10 Insane But True Things About North Korea


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  • Avery Bradleyโ€™s Son
    Avery Bradleyโ€™s Son 10 months ago +3538

    Imagine if North Koreans could actually see this

  • Chronomatrix
    Chronomatrix 6 hours ago

    Is it actually a straight-up law to compliment Kim Jong-Un every time the citizens refer to him?

  • Iohan Kaus
    Iohan Kaus 15 hours ago

    Matthew, have you ever read about the new elected Brazil President? That guy is INSANE!

    HEMANGINI GANDHI 20 hours ago


  • David Fitch
    David Fitch Day ago


  • Suzanne Kraft
    Suzanne Kraft Day ago

    When someone in North Korea breaks any of those crazy laws they and their families might be out right killed.
    There are thousands and thousands of people who were imprisoned for treason but that was after they were forced to watch their whole families being murdered right in front of them.

  • Racchi t t Doyle ft
    Racchi t t Doyle ft 2 days ago

    North Korea. More homeless people than Africa. Wow thats cruel. cmon, just be like Bill gates ok. omg North Korea is like the worst.

  • Yaqub & Aasiyah Ali
    Yaqub & Aasiyah Ali 3 days ago

    Kim jong il is dead

  • lavender town rocket commander

    Kim ill sung was nutty

  • fresh man plays roblox

    also all this is true trust me

  • fresh man plays roblox


  • fresh man plays roblox

    what have us amicans done to NORTH KOREA WHAT HAVE WE DONE TO YOU!!!?

  • fresh man plays roblox

    oh frick hes a sicko

  • WendyShadowGaming
    WendyShadowGaming 10 days ago

    Good thing I don't live there

  • DANK BOฤฐ
    DANK BOฤฐ 10 days ago +1

    rename title 10 insane lies abaout north korea by that i mean most of the things north korean goverment claims is actually BS

  • Jet Tdm
    Jet Tdm 12 days ago

    But no one can defeat America. America has billion of Army, I guess

  • JGFallways16K
    JGFallways16K 12 days ago +1

    I'm from north korea
    nah jk im dutch

  • Ling Jung Kong Xin Xian
    Ling Jung Kong Xin Xian 14 days ago +2

    Guys, imagine you can only call if you can have a permission from the government.

  • Nuka Scotia
    Nuka Scotia 14 days ago

    North Korea will fall eventually, they have literally no allies save China. However, China in recent years has distanced themselves further & further from North Korea. Korea will someday be unified but through the Democratic South.

  • Joseph Gauvinator
    Joseph Gauvinator 16 days ago


  • Joseph Gauvinator
    Joseph Gauvinator 16 days ago

    Song believe everything you read

  • Joseph Gauvinator
    Joseph Gauvinator 16 days ago

    i served in south koaea 81-82 in the U.S. Army not far from the DMZ as a Canadian i learned a lot

  • Eugene Chang
    Eugene Chang 16 days ago

    when im sad,it rains but shen im in a good mood it is shiny when i feel cheerful mid sunset the sky is almost full orange. do i jave powers or it just coincidence

  • frank tank
    frank tank 18 days ago +1

    One day were gonna wake up and North Korea is a cloud of smoke...and nobody would care to look into who dunit

  • Swaggmire215
    Swaggmire215 19 days ago

    Just nuke it from orbit

  • The Petrancuriโ€™s

    So my state is almost bigger than North Korea

  • Fateh Singh Bedi
    Fateh Singh Bedi 23 days ago

    According to the North Korean people the Kim's are constipated

  • Rekha Karmarkar
    Rekha Karmarkar 24 days ago

    Make a video on India!!

  • Killstreak Jimin
    Killstreak Jimin 24 days ago

    You can go through the border to China itโ€™s safer then the border to South Korea but thatโ€™s like saying Kim jung il is crueler then Kim jong un

  • Adam Mawlawi
    Adam Mawlawi 26 days ago

    Not like he was there before time

  • Adam Mawlawi
    Adam Mawlawi 26 days ago

    I thought gods were immortal

  • joseph fernandez
    joseph fernandez 26 days ago +1

    iโ€™ve always wondered what real content on youtube would be like, now i know ๐Ÿ˜

  • Tร‹DDลธ Bร‹ร†R

    I canโ€™t wait till North Korea get a leader who *actually* cares... I apologise if I have offended you

  • Malak Abukoush
    Malak Abukoush 26 days ago

    and I thought Donald trump was a bad person!

  • MarcForman
    MarcForman 27 days ago

    And people say US elections are rigged.

  • Kelly M
    Kelly M 27 days ago

    50 facts North Korean edition

  • The Crazy Colt
    The Crazy Colt 27 days ago

    I'm pleasantly surprised to see that this hasn't been taken down by the "Little Man"

  • jeremy achinko
    jeremy achinko 28 days ago

    I would like to point out there army is under trained, their special forces are awful, and their submarine fleet is just left over ww2/cold war subs.

    FURIOUS AliEn 28 days ago +2

    3:52 it's actually $200+ billion

  • A Bee
    A Bee 29 days ago +1

    what if north korean found these? prepare for your doooooom!!!! hahahahahaha

  • Simon Chen
    Simon Chen Month ago

    i don't know why but the comparison of a country to a dog doesn't sound politically right with me

  • Jacqueline Lameck Bundala


  • Screaming Hellhole
    Screaming Hellhole Month ago

    I kinda wanna learn the achordion tbh
    Idk how to spell the thing

  • Ghostrider2X50
    Ghostrider2X50 Month ago

    2:45 you mean unicorns because they are equally non existant

  • Kai Bowman
    Kai Bowman Month ago

    Anonymous person: (scratches out Kim-Jong Un's name)
    Authorities: (Knock Knock) Hello, are you the one who scratched out our holy leader's name, ok, your going to jail

  • Edward Dyer
    Edward Dyer Month ago

    Join my fort nite dance class everyone at BS149TY

  • masterchief87513
    masterchief87513 Month ago

    I'm a communist supporter (russian)

  • Jack Tang
    Jack Tang Month ago

    north korea boo

  • seriously Man
    seriously Man Month ago

    Kim ill sung? More like Kim ill SUCKS

  • fire fox
    fire fox Month ago

    Your funny bruh hahahaha.

  • truncheqn_ ecks dee


  • Ya boi cj
    Ya boi cj Month ago

    We must bomb that little fatty before he gets killed by a ice cream truck

  • ๋นˆ๋กœ์ดํ•˜์˜ ์Œ์•…์ฑ„๋„


  • joy bergemann
    joy bergemann Month ago


  • Not so cool Litzy
    Not so cool Litzy Month ago

    YEAH SO I rather be homeless and in the USA than live in north korea

  • Rocroke lim
    Rocroke lim Month ago

    You Know... If Kim has That Much Money, Why Not Try To Improve His Country's Citizens Lives.
    Cause If You Think about it If He Actually Started Giving Every One Of His Citizens A Butt Lod Of Money Not Only Will He More Respect From his Citizens But He Will Also Maybe Gain trust From Those Who Oppose Him In His Country, So If You Really Think About It, Hes Technically Shooting Himself In His Foot Cause Sooner Or later They may Rebel.

    Wait Why Am I Tryna Help This Guy?

  • julius stacy
    julius stacy Month ago

    I looked at propoganda village alot for a year. Could see the flag from my barracks as i was stationed at camp grieves and ate every day at the hard rock cafe dmz (had the actual symbol on our defac becaue our company was called hard rock charlie).

  • Diamond Yoshi101
    Diamond Yoshi101 Month ago

    He walked at 6 months?
    Where Iโ€™m from, thatโ€™s a little late.

  • Limbo Bilbo
    Limbo Bilbo Month ago

    Number 4. Thatโ€™s 12 times the population of my city

  • BillLykken
    BillLykken Month ago


  • yar sak
    yar sak Month ago

    10 nk warheads against 200 us warheads... What are the chances๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Jen & Kevin Kasper
    Jen & Kevin Kasper Month ago

    I love this page, however I hate videos where they talk about how the government lives so well while their people are starving. In reality that is no different then here in the United States. I see homeless and hungry people everyday here in Florida. They say that if middle class citizens went without a paycheck for 2 weeks we would become homeless. Meanwhile the top 1%, which include our government, don't have a financial care in the world...end rant

  • Lejindary Sugakookie

    I see the word Korea.
    I see the name Matthew Santoro
    *I click.*

  • The Unread Message
    The Unread Message Month ago

    North Korean: Wait, Kim Il Sung Isn't a God?

  • K 9 Poodle
    K 9 Poodle Month ago

    Fun fact. Justin beiber ALMOST went to North Korea. A truly sad moment for NK JB fans.

  • Shngfingr
    Shngfingr Month ago

    Why are there downvotes? ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • iNykeel
    iNykeel Month ago

    they might have a big army but they are week compaired to others

  • Me Boot
    Me Boot Month ago

    Kim Jong Un is still trying to make a nuclear bomb, while we (the USA) have many more bombs.

  • Brianna Manning
    Brianna Manning Month ago

    Hey i live in Pennsylvania

  • cody torio
    cody torio 2 months ago

    Pffffffft yeah right gods

  • GD Book
    GD Book 2 months ago

    I hope the rebellion comes true and Kim family will never appear again

  • Kevin Daskal
    Kevin Daskal 2 months ago

    This is just like when Bernie Sanders praised Cuba for having "universal healthcare" and "great literacy rates"... It's good to know that a freeloading, socialist scumbag who praises communist regimes similar to North Korea, could've been the leader of the Free World....
    This guy was actually recorded on camera claiming that "bread lines are a good thing" and the supposedly educated who are enrolled in universities, were ready to vote for him.... I
    And here I was thinking that universities are supposed to nurture intelligent people and not communist, voting libtards...
    Very comforting...

  • Honey Santos
    Honey Santos 2 months ago

    Because he don't pay them army.he's controling all people in NK.not same our country .

  • Duality
    Duality 2 months ago

    We need James Bond to take a tour guide of North Korea and assassinate every guard and soldier there.

  • Major Robinson
    Major Robinson 2 months ago +2

    I knew the story about the film-makers!!! The one with Pulgasari.

  • Oscar Kethon
    Oscar Kethon 2 months ago

    Is it just me or does he kinda look like Baldi

  • JasmineHongX3
    JasmineHongX3 2 months ago

    Omg Iโ€™m so worried ๐Ÿ˜ง My family Is From South Korea and they live at South Korea! Omg ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Iโ€™m scared

  • Alok Sheel
    Alok Sheel 2 months ago

    mind blowing...this place is on earth!!! the USA should decimate its idiot leaders and restore democracy there..

  • Fauzan Rahim LP
    Fauzan Rahim LP 2 months ago


  • Richard Kochnev
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  • Amanda900Brave
    Amanda900Brave 2 months ago

    The way he said Godzilla

  • GamingGodOf yt
    GamingGodOf yt 2 months ago +1

    650 North Koreans disliked this video

  • Anas Ahmad 053
    Anas Ahmad 053 2 months ago

    What the Kim?

  • Christen Makara
    Christen Makara 2 months ago

    Iโ€™m surprised Matt is still alive after filming this ๐Ÿ˜…

  • ARagersThoughts
    ARagersThoughts 2 months ago

    lets bomb korea

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules 2 months ago


  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules 2 months ago

    The father land

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules 2 months ago

    Kim = mad dictator = nuke lol

  • Wesley Chin
    Wesley Chin 2 months ago

    Dongs. Lol

  • A swiss boi
    A swiss boi 2 months ago +9

    North Korea ๐Ÿ‡ฐ๐Ÿ‡ต is the worlds biggest prison

  • Ryan Moran
    Ryan Moran 2 months ago

    This place is worse than Chicago

    ULTIMATESPRINGTRAP248 2 months ago

    Itโ€™s actually illegal to spell Kim ill-sung like the way I just did soooooo

  • Envystall
    Envystall 2 months ago

    Imperialist lies. What else should I expect.
    It's ironic people call North Koreans the brainwashed ones.

  • epi 0k
    epi 0k 2 months ago

    I know somalis r gonna be mad at me somlia is kind of evil but it al shabaab falt

    And I I'm somli

  • Maximus Abrahan
    Maximus Abrahan 2 months ago

    "and you thought i was the crazy short guy" -matthew santoro 2018

  • Shiny Smeargle
    Shiny Smeargle 3 months ago

    I feel so bad for the people in North Korea. The fact that the government gets to live the good life while the citizens of the county are struggling just to cook their food sickens me. I hope for the day these people are free from such an awful leader.

  • LucidManatee75
    LucidManatee75 3 months ago

    Well I guess Shinseng was NOT OKAY
    Get it? Not okay cause he was kidnapped? No? Okay Im out

  • Col.Glover 413
    Col.Glover 413 3 months ago

    Go watch Kent Hovind โœ๏ธ

  • Ice Crusader The LEGENDARY

    And i thought I was crazy -_-

  • colored_lonely
    colored_lonely 3 months ago

    Content is good, your way of speaking and acting is so anoying.