Where did it all go wrong for Jeremy Corbyn and Labour?

  • It could hardly have been a worse night for Labour - as one by one, that so-called 'red wall' of rock solid heartlands crumbled into dust. (Subscribe: bit.ly/C4_News_Subscribe)
    And now, after the worst result for the party in living memory, and in this radically different political landscape, the political recriminations have already begun.
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  • Nigel S
    Nigel S 4 hours ago

    Deluded to the end is our Jeremy and John 😜

  • Henry Higgins
    Henry Higgins 12 hours ago

    even the out if touch reporters dumbfounded

  • dave gregory
    dave gregory Day ago

    It went well. the reason labour lost is . Britain will never be commie.

  • Tim Comley
    Tim Comley Day ago

    No chance with people like this #out classed #close minded #hopeless

  • bill willis
    bill willis 2 days ago

    I am a member of a trades union. The executive supported overturning Brexit despite being a supposedly democratic organisation. The Labour party’s total disdain of the voter and democracy will not be forgotten.

  • Mick Williams
    Mick Williams 2 days ago

    The man is evil personified and the best part of him ran down his Mothers legs .What an absolute commie cretin he is.

    DERKIFAL 3 days ago

    Because he was out of touch with Labour voters and stuck in his Islington, champagne socalist bubble.

  • Casper Wallace
    Casper Wallace 5 days ago

    Corbyn didn't stand a chance, he was not supposed to win and the Blairites stabbed him in the back every chance they got. You can't move forward when you're always watching your back.

    As Thatcher said - NEW LABOUR was her best achievement.

    Now people have a choice of Tory red or blue. which is no choice at all.

    Well done

  • Alan Deacon
    Alan Deacon 7 days ago

    Do one Corbyn

  • James Lee
    James Lee 8 days ago

    In believing that the decent majority of British people would vote for a man who took the side of the provisional IRA against his fellow citizens who they were murdering- possibly?

  • michael farrington
    michael farrington 9 days ago

    Listen up Corbyn your reputed to be worth three million pounds you commie fake . Give it to people who deserve it and have actually worked for a living

  • Robert Corona
    Robert Corona 9 days ago

    Stupid liberals

  • JS B
    JS B 12 days ago

    They didn't get things done. To be honest, without Farage and Brexit this wouldn't have happened.

  • Norfolkc
    Norfolkc 13 days ago

    Richard Bergen not the sharpest knife in the draw

  • Philip Harris-Smith
    Philip Harris-Smith 13 days ago

    Lol any party that votes against a general election whilst in opposition is telling U.K. people they are unsuitable to govern.

  • Tone Cray
    Tone Cray 14 days ago

    Islington North must be full of IDIOTS.

  • bob driscoll
    bob driscoll 17 days ago

    jeremy seems totally unaffected by the loss,,,he just keeps going in his own sweet way,,,leading the party in the commons as though nothing as happened

  • Mick Williams
    Mick Williams 18 days ago

    Lol that has to be the most ludicrously stupid question ever asked .It all went wrong when a vile far left radical was voted as their leader NOT by Labour MPs (84% voted against him) but by the far left commie unions and even further left Momentum.The result of that of course was Labours worst defeat in 85 years.I am a Tory supporter and always have been but I would be happier a credible opposition to keep us on our toes.Sadly we havent had one since Blair left the party and the lunatic Brown took over.That was the beginning of the end .Corbyn finished them off.

  • Mutual Aid Works
    Mutual Aid Works 18 days ago

    Electoralism, Corbynism and the zombie Labour Party are all dead. If only someone had told you that electoralism was a waste of time and energy. What the working class needs is not Labour fire-blanketting any real threat to capitalism, we need a genuine anti-capitalist, grassroots movement to confront capitalism and smash it from the outside. We cannot afford to wait another 5-10 years for a capitalist Labour government to get elected, as if that's going to happen!

    • Mutual Aid Works
      Mutual Aid Works Day ago

      @bill willis If you believe that you'll believe anything.

    • bill willis
      bill willis 2 days ago

      Please look at the world and give me ONE example of a better system than capitalism. It has pulled untold billions out of poverty.

    • Mick Williams
      Mick Williams 18 days ago

      Lol you sound EXACTLY like Corbyn
      Mutual Aid Works .Are you a relation of his?You sound like Corbyn and Abbots off spring.

  • len billington
    len billington 18 days ago

    Where did it all go wrong for labour?easy the single reason was Corbyn the Marxist terrorist sympathiser and arsehole.

