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  • Published on Nov 7, 2018
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    Kids Try Pancake Art | Kids Try | HiHo Kids
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Comments • 893

  • HiHo Kids
    HiHo Kids  9 months ago +170

    Follow some of the kids and Forrest on Instagram!

    • Only BTS
      Only BTS Month ago

      😅 Pancakes Chef... Looks like Chris Evans (Captain America)

    • Summer De Los Santos
      Summer De Los Santos Month ago +1

      BeaGenato check the description

    • Summer De Los Santos
      Summer De Los Santos Month ago

      BTS unicorn UwU From your username you’re a kid too so idk why you’re talking

    • Ara Shwan
      Ara Shwan 2 months ago +1

      HiHo Kids so could I draw a egg plant

    • Heart drawing
      Heart drawing 4 months ago +1

      so where's madox

  • Dhanush raju
    Dhanush raju Day ago +1

    me at crystal age , i just want to eat sleep and watch tv
    crystal 3:25

  • Kopal P
    Kopal P 2 days ago

    That is was amazing

  • Yaren kafali
    Yaren kafali 4 days ago +1

    Türkleri böyle alalım

  • Callum Fantham
    Callum Fantham 10 days ago


  • Gymnast AliciaRandall
    Gymnast AliciaRandall 12 days ago

    2:58 She’s picking her nose

  • Batool Mas
    Batool Mas 15 days ago


  • NatureShy YT
    NatureShy YT 23 days ago


  • Snow. Flakii
    Snow. Flakii 23 days ago

    boy: *its kind of hard to squeeze*
    Pancake Artist: *Just like the real thing*
    Me: *quaking 😂*

  • Gåçhä Løsėr
    Gåçhä Løsėr 25 days ago

    Oml “time to die pusheen” 😂

  • Koqui Onefourteen
    Koqui Onefourteen 25 days ago

    Cavalli probably would have made a sriracha shaped pancake and asked to put some real sriracha on it.

  • Clare Dockerty
    Clare Dockerty 27 days ago


  • Lucy’s life
    Lucy’s life 27 days ago

    I have a question.:does the colours have an affect on the taste??

  • Jilane Ann Musni
    Jilane Ann Musni 27 days ago

    I dont like makenzi the girl

  • Narwhal uwu
    Narwhal uwu 29 days ago


  • Demelza Leigh Barao
    Demelza Leigh Barao 29 days ago +1

    Mackenzie just dumped the whole cup of syrup on the pancake

  • Chow Chow Teddy
    Chow Chow Teddy Month ago

    I think I saw him on the match the art to artist

  • Sarah Ngo
    Sarah Ngo Month ago

    Were can we go there it’s in Seattle I’m in Washington I wish I was there with crystal she’s so funny

  • Juliana
    Juliana Month ago

    Little boy: hi my name is jules
    me: that’s my name

  • bianca
    bianca Month ago

    He is rlly good with kids!

  • Pink Sunflower AG
    Pink Sunflower AG Month ago

    0:44 your dad makes blueberry pancakes? So does mine!

  • Katlyn Singletary
    Katlyn Singletary Month ago

    Crystal gave the unicorn a sticky maple

  • Sammy NunyaBidness
    Sammy NunyaBidness Month ago

    Is it me or does the guy not work well with kids?

  • Angel A
    Angel A Month ago

    He is frackin hysterical🤓🤓🤓

  • Anna Kakorin
    Anna Kakorin Month ago

    3:05 shes like umm thats pink ma dude, she looks so confused shes like just give me the freaking pink dide

  • Macy Ali
    Macy Ali Month ago

    2:57 when Mackenzie picks her nose and his face lol 😂

  • Cassia Kamp
    Cassia Kamp Month ago

    They should meet denvon key

    ANGEL VLOGS Month ago

    The chef kinda looks like pewdiepie😂

  • Pug Life
    Pug Life Month ago +1

    Makinze is disrespectful to the adult

  • Sandy Torres
    Sandy Torres Month ago

    Did you see where the little girl picked her nose and lick her finger 😂😂

  • Medina Kaleeza
    Medina Kaleeza Month ago

    Love to watch this channel!! I love to see those kids✌️😁

  • leen navarre
    leen navarre Month ago +1

    i got a pancake ads before this ...

  • Xxemily _xoxoxX
    Xxemily _xoxoxX Month ago +1

    The chef is an amazing person

  • squidward is hot
    squidward is hot Month ago +2

    filipino gang? 😔👊🏻
    (ik its not related but-)

  • Kayleigh Ann
    Kayleigh Ann Month ago

    TiMe To DiE pUsHiNe 😂😂😂😂

  • Claire Du Toit
    Claire Du Toit Month ago +1

    It is kind of hard to squeeze.

