Sweet Temptation (Part 9)


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  • newyorkcitylatinguy
    newyorkcitylatinguy 2 years ago +1

    Wow she threw that cake on the floor after she made it. What a waste

  • Danielle Dixon
    Danielle Dixon 2 years ago +1

    "If I could just get my fingernails in your face." Lmaoooo

  • Jeannette S
    Jeannette S 2 years ago +1

    Oh jade please be quiet

  • Evel Queen
    Evel Queen 3 years ago +9

    That wedding in Thousand OAks is probably pissed they didn't get their cake.

  • Audrea Lewis
    Audrea Lewis 4 years ago +6

    I get it . if Billy had returned her feelings Jade wouldn't have told anyone but , because billy wanted to be"thier little secret "she got upset .

    • Audrea Lewis
      Audrea Lewis 3 years ago

      +Katarrius Tyner Lol ... I know right ? Rob Estes played that part well isn't that old addage play dumb. I'm still trying to understand how she could think that someone took her virginity namely him that line was priceless .

    • Audrea Lewis
      Audrea Lewis 3 years ago +1

      I know it was pretty comical , don't you just love the 90's .

  • TheLady2luv
    TheLady2luv 5 years ago


  • TheLady2luv
    TheLady2luv 5 years ago +1

    I kinda feel sorry for her mum

  • Johanna Persson
    Johanna Persson 5 years ago

    I cannot believe that I watched this film. Now I feel like shit.

  • Kwameka
    Kwameka 5 years ago +4

    Billy is a pervert, jade is a young whore, the mother is a clueless idiot WEIRD MOVIE

  • bfflmadbarbie
    bfflmadbarbie 5 years ago

    What that man did was wrong n just plain vain BUT thank the lord he didn't force her to do nothing. Shes a grown ass girl that can make out what is wrong n what is right. So when 16 yearold girls feel they want to love and be with someone that is waaay older and no one is forcing anybody or hurting anybody then WHO THE HELL CARES!! Thats basically what others are saying on here

  • bfflmadbarbie
    bfflmadbarbie 5 years ago +1

    Shut the hell up and get a life...i wrote this shit 6 months ago. Go do something with your life instead of arguing with people on youtube lol

  • see kay
    see kay 5 years ago

    she is annoying as all fuck

  • Rasoki Lubis
    Rasoki Lubis 5 years ago +2

    I always have the inhaler beside me since 1997.....it's my first love and my first kiss.

  • Liz M
    Liz M 5 years ago +1

    She's fucking stupid.. But a lot of girls go threw this

  • Valerie Marie
    Valerie Marie 5 years ago

    Billy is a good guy. He just got tired of poking that loose old clam. He needed some tight wet vag.

  • bfflmadbarbie
    bfflmadbarbie 6 years ago +1

    and i agree with you 100 percent!!

  • bfflmadbarbie
    bfflmadbarbie 6 years ago +1


  • bfflmadbarbie
    bfflmadbarbie 6 years ago +1

    AND people like YOU piss me off _._.....first of all what i said wasnt sick at all...shes grown so she knew what she was doing..I'm not going to sit her and act like he was the only bad person in this situation...she wasn't a victim!! get your fucking head out the clouds and realize from day one she wanted him and was jealous of her mothers happiness. if she wasn't flirting up a storm then none of this wouldn't have happened.

  • Amber M
    Amber M 6 years ago +3

    Really?? People like you piss me off. At least the mother wised up in the end, you'd probably be the type to take the guy back and keep letting him fuck your daughter...that's what's so sick about this whole thing. Pervs like Billy look for vaunrable mom's like Jade's to look the other way so they can prey on young girls. Saying she is jealous is just the attitude they want you to have. Love is blind. No 20 or 30 something guy should be fucking or wanting to fuck a 16 year old anyway.

  • Amber M
    Amber M 6 years ago +4

    16 is a child in the eyes of the law, no matter what you or anyone else says. Billy admited to taking advantage of her, making her keep the secret because he knew his sorry ass would go to jail for what he was doing. Jade did flirt, but if Billy were a normal functioning adult, he would tell her, her behavior was inappropriate but he is a child molester, they don't think like that. He is to blame, that's why guys like this are put away!

  • Amber M
    Amber M 6 years ago +4

    Rape doesn't have to necessarily mean pinning someone down and forcing them, especially statutory rape. The younger girl/guy may consent to it, but that isn't how it is considered in the eyes of the law. Teens aren't emotionally mature enough to have sex with each other let alone a grown man who KNOWS better! So she flirted with him, he is the legal adult who should keep his damn hands to himself no one forced him either! I feel sorry for any kids you have or may have.

  • Bitesize1991
    Bitesize1991 6 years ago +5

    how dare that mother hit her daughter and try to protect billy?!?!?!?!?! i feel so bad for jade :(

  • Sailor Scout
    Sailor Scout 6 years ago +2

    how is hher mother horrible? sure, she should have suspected something was going on & sure, she shouldn't have slapped her, but she had a hard time coming to terms that billy would do that to jade especially since jade was acting that way with her & as you clearly saw in the movie her mom told billy that IT ENDS HERE NOW, she believed jade and got rid of billy at least she didnt let him stay like others would.

  • bfflmadbarbie
    bfflmadbarbie 6 years ago +1

    honestly i dont feel sorry for that bitch....how can you do that to your own mother she really loved him. SHE WAS JEALOUS!! thats all i have to say...no he shouldn't have done that but at least she wanted to and he didnt take it with force. This movie just pisses me off ....lol

  • stefers08
    stefers08 6 years ago +1

    She is officially fucking annoying.

  • Leah Lashay
    Leah Lashay 6 years ago

    Shes a goddamn crybaby ! But the mom stupid all of them are stupid but the dad !

  • jessss0x
    jessss0x 6 years ago +1

    it's fucking acting dumbass she doesn't really have asthma ... holy shit i've never seen a more retarded person in my life.

  • Denise Deeds
    Denise Deeds 6 years ago

    bummer about the wedding cake for the couple in Thousand Oaks,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • xoxDarlinangelxox
    xoxDarlinangelxox 6 years ago

    For all the people saying things about the girls asthma attack.. first, everyone is a little different when they have an attack.. second.. the girl was acting.. give her a bit of a break! Third.. her dad took her to the hospital, they would be able to tell her if she was lying or not.

  • Alyssagirlish
    Alyssagirlish 6 years ago

    I also have asthma and I can talk some times when im short of breathe

  • diana prince
    diana prince 6 years ago

    if you cant breathe you cant talk! dumb eh? god her mum is awful, she is a silly girl and that billy is a predator!

  • L.A. Jones
    L.A. Jones 6 years ago

    Parents should always put their children first. Never themselves or their love lives.

  • Lyndi Steinhilber
    Lyndi Steinhilber 6 years ago

    I feel horrible for Jade, Her mother is a horrible person!

  • Helena C
    Helena C 6 years ago

    I'm not justifying what he did, just pointing it out. The word paedophile is a little harsh. He's still a perv and it was inappropriate given the context however she was old enough to consent.

  • Helena C
    Helena C 6 years ago

    16 is the age of consent in the UK, Canada, the USA and many countries in Latin America.

  • Karlie Starr
    Karlie Starr 6 years ago

    I dont blame 1 of them I blame both of them. There are plenty of girls who can keep their legs closed untill they are 18, and not sleep with their moms boyfriend.

  • D_money
    D_money 6 years ago +2

    the mom is in denial!

  • vj6704
    vj6704 7 years ago +4

    Two words: Parental. Failure. Jade is NOT a whore. Yes, she had a laspe in judgement, but most 16 year olds do. Billy can lie or blame his actions on the wine, but at the end of the day he's a grown ass man who should've had sense enough not to go there with her. Another problem could be that daddy was too busy playing golf, and mommy was too busy trying to be young again. How are children suppose to become responsible adults without the proper guidance from their parents? This is sad.

  • Richard Noah
    Richard Noah 7 years ago

    if this was in real life...give the the hardest slap she will ever get...then go find the guy and beat the shit out of him...now we are less angry...then go to the girl and talk some sense into her or here and there smack some sense too...after all we should protect our children

  • moviegurl16
    moviegurl16 7 years ago +2

    thank god she had her dad ! i mean i know he's been sort of distant but shit
    i wish every person had someone to take care of them like that

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi 7 years ago

    Its all that bitches fault!!! Billy is too hot for jail!!

  • BluMoon101
    BluMoon101 7 years ago

    If she couldnt breathe she would be able to talk and cry at the same time

  • blacksmartie
    blacksmartie 7 years ago

    @zaaraaaaaaaaa No she deserved that slap. It was a long time coming. It's bad enough that you're sleeping with your own mother's boyfriend, but to tell her in such a flippant manner?