  • maria cornwallis
    maria cornwallis 19 days ago

    It was Corbyn, the terrorist supporter

  • James Bishop
    James Bishop 19 days ago +1

    labour is infested with the Muslim league. Labour party definition "Islamophobia" is "an invented term mainly designed to shut down any debate , critical discussion about Islam"
    Muslims are now forcing their alien Islamic ideology, doctrine on the English - British nation.

  • Jake Sorrentine
    Jake Sorrentine 20 days ago

    I used to think Bernie had a better chance at beating Trump than Biden, but after watching this I'm not so sure. Sounds like exactly what older dems would say if Bernie got the nomination.
    Brexit and illegal immigration seem to be the UK and American version of the same issue. You can't push for a stronger welfare state while simultaneously saying anyone who pops into your country can benefit from such a policy. I don't even think Bernie truly believes this, but it's just an emotional issue pushed by maybe 25% of voters who yell the loudest. America needs some of the policies Bernie pushes like a public option for healthcare and federal paid leave, but as long as he caves to the emotional and totally batshit rhetoric of people who are pro-open borders he's screwed.

  • Moon Cat
    Moon Cat 22 days ago

    Labour wear the best Clown Shoes.

  • james ohara
    james ohara 22 days ago

    Where did it all go wrong?, In London in 1948 when Communism was invented by that shitwit Karl Marx.

  • GVAjax
    GVAjax 23 days ago

    Sky Spews

  • Richard Walton
    Richard Walton 24 days ago

    Bergen wants to know why labour lost. Simple labour only represent ethnic minorities & snow flakes. It’s that simple. They have forgotten about the white working man

  • Pickle Onions
    Pickle Onions 24 days ago

    Don't ask a labour mp where it all went wrong unless you want a delusional answer, if they had all been travelling on the titanic they would still be arguing that it never sank and is docked in new York.
    How can you ever fix something broken if you keep denying its broken.

  • Nigel S
    Nigel S 27 days ago

    Corbyn is a complete Tool as are all those that follow him.

  • peter olsen
    peter olsen 28 days ago

    No one is saying it , but it’s all about immigration.

  • Ro Deo
    Ro Deo 28 days ago

    Is corbyn gone yet my god

  • Tatu
    Tatu 29 days ago +1

    Hilarious how Labour say "it was Brexit that destroyed us". Labour claim to be politicians. Brexit was a political puzzle (not some unstoppable cosmic force). They fail to grasp the fact that it was THEIR CHOICES surrounding Brexit that destroyed them. They dug their own grave here. Along with every other spiteful, nasty, fascist left policy that they were pushing (SHOVING) in people's faces, they deserved to lose badly.
    "Government in waiting". Don't make me laugh. They are worth less than spit.

  • Cantona
    Cantona Month ago

    Who is this old bloke with the beard ?


    WAR is PEACE
    To the MANY not the FEW

  • Greg Kennard
    Greg Kennard Month ago

    I must admit Anna Soubry has been the most honest out of all the Corbynites! But she should have spoken up earlier in the run up to the election . It's no good moaning after the horse has bolted! But look at RLB, who gave 10/10 for Corbyn, she still can't understand why Labour lost!! Boris is definitely in for the long haul with these clowns still on the front bench! As for Burgon....words fail me! He actually says that he has to focus on: "Why we lost? How we lost?!" Can he not see that from here?! lol.

  • Henry Discipline
    Henry Discipline Month ago

    Such a stupid man, Labour must remove him from the front benches.

  • Spartacus Forlife
    Spartacus Forlife Month ago

    Where did it all go wrong? Let's see. A leader at the dispatch box with those behind him throwing knives at his back. A media including channel 4 and the BBC buying into the anti semitism row without properly vetting the claims. Corbyn lowering his natural european scepticism and accepting the sitting on the fence party choice. And a party that deserted the working class in favour of middle class pro euro, pro identity politics agendas

  • valley boy
    valley boy Month ago +1

    The tories are a govening party Labour not its that simple.

  • Will’s MM2 UNWILD Vlogs Minecraft Channel

    Burgon is thick as two short planks

  • Betty Price
    Betty Price Month ago

    Listen to the people, look at how they live. All of them lock themselves in Westminster and think they know better than the electorate. And I haven't even mentioned Tony Blair and WMD. In short you lost our trust.

