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love,honour and obey

  • Published on Jan 6, 2016
  • london gangster movie,with ray winston
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  • Iain Cole
    Iain Cole 3 days ago

    Denise van outen sucking that cucumber, hubba hubba, good film aswell.

  • Yllawish
    Yllawish 5 days ago

    Great film. Funny sketches and a sort of parody of gangster movies. The Karaoke in between was also fun. I love British movies.

  • Guy Lawrance
    Guy Lawrance 7 days ago

    Super Film - Easily in my Top 20 movies of all time - Watch it a couple of times a year and never get tired of it - hilarious. Hollywood could learn a lot from this nineteen year old movie. 🤩🤩🤩

  • john smith
    john smith 10 days ago

    Jude law crap jonny lee miller crap ray winstone good the younger pertwee crap burke crap sadie frost shaggable. Not watching this im oot

  • A Langenberg
    A Langenberg 14 days ago

    Is this film a send up? It comes across as one.

  • Dom
    Dom 21 day ago

    love this film fix baynets pmsl

  • Lily Dale
    Lily Dale 23 days ago

    love this movie.

  • Garf 661
    Garf 661 27 days ago

    The best gànster movie ever made or is that Gànster No1?

  • Montgomery Python
    Montgomery Python 28 days ago

    Loved it! Best film I've seen in a long time 10/10. Plenty of laughs and action, what's not to like?

  • steviep76
    steviep76 Month ago

    If u like this watch operation good guys, bbc2 comedy series. Has most of the cast from this classic British comedy.

  • spirit storm
    spirit storm Month ago

    One of my most favourite films ever...British films and actors at their best.. :)

  • smcliffhanger492
    smcliffhanger492 Month ago

    Good movie.

  • adrian meyer
    adrian meyer Month ago

    Bloody classic, nice one.

  • Rich Maylum
    Rich Maylum Month ago

    Leave it in, and go out

  • bloodyliar
    bloodyliar Month ago

    For every 'Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' there's a 'Love, Honour and Obey'...utter clart

  • PaddyInf
    PaddyInf 2 months ago

    Bill (the ex soldier hard man) in this is played by William (Bill) Scully QGM, ex-SAS. He received the Queen's Galantry Medal for protecting a hotel with 1000 civilians in Sierra Leone froom 200 attackers in 1997. He coordinated a small number of troops on the roof and held them off for hours. Hard as Fuck.

  • al bundy
    al bundy 2 months ago

    1:21:37 =Elvis has left the building .

  • peteon4 wheels
    peteon4 wheels 2 months ago

    1.04 I won't some of the drug they are on ffs.

  • Angus1966
    Angus1966 2 months ago

    Hot as

  • jmaund
    jmaund 2 months ago

    Has a film ever been made on such a low budget? :-)

  • Leopold M'Intosh
    Leopold M'Intosh 2 months ago

    Every Larrndun gangster cliche in the book, terrible acting all over the place, stereotypical characterisations, tired, predictable plot, jarring editing and casual violence interlaced with puerile comedy. Guy Ritchie has a lot to answer for, I really should have known better.

  • Hughie Davies
    Hughie Davies 2 months ago


  • Tony Brammer
    Tony Brammer 2 months ago

    Worth watching to see Denise Van Outen with that cucumber

  • brian palmer
    brian palmer 2 months ago

    He's been fed dog food..lsd. frown out a 2nd floor window. .blown up..and burnt. .
    OK. .how he feeling...
    He's feeling like he shouldn't be in this line of work anymore...hahaha
    FIX BAYONETS! !!!.hahaha

  • brian palmer
    brian palmer 2 months ago +1

    Don't you think it's mad that Americans don't get British films like this. ..but slap Mr Bean on and they love it and get it..more so than we do. .no wonder there government gets away with murder and there new is just 100% lies where are new is just 75%bullcrap. .lol

  • K L
    K L 3 months ago

    Self-indulgent rubbish !

  • billy44551
    billy44551 3 months ago

    Stab me ya si

  • mirella panichi
    mirella panichi 3 months ago

    Good film.

  • Angie
    Angie 3 months ago


  • Gerald Swain
    Gerald Swain 3 months ago +3

    The blow up doll scene was brilliant,I also think Cathy Burke is a great actress.

