What Happened To The Hummer?

  • Published on Nov 12, 2019
  • The Hummer was an angular, militaristic, go-anywhere truck that became an emblem of 1990s pop culture. General Motors' Hummer was a coveted status symbol sought by celebrities and a sometimes mocked and vilified example of how far of America's newfound love for SUVs had gone. But in 2009, GM put several of its brands to the ax, including Pontiac, Saab, and Hummer. While the Hummer had a brief lifespan of just under two decades, it made a lasting impression on the auto industry.
    Clarification: General Motors ended Oldsmobile production in 2004, a few years before GM stopped producing the other brands mentioned at 8:05.
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    What Happened To The Hummer?

Comments • 3 391

  • Miss Frizzle
    Miss Frizzle 12 hours ago

    I like telling this story because I always kick myself over it. Keep scrolling if you don’t want to be bored.
    When I was like 16 or 17 was during the big car company fallouts and it was about to file for bankruptcy. I was only a junior in high school but the stock market was interesting to me. I remember the shares of GM being $0.86. And I asked my dad if he would buy 1000 shares for me because I wasn’t old enough to do trading and we could split the money. He said no because he would just lose his money because they were going under. They closed at 35.60 the other day. They’ve held steady around the price for awhile now. But I’d be about 35k dollars richer or maybe just not in student loan debt today. 😂

  • Dhyey Patel
    Dhyey Patel Day ago

    Hummer uses too much of diesel than an average car

  • Gerry Freeman
    Gerry Freeman Day ago

    Needed to be made from lighter materials and use a hybrid diesel power train '
    I just did not get '
    Why GM could not see this '

    NABEEL ALI Day ago

    We have one. It’s rare to have one in the UK especially a H1 And H2

  • X11KYX
    X11KYX 2 days ago

    Hummers were not masculine they were big ugly pieces of American junk. Pure garbage vehicles

  • Toni Wang
    Toni Wang 3 days ago

    By the way, GM plans to revive the brand into an electric vehicle ...

  • Haresh G
    Haresh G 4 days ago

    Bringing back??? Have u forgot about the cybertruck!!!

  • dangerouslytalented
    dangerouslytalented 4 days ago

    There is only one reason to run a Hummer in a city. As a limousine. Vulgar, wide, and tall. A stretched hummer limo is the perfect thing for overentitled 17 year olds to take their girlfriends to the prom or football teams after their season ends. They are just impractical for anything else except that and driving offroad on relatively flat land.

  • Chthonian121
    Chthonian121 5 days ago +1

    Someone get Arnold a G Wagen lol

  • GunScott HDgaming
    GunScott HDgaming 5 days ago +1

    *Its ironic that earth protesters ended Hummers and not the cheap Chinese cars *

  • Master Erakius
    Master Erakius 5 days ago

    If I had the money, would I buy and run a hummer? Hell yes. The problem? Very few people are rich enough to be able to buy and run one. And out of that small group, not everyone is going to want one. That’s not a big market.

  • vesa andrei
    vesa andrei 5 days ago

    Exactly what Tesla it's doing now with Tesla truck, Humvees are great, perfect for showing off 😅

  • Star Butterfly
    Star Butterfly 6 days ago

    The reason the Hummer died was because of high gas prices and the great recession. I would also say environmentalists but people are buying SUVs again, although they are better on the MPG front and there are even hybrid and EV models of famous SUVs.

  • No light, no water, no late night snacking.

    9:26 the hummer HX concept actually looked good, too bad it never went into production. 😥

  • No light, no water, no late night snacking.

    I heard that general motors might bring it back as an EV

  • No light, no water, no late night snacking.

    the H1 Alpha was A HuMmEr, everything that came after was a toy.

  • VodShod
    VodShod 6 days ago

    It is funny how they don't mention the Tesla cars as iconic, but it is the usual. The new Hummer is the Tesla Cyber Truck, but it seems it may go the opposite way since the military and police are trying to get a hold of them.

  • Paul Vo
    Paul Vo 7 days ago

    why didn't am general cant take the hummer back from gm in the first place in 2010 but also rather not selling the hummer to general motors in 2002?

  • ANewHorizon
    ANewHorizon 7 days ago

    Speed bumps were becoming bigger and bigger.

  • A Z
    A Z 8 days ago +5

    In 2021 they're releasing it as "Hummer by GMC" as an all electric luxury SUV. Should be interesting to see how sales go

  • Ramona Ray
    Ramona Ray 8 days ago

    Perfect car for Baja California Sur! Would love to have one if someone wants to give me one! I’m financially challenged lol

  • MegaE46
    MegaE46 9 days ago +1

    All these new Hummer vids popping up all over TVclip. Hummer is definitely coming back

  • professor GIMSARA
    professor GIMSARA 9 days ago

    We need hummer again

  • Potato Gamer
    Potato Gamer 9 days ago +1

    It’s coming back as a gmc pickup

  • BessyTravels
    BessyTravels 9 days ago

    I hate the hummer why do you need all of that

  • The Bike Hippie
    The Bike Hippie 9 days ago

    What happened to Asuna?

