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  • Neilogical
    Neilogical  8 months ago +94

    So it has come to my attention that this mod was stolen from another mod creator and reuploaded without credit of permission. The original Jbeam was created by SkepticalYeroc and the model ripped from a racing game. I DO NOT SUPPORT THE THEFT AND REUPLOADING OF STOLEN ASSETS. I have taken down the link and this mod will hopefully be taken off of the forum. People keeping up with this story, feel free to keep me filled in in the comments below. I will keep the video up solely for entertainment, but just know that there was some seriously sketchy shit going down with the person who uploaded this mod.

    • Duncan McGee
      Duncan McGee 2 months ago

      Ryan V forza and forza horizon are different games

    • Marlon Manalo
      Marlon Manalo 3 months ago

      Neilogical.Does the real owner of the mod can finish the sauber c9 mod and upload it in the forums again

    • Monster 0884
      Monster 0884 5 months ago

      Neilogical more

    • GaluxyDoge Gameing
      GaluxyDoge Gameing 7 months ago

      Tavishisdumb Because Calvin says so mate, you say my channel is cringy, take a look at yours for a second and you will realise you channel is cringy

    • Royal Braden
      Royal Braden 7 months ago

      Neil the C9 is a forza 4 car That has a deeper sounding engine so yes the sound you hear is custom made from something

  • wooza wakefield
    wooza wakefield Month ago

    Its called a race car not a super car

  • brynmor li
    brynmor li Month ago +1

    1:42 its possible that it only had one mirror, to reduce weight

  • RazerGamer
    RazerGamer 2 months ago

    i want this car and I can't find it.. someone please help me!

  • Jacob Møller
    Jacob Møller 2 months ago

    what dos that mod names

  • Master Gaming
    Master Gaming 2 months ago

    78 seconds around track

  • Thijs de Vries
    Thijs de Vries 2 months ago

    PLSS liinnkkk

  • Marlon Manalo
    Marlon Manalo 3 months ago

    I was able to get the mod.but not on the official when i spawn it .It comes an error like failed to create recourse sound(is the file missing)bla bla.Something like that and two mirrors are the one missing

  • adumbaj
    adumbaj 3 months ago

    It's also in the Gran Turismo series my favorite

  • Yvonne Parente
    Yvonne Parente 3 months ago


  • mse gaming
    mse gaming 3 months ago

    Neil you are awesome

  • dogeboy_2005
    dogeboy_2005 4 months ago


  • the big jerm
    the big jerm 5 months ago

    also gt6

  • ItsNowCrafter
    ItsNowCrafter 5 months ago

    im sad i want the link :(

    • thedub007
      thedub007 4 months ago

      If anyone asks, you didn't get this from me.
      www37. zippyshare. com/v/w4VA1s2f/file.html

  • Jaylon Ultra gamer
    Jaylon Ultra gamer 5 months ago

    Why does it sound like a NASCAR

  • NoName
    NoName 5 months ago

    Its From Project Cars

  • Matthew McCauley
    Matthew McCauley 5 months ago

    l've seen that car in GT5

  • Crystal Richardson
    Crystal Richardson 6 months ago

    Play Madden 17

  • ElRulas MC
    ElRulas MC 6 months ago

    mod please!!!

  • FaZe Puta
    FaZe Puta 6 months ago

    the engine sounds came from a game called Nascar Racing Season 2003. i think what Beamng did was that they took the sound of the engines in nr2003 and made it high pitched when you go into high revs. basically the engine noise was kinda stolen by beamng drive

  • Harum Afif
    Harum Afif 6 months ago

    it's le mans car

  • Maeve Mattingly
    Maeve Mattingly 7 months ago

    may 8th is my birthday

  • Carlosd4929
    Carlosd4929 7 months ago

    dowload car?

  • super transformers
    super transformers 7 months ago

    it is a nascar sound

  • Kasey Henry
    Kasey Henry 7 months ago +1

    next you post a beam ng video can you please put a link in the description because it pissed me that you show case the car but don't let us get it and we have to find it our selves.

    • YRS2703
      YRS2703 7 months ago

      Kasey Henry Read. The. Description. This mod was stolen and uploaded without the creator's permission, and as such Neil doesn't support thievery, so he took down the link

  • Brandon Hale
    Brandon Hale 8 months ago

    Only supposed to have one mirror that's right

  • Bama Boy
    Bama Boy 8 months ago

    how come forza motorsport doesn't have this car

  • Reviza Zein Sudono
    Reviza Zein Sudono 8 months ago

    RIP: Le Mans
    Reason: Get REKT by a Belaz. (11:28)

  • AlternateMusicAddict
    AlternateMusicAddict 8 months ago

    This car is in dirt 3

    • Bama Boy
      Bama Boy Month ago

      no it isn't

    • YRS2703
      YRS2703 7 months ago +1

      AlternateMusicAddict *Facepalms*

  • The Wolf Gaming
    The Wolf Gaming 8 months ago

    Hey! You should include the link to these mods

    ERENEON 8 months ago

    Your time was 54 at the lap part

  • RazzerBladez
    RazzerBladez 8 months ago

    1st lap- 1:15.55 2nd lap- 1:26.10

  • r3kt3ded
    r3kt3ded 8 months ago

    pls link

  • Dankles Le Clown
    Dankles Le Clown 8 months ago

    when you get 1k+ in less that 2 weeks

  • Rafee Samith
    Rafee Samith 8 months ago

    "Too much shit to plug in" and I thought I was lazy.