    Yep, just like the real thing

  • szwnmhsn
    szwnmhsn Month ago +1

    Girls would choose to draw a unicorn and smtg cute while the boy literally choose to draw a poop 😂😂😂 the difference

  • Mabison Arts
    Mabison Arts Month ago

    I’d want him to make dr. Phil

  • FunTime With Nyannah

    Chef: can U Pass Me The Blue please!
    Mackenzie: Could u pass me the Pink?
    Chef: but This Is Red would U Like some white with it t-
    Mackenzie: N- no N- !..
    Chef: get The girl some Pink!
    Mackenzie: NO just give me the pink
    Chef: oh This is *”pink”* to You!
    Mackenzie: YES ! JUST GIVE ME THE *PINK* *continues to at pink in*
    Chef: ;-; can u pass me the blue now!

  • Sophia Han
    Sophia Han Month ago

    Time to die pusheen
    Pusheen: oh crap

  • MoONBiN
    MoONBiN Month ago

    Rainbow heart?.. are u trying to tell us something sweetie? 🏳️‍🌈😏

  • Ngan Vo
    Ngan Vo Month ago

    why ddon't you get Clara on this?????????

  • Keyri's world
    Keyri's world Month ago

    Kenzie is a little bitty rude

  • Abbey Armon
    Abbey Armon Month ago +1

    Girl: would you like to try mine?
    Forest: Oh no that’s fine
    Girl: it’s really crispy
    A few seconds later...

  • Peyton Robs
    Peyton Robs Month ago

    That man is hilarious! 😂😂😂

  • JustVybZz YY
    JustVybZz YY Month ago +1

    1:06 is mikey under the table

  • XxBlackMirrorxX
    XxBlackMirrorxX Month ago

    5:01 I think he's done with her 😂

  • Esme's Channel!
    Esme's Channel! Month ago

    If cavalli was on here he'd make a hot sauce shaped pancake and put a little bit of saracha on it 😂

  • Its Me
    Its Me Month ago +1

    Should've Invited *TigerTomato*

  • Jess K
    Jess K 2 months ago

    Videos should be longer 😊

  • Chantae
    Chantae 2 months ago

    I love ur vids

  • Chantae
    Chantae 2 months ago


  • Wella Macario
    Wella Macario 2 months ago

    I don't like the boy

  • czarina loves cookies and gaming

    Im craving pancakes now

  • Nyles TheKid
    Nyles TheKid 2 months ago


  • Diamond Light
    Diamond Light 2 months ago

    He’s not very good with kids

  • Chloe’s Channel Hicks
    Chloe’s Channel Hicks 2 months ago +1

    Omg! In the thumbnail there is PUSHEEEEEEEEEEEEEN!! :DDDD

  • George Thomas
    George Thomas 2 months ago

    JOSE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Itz_Damia
    Itz_Damia 2 months ago +1

    Am i weird i ate pancake with milk?

  • Rj M.
    Rj M. 2 months ago

    It always amazes me to see Crystal being so Crystal 😂

  • Kiki Parung
    Kiki Parung 2 months ago

    Gw nonton sambil berdiri, gw tadinya mau duduk tapi ada satpam laknat yg nyuruh berdiri, gw sumpahin kakinya patah

  • Raizza Aliviado
    Raizza Aliviado 2 months ago

    The chef's hilarious love him

  • Bluefire 1411
    Bluefire 1411 2 months ago

    One of the kids are evil I’m scared nw please save me

  • Chløe
    Chløe 2 months ago

    Made this comment so it will be 800 comments

  • русская лама


  • sara nadeem
    sara nadeem 2 months ago

    Pan cake artist looks like van gogh

  • John Thomson
    John Thomson 2 months ago

    This guy proved his high school guidance counselor wrong big time.

  • wild Aziza
    wild Aziza 2 months ago

    I have a pusheen showbag

  • Pandarlovegacha UwU
    Pandarlovegacha UwU 2 months ago

    Unicorn Whale???????? Wow wow (Clap clap)

  • Madeline Petersen
    Madeline Petersen 3 months ago

    God bless Crystal for loving Engineering 😭 she's my role model

  • Fon048
    Fon048 3 months ago

    Crystal is my favorite

  • Lunay LeZarde
    Lunay LeZarde 3 months ago

    Somebody need to tell Crystal than she can use art to inform her engineering and vice versa. Where the two meet is where you get classics, like the '69 Corvette Stingray, the Empire State Building, or the old National brand brass cash registers.

  • Putra Ward
    Putra Ward 3 months ago +1

    I'm a simple man, i see crystal, i cliked

  • Domini
    Domini 3 months ago

    I've had crush on crystal

  • Risandy
    Risandy 3 months ago +1

    Unicorn whale😂