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love,honour and obey

  • Published on Jan 6, 2016
  • london gangster movie,with ray winston
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  • oldudereeno
    oldudereeno 3 days ago

    Nahh bollocks . These types of films are wank

  • Bonkas mate
    Bonkas mate 5 days ago

    It was made as a comedy guys, I think its brilliant! Ray Burdis knows how to make a great movie :)

  • Kathryn Rehill
    Kathryn Rehill 10 days ago

    Ray winston

  • veteran2000
    veteran2000 11 days ago

    Farking mug!

  • OPR J
    OPR J 13 days ago +1

    This is a very underrated film.

  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 13 days ago


  • Jack Smith
    Jack Smith 13 days ago

    i zeen from the beginning he was a dead clown.. too bad he wasn't from mars..could have been ....nah dumbass...😆

  • David Boulton
    David Boulton 15 days ago

    Same old shagged out formula 🤮🤮, Been dahhhnnn the mawkit dhallin? Like eastenders but more predictable,! 🐖💨

  • Ahmad Ahmadi
    Ahmad Ahmadi 21 day ago


  • Moonstone Miss Jen
    Moonstone Miss Jen 25 days ago

    absolute classic love Ray great actor

  • gdsmchris
    gdsmchris 26 days ago

    Not really sure what to make of this movie tbh. It doesn't know whether it's trying to be a gangster film or a comedy micky take. And I can't tell what it is either.. If it had been serious it could have been a good film but it gets let down by the ridiculous scenarios such as the shoot out. But other than that, it was OK and not a complete waste of 1and a half hours. But definitely not a classic

  • william ditty
    william ditty Month ago +1

    fantastic movie!! Thank you for posting it!

  • Cheeseandwhiskers 1998

    51:41 Ray: This is Stressing Me Out
    Dominic: You Got it Wrong Ray This Gets Rid Of The Stress All Of This Gets Rid Of Your Violent Tendencies
    Ray: Really
    Dominic: Yeah Really
    Ray: I'll Have Another Go At That
    Ray Beats Up John
    John: Remember The Face Thank You Oh Thank You
    Dominic: See
    Ray: Yeah I Feel Good
    Dominic: Told Ya
    Ray: Feel Good

  • David Boulton
    David Boulton Month ago

    Same old cockney cunts,,Dahhn The Mawkit, all been done before and since,!🤮🤮🤮🐖💨💨🇬🇧

  • Jeff Walker
    Jeff Walker Month ago

    Ure fat and Ile throw u in the river

  • Luton Loyal
    Luton Loyal Month ago


  • Jerry James
    Jerry James Month ago

    Jew Bastard get in that ashtray!!!

  • Jerry James
    Jerry James Month ago

    Can't think of Ray the same way, after seeing him playing that GAY Role... It's on TVclip.

  • Joe Newman
    Joe Newman Month ago


  • Joe Newman
    Joe Newman Month ago

    Carry on gangster crazy

  • Stefan Grant
    Stefan Grant 2 months ago

    Anyone enjoying this film by the Primrose Hill set might enjoy The Final Cut

  • Mr Large
    Mr Large 2 months ago

    hes from wrexham lol

  • zvelekva
    zvelekva 2 months ago

    "Yes or No?!"

  • djlazerblue
    djlazerblue 2 months ago +1

    Full,of talent this film

  • shiv kumar
    shiv kumar 2 months ago

    background sound noise

  • Cheeseandwhiskers 1998
    Cheeseandwhiskers 1998 2 months ago

    I'm Not A Happy Bunny Ray

  • just me
    just me 3 months ago

    love winston, his mum used to empty slot machines round the pubs, so good part for ray

  • Martyn Sutton
    Martyn Sutton 3 months ago

    Alan after being firebombed I’ve gotta get home and have a nice cheese sandwich I left on the gas Classic

  • Bobby Fettes
    Bobby Fettes 3 months ago

    great film,

  • Ken Reeve
    Ken Reeve 3 months ago

    great film thanks for the up load

  • MadBoy8734
    MadBoy8734 3 months ago

    This film isn't funny at all.

  • ian Greer
    ian Greer 3 months ago

    Are you holding.

  • Gregory Killen
    Gregory Killen 4 months ago

    If you move in those circles you trust no one or you always have exit strategy and never get yourself into a situation you can't get yourself out of!!!!!!!!!! Johnny just trusted too many people

  • Iamyouonlydifferent
    Iamyouonlydifferent 4 months ago

    A brush rammed up your ass will make you scream

  • Kandice Olley
    Kandice Olley 4 months ago +1

    Brilliant thanks for the upload xx

  • Blue Orbiter Corporation

    This is awful.

  • White4.0 0
    White4.0 0 4 months ago

    What do people thumbs down this ? One of the best films about

  • Mathew Smith
    Mathew Smith 4 months ago

    Forgot how good this film is. Fix bayonets :)

  • Wayne Holnes
    Wayne Holnes 4 months ago

    He got blown up Haha! This film is hilarious.

  • Wayne Holnes
    Wayne Holnes 4 months ago

    You got any pop Trev? Lol

  • robert jones
    robert jones 5 months ago

    A COMPILATION OF CRAP ! Do folk actually pay £ to see this nowadays ?

  • Fried Vegetables
    Fried Vegetables 5 months ago

    Finally something that hasn't been taken down from TVclip.

  • David Boulton
    David Boulton 5 months ago

    Same old crap,!,Cockney hard man,,will cit your face off shops Daaann the mawkit, and just Laaaves iz mum,,,,Just childlike stereotypical crap,,should have been a cartoon.🤮🤮🐖💨💨

  • David Boulton
    David Boulton 5 months ago

    Why have the east end London wide boys let the Muslim scum walk all over them,?! 🐖💨

  • LUX 3000
    LUX 3000 6 months ago


  • reynald bonilla
    reynald bonilla 6 months ago +8

    Great movie indeed, reallt enjoyed it. Tnx.

    • Bob Martin
      Bob Martin Month ago +1

      reynald bonilla Yeah if you like movies about retarded crimminals.

  • Demeka
    Demeka 6 months ago +1

    Holy Shit that was something

  • dafodilist
    dafodilist 6 months ago

    Seen it , good film though, but a shame all Brit films have to based on mindless thugs? Thanks.

  • Dr Dank
    Dr Dank 6 months ago

    When he kept punching the car window that made me giggle lol!

  • Keyboard Drunken Boxer
    Keyboard Drunken Boxer 6 months ago

    Can you upload Jimmy grimble

  • Andreas M
    Andreas M 7 months ago +2

    I luv that they all use there real names.. first time I've seen that

    • Andreas M
      Andreas M 6 months ago

      your welcome mate, thx for putting it up 👍👌🏼

      KELVIN HESKETH  7 months ago +1

      thanks so much for your comment

  • Andreas M
    Andreas M 7 months ago

    class film, nice one for putting it up! had me in stitches again .. fixed bayonets 😭😭😂😂

  • kingpranw141180
    kingpranw141180 7 months ago +1

    Don't mac me off like a two bob

  • Ziggy Schumann
    Ziggy Schumann 7 months ago

    thx, KELVIN...This movie had me burst out laughing several times....highly recommend to anyone who wants a good laugh and who doesn t mind a lil violence in the mix....

    • Ziggy Schumann
      Ziggy Schumann 7 months ago

      Kelvin Hesketh......Truthfully, bro, rarely has a movie had me burst out laughing the way this movie did.......thx again, I m curious what else you have, so I ve subscribed for sure......

      KELVIN HESKETH  7 months ago

      thanks,ziggy for your comments.when i put this movie up,i thought,yes give other people a good laugh. i thought to myself if anyone does,nt laugh at this they have no sense of humor. glad you liked it

  • Ziggy Schumann
    Ziggy Schumann 7 months ago

    pretty funny movie....couldn t help but notice how the Illuminati had men wearing dresses ....bloody wankers....

  • james george
    james george 7 months ago

    The lady whom he asked to marry was the actress in Dracula-1991 with Wynona Ryder, as Mina's friend Lucy.

  • tracey davenport
    tracey davenport 7 months ago +2

    Great film very funny

  • willar7
    willar7 7 months ago +1

    thats meggy out of this is england

  • Christopher Bowness
    Christopher Bowness 7 months ago +1

    Stab me ya si

  • Mitra Harding
    Mitra Harding 7 months ago

    Great film, brilliant cast and so much fun to see all the Brits of CBS modern adaptation of Sherlock Holmes, Elementary here!
    Loved the language and the acting. A British version of Pulp Fiction.

  • kris wilkinson
    kris wilkinson 8 months ago

    The slow fade to black transitions in the middle of scenes are really jarring

  • kacem kafi
    kacem kafi 8 months ago +1

    he stabbed me !! hahaaaaa

  • MrAnonymous22
    MrAnonymous22 8 months ago +1

    Awesome movie very funny😂😂😂😂

  • Mart R
    Mart R 8 months ago

    Your fat and I'll throw you in the river, fuck off

  • Ray LUFC
    Ray LUFC 8 months ago


  • daniel ledbrook
    daniel ledbrook 8 months ago

    33: 10 😉

  • Cambell Black
    Cambell Black 8 months ago

    Load of bollock

  • Bob Jones
    Bob Jones 8 months ago

    Awesome! Thanks for uploading!

  • Toby Todd
    Toby Todd 8 months ago


  • ray lamo43
    ray lamo43 8 months ago +1

    A comedy.

  • stahlplast
    stahlplast 8 months ago

    Brilliant!!!....what a laugh....a few of them have come a long way.

  • Jason Coleridge
    Jason Coleridge 9 months ago +1

    Best British gangster film ever! how this isn't better known is beyond me, it has the fucking lot.

  • Matt Colley
    Matt Colley 9 months ago

    Lol love this film very funny😃

  • hearditman
    hearditman 9 months ago +3

    Carry on up the Old Kent Road.?

  • Raymond Duke
    Raymond Duke 9 months ago +1

    Mate your fat and i'll throw ya in the River

  • Raymond Duke
    Raymond Duke 9 months ago

    Ray! Ray! hes adamant Ray, he said hes only got a longen, ..... and he won't wind the winda down ...... Bill get my 500

  • Gareth Hook
    Gareth Hook 9 months ago

    This film is ace,so funny l am in tears ,need more films like this,anyone tell me of more please

  • brad douglas
    brad douglas 10 months ago


  • imreallydead.
    imreallydead. 10 months ago

    Mate You're fat and I'll throw you in the river now go away 😂😂😂

  • Dubz On The Beat
    Dubz On The Beat 10 months ago +3

    Loved this film tbh a film with Kathy Burke ray winstone and moe from eastenders is always good 👌 nil by mouth was a good film

  • DDandrums
    DDandrums 11 months ago

    It's so horrible I can't stop watching. Thanks for sharing

  • Callum Fraser
    Callum Fraser 11 months ago

    Force of nature ❤️

  • Joe Navajo
    Joe Navajo 11 months ago

    They all have great voices

  • Big Worm
    Big Worm 11 months ago

    Damn I love this film; so cool to find it up on here in its entirety, man.

  • Herbert Longrod
    Herbert Longrod 11 months ago

    Great that this is here,I bought this film twice and lent it out and both times it didn't come back.So glad i don't have to buy it again.Cheers for putting it up.

  • Jake Welsh
    Jake Welsh Year ago

    Excellent movie, loved it.

  • goonluv
    goonluv Year ago

    Great film

  • Iffy Orange -
    Iffy Orange - Year ago

    I enjoyed this unique funny film with very funny lines. "stop speaking to him in welsh" "no need to tie me up, be gentle n use lubricant" lol

  • AftershaveDave
    AftershaveDave Year ago +1

    Oh, sorry Bruce!

  • sam meredith
    sam meredith Year ago

    Funny film

  • unkysonny
    unkysonny Year ago

    "It's not necessary to tie me but be gentle and use lubricant." 😄

  • Clarebear1973 Cooper

    Brilliant film xxxx

  • Peter  Brennan
    Peter Brennan Year ago

    Not quite 'The Godfather'...more like 'Uncle Albert'.....Enjoyed this bit of nonsense.

  • Steven Wheeler
    Steven Wheeler Year ago

    Top faking film😀

  • Wes Osborne
    Wes Osborne Year ago


  • Fabian Jollywigs
    Fabian Jollywigs Year ago

    Killed by the critics ....rather like Bob Sue and Rita Too...such a pity because this really was/is an hilarious romp, sharply written and brilliantly directed with imaginative touches. Maybe ahead of its time. Love, honour and laugh your head off!

  • Shaz Franck
    Shaz Franck Year ago

    Great film top acters

  • Michael Dodds
    Michael Dodds Year ago +1

    British black comedy at its best

  • Will Boynton
    Will Boynton Year ago

    True British Classic

  • Gabby Adele
    Gabby Adele Year ago

    Just class love Ray