  • Maria Hart
    Maria Hart 8 months ago

    That's awesome bro u should definitely do some more vids of this crazy version of the mezades bens

    SCROUTE55 8 months ago

    The sound is from a soundpack on the forums.

  • gianpiero varricchio
    gianpiero varricchio 8 months ago

    I'm the creator of this, so please delete the video

  • Jonah Nelms
    Jonah Nelms 8 months ago

    damn i was really wanting this mod however if it was stolen thanks for removing that link

  • Jjinxx
    Jjinxx 8 months ago

    its the prodotyp from GTA

    • Jjinxx
      Jjinxx 7 months ago

      That was my brother not me. He was on his Kindle.

    • YRS2703
      YRS2703 7 months ago

      Jjinxx32 No it isn't

  • Blubber_2000 !
    Blubber_2000 ! 8 months ago

    lol I thought I subscribed a long time ago but you reminded thx Niel!! (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Brain Matrix
    Brain Matrix 8 months ago

    It's specifically called a lemans prototype if you didn't know

  • MS79 Gaming
    MS79 Gaming 8 months ago

    neil, the N24 cars mostly always have only a left mirror, in most cases the right it just extra weight

  • StreamlinerV16
    StreamlinerV16 8 months ago


  • Gathewoo
    Gathewoo 8 months ago

    we dc that he stole mods ;c

  • Gathewoo
    Gathewoo 8 months ago

    Plz post it ;c

  • bossutronyo the great
    bossutronyo the great 8 months ago


  • rocking546
    rocking546 8 months ago

    how the fuck are we supposed to time your lap if you jump cut the recording

  • the roblox Gamer Kapciak

    lets get it up ti 10000

  • Ben 1014
    Ben 1014 8 months ago

    I assure you, the Sauber C9 doesn't rev to 12000 RPM

  • Luke Vincel
    Luke Vincel 8 months ago

    +NeilogicalN a wing doesn't work sideways

  • ThomasPlaysGames
    ThomasPlaysGames 8 months ago

    And this mod looked super cool, cant believe it was stolen

  • Samuel Doebler
    Samuel Doebler 8 months ago

    almost 100k lets make this a million!

  • Cougar
    Cougar 8 months ago There is an update to the truck sadly removing Steer Clear because of disagreements with the author and adding a new BlastR skin which looks amazing

  • Abishekh Manoj
    Abishekh Manoj 8 months ago +1

    wtf mirror 14:22

  • Cougar
    Cougar 8 months ago

    The official thread for this mod is taken down so for the people who wanted it you're too late

  • Pepino8A
    Pepino8A 8 months ago

    86001 :D

  • VíRúS io
    VíRúS io 8 months ago

    By any chance Neil, could you find another link to this mod please because it looks sick!

  • ashtonmills12
    ashtonmills12 8 months ago

    tell me your email

  • Odin Larsen
    Odin Larsen 8 months ago

    I want link ;(

  • Keijo 420
    Keijo 420 8 months ago


  • Nathan Barraud
    Nathan Barraud 8 months ago

    omg so pretty !!!!

  • whoa
    whoa 8 months ago


  • Aaron Goh
    Aaron Goh 8 months ago

    do a face reveal at 100k subs like if u agree

  • KSW vids
    KSW vids 8 months ago

    where is the link i want that car lol

  • Jason,DJay
    Jason,DJay 8 months ago +1

    Im da 669th like lol

  • Neil Viegas
    Neil Viegas 8 months ago

    its not a Russian mod its just early on

  • Artificial Intelligence

    "Russian mod effect"

  • Bio Wolf
    Bio Wolf 8 months ago

    why did you say that it was going 170 when it was going 115 when it hit the hopper

    • YRS2703
      YRS2703 7 months ago

      Bio Wolf The Hopper was going about 55 or even more. Combine the speeds and you have about the same force as a 170mph crash

  • ProGarrettGamin
    ProGarrettGamin 8 months ago

    Hey Neil I think a good video will be if you take 2 cars attached with chains or 2 items like a car and something else and send them off a high area without the pillar thing and see what happens it'd be cool I think and can add other props at the bottom and stuff

  • Dylan Darisse
    Dylan Darisse 8 months ago

    your 2nd lap time was 109.96

  • max030303 hd
    max030303 hd 8 months ago

    this is from nascar 16 the sound

  • Treben Snowman
    Treben Snowman 8 months ago

    it was taken from forza

  • alexander1485
    alexander1485 8 months ago

    its not a super car, its an group c racer. Its a Sauber Mercedes C9.

