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  • Fabio Lucano
    Fabio Lucano Day ago

    Doing a Bradbury is not winning something with no effort. Bradbury put in years of effort to get to this final.
    Doing a Bradbury is winning a contest from last place.

  • Shane Johnson
    Shane Johnson 2 days ago

    There are no draws in basketball 😂

  • Jacob Ragsdale
    Jacob Ragsdale 2 days ago

    Kobe retired in 2016 not 2006

  • Jonar K
    Jonar K 3 days ago

    missing Man Utd vs Bayern in Munich 1999 and also Greece's winning run in 2004 Euro imho. But still good vid.

  • Ava James
    Ava James 4 days ago

    Where is Winx!! Where is black caviar!! Where is farlap!! All these Aussie horses are legends!

  • Francis Lin
    Francis Lin 4 days ago

    What the hell was that!?

  • Stonecold customs
    Stonecold customs 5 days ago


  • Scudder
    Scudder 5 days ago

    Uhh... PSG 4-0 Barca Then Barca 6-1 PSG??

  • simo novaković
    simo novaković 6 days ago

    Dusan Kecman 2010. Adriatik basketball league final game. Cibona - Partizan. 0.3 seconds to end. 25 meters long shot. Thank you and good night.

  • JEaNetTe X0x0
    JEaNetTe X0x0 6 days ago +1

    I wish I had that horse 😂🤠

  • Patrick McAlpin
    Patrick McAlpin 7 days ago

    Why did they not put American football oilers vs the bills? Its literally called “the comeback”

  • Hector Serrano
    Hector Serrano 7 days ago

    I think this fella meant to say Kobe retired in 2016

  • Daniel Money
    Daniel Money 7 days ago

    Richmond v Sydney afl you forget about

  • MINECRAFT xyz 2597
    MINECRAFT xyz 2597 8 days ago

    Nooo not britannnnnnnn nooooooooo

  • Michael R
    Michael R 8 days ago

    There are no draws in basketball.

  • Martha Osbourn
    Martha Osbourn 8 days ago

    2019 anyone

  • kaseydeshner
    kaseydeshner 10 days ago

    2016* for Kobe

  • Noah RBLX Gaming
    Noah RBLX Gaming 10 days ago

    how about when Barcelona vs PSG and Barcelona made a comeback of 6-5

  • Heliberto Iniguez
    Heliberto Iniguez 11 days ago

    Where is club America vs Cruz azul final of 2013

  • Petar Zebeljan
    Petar Zebeljan 12 days ago +2

    Barcelona PSG 6-1?

  • Bao Cai
    Bao Cai 14 days ago +1

    The most awesome comeback a a soccer match
    FCB vs PSG
    4~0 and then 1~6
    FCB won 6~5

  • That Guy
    That Guy 15 days ago


  • Mystic XtraYT
    Mystic XtraYT 15 days ago

    Why does USAIN look like ksi

  • Suhteessa
    Suhteessa 15 days ago

    And where is Lasse Viren???

  • Tony Clarke
    Tony Clarke 15 days ago

    2:18 It's 2008, 2012 and 2016 I know this because I'm a Jamaican

  • Kristiadi Hartanto
    Kristiadi Hartanto 16 days ago

    That horse is epic lol

  • Harry Adams
    Harry Adams 16 days ago

    What about the 2015 nrl grand final

  • Dan McQuaide
    Dan McQuaide 17 days ago

    Uhm basketball doesn't end in a draw...

  • mjbassman
    mjbassman 17 days ago

    couldn't watch this because of the very lame narrator.

  • Dogblue Gaming
    Dogblue Gaming 17 days ago

    How to achieve a Bradbury
    Be a backup goalie spin the nhl in game 7 of the Stanley cup finals and be on the bench the whole game and win

  • Sebas Perez
    Sebas Perez 17 days ago

    He forgot about football Seahawks vs packers playoffs

  • quad gamle
    quad gamle 18 days ago

    That 3 day before my birthday

  • quad gamle
    quad gamle 18 days ago +2

    That is my birthday 11 ag

  • Wil Anton Robert Ching


  • spazvapes
    spazvapes 18 days ago

    who's the girl with the 'UK' bib, the one closest to camera @ 8:23

  • ThePlayMaker
    ThePlayMaker 18 days ago

    Barca v PSG is the greatest comeback ever in sports, bar none

  • Jack Simpson
    Jack Simpson 19 days ago

    wait wait wait what the heck was that???

  • Josh Becker
    Josh Becker 19 days ago

    For the hockey one what about when the blackhawks we’re losing 5-0 then won and when they were losing 2-1 in the Stanley cup and scored two goals in 17 seconds.

