10 Insane But True Things About North Korea


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  • Avery Bradley’s Son
    Avery Bradley’s Son 8 months ago +3371

    Imagine if North Koreans could actually see this

  • K 9 Poodle
    K 9 Poodle 22 hours ago

    Fun fact. Justin beiber ALMOST went to North Korea. A truly sad moment for NK JB fans.

  • Shngfingr
    Shngfingr 3 days ago

    Why are there downvotes? 😂😂

  • iNykeel
    iNykeel 3 days ago

    they might have a big army but they are week compaired to others

  • Me Boot
    Me Boot 3 days ago

    Kim Jong Un is still trying to make a nuclear bomb, while we (the USA) have many more bombs.

  • Brianna Manning
    Brianna Manning 4 days ago

    Hey i live in Pennsylvania

  • cody torio
    cody torio 7 days ago

    Pffffffft yeah right gods

  • GD Book
    GD Book 10 days ago

    I hope the rebellion comes true and Kim family will never appear again

  • Kevin Daskal
    Kevin Daskal 11 days ago

    This is just like when Bernie Sanders praised Cuba for having "universal healthcare" and "great literacy rates"... It's good to know that a freeloading, socialist scumbag who praises communist regimes similar to North Korea, could've been the leader of the Free World....
    This guy was actually recorded on camera claiming that "bread lines are a good thing" and the supposedly educated who are enrolled in universities, were ready to vote for him.... I
    And here I was thinking that universities are supposed to nurture intelligent people and not communist, voting libtards...
    Very comforting...

  • Honey Santos
    Honey Santos 12 days ago

    Because he don't pay them army.he's controling all people in NK.not same our country .

  • Duality
    Duality 12 days ago

    We need James Bond to take a tour guide of North Korea and assassinate every guard and soldier there.

  • Major Robinson
    Major Robinson 12 days ago +1

    I knew the story about the film-makers!!! The one with Pulgasari.

  • Oscar Kethon
    Oscar Kethon 12 days ago

    Is it just me or does he kinda look like Baldi

  • JasmineHongX3
    JasmineHongX3 13 days ago

    Omg I’m so worried 😧 My family Is From South Korea and they live at South Korea! Omg 😮 I’m scared

  • Alok Sheel
    Alok Sheel 13 days ago

    mind blowing...this place is on earth!!! the USA should decimate its idiot leaders and restore democracy there..

  • Fauzan Rahim LP
    Fauzan Rahim LP 14 days ago


  • DimondNinjaX55
    DimondNinjaX55 14 days ago


  • Amanda900Brave
    Amanda900Brave 17 days ago

    The way he said Godzilla

  • GamingGodOf yt
    GamingGodOf yt 18 days ago

    650 North Koreans disliked this video

  • Anas Ahmad 053
    Anas Ahmad 053 18 days ago

    What the Kim?

  • Christen Makara
    Christen Makara 18 days ago

    I’m surprised Matt is still alive after filming this 😅

  • ARagersThoughts
    ARagersThoughts 19 days ago

    lets bomb korea

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules 20 days ago


  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules 20 days ago

    The father land

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules 20 days ago

    Kim = mad dictator = nuke lol

  • Wesley Chin
    Wesley Chin 21 day ago

    Dongs. Lol

  • A swiss boi
    A swiss boi 21 day ago +4

    North Korea 🇰🇵 is the worlds biggest prison

  • Ryan Moran
    Ryan Moran 24 days ago

    This place is worse than Chicago

    ULTIMATESPRINGTRAP248 28 days ago

    It’s actually illegal to spell Kim ill-sung like the way I just did soooooo

  • Envystall
    Envystall 29 days ago

    Imperialist lies. What else should I expect.
    It's ironic people call North Koreans the brainwashed ones.

  • epi 0k
    epi 0k Month ago

    I know somalis r gonna be mad at me somlia is kind of evil but it al shabaab falt

    And I I'm somli

  • Maximus Abrahan
    Maximus Abrahan Month ago

    "and you thought i was the crazy short guy" -matthew santoro 2018

  • Shiny Smeargle
    Shiny Smeargle Month ago

    I feel so bad for the people in North Korea. The fact that the government gets to live the good life while the citizens of the county are struggling just to cook their food sickens me. I hope for the day these people are free from such an awful leader.

  • LucidManatee75
    LucidManatee75 Month ago

    Well I guess Shinseng was NOT OKAY
    Get it? Not okay cause he was kidnapped? No? Okay Im out

  • Col.Glover 413
    Col.Glover 413 Month ago

    Go watch Kent Hovind ✝️

  • Ice Crusader The LEGENDARY

    And i thought I was crazy -_-

  • colored_lonely
    colored_lonely Month ago

    Content is good, your way of speaking and acting is so anoying.

  • PsychoKinesis Productions

    People from America actually visit North Korea

  • the super sal
    the super sal Month ago

    The Korean government doesn't deserve that land and people

  • Benjamin Lindsey
    Benjamin Lindsey Month ago

    Scared of a paper tiger who's nukes turn to ashes 20 seconds after launching. Operation: L.I.T.T.L.E R.O.C.K.E.T M.A.N.

  • Kevin Hartung
    Kevin Hartung Month ago


  • MASGames
    MASGames Month ago

    If youre ever worried about them, remember that their whole army could be wiped out by a single US Bomber there's a video about it out there that makes a lot of sense

  • スターダストクルセイダース

    You know they watch videos like this & probably think we’re crazy. Why can’t those SJWs or activists go there to protest instead?

  • Robbie Crusader
    Robbie Crusader Month ago

    North Korea AKA Just Weapons No Human

  • pts gaming and vlogz

    Man if north Korea was made into an fps would be cool

  • cheesto's and wolfie vlogs

    Wish we could help the starving people there and make him feel the hunger pains for awhile lol (just joking on the last part)

  • William Huynh
    William Huynh Month ago

    North korea needs a new leader
    Seriously this guy’s worse than the kids that tell me “I HAVE 10 MILLION”

  • Official Youssef H
    Official Youssef H Month ago

    The kims are not gods. Trust me.

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules Month ago

    The small dicktor

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules Month ago

    Well that’s much people cos there mostly dead

  • Joker Rules
    Joker Rules Month ago

    He should be called the small leader

  • Burst Blader
    Burst Blader Month ago

    .........WHAT?!?! JUST WHAT?!?!

  • Aleksey Ferguson
    Aleksey Ferguson 2 months ago +1

    Kin Jon dumb!

  • Fortnite IGN: Dynamic_Nub

    Another fact :Kim jung Un is a fatass

  • Lunar mew ultra Sun & moon

    Matthewsantoro we should STOP POKEING THE SHORT MAN!!!!!

  • Lunar mew ultra Sun & moon

    My dog Bell: weight about 6-8 pounds size I'm not sure but I'm guessing about 1 foot tall or shorter age 6 and bread Maltese, she barks excessively, guess we should've named her North Korea

  • i love poopcorn
    i love poopcorn 2 months ago

    i hate that north koreaan president

  • Jonathan leon
    Jonathan leon 2 months ago

    And I want North Korea to be GONE!

  • Nicky Sachs
    Nicky Sachs 2 months ago

    We could squish them like a bug

  • AverageAnimeFan
    AverageAnimeFan 2 months ago

    The accordion joke got me good XD

  • Jack
    Jack 2 months ago

    Thank mother of god that trump made a meeting with the short man

  • Kim
    Kim 2 months ago

    Matthew I think only idiots would enjoy this video if they enjoy people suffering, the stuff from Korea in this video are absolutely disgusting. I hope one day someone finally kills every idiot who allows such disgusting things to happen and cause.

  • Ana Rodriguez
    Ana Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Matthew is sexy. Eventhough I am not a beard type woman. But he keeps it styled * Batty lashes* hehehehe

  • Tyler Hayward
    Tyler Hayward 2 months ago

    thank God I'm American I wld kill myself if I was born in North Korea

  • TheSovietComrade
    TheSovietComrade 2 months ago

    How come this small country have a Fourth largest army in the world?

  • Eyedraptor788
    Eyedraptor788 2 months ago

    Anybody think North Korea is going to fall or just me

  • issac flores
    issac flores 2 months ago +1

    North Korea may be crazy, but it still doesn’t make the video game of Homefront realistic. Seriously, North Korea can’t even feed themselves, how can they invade the U.S.A?!?!

  • Consciousness Topic
    Consciousness Topic 2 months ago

    CCARK... :)

  • Daniel Daniels
    Daniel Daniels 2 months ago

    Matthew I saw this written about today 'He's an evolutionary dead-end that needs to be cut out of the human gene pool for the betterment of our species. What she did was nothing less than a favour to the rest of humanity, as it will hopefully scare him off relationships and prevent him from breeding with anyone.
    There is possibly some hope for his recovery as he does ultimately possess a Y chromosome, so his masculinity must exist somewhere under his low testosterone and decades of learned self-castration, but I think this one is not worth the effort..' I like a lot of your videos but I could always see this in your mannerisms, your unironic goofiness... 'evolutionary dead end'... lolol that's classic, thanks for inspiring that comment

  • Paper Dragon
    Paper Dragon 2 months ago

    We watched a documentary in class where 3 people are allowed into the country, the Asian cameraman, the foreign doctor, and the reporter who was told that she was the only white person in the only country. They had to act really discreetly, and at one point they were almost kicked out because the cameraman wanted a better shot of a statue, and the people guarding them told them they had to leave because he layed down to get the better shot

  • Phantom Gamer
    Phantom Gamer 2 months ago

    hey matthew, who is the most corrupted leader in Malaysia?