  • MSK Gaming Sage
    MSK Gaming Sage 8 months ago

    awesome video

  • MyniRS-Helgrem
    MyniRS-Helgrem 8 months ago

    you dont pronounce Le Mans with the S at the end mate. you just say Le Man

  • SN NF
    SN NF 8 months ago

    787B is better

  • Low Timez
    Low Timez 8 months ago

    That car is a copy from a Forza game its the Ultima GTR

    • *Juan Jose* Velázquez Lucero
      *Juan Jose* Velázquez Lucero Month ago

      The Sauber was before the Ultima GTR

    • Low Timez
      Low Timez 7 months ago

      Ok sorry i was talking about the rear end how it looks like an ultima to me

    • YRS2703
      YRS2703 7 months ago

      Low Timez No. The Sauber C9 Mercedes isn't the Ultima GTR. Get your info straight

  • Capitán Rastrero
    Capitán Rastrero 8 months ago

    the other mirror isnt missing. it was never there.

  • Luigi S
    Luigi S 8 months ago +1

    Neil come on man you have that one piece of technology to let you feel like you are actually driving a car and you don't Fudging use the Fudge wrong with you

  • Unco Casey
    Unco Casey 8 months ago

    Well I mean it's a race car but sure

  • Kim Chang Hwan
    Kim Chang Hwan 8 months ago

    So it has come to my attention that this mod was stolen from another mod creator and reuploaded without credit of permission. The original Jbeam was created by SkepticalYeroc and the model ripped from a racing game. I DO NOT SUPPORT THE THEFT AND REUPLOADING OF STOLEN ASSETS. I have taken down the link and this mod will hopefully be taken off of the forum. People keeping up with this story, feel free to keep me filled in in the comments below. I will keep the video up solely for entertainment, but just know that there was some seriously sketchy shit going down with the person who uploaded this mod.blabla PLS MOD LINK!!

  • Lukas T.
    Lukas T. 8 months ago +1

    It's a Sauber C9 Mercedes not a Mercedes C9, big difference! Also: Le Mans is pronounced "Le Mon"

    • Lukas T.
      Lukas T. 8 months ago

      as i said "Sauber C9 Mercedes" the Mercedes at the back just singnifies that it has a Mercedes engine

    • StreamlinerV16
      StreamlinerV16 8 months ago

      Lukas Tyrlik Wrong. It's "Sauber C9" cuz it worked on it directly than Mercedes

  • Nicholas Myhren
    Nicholas Myhren 8 months ago +1

    just recently started watching your content. always a good time keep up the good work sir.

  • prince ghost
    prince ghost 8 months ago +1

    That's not a super car that's a race car

  • Pink Tooth
    Pink Tooth 8 months ago +1

    Cheers, +neilogical . Suck that you have to sort out all that dumbass drama, I like your BeamNG videos regardless. Hope it all works out, keep up the great content, my pink tooth is itching for that shout out, and cheers! Be easy, my dude ;)

  • Eggy Chua
    Eggy Chua 8 months ago +1

    and sounds like the bandit in turbo dismount also there are a new cars added in turbo dismount

  • Eggy Chua
    Eggy Chua 8 months ago +2

    all parts are carbon fiber exept the tires

  • Ethan Foery
    Ethan Foery 8 months ago +1

    That car shouldn't be able to ramp anything, because the "ramp" like stucture it has is only weak body panels for aerodynamics.

    • Evan Mackey
      Evan Mackey 8 months ago +1

      AKA tin foil painted with carbon fiber designs

  • Eggy Chua
    Eggy Chua 8 months ago +1

    beta mods

  • OptimizticPizza
    OptimizticPizza 8 months ago +1


  • MinigunGaming
    MinigunGaming 8 months ago +3

    *Sees title*

  • Stinger_ 223
    Stinger_ 223 8 months ago +1

    it's not a damn's an effen spaceship

  • Aden High
    Aden High 8 months ago +2

    my mom said that if i reach 600 by friday she will quit smoking plz help me i have been trying to get her to quit for a long time and she said that if il do then she will quit

  • luigi11581 Gaming
    luigi11581 Gaming 8 months ago +1

    Can you post the download link pleaee

  • Porter 539
    Porter 539 8 months ago +2

    the crash at 4:22 wasn't a faulty wing the tires hooked and flipped it over

  • Ryan V
    Ryan V 8 months ago

    please play forza horizon 3it's super fun

  • My names Jeff Insert meme: Xd

    Hey Neil keep up the good work I started watching last year and I loved it so I thought I'd come back and subscribe!

  • Caiden Wichert
    Caiden Wichert 8 months ago +1

    this is actually a
    FULL ON RACECAR not a supercar

  • AversaS
    AversaS 8 months ago

    Just pretend the orange missing texture is a very unique airbag.