  • ameanasaurus rex
    ameanasaurus rex 9 days ago

    Crossovers killed the hummer after 2008. A mini suv with better gas useage with similar storage space and functionality as an suv was a siren song for post recession America.

  • seattlegrrlie
    seattlegrrlie 9 days ago

    This video was awful. Don't waste your time

  • blue collar warrior
    blue collar warrior 9 days ago

    Got beat by OSHKOSH

  • lamaistyle
    lamaistyle 10 days ago

    Arnold drove it around LA, Palisades, Malibu

  • richard ross
    richard ross 10 days ago

    I drove a deuce and a half military truck and people in Hummers would look up at me and say that it was to much truck lol

  • Travis Jachmann
    Travis Jachmann 11 days ago +2

    Is it just me? Whats with everyone talking about Hummer at this time? Like even business insider..

    • Ahmed M
      Ahmed M 7 days ago

      Travis Jachmann this vid was uploaded 7 months ago

  • super fly
    super fly 11 days ago

    wide as a rig,fits 4 people.

  • bang bang
    bang bang 11 days ago

    An electric hummer would be bad ass....

  • brycmtthw
    brycmtthw 11 days ago

    Why tf did they throw in the Wrangler stock footage in with the GM footage at 10:31?? 🙄

  • Yalowboi Music
    Yalowboi Music 11 days ago

    i dint knew GM Went Broke wow wtf they do with the money they was making 😒

  • Bryan Miraflor
    Bryan Miraflor 11 days ago

    psh who needs a Hummer? Get a Canyonero.

  • knightpeanut
    knightpeanut 12 days ago

    A Cybertruck is the new age hummer

  • knightpeanut
    knightpeanut 12 days ago +4

    I wonder how Arnold feels about the Tesla Cybertruck

  • Danymok
    Danymok 12 days ago

    Now the cybertruck will replace the hummer

  • Dawn Hodges
    Dawn Hodges 12 days ago

    I'm just glad its over...please don't bring the gasoline guzzler back.

  • MrKarlheinzspock
    MrKarlheinzspock 12 days ago

    10 U.S. MPG = 23.52 Liters per 100 km
    14 U.S. MPG = 16.80 Liters per 100 km
    Wow, that's quite a lot.

  • crezman
    crezman 13 days ago

    Way too wide and 12mpg.

  • TheGrudge
    TheGrudge 13 days ago

    Arnold was so hot 😍😍😍

  • Always_Serpico
    Always_Serpico 13 days ago

    Gas prices.

  • tonytocanova
    tonytocanova 13 days ago

    What happened to the Hummer? Common sense happened.

  • Quang Lam
    Quang Lam 13 days ago

    Now Kawasaki is launching it H2 as well.

  • Gilbert Sanchez
    Gilbert Sanchez 13 days ago

    I hate hummers... as a vet that fought in the gulf and Iraq/Afghan, the hummer brings back very terrible memories and I hate the hummers because of how they sucked on gas and protection while we were out there... I hate them, I will never own one...

  • R.M Purwandharu
    R.M Purwandharu 13 days ago

    Welcome cybertruck

  • G Pozdol
    G Pozdol 13 days ago +1

    GM fiddles while Rome burns.

  • Something something username

    They disappeared for a while, but recently I've been seeing them all coming out of the woodwork. They were just hibernating.
    Im not even exaggerating, I've seen more in the past year alone, than in the past few years combined.

    • Isiah Davis
      Isiah Davis 11 days ago

      I moved to Georgia and suddenly I see them everywhere

  • BUP
    BUP 14 days ago +2

    No one talking about the thicc boi in the thumbnail?

  • Harley Q'en
    Harley Q'en 14 days ago

    Anyone else think this was a video about someone's hummer being messed up??

  • OneLuvDrums
    OneLuvDrums 14 days ago

    hahahaha cause it’s a piece of crap ......

  • OmarOmarOmar
    OmarOmarOmar 15 days ago +1

    the H2 was absolutely stunning. I lived in the middle east as a kid and I remember nearly every guy owned a hummer H2

  • Summersville Crew
    Summersville Crew 15 days ago

    If the they did make a hummer, I would want it to be gas, i see that electric cars are the new thing and all but, when I think of an off-road full sized suv/pickup, I think, “thats a car that runs on gas”

  • Enrique Velez
    Enrique Velez 16 days ago +1

    An electric hummer would be pretty rad

  • Nik Muhd Hafiz Harun
    Nik Muhd Hafiz Harun 16 days ago +3

    Hummer become department store brand for clothing lines.

  • kreative Oras
    kreative Oras 16 days ago

    Hummer got Hammerd

  • Bow Hunter
    Bow Hunter 16 days ago +20

    People eventually realized they don't need their grocery getter to also ford a river or drive over a 16' rock....

    • Isiah Davis
      Isiah Davis 11 days ago

      I mean, the Wrangler sells pretty well, as do Land Rover vehicles, so maybe we have regressed a bit