  • FreestyleX 666
    FreestyleX 666 19 days ago +5

    Kobe is not kinda a legend, he is a legend

  • F0RST4KEN 04
    F0RST4KEN 04 19 days ago

    I thought he retired in 2016 and won best animated film in 2018 (Kobe Bryant)

  • mikeyb byekim
    mikeyb byekim 20 days ago

    2:31 i guarantee that jamican that quit faked that bc he was gonna lose so bad.

  • avi BK21
    avi BK21 20 days ago

    bolt ane bike rider best

  • Santos _09
    Santos _09 21 day ago +3

    Where is Club America vs Cruz Azul 2013 It was the best

  • Murtaza QurbanAli
    Murtaza QurbanAli 21 day ago

    Hey I am not a fan of bad words so don't say any. AND ALSO THIS IS THE FRIST TIME I HAVE HEARD U SAY A BAD WORD

  • Manuel hotfire blaze

    And Luka doncic

  • Zack Peck
    Zack Peck 22 days ago

    Kobe scoring a draw for his team? WTF

  • Drew Giles
    Drew Giles 22 days ago

    I bet th pats are on this

  • Dut & Cam ENT. Compton

    Usian bolts jersey is yellow

  • Elijah Montgomery
    Elijah Montgomery 22 days ago

    [*Inserts Minneapolis Miracle Here*]

  • Crusherkid 22
    Crusherkid 22 22 days ago

    We don’t fuckin say what a Bradbury cunt what shit are you on Cunt

  • kaden richards
    kaden richards 22 days ago

    Honestly the 100 and 200 meter dash, it’s just who’s going to get second.

  • Michiel Bossuyt
    Michiel Bossuyt 22 days ago

    Where is Belgium vd Japan at the world cup 2018??

  • Ausar The Vile
    Ausar The Vile 23 days ago

    But it’s not consecutive, 2008 to 2016 is 8 years, not 4

  • SyCo. m
    SyCo. m 24 days ago

    Kobe didn’t end his career in 2006 wym Haahahah

  • red blue
    red blue 24 days ago

    Speedskating in 2014 olympic games?

  • Owo [] Best
    Owo [] Best 24 days ago +1

    The Los Angilis lakers

  • PlaGueNears
    PlaGueNears 24 days ago

    How about e sports?

  • Fiona Gunkel
    Fiona Gunkel 25 days ago

    Terrible video

  • Gintoki Sakata
    Gintoki Sakata 26 days ago

    Where is Manchester United - Bayern München?

  • Bobby
    Bobby 26 days ago

    Bradbury trained his whole life and it was only due to injury he didn’t become a champion earlier. You get out there and tell me he doesn’t know how to skate.

  • elisanne M
    elisanne M 26 days ago

    "Floria Gueï" se prononce comme... "Gay" :)

  • LuckyManX1 gt
    LuckyManX1 gt 27 days ago

    LOL i'm know you take this idea from russian thats why you make this channel

  • L. A Gaming
    L. A Gaming 27 days ago

    Where M City vs QPR

  • Deez Nuts
    Deez Nuts 27 days ago

    Thug life 5:18

  • Shane Fisher
    Shane Fisher Month ago

    WTF... That standard horse racing tactics.

  • crispulo volante
    crispulo volante Month ago

    Heredia's potion.

  • Reborn Nation695
    Reborn Nation695 Month ago

    Barcelona vs PSG comeback...

  • Robin Yin
    Robin Yin Month ago

    You guys dont know this but Usain Bolt starts running at full speed when he sees his mum in the crowd... thats why he suddenly bursts power if you watch him run

    PATATO OOFER Month ago

    y r Africans so fast and cause the most injuries like my friend David he is in yr 4 and in the top 20 in speed for our whole school while im like in the 90s like

  • Divyanshu Dubey
    Divyanshu Dubey Month ago +3

    Where is India vs Bangladesh t20 match.
    It was the best comeback in last moments

    SARIM HASAN Month ago

    mj better

  • Staticube
    Staticube Month ago

    What about the eagles giants game where the eagles scored 3 touchdowns in 8 minutes and won

  • Staticube
    Staticube Month ago

    They should of done the Tracy mcgrady comeback. He scored 13 points against the spurs in 30 seconds

  • ethan harris
    ethan harris Month ago

    That wasn't a fall you fool give credit where it is due

  • Sara Mangan
    Sara Mangan Month ago

    3:01 so that’s where the term “KOBY” came from

  • matthis Immfrozz
    matthis Immfrozz Month ago

    kobe bryant quit in 2013 not 2008...

  • Eric Aw
    Eric Aw Month ago

    what ? 2006 ?

  • Gary Ko
    Gary Ko Month ago

    These were cool

  • Thomas Pickett
    Thomas Pickett Month ago

    5:48 he says 2015 but the screen said 2016

  • Win King
    Win King Month ago

    Lee Chong Wei Vs Lin Dan Malaysia Open 2006?

  • Shao shao Stengel
    Shao shao Stengel Month ