The KOREAN laptop you CAN'T buy!

  • Published on May 15, 2018
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    This Korean only laptop from LG looks like a fatter - more powerful Gram - but should you try and get it?
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Comments • 7 513

  • LightpandaGaming
    LightpandaGaming 2 hours ago

    engrish ina asia NANI?!?!?!?

  • COAG cs
    COAG cs 4 hours ago

    this comercial. DESMONETIZED!

  • sejtano
    sejtano 7 hours ago

    0:46 i thought he was going to ask a korean girl to get him the laptop

  • 907진대은 용인거주

    한국어 전용

  • kev k
    kev k Day ago

    It should actually be “한국인 전용” instead of “한국어 전용”
    By a student who is studying Korean to understand Kpop lol

  • Josh B
    Josh B Day ago

    why is the box in English?

  • 이승민
    이승민 Day ago

    한/영 key is korean/English so when you press this you can use korean or english if you are typing but write in korean just press this key it will write in eng
    한자 key is changing selected korean letter to Chinese characters so you dont need to press this key
    LG Ultra book and Gram are good laptop in Korea also many people buy them

  • 김미진
    김미진 Day ago

    전용아니고 적용에요

  • 김미진
    김미진 Day ago


  • 유창완
    유창완 Day ago

    Samsung and LG laptops or desktops are notorious for its overpricing, even in Korea. You should really buy somewhere else.

  • Riley black
    Riley black Day ago

    I am a sub follow me on tic toc Meowkittycatqueen

  • Riley black
    Riley black Day ago

    Please don't show your underwear i think it is very unipropreit!!! time I will call the police

  • 워즈게임
    워즈게임 Day ago

    니들은 못사지 한국인 제외

  • Y.I KIM
    Y.I KIM Day ago


  • strekter Decaos
    strekter Decaos Day ago

    LG & Samsung notbook are very expensive....
    I prefer an MSI laptop! :D
    LG 노트북이나 삼성 노트북은 쿨링 최악, 가격도 최악.... 절대 사지 말아야할 제품...
    I Always enjoy "Linus Tech Tips"channel XD
    수박 겉 핥기 XD 노트북 겉 핥기? XD 겉만 뻔지르르한 LG와 삼성 노트북~ (다른건 그럭저럭 잘 만드는데 노트북은 정말 국제적 망신... 다른국가에 내보이기 민망한...)
    :D XD

  • alfprieto
    alfprieto Day ago

    Not very accurate to say that it's a bit more weight for a lot more performance when it's actually almost double the weight (1.1kg vs 1.9kg), for the same processor, and the gtx 1050. How can adding such a low end gpu can ruin so much all the specs (1.8x extra weight, less quality in general, thick bezels, 60% less battery, average touchpad, lost the most important port, th3.. etc..... a complete disaster)

  • alfprieto
    alfprieto Day ago

    Not very accurate to say that it's a bit more weight for a lot more performance when it's actually almost double the weight (1.1kg vs 1.9kg), for the same processor, and the gtx 1050. How can adding such a low end gpu can ruin so much all the specs (1.8x extra weight, less quality in general, thick bezels, 60% less battery, average touchpad, lost the most important port, th3.. etc..... a complete disaster)

  • 콩국수그릇
    콩국수그릇 2 days ago

    츄라이 츄라이!

  • Joe G
    Joe G 2 days ago

    lg is crap

  • 라미르
    라미르 2 days ago

    1:41 what The fuck



  • TUmaDO
    TUmaDO 2 days ago

    it hapends a lot with me because i live in Switzerland and having something from amazon for example is a game of try to going to all the countries around switzerland that have amazon and trying to find one that ships to the country i live in...sometimes i give up.

  • hohohohoho
    hohohohoho 2 days ago

    don't you dare lower your pants

  • Treeless Phantom
    Treeless Phantom 2 days ago

    im liking just because of the way you promoted that sponsor lol

  • 정현택
    정현택 2 days ago

    오 테크팁 vs 제이스투센츠

  • Supertekkel
    Supertekkel 3 days ago

    Meh for this one. For a good 1000euro you get an awesome Asus in the Netherlands so i'd go with that....