  • 101Phoenix Vlogs
    101Phoenix Vlogs 2 months ago

    At the last fact kim jong un family are never going to be gods

  • Alex Novak
    Alex Novak 2 months ago

    🅱️orth 🅱️orea

  • Cailin Rowland
    Cailin Rowland 2 months ago

    Usa has a more kerrupt government. They use taxe money to go on vacations for no reason. They make unneeded laws.

  • Coretta Gallagher
    Coretta Gallagher 2 months ago

    Matthew Santoro we should do a shoe together

  • Zachary Dewalt
    Zachary Dewalt 2 months ago


  • Hunter Watson
    Hunter Watson 2 months ago

    Don’t worry now Donald trump denukulize North Korea

  • Terilee Bruyere
    Terilee Bruyere 3 months ago

    I've met some local folk around here who believe the same things about Dale Sr.....

  • raider 126
    raider 126 3 months ago +1

    now thinking india is far better than I thought

  • B0aTsR4ThEAiR !
    B0aTsR4ThEAiR ! 3 months ago

    EE's an eghead

  • Floppy Bacon
    Floppy Bacon 3 months ago

    Do one for Japan they have pretty cool things there

  • AngryMustache 9
    AngryMustache 9 3 months ago

    Heres something really funny about North Korea.
    Jeans are illegal in North Korea because they're filled with the *PURE EVILNESS* of the rest of the world and their clothing... 😞
    And also Kim Jon Unn and Donald Trump are now best buds now 😲 so...
    *Lets just hope*

  • bastardjustice
    bastardjustice 3 months ago

    So this is what happens if communism won? A leader will become corrupted with a God complex.

  • Roman 461
    Roman 461 3 months ago

    The people need to rebel now!!

  • Speedydinosaur
    Speedydinosaur 3 months ago

    Bet you won’t sub

  • Shaniqua latifa
    Shaniqua latifa 3 months ago

    When most of these things are fake

  • Princess Gracie
    Princess Gracie 3 months ago

    North korea either starve work to death or get publicly executed

  • Cameron Winter
    Cameron Winter 3 months ago

    North Korea is a very disgusting country

  • Ahmed Nur
    Ahmed Nur 3 months ago

    dude am from somali....

  • The Gunman
    The Gunman 3 months ago +49

    All them Communist and socialist kids need to go on a holiday to North Korea, probably save money on the return trip.

    • Choco Gurll
      Choco Gurll 15 days ago +2

      Communism and socialism aren’t the same things

    • Friendly Faucet
      Friendly Faucet Month ago +3

      Fascism is just a mutated version of communism

    • Clone and Joe
      Clone and Joe Month ago +1

      They're kinda fascist (Well I mean communism and fascism are very similar)

    • Friendly Faucet
      Friendly Faucet Month ago +6

      nope North Korea is a Communist country... the Communism you probably subscribe to is a romanticized version that does not exist no matter how many times communism has being tried its always ended up with millions of deaths and no human rights

    • Janthan
      Janthan Month ago +1

      North Korea is essentially the opposite of communism.

  • Yun Mi Kim
    Yun Mi Kim 3 months ago

    I live in South Korea. So this is actually scary

  • milkchocobearbar
    milkchocobearbar 3 months ago

    Where did u get this info,the news? XDdddd

  • Heath Basner
    Heath Basner 3 months ago

    The problem with taking down North Korean government is to prevent the same thing from happening you would have to kill the entire Kim family you would also have to kill any members of the current regimes family talking about the government taking down North Korea would be almost impossible

  • Tasty Not tasty
    Tasty Not tasty 3 months ago

    609 people from North Korea?

  • Shannon Reed
    Shannon Reed 3 months ago

    That's why Donald Trump calls North Korea's president rocket boy because he has a ton of nuclear bombs supposedly

  • KnapfordFan23
    KnapfordFan23 3 months ago

    Is North Korea NORTH or SOUTH of South Korea?

  • Warsaw 1047
    Warsaw 1047 4 months ago

    Meanwhile in norway

  • CEO Hannah Bannanah
    CEO Hannah Bannanah 4 months ago

    You don't know anything about North Korea.

  • Angie McKelvy
    Angie McKelvy 4 months ago

    Id hate to live in north korea

  • Amlan Barman
    Amlan Barman 4 months ago

    a country smaller than that ruled half the entire world ... area and size doesn't matter