Jamie Foxx Interviews Denzel Washington || OFF SCRIPT a Grey Goose Production


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    Make sure you check out our newest episode InstaChef: tvclip.biz/video/SKp81AU1IUQ/video.html&list=PLH6iYAJIYyN-iX42x1PA5od0l032380zp&index=7&t=0s

  • Not At This Time
    Not At This Time 18 hours ago

    This interview is so REAL.

  • sufyan mirza
    sufyan mirza Day ago

    My Man My Man

  • Sean Pacheco
    Sean Pacheco Day ago

    Bro he turned down 7 👀

  • Hosea Spearman
    Hosea Spearman Day ago

    I love cardi b to 💯

  • Emanuel Teague
    Emanuel Teague Day ago

    What the hell is Jamie wearing 😂😂😂😂

  • Jooosef Kovazri
    Jooosef Kovazri 2 days ago

    Best moment is 4:43

  • julianjfranco
    julianjfranco 2 days ago

    Denzel getting a little tummy

  • Kappy Mendy
    Kappy Mendy 2 days ago

    I hate to see you getting old you such a great actor God bless you

  • JOinthe8thhouse
    JOinthe8thhouse 3 days ago

    The way Jamie crosses his leg 😂😂😂

  • Dre Wallace
    Dre Wallace 3 days ago


  • Lily Johnson
    Lily Johnson 3 days ago

    Great interview by two great actors

  • C Bonilla
    C Bonilla 3 days ago

    Denzel admitting he likes Cardi

  • Maui
    Maui 4 days ago

    Denzel is like the wise version of jay z

  • André Campos
    André Campos 4 days ago

    02:00 This is priceless LMAO

  • Beautiful day
    Beautiful day 5 days ago

    Why is Denzel such a phenomenal actor ?? It’s not fair to the rest of the film fertility

  • The Latest And The Greatest

    Two legends

  • BooYall
    BooYall 5 days ago

    Denzel ain't missing no meals!

  • Sugarplum704
    Sugarplum704 5 days ago

    He is still THE ONE 👌🏾

  • Levis Christian
    Levis Christian 5 days ago

    Pretentious AF

    10 PRODUCTION 6 days ago

    nigga what type of couch is that

  • Jubsona Jubsona777
    Jubsona Jubsona777 6 days ago

    Lovey gays both you are awesome 👏 denzel yao are my best actor dude man , jamie respect to you do everything you done cool 😎

  • Jack Manuel Desinor Hernández

    I love these niggas. Denzel is on a whole other level of good vibes! Props to Jamie for handling so much so well! Good times :)

  • Tsunade Hime
    Tsunade Hime 7 days ago

    Two examples of great black men! I hope to act on stage or in a movie with them one day.

  • Caesar Georges
    Caesar Georges 7 days ago

    One great nigga and one legend nigga this niggas are the shit !!!!!! Amazing nigga ok nigga I’m gonna go to sleep nigga hope you all have a happy nigga life

  • NevaNonGaming
    NevaNonGaming 7 days ago

    6:14 This might be the smartest thing I’ve ever heard someone say in the movie business.🤯

  • Saul Alvarez Bautista

    Denzel the best

    THE DETAILS 7 days ago

    2 legends

  • Kenneth Co
    Kenneth Co 8 days ago

    Denzel sounds like jay z

  • Black Ceaser
    Black Ceaser 8 days ago

    Daniel Day Lewis is a legend in his own right

  • Abijah Foundation.
    Abijah Foundation. 8 days ago

    "I'm just trying to get better" Humility is key. What a great inspiration a great Christian.

  • Boe Tb
    Boe Tb 8 days ago

    Denzel looking alittle heavy.

  • Ezequiel Peralta
    Ezequiel Peralta 9 days ago

    2:03 you get your fking hands out of me hahaha

  • Shaz
    Shaz 9 days ago +2

    Foxx seems so much more comfortable with Denzel than he was with Dwayne ' The Rock' Johnson. That's the kind of Man Denzel is...just a genuine all-round nice guy! 😄😄😄

  • Praphon Wongwikan
    Praphon Wongwikan 9 days ago

    Du med fox

  • Praphon Wongwikan
    Praphon Wongwikan 9 days ago

    2 Team

  • BlackQueen1993
    BlackQueen1993 9 days ago

    Bardiiiii Denzel tryna spend that bag on you‼️‼️😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Bles
    Bles 9 days ago

    Jamie is so gay

  • Charles Ndung'u
    Charles Ndung'u 9 days ago

    I see Denzel and Morgan Freeman and I'm already drooling. Great acts!!

  • M J
    M J 9 days ago

    Denzel always was and will be my Favorite actor!! Loved him in MO Betta Blues and Mississippi Massala!!! True Love Stories...

  • JonWan
    JonWan 9 days ago

    Damn Denzel Got real THICC

  • FeelGoodTime.net
    FeelGoodTime.net 9 days ago

    I love the fact that he mentioned Daniel Day Lewis. Man... Denzel is awesome!

  • SuperRasta4life
    SuperRasta4life 10 days ago

    Dancing in Washington

  • Generic Username
    Generic Username 10 days ago

    Good actor but starting to look like an overweight woman like a lot of leading transgender F2M famous "male" actors.

  • Omar Escobar
    Omar Escobar 10 days ago

    Jamie Foxx:let me ask you this!! Denzel Washington: and I got no money!!😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel Hernández
    Daniel Hernández 10 days ago

    2 Guns 2. Needs to happen

  • songbird372 P
    songbird372 P 10 days ago

    Denzel is Silly!

    BE STRONGER 10 days ago

    jamie is the fakest in the industry no joke

  • Monty Campbell
    Monty Campbell 11 days ago

    How did I miss this when it came out. Denzel drops jewels. And he has such wisdom while he is talking to a legend. It's like Sidney Poitier interviews by Harry Belafante

  • MrBeatboxmasta
    MrBeatboxmasta 11 days ago

    Who are you? Your father. Your mamma just din't tell you.

  • Da GuvNa
    Da GuvNa 12 days ago

    I feel like I'm watching a teacher and apprentice

  • Pablo E
    Pablo E 12 days ago +1

    Please Jamie sit like a man it looks so fcking weird

  • Kat Brax
    Kat Brax 12 days ago

    I agree that Equalizer 2 was Great!! Denzel reminds me of my Uncle Bubba,a low key retired Marine. Just don't mess with him or his family.♨️

  • Randy Barrientes
    Randy Barrientes 12 days ago +1

    This is amazeing.✌️

  • Julissa N.
    Julissa N. 12 days ago

    Jamie Foxx looks like he smells so damn good

  • Tai Scott
    Tai Scott 12 days ago

    “My mother told me, get tha flowa arrangemen”

  • Dj mel Beck
    Dj mel Beck 12 days ago


  • Yasser Martinez
    Yasser Martinez 13 days ago

    Denzel Washington is the man in Hollywood. Best actor ever the king in Hollywood.

  • Thobeka Shabane
    Thobeka Shabane 13 days ago

    20secs in I pressed "like".

  • Dj Death
    Dj Death 13 days ago

    denzel look like the tootsie pop owl now

  • J Bart
    J Bart 13 days ago

    The best 2 black actors to ever walk in Hollywood.

  • chuchu rasai
    chuchu rasai 13 days ago

    I admit equa 2 is better than equa 1 but the last part (huricane scene) kinda ruined the whole movie for me it went too far..

  • lateef yusuff
    lateef yusuff 14 days ago

    Branding for an actor is being good, not being known. When was the last time you put out a good movie.
    You need to see the attentiveness of Jamie Fox.

  • astone1100
    astone1100 14 days ago

    I literally love every Denzel Washington movie. That got me to the movie theatre. !!!!

  • astone1100
    astone1100 14 days ago

    Take the tray

  • astone1100
    astone1100 14 days ago

    Oh my God 7! My fave movie. Denzel movie i love is INSIDE MAN!!!! Get em!!!

  • astone1100
    astone1100 14 days ago

    King Kong. Corrupt americans aint got nothin on me. Fuck dem boyzzz. DW movies r amazing

  • Dell Pacino
    Dell Pacino 14 days ago

    "Is that a movie you're in?" 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Trevor Rotan
    Trevor Rotan 14 days ago

    The Rock and Hart, are “they’re everywhere” “actors”.

  • arthur kitchen
    arthur kitchen 14 days ago

    Too demonic? What dumbass doesn’t do something because of that? Freak.

    • CorrectVision3
      CorrectVision3 13 days ago

      A man who believes in God and whose grandfather was a Pastor, might just object to playing something that goes in that direction unless the script does not glorify nor deify Demonic activity. He did a movie that dealt with an evil entity but his character fought against that entity.

  • Ayxan Abdullazade
    Ayxan Abdullazade 15 days ago

    OMG 2:04

  • Opeyemi Alade
    Opeyemi Alade 16 days ago

    The cardi b part so funny.. I replayed and replayed 😁

  • Trocando uma ideia Conversando

    Eu gostei muito da entrevista eu estudo inglês e foi um bom treino para meus ouvidos . This interview was so funny

  • Justin Pigg
    Justin Pigg 16 days ago

    If he fux cardi she can say she did it for the culture

  • Justin Pigg
    Justin Pigg 16 days ago

    I dont give af bout no police *slaps cup of coffee*

  • Chad Butler
    Chad Butler 16 days ago

    Living Legends

  • Chad Dezara
    Chad Dezara 16 days ago

    “I’m leaving here with something” 🤣🗣

  • Chad Dezara
    Chad Dezara 16 days ago

    Btw the first equalizer was better. Much more memorable at least.

  • Miss V
    Miss V 17 days ago

    I got jokes, put me in a movie.😂🤣 Denzel Washington greatest actor on the planet.

  • Poli Gonzo
    Poli Gonzo 18 days ago

    OMG 2 greats together I have to see this amazing

  • not a big deal
    not a big deal 18 days ago

    02:03 I replied it many times man multi domains

  • danyelle house
    danyelle house 19 days ago

    Denzel and Samuel I wouldnt imagine leaving us.

    A3ASTUDIOS 20 days ago

    Denzel teaching Jamie a thing or two about being a real actor/artist. I love Denzel!

  • GODz Shadow
    GODz Shadow 20 days ago

    Training Day is forever my favorite. Two brothaz that are true entertainment thespians.

  • WalkingTurtle Jones
    WalkingTurtle Jones 20 days ago

    The no outrow to this series is confusing. Fun series though.

  • respek ma authoritah

    Tracy Morgan has really let himself go

  • Uh Really
    Uh Really 21 day ago +1

    If my wife was in labor and I had tickets to go see Denzel. I'd tell my sister to record the birth. Js

  • Muna Bait
    Muna Bait 21 day ago +3

    Who are you?
    Denzel: your father, your Mama just didn't tell you...

  • Chris Jones
    Chris Jones 21 day ago

    Mr. Washington can still get it

  • mechie175
    mechie175 21 day ago +1


  • styu3 knewton
    styu3 knewton 21 day ago

    Jamie Foxx impression of Leo had me lmao

  • Bren Bolster
    Bren Bolster 21 day ago

    Should def be on The Walk of Fame!!! Both...

  • youvids9820
    youvids9820 22 days ago

    I have a great feeling jamie fox is gay.

  • Chillin With TJ
    Chillin With TJ 22 days ago

    😂😂😂🤣 i know that made Cardi B's week! She loves when the OG's show love 👌🏾

  • VA
    VA 22 days ago

    My favourite parts. Thank you.

  • Die Kante
    Die Kante 22 days ago

    Wheres the beat from min. 6.05 ??? I need that pls

  • Abdul Rahim
    Abdul Rahim 22 days ago

    part "Get you fuckin hands off me" the reason why i'm here everyday :D

  • Ha Truong
    Ha Truong 22 days ago

    They are the besssst

  • Reza Matooghi
    Reza Matooghi 23 days ago

    Get you fuckin hands off me,which movie is that?

  • Terrance Porter
    Terrance Porter 24 days ago

    Jamie acting real gay here