  • Midnight Rambler
    Midnight Rambler Month ago +1

    Obey the people! Labour were punished

  • The jupiter
    The jupiter Month ago

    This should be called “WHERE DID IT ALL GO WRONG FOR CHANNEL 4”. Ha ha ha channel 4, all your bias these passed years couldn’t stop Brexit. Suck it up, WE ARE NOW OUT!!

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill Month ago

    Hopefully American aren't as misinformed and xenophobic as the greater amount of Brits and Bernie will take down Trump. Not if US/ Uk intelligence/ media has anything to say about it

  • Chris Hill
    Chris Hill Month ago

    US and UK intelligence involved

  • Lee Simmons
    Lee Simmons Month ago

    It first went wrong when the voted Ed m

  • rob jones
    rob jones Month ago +1

    he went wrong being in the Labour party , should have joined the communist party , wanker

  • Vicky McIntosh
    Vicky McIntosh Month ago

    Corbyn is were it went wrong we didn't want a ira supporter for our British pm

  • len billington
    len billington Month ago

    It went wrong because they have Marxist moron as it’s leader with idiotic policies.Why is he still there ?

  • Davy Tornado
    Davy Tornado Month ago

    Meanwhile Mrs Corbyn cancels the new curtains for No10
    And shreds all those house warming party invites at No10 to her mates.
    I wonder if Owen Jones will still get a crooked Peerage same as Charkrabarti the Shams
    for help in losing the election.

  • Gayle Elizabeth
    Gayle Elizabeth Month ago +1

    .....Idiot reporter--so upset about Labour’s loss, she’s feeding lines to the people she’s interviewing : “You voted TORY?! HOW does that make you FEEL (pained look on her face)??”......Pathetic.

  • 33kaus holokaust
    33kaus holokaust Month ago

    The labour lost because they are anti jew and anti india.
    Indians and jews were targeted by labour.
    So we strike back

  • L Cincinnatus
    L Cincinnatus Month ago

    They naively assumes that the racist vermin at channel 4 “news” we’re representative of the whole country

  • Tommy Atkins
    Tommy Atkins Month ago

    People didn't trust him with security of country with terrorism and possible enemies of uk and her allies

  • rick hall
    rick hall Month ago

    I went wrong with the so called labour party becomeing the rave loony party, and then the brougt a clown in to run it. Evan after the election jermy c, wouldnt admit it was his fault. Jezz grow a couple you fucked up big time your ideas were not of the comonworking man you took, the labour party in to the desert and left it there. But i dont just blame you the so called labour politicians you had around you were as bad. You kept saying i want a general election but never asked for it. Thats becouse you were not sureof yourself, so how did you think the labour votes would vote for you. It is know 2020 and you still will not go.

  • i thomas
    i thomas Month ago +1

    When labour learn what democracy means and starts listening to the working class and not pandering to the left wing snowflakes who live in London yet preach their extreme lefty student politics.

  • tekay44
    tekay44 Month ago

    Caroline, stop saying we, it's you..

  • humphrey peek
    humphrey peek Month ago

    diane abbot the home sec that cost them many votes

  • Des Lang
    Des Lang Month ago

    As an Australian I welcome back Britain as an active member of the commonwealth. It will be good to buy British goods again instead of Chinese like the lefties want to back their commo mates. I no longer need to get permission to buy a genuine scotch whisky from Brussels.

  • Filbert66
    Filbert66 Month ago

    Socialism is marxism and can lead to communism! Goodbye commissar and good riddance!

  • George Walsh
    George Walsh 2 months ago

    Because the majority of the country does not want an anti-Semite terrorist sympathiser succeeding. Baffles me how the left wing media just ignore his anti-Semitic comments

  • maria cornwallis
    maria cornwallis 2 months ago

    Comrade Commissar Corbyn and his Momentum comrades wanted to turn the clock back to the dark miserable days of Arthur Scargill and Michael Foot. It is now 48 days since the election and if Commissar Corbyn had won he would by now have handed over the Falkland islanders to the Argentinians, started negotiations to sell our entire navy to India and Pakistan, turned Sandhurst college and Buckingham Palace over to the homeless, started to make all our military personnel redundant, close down Faslane nuclear submarine base and all our nuclear submarines and trident missiles, shut off funds to the Royal Family and start to make plans to integrate and merge our great nation into the Russian empire. This man is an evil terrorist supporter and hates everything that will take our nation forward to a wonderful bright future. He supports the Iranian regime which is supporting wars and destruction all over the Middle East and supplying missiles to the houtti rebels in the Yemen where 100,000 children have already been killed. He is an evil two faced dangerous man and should not be allowed anywhere near the keys of government.

