Pantera - Vulgar Display of Power (Full Album)

  • Published on Sep 15, 2019
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  • Silvergarden
    Silvergarden 9 days ago +21

    For all those people who insult in the comments for the ads:
    The ads aren't added by the channel that uploads the video, TVclip does it when a video that has content from another person is uploaded (Copyright), lasts more than 10 minutes and exceeds 10 thousand views!
    The channel doesn't earn any money for the ads, but the same platform or the record label.
    We don't want our videos to be filled with ads, but it's one of the conditions that TVclip puts us!

    • big man
      big man Hour ago

      wow didn't expect to see you here silvergarden, I listen to the albums you upload like all the time

    • JPX64
      JPX64 3 hours ago

      youtube vanced dudes.

    • javier
      javier 2 days ago

      @Leilacarter it's better to use brave browser, no ads. end of story.

    • Andy Sixxlett
      Andy Sixxlett 7 days ago

      TVclip premium for the win ;)

    • Leilacarter
      Leilacarter 8 days ago

      I can suggest uBlock Origin. On firefox and Chrome, no ads !

  • Darrin Skeels
    Darrin Skeels Day ago

    ohh wait this album never goes old.If ur a metalhead this is the foundation

  • Darrin Skeels
    Darrin Skeels Day ago

    woot still rockin g lol

  • Boris Latkovic
    Boris Latkovic 2 days ago

    No respect gets no one nowhere, show respect, WHOOOOUW

  • kisielekrlz
    kisielekrlz 3 days ago

    Chad metal album of all time

  • Brad M
    Brad M 3 days ago +1

    Best fucking album ever

  • Tio EnJoYeR
    Tio EnJoYeR 4 days ago

    the original band with this sound is Exholder. Pantera and Exholder was friendly but Phil...poor guy. Even so, I love Pantera and Exholder.
    This album remember me my school times. Love it.

  • Mike Granger
    Mike Granger 4 days ago +1

    Nut punch to the love munch

  • sadboi international
    sadboi international 4 days ago +3


  • José Cuervo
    José Cuervo 4 days ago +1


  • 84slaughter
    84slaughter 5 days ago +5

    Maybe The Greatest Album Ever Released!

  • The other person
    The other person 6 days ago +4

    I'm listening to this as I'm writing my first DnD.

  • Vanei Pontes
    Vanei Pontes 6 days ago +3

    Simply Masterpiece 🎵🎼🎶🎤🎸😎👊

  • Fabricio Moncaio
    Fabricio Moncaio 7 days ago

    Soco na cara

    PROUD CANADIAN PATRIOT 7 days ago +4


  • blake poirier
    blake poirier 8 days ago +4

    My favorite band, guitarist, and album. RIP Dime.

  • Tomi Isnardi
    Tomi Isnardi 9 days ago +1

    0:25 doom's song 💛

  • Thalles Mello
    Thalles Mello 9 days ago

    Holly shit!

  • Tears of Finality
    Tears of Finality 9 days ago +5

    I remember seeing the album posters in the record store when this album first came out. And I remember the first time I listened to Pantera. I think I was a freshman back in high school in the early 90s and they played Wall on Headbangers Ball. After that I bought the cassette tape and wore it out fast. Great album and they so not make music like this any more.

    • Dennis Davila
      Dennis Davila 4 days ago +1

      Same here friend introduced me to the almighty PanterA!! He was like....I gotta stop by tower records to buy a cd (when it came out). And when I first heard was like...damn.....this is the shit!!! I was PanterA hooked!! 🤘🤘🤘

    • Andy Sixxlett
      Andy Sixxlett 7 days ago +1

      Check out the new Exhorder album!! Killer groove metal just like this :)

  • mr samsung
    mr samsung 9 days ago

    Okay....everyone check out band .EARTH EATER....caution...may be tooo heavy for ya.....listen please and leave comment...

  • Michel Esterlison
    Michel Esterlison 10 days ago +7

    Ouvindo PANTERA em 2020 !!!!

    BEN JAMMIN 10 days ago +2

    This, Far Beyond Driven & the Great Southern Trendkill were my favorite albums.

  • Forsete
    Forsete 10 days ago +1

    - Track List -
    0:00 - Mouth for War
    3:56 - A New Level
    7:53 - Walk
    13:09 - Fucking Hostile
    15:57 - This Love
    22:30 - Rise
    27:07 - No Good (Attack the Radical)
    31:57 - Live in a Hole
    36:57 - Regular People (Conceit)
    42:25 - By Demons Be Driven
    47:05 - Hollow
    52:51 - Piss

  • Tuomas Laakso
    Tuomas Laakso 10 days ago

    Pantera invented the so-called "extreme metal"
    The drums r produced like its 2020
    Anselmo, unique.. Original fucking style. Rex was no ordinary bassman.
    And Dime.. The baddest motherfucking Axeman on planet earth. Rip pantera. Miss u

  • Randall Bennett
    Randall Bennett 10 days ago +3

    Hail Pantera!

    • mr samsung
      mr samsung 9 days ago

      Ummmm....why is he so angry??😤😢😢🤔😉😉

    • Lisa Slaydon
      Lisa Slaydon 10 days ago +1

      Yes Indeed!!!

  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago


  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago +2

    Devon I love u and hope you and your mom r ok love u

  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago

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  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago


  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago

    Wares my truck

  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago

    11 19 83 vengince

  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago

    Truth is truth lize is truth love u kiddo dady still alive

  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago


  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago

    It that took my house mail everything I doc not for long I'm giting my sone back indapendince day forever this is USA rite 13

  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago +1

    Premeditation falls back to the start

  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago

    Indapendince day and that's lot ov rocks love u Devon

  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago


  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago

    Gote u all me never haha

  • Sean Covey
    Sean Covey 10 days ago

    Red white and blue r u having good day

  • very caring
    very caring 11 days ago +3

    Metal 'till I die!🎵🎼🏴

  • very caring
    very caring 11 days ago


  • Douglas Dietz
    Douglas Dietz 11 days ago

    THE BEST!!!!!

  • Joey Miller
    Joey Miller 11 days ago

    faaking ads everywhere, beware

  • Urbex NieZapomniane
    Urbex NieZapomniane 12 days ago +3


  • h.c. bombelll
    h.c. bombelll 13 days ago

    ale ciupio elegancko fircyki amerykańskie!!!!

  • Chuck Jones
    Chuck Jones 14 days ago

    that looks like to be james hetfeild getting socked in the face disrespect to metallica

    • Nmñ Ahf
      Nmñ Ahf 5 days ago

      the Band paid a random guy for receive a couple of real bunchs & then get this album "artwork" (: ,

    • mr samsung
      mr samsung 9 days ago +1

      Punch and kick Lars Beavis! way!!

    • NBKAWTG Nobody
      NBKAWTG Nobody 10 days ago +1

      Only if it was.

    • lucas Maria Maria
      lucas Maria Maria 13 days ago +1

      No disrespect. Right.

  • bonzo3423
    bonzo3423 14 days ago +13

    I'm going to name my kid "Pantera"

    • Matija Cale
      Matija Cale 4 days ago

      @mr samsung next one shoud be Araya ;)

    • Matthew E. Johnson
      Matthew E. Johnson 8 days ago


    • bonzo3423
      bonzo3423 9 days ago

      @mr samsung well this may be the first example in history where two different people share the same first name. There aren't any two people with "Vince" as a first name, or " John", so this will be a first in history. " Pantera" will be shared.

    • mr samsung
      mr samsung 9 days ago

      Sorry ..I already named my daughter that

  • Max Power
    Max Power 16 days ago +16

    Where’s the track list/time stamp comment guy at? You had 1 job....

  • John Joseph
    John Joseph 16 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks they should remove Metallica from the big four and put Pantera there instead?

    • mr samsung
      mr samsung 9 days ago are the only 2

    • K
      K 16 days ago +1

      No, remove Blandthrax!

  • Jason Brand
    Jason Brand 17 days ago +1


  • David Esteban Morales Alonso


    0:00 Mouth for war
    3:55 A new level
    7:52 Walk
    13:07 Fucking Hostile
    15:58 This Love
    22:30 Rise
    27:05 No good attack the radical
    31:56 Live in a hole
    36:56 Regular people
    42:25 By demons be driven
    47:04 Hollow
    52:52 Piss

  • st-gelais Kevin
    st-gelais Kevin 18 days ago +1

    I'd love a way to choose song with the help of a schedule in the comment zone...
    did like and clicked

  • Paul Johnson
    Paul Johnson 18 days ago

    I'm listening to this on New Year's Eve while the restaurant has shitty music on ABC. This sounds much better.

  • andrew allan
    andrew allan 19 days ago +2

    😆this is the music

  • BradentonSlick
    BradentonSlick 19 days ago

    Now just imagine this music with Phil singing like he did on the Power Metal cd. It would be the greatest metal cd ever imo.

  • Rem Sø
    Rem Sø 20 days ago

    brothers abbott, you were a gift to this otherwise sh...y world....

  • Rem Sø
    Rem Sø 20 days ago

    ...just imagine "god(b)smack/shack/shitknot"...wht/whoevr trying to cover this from 22:30 on.....ahhh...hahahahah

  • Rem Sø
    Rem Sø 20 days ago

    was für ein Brett.

  • Rem Sø
    Rem Sø 20 days ago +7

    this album is and will remain in all eternity the indisputed king of metal - love sepultura, brujeria, acao direta, ...etc ...- yet! THIS album is unparalleled. fullstop.

  • Niki Skinder
    Niki Skinder 20 days ago +2

    I met those guys in 2002