  • honestangel16
    honestangel16 7 years ago

    Im sorry but the girl is retarted

  • thereliant1
    thereliant1 7 years ago

    @zaaraaaaaaaaa what i don't understand is when her mom asked jade if she should marry billy because she felt like them being boyfriend and girlfriend was a bad example....I was thinking at that moment she is very backwards and stupid. why move in in the first place?

    UHOPFAP17 7 years ago

    I detest that fact that some parents do what Jade's mother did at the beginning of this clip. They would rather believe/choose their new boyfriend or girlfriend over their own child. It's not right at all.

    UHOPFAP17 7 years ago +1

    I detest that fact that some parents do that: They would rather believe/choose their new boyfriend or girlfriend over their own child. It's not right at all.

  • larltm23
    larltm23 7 years ago

    I ..I..I. been upstairs tryna figure it out..you know..i..idecided i would get my finger nails in ur face..I..I..I thought it would be ok if i just get my finger nails in your face get them under you skin and rip your lying deceiving skull apart!

  • moviegurl16
    moviegurl16 7 years ago

    i. am so glad. she had her dad to turn to ! not a lot of people have that support

  • blondiegal397
    blondiegal397 7 years ago

    Lol wow.

  • Christina Dodson
    Christina Dodson 7 years ago

    Did no one else notice that the father said "she's your daughter" not our daughter, like this isn't his fault too. Maybe if he'd paid more attention she wouldn't have tturned to Billy to be her father figure

  • wickandde
    wickandde 7 years ago

    wow the mother is a bitch period.

  • suichi98
    suichi98 7 years ago

    shes a spoiled brat and mental.

  • jjoo22tteeoo
    jjoo22tteeoo 7 years ago

    omgee the mom is a fucking bitch

  • Mariamparker
    Mariamparker 7 years ago +1

    i luv her stomping and temper tantrum. typical teenage girl.lol.

  • tamara thomas
    tamara thomas 7 years ago

    this just says if you get Fu***D by you're mom's boyfriend Tell you DAD!!!

  • Sabrina
    Sabrina 7 years ago

    Poor cake = (

  • britishjamz
    britishjamz 7 years ago

    I hate the mother...no matter how angry you are, you don't keep her in the hole, you help dig her out of it, cept in this..the moms a beeyotch

  • sophie bubs
    sophie bubs 7 years ago

    She kind of did it for attention but i dont blame her, her parents cared more about their lifes than there own child, maybe now they will pay more attention to her instead of putting new wifes or boyfriends over their own flesh and blood!

  • Cesca dela Rue
    Cesca dela Rue 8 years ago

    @SamDeRe81 So true, she makes it seem like he raped her, while she wanted it. So stupid to blame him.

  • Holly N Fuller
    Holly N Fuller 8 years ago

    @mizravenkustoms I know right! I hate it when movies always have big fakers with the dumbest asthma attacks I've ever seen.

  • PieMasterX13
    PieMasterX13 8 years ago

    The mom doesn't want to believe it. PieMasterX13s' mom

  • lolalucy14
    lolalucy14 8 years ago

    Her mom shouldnt even be mad, itsd her fault for bringin the guy home

  • mizravenkustoms
    mizravenkustoms 8 years ago

    WTF I have severe asthma - the girl isn't even wheezing! What a faker!

  • Nikkita178
    Nikkita178 8 years ago

    @SamDeRe81 lmaoooo i know right. the first portion of the movie she goes parading around him in her underwear and flirting with him then when he screws her she gets all fucking dramatic & depressed about it even though she tried to brag to her best friend about it.

  • Dzemilje
    Dzemilje 8 years ago

    OMG the mom is sooo fucking stupid!

  • unearthlyangel89
    unearthlyangel89 8 years ago

    @SamDeRe81 Its still not right. At 16 she doesn't know what she wants. Look how messed up it made her.

  • faboul467
    faboul467 8 years ago

    in my oppion its like this daughter knew what she was doing she encourage however as billy being older and knew what he was doing let it happen. so they both share the equal fault. ya she a teenager but still being teenager myself i know what i'm doing but as adult epsically older guy should think about having sex with someone way younger

  • theaggressivecupcake
    theaggressivecupcake 9 years ago

    Great performance by Jenny when she's getting mad at her mom and dad about telling them. I know that's how I get when its something earth shattering like that. All that except for the asthma!!!