  • 毛泽东
    毛泽东 2 months ago

    Pretty much Brexit, the economics were decent

  • Steven Sharman
    Steven Sharman 2 months ago

    It is Labour what is right....nothing..

  • I'm Your President
    I'm Your President 2 months ago

    Basically they tried to come into power a little too early before the new generation of Marxist indoctrinated youth was old enough to vote. They didn't have enough yet. It's gonna be the same with Bernie Sanders if he makes it.

  • cookupastorm
    cookupastorm 2 months ago

    The swamp was drained on 12 December! To you losers and biased media... NEVER underestimate the political intelligence of the great British people! 🖕🇬🇧

  • hobbo420
    hobbo420 2 months ago +1

    Labour is the party of sneering elitists like Coogan,Izzard and their ilk.

  • Taurus L
    Taurus L 2 months ago

    I great grandad was a miner... I'm grandad was a miner .... my dad was a miner... my girlfriend was a minor ( I got two years suspended ) because of her.

  • paper clip
    paper clip 2 months ago

    Ch4 scum news

  • Impromptu
    Impromptu 2 months ago

    Since he was a teenager Corbyn always been firm and unchanging in his politics, cleaved only to those who agree with him and regarded disagreement and electoral rejection with contempt. The St Jeremy veneer has only ever thinly disguised a peevish, supercilious arrogant man. Labour seriously needs to ask itself the Hattersley question. When touring the heartlands after a brutal Kinnock defeat an activist asked him: what's wrong with them? He replied: we should be asking what's wrong with us. Corbyn has never been able to do that, and that's a large part of the problem. Politics may be driven by convictions, but it's ultimately (per Bismarck) the art of the possible. it's a trade, not a craft.

  • Sekharan Divakaran
    Sekharan Divakaran 2 months ago

    Nothing went wrong. Brexit and labour policy are are not political matter. Brexit is common desire of old and new generations. Labour failed see the difference. They played a unwanted game in Parliament and enjoyed the Tories sweating inside and outside.

  • Oldskoolrools
    Oldskoolrools 2 months ago

    Richard Burgeon......I think you need to analyse objectively where Labour went wrong....what do you think?

  • Jorge Nunes
    Jorge Nunes 2 months ago

    Boris' campaign was all about «Brexit». The big problems will come in a few months. People will probably miss Jeremy Corbyn and will surely understand a decent man he is and how better he would be as PM than the clown Boris.

    • Chris
      Chris 2 months ago

      Keep the tears coming 🙄

  • Jorge Nunes
    Jorge Nunes 2 months ago

    10 million votes was a good result; even better than Gordon Brown and Ed Miliband's soft Labour. With all the smear campaign still going on, Jeremy Corbyn is Labour's champion and would be a great leader for the british people.

    • manhunt48
      manhunt48 Month ago +1

      You keep telling yourself that buddy.... Ironically you're proving PERFECTLY why labour lost.... Ignore any discussion or reasons why people disagree and repeat conspiracies as to why you lost. You learn nothing from the loss, which will only doom you to lose again.

  • tony mush
    tony mush 2 months ago

    lol and these nasty far left scum have still not learnt, \Bailey next ffs .........go and join the commie party oh thats right mcdonald you horrible man , no votes no high wages or high pensions

  • Keith Williams
    Keith Williams 2 months ago

    the labours need to beg the public for forgiveness, start by standing by the union flag......

  • S H O P P I N G E X P E R I E N C E

    On the channel 4 election night when the audience gasped in shock at the exit poll numbers, I was rolling around on the floor laughing. Poor liberal labour voters 😂😹

  • ryan macdonald
    ryan macdonald 2 months ago

    Labour lost because Corbyn was inept, too far to the left in terms of politics and failed to keep members of his party from blurting out racist remarks plus he didn't have a clear plan to deal with Brexit and other things.

    He was up against the bumbling Boris Johnson whose been described as the British version of Trump and Corbyn couldn't beat him. Anyone who can't beat someone like that in an election shouldn't be leader of a political party, Corbyn should resign as leader of the Labour party as they'll never win with him in charge.

  • ftecconn
    ftecconn 2 months ago

    Seems to be that the Labor (Left Wing) Party has been in Power for a long time. What do the Poor and Middle Class of UK have to show for it?

  • Anna Hunt
    Anna Hunt 2 months ago +1


  • Dipak Basu
    Dipak Basu 2 months ago +2

    Labour Party is pro-Muslim, Pro-Pakistani. People do not like these supporters of Child rapists.