandanaDeeFan 25206
    BandanaDeeFan 25206 9 months ago

    I know this must be pretty obscure, but can you make a kanohi mask of x ray vision? Anyways, brilliant video!

  • Timotius Parulian
    Timotius Parulian 9 months ago

    How about you make nano tech ironman blaster

    DBP PEARL 9 months ago

    U look like a stunt double with that costume

  • RAZE_Daniel
    RAZE_Daniel 9 months ago

    Try to shot it with a gun

  • At_the_Hot_Topical
    At_the_Hot_Topical 10 months ago

    I’d gladly spend 1,000 dollars for this shield, share the designs please. I understand if you don’t want to.

    • At_the_Hot_Topical
      At_the_Hot_Topical 10 months ago

      the Hacksmith okay, thank you!

    • the Hacksmith
      the Hacksmith  10 months ago +1

      we may be adding the design to our Patreon CAD bank so if you become a patreon supporter it might be available

    ERNI RAHAYU BT KATERUN - 10 months ago

    The shooting iron man

  • Mona Daling
    Mona Daling 10 months ago

    Can the shild will be proper with the titan

  • rogue marvel
    rogue marvel 10 months ago

    you're captain america fan 😇

  • kris -:-
    kris -:- 10 months ago

    Oh no. You are very much like chris evans

  • That Guy Awesome
    That Guy Awesome 10 months ago

    u look like Captain America

  • Dedy Zaxy
    Dedy Zaxy 10 months ago

    Super hero...

  • yosia setiawan
    yosia setiawan 10 months ago

    Make a storm breaker!

  • Sean Caleb
    Sean Caleb 10 months ago

    Why do you have cutes

  • Sean Caleb
    Sean Caleb 10 months ago

    Can a mini gun go through it