  • lil frosty
    lil frosty 3 days ago +1

    Good marketing strategy

  • Torres9 Nothing
    Torres9 Nothing 3 days ago

    Could you Please change your display pictures in a way where your mouth is not always in THE SAME FUKIN POSITION like some kinda creepy puppet

  • 최서진
    최서진 3 days ago

    i'm from Korea

  • Yahya Shah
    Yahya Shah 3 days ago +1

    My mum walked into my room at 1:15 and 1:45. She was suspicious, I had told her earlier Ithat 'm gonna get her a new computer. lol JKJKJK

  • bright_minary
    bright_minary 3 days ago +1

    BTW, about your thumbnail, "한국어 전용" means Korean *language* only. Maybe you meant "한국 전용" (Korea only)

  • Matthew Fitzgerald
    Matthew Fitzgerald 4 days ago

    Dude, pants up! lol

  • shsoshs YT
    shsoshs YT 4 days ago +1

    Its not that THICC

  • 지나가던사람
    지나가던사람 4 days ago

    그냥 겁나 비싼 사무용 노트북

  • TV크리퍼 마인
    TV크리퍼 마인 4 days ago


  • 임종헌
    임종헌 4 days ago

    한국어 전용 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 김영서
    김영서 4 days ago

    2:15 수박 겉 핥기

  • 엄태욱
    엄태욱 5 days ago


  • Fi lm
    Fi lm 5 days ago

    LG를 왜 사노

  • pop coconut
    pop coconut 5 days ago

    짝퉁 샤오미에 쳐발리네...LG는 정신 차려야 한다.

  • jasparjack tonybala
    jasparjack tonybala 5 days ago

    Smart under wear.

  • 굴비광
    굴비광 5 days ago


  • ToadiBear
    ToadiBear 5 days ago

    i wouldn't be surprised if the video got age restricted.

  • Jiwan Kang
    Jiwan Kang 5 days ago

    왜이리 키보드 부분 울렁거리지

  • 너가 알아서머하게

    한국어 전용

  • noris kim
    noris kim 5 days ago


  • Jonathan Nguyen
    Jonathan Nguyen 5 days ago

    “The Korean Laptop YOU cant buy!”

    *link in description

  • fromnottoyot fromnottoyot

    Sexy underwear

  • 민찬홍
    민찬홍 6 days ago

    the reason why it is more expensive in Korea is, they have many official after service center, which can repair or get a software service.

  • YouTude더운고양이


  • MS K
    MS K 6 days ago

    시발롬이 한국어전용이라믄서 한국어 자막없는 저 개쩌는 용기는 뭐지????

  • Yeet Yeet Potato Skeet

    Linus didn’t say no homo

  • Doctor Skrillex
    Doctor Skrillex 6 days ago

    I'm dead haha my guy stripped.

  • Blue Tsunami
    Blue Tsunami 6 days ago


  • IceLancer SR
    IceLancer SR 6 days ago

    Overpricing seems to be common rule where there is no competition. In my country (example) i am paying for dairy products 2x more in my own town (where it is produced) then i would in country outside. Its despicable and there should be laws against such abuse. On side note i would also mention that living standard is 10x lower (read:paychecks) then any other country around and yet pricing is higher and for domestic products, no less.

  • Kyungjae Min
    Kyungjae Min 6 days ago

    well then i can have it!

  • Hyun Yoo Park
    Hyun Yoo Park 6 days ago

    Fuck korean bitches
    I'm punch the shit out of them

  • 남소조
    남소조 6 days ago

    수박 겉핥기

  • Lucky Chong
    Lucky Chong 6 days ago

    Dude you are going be f*cking you finger fuck 4:46

  • Soplet
    Soplet 6 days ago

    Need subtitle for the Korean part.

  • 맥쭈
    맥쭈 7 days ago

    LG는 모니터 빼곤 거릅니다 하핳

  • 항항tv
    항항tv 7 days ago


  • The Weirdo
    The Weirdo 7 days ago

    Linus you are so beautiful and totally radical

  • Paul Willis
    Paul Willis 7 days ago

    Please stop referring to yourself in the third person

  • Paul Willis
    Paul Willis 7 days ago

    Never wanted to punch someone so hard in the face as much as I have this guy lol

  • cotton hat
    cotton hat 7 days ago

    his face like a cartoon character and it's hilarious..