  • Lil Nemo
    Lil Nemo 3 months ago

    Ha can't believe I stumbled across this not seen it in years funny as fuck r8t film

  • chronic craftsman
    chronic craftsman 4 months ago

    All over two boxes of beak,,,cunts

  • Merriman
    Merriman 4 months ago

    Brilliantly written some of the best one liners ever in a British film watched this film with my American mate every time I meet him at the airport he always sought "fixs bearnets" great casting sean pertwee is excellent. Thank heaven for operation good guys

  • duck my sick
    duck my sick 4 months ago

    Great cast ..

  • Hazel Walsh
    Hazel Walsh 4 months ago +1

    What a truely crap film!!

  • Ricardo Maccotta
    Ricardo Maccotta 4 months ago London gangster accent and slang.... I don't understand a shit though

  • Haydon Ditchburn
    Haydon Ditchburn 4 months ago

    Great movie.... hard to beat a good British film....

    WAZ ALI 4 months ago

    Good load of casts..laughable liners..good movie 😊

  • FuGLyMuPPeT
    FuGLyMuPPeT 4 months ago +2

    When I use to go to pubs or on holiday I would always sing avenues and alleyways on the karaoke .

  • Joshua Lifetree
    Joshua Lifetree 4 months ago


  • birdandthe
    birdandthe 4 months ago

    this is corporate britain, massive bullshit to sweep the streets

  • Josh Stevenson
    Josh Stevenson 4 months ago

    Never seen this before great film great cast to.

  • Jibicus Maximus
    Jibicus Maximus 4 months ago

    minor gripe, the mic placements are wrong in the singing scenes, thought these guys would know correct mic technique but great film. maybe it's just, something i would notice, as i am a musician.

  • Simon Field
    Simon Field 4 months ago

    all the gang from operation good guys,must be a comedy

  • Paul Knight
    Paul Knight 4 months ago

    Fix Bayonets...... ffs i loled

  • Rob Wightman
    Rob Wightman 4 months ago +1


  • mike watters
    mike watters 4 months ago


  • Lucius Nekromanteion
    Lucius Nekromanteion 4 months ago


  • DaToNyOyO
    DaToNyOyO 4 months ago TOO long...

  • Samurai Hardware
    Samurai Hardware 4 months ago


  • TheThomo90
    TheThomo90 4 months ago

    Fantastic film. love it. Thanks for posting.

  • Maggie Mcleod
    Maggie Mcleod 4 months ago

    Absolutely Brilliant.

  • Maricarmen Malcolm
    Maricarmen Malcolm 4 months ago


  • Loyal92
    Loyal92 4 months ago

    4:11 is that Johnny Lee Miller??

  • Blanco London
    Blanco London 4 months ago

    if you like this film make sure to watch final cut. more or less the same cast and another winner for sure.

  • Tim Coe - myUSP
    Tim Coe - myUSP 5 months ago

    Loved it. Main characters use their real names...and the viagra scene in the hotel had me roaring!!!!

  • martin Bassett
    martin Bassett 5 months ago

    Poor alan lol

  • Charlie Browm
    Charlie Browm 5 months ago

    I used to think this film was Jank but it's actually quite good

  • Nathan Lewis
    Nathan Lewis 5 months ago

    Classic Movie Ray Winstone Legend

  • Dave The Brahman
    Dave The Brahman 5 months ago +1

    Shame the Cockneys are all dead now, or moved to Essex, which is the same thing.

  • Sonia Martin
    Sonia Martin 5 months ago

    It would have been much more authentic if they had got Ray Winstone to do proper Karaoke instead of using a much younger sounding guy to sing with auto tune!!! LOL!! It was ridiculous!! But It still looks like a good film. I do like Ray Winstone and most of the cast in this film :-)

  • graham  alice phone
    graham alice phone 5 months ago

    alan was in brum

  • alex whitelaw
    alex whitelaw 5 months ago

    there I was pulling me plum over the kitchen sink and she caught me just walked in! PMSL

  • Bradders
    Bradders 5 months ago

    Never knew Liam Gallagher played a welsh madman in this film..

  • oriel229
    oriel229 5 months ago

    Watched only 15 mts. Boring low quality shite.

    AYNSLEY STOREY 5 months ago

    fiiixxxx bayonets!!!!!

  • oldudereeno
    oldudereeno 5 months ago

    Nahh bollocks . These types of films are wank

  • Bonkas mate
    Bonkas mate 6 months ago +1

    It was made as a comedy guys, I think its brilliant! Ray Burdis knows how to make a great movie :)

  • Kathryn Rehill
    Kathryn Rehill 6 months ago +1

    Ray winston

  • veteran2000
    veteran2000 6 months ago

    Farking mug!

  • OPR J
    OPR J 6 months ago +2

    This is a very underrated film.

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 6 months ago


  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 6 months ago

    i zeen from the beginning he was a dead clown.. too bad he wasn't from mars..could have been ....nah dumbass...😆

  • David Boulton
    David Boulton 6 months ago

    Same old shagged out formula 🤮🤮, Been dahhhnnn the mawkit dhallin? Like eastenders but more predictable,! 🐖💨

  • Ahmad Ahmadi
    Ahmad Ahmadi 6 months ago


  • Moonstone Miss Jen
    Moonstone Miss Jen 6 months ago +1

    absolute classic love Ray great actor

    • Shirley Cameron
      Shirley Cameron Month ago

      Moonstone Miss Jen .....confuse....where . going.....

  • gdsmchris
    gdsmchris 6 months ago

    Not really sure what to make of this movie tbh. It doesn't know whether it's trying to be a gangster film or a comedy micky take. And I can't tell what it is either.. If it had been serious it could have been a good film but it gets let down by the ridiculous scenarios such as the shoot out. But other than that, it was OK and not a complete waste of 1and a half hours. But definitely not a classic

  • william ditty
    william ditty 6 months ago +1

    fantastic movie!! Thank you for posting it!

  • Cheeseandwhiskers 1998
    Cheeseandwhiskers 1998 7 months ago

    51:41 Ray: This is Stressing Me Out
    Dominic: You Got it Wrong Ray This Gets Rid Of The Stress All Of This Gets Rid Of Your Violent Tendencies
    Ray: Really
    Dominic: Yeah Really
    Ray: I'll Have Another Go At That
    Ray Beats Up John
    John: Remember The Face Thank You Oh Thank You
    Dominic: See
    Ray: Yeah I Feel Good
    Dominic: Told Ya
    Ray: Feel Good

  • David Boulton
    David Boulton 7 months ago

    Same old cockney cunts,,Dahhn The Mawkit, all been done before and since,!🤮🤮🤮🐖💨💨🇬🇧

  • Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker 7 months ago

    Ure fat and Ile throw u in the river

  • Grace and u
    Grace and u 7 months ago


  • Jerry James
    Jerry James 7 months ago

    Jew Bastard get in that ashtray!!!

  • Jerry James
    Jerry James 7 months ago

    Can't think of Ray the same way, after seeing him playing that GAY Role... It's on TVclip.

  • Joe Newman
    Joe Newman 7 months ago +1


  • Joe Newman
    Joe Newman 7 months ago +1

    Carry on gangster crazy

  • Stefan Grant
    Stefan Grant 7 months ago

    Anyone enjoying this film by the Primrose Hill set might enjoy The Final Cut

  • Mr Large
    Mr Large 7 months ago

    hes from wrexham lol

  • zvelekva
    zvelekva 8 months ago

    "Yes or No?!"

  • djlazerblue
    djlazerblue 8 months ago +2

    Full,of talent this film

  • shiv kumar
    shiv kumar 8 months ago

    background sound noise

  • Cheeseandwhiskers 1998
    Cheeseandwhiskers 1998 8 months ago +1

    I'm Not A Happy Bunny Ray

  • Martyn Sutton
    Martyn Sutton 9 months ago

    Alan after being firebombed I’ve gotta get home and have a nice cheese sandwich I left on the gas Classic

  • Bobby Fettes
    Bobby Fettes 9 months ago

    great film,

  • Ken Reeve
    Ken Reeve 9 months ago

    great film thanks for the up load

  • MadBoy8734
    MadBoy8734 9 months ago

    This film isn't funny at all.

  • ian Greer
    ian Greer 9 months ago

    Are you holding.

  • Gregory Killen
    Gregory Killen 9 months ago

    If you move in those circles you trust no one or you always have exit strategy and never get yourself into a situation you can't get yourself out of!!!!!!!!!! Johnny just trusted too many people

  • Kandice Olley
    Kandice Olley 10 months ago +1

    Brilliant thanks for the upload xx

  • Blue Orbiter Corporation
    Blue Orbiter Corporation 10 months ago

    This is awful.