  • 최정우
    최정우 7 days ago

    아니 여기 lg가 갑자기?

    GAME TUBE 7 days ago

    ME: WTF Did you take your pants of?!?!
    Editor: Wow 2,000,000 view's

  • 평범한중3
    평범한중3 7 days ago

    Did you know ?, LG's old name was Lucky Goldstar.
    [Translate using google]

  • Trevor Olsen
    Trevor Olsen 7 days ago

    Love the underwear showing. Would be funny to see you on a catwalk showing off clothing.

  • 김Molayo
    김Molayo 8 days ago

    그래 니들이 한글을 배워. 영어 배우기 짱나

  • Gerato
    Gerato 8 days ago

    Most annoying person on earth award winner

  • 인테르
    인테르 8 days ago


  • Syahrul Fauzi
    Syahrul Fauzi 8 days ago

    linus why you hack windows ?

  • avrodeep dutta
    avrodeep dutta 8 days ago

    @LinusTechtTips as a marketing student i like the way you advertise other products you are doing a excellent job ....THUMBS UP for that

  • 수언김
    수언김 8 days ago

    Hellow I am from korea.안녕하세요

  • Super Technology
    Super Technology 9 days ago

    썸네일에 한국어 전용 써주신거 되게 재밌네요.

  • Brian's Republic
    Brian's Republic 9 days ago

    Linus’ junk is burned into my retinas.

  • Trevor Heidenreich
    Trevor Heidenreich 9 days ago

    Linus just couldnt keep his pants on over this laptop.

  • Eduardo Andrés Castillo Perera

    I have a study abroad friend whit that laptop

  • 동와니Super Star
    동와니Super Star 9 days ago

    From South korea to be precise

  • 하츠네미쿠 덕후의 편집공간


    YOUTUBE인셜 9 days ago

    누가 나를 불렀는가

  • Lord UwU
    Lord UwU 9 days ago

    Korea with an eu adapter

  • JaeReu
    JaeReu 9 days ago


  • 3.14 PIE
    3.14 PIE 10 days ago

    fastest internet in the world with LG and Samsung. it sounds like the heaven

  • Robert Vantine
    Robert Vantine 10 days ago

    For a brief moment, I thought that was Dennis in a wig...

  • Estrexia
    Estrexia 11 days ago

    I actually have a friend who came from Korea and her dad gave her his old Toshiba from Korea, it's supposed to have the English lettering with the Korean characters under and some things are different. Guess it's still the same?

  • 서성훈
    서성훈 11 days ago

    언젠가 이런날이 올줄 알았지
    Knew something like this would happen some day

  • GreenStorm01
    GreenStorm01 11 days ago

    The internal layout basically resembles the recently released Blade 15 Base model ?!

  • super pj
    super pj 11 days ago

    Laptops from Japan and South Korea have English as the primary language. It’s weird.

  • 에베베
    에베베 11 days ago

    지나가던 한국인입니다. 계속 지나가겠습니다.

  • SH
    SH 11 days ago

    As a korean, LG sucks except for the TVs.

  • TR S
    TR S 11 days ago

    This is korean's power!!!
    이게 바로 한국인의 힘이다!!!

  • Reyu Kaye
    Reyu Kaye 11 days ago +1

    Well, LG is well known for their poor advertisement in Korea
    I mean, they always make something awesome and nobody realize it exists

  • DeViiaTe
    DeViiaTe 11 days ago

    i couldnt afford it anyway

  • Azim Alif
    Azim Alif 12 days ago

    So, you think people from other country cant speak english?

  • Hiding Turtle
    Hiding Turtle 12 days ago

    It's six seconds long cause the ads appear in little breaks in between Korean TV programs. In these breaks many quick ads pop up and attempt to give you a good quick impression to get you to browse it and check it out.

  • Nakamura Ryou
    Nakamura Ryou 12 days ago

    "hey what's the best Linus tech tips you've seen"
    "Oh, you know, the one where he dropped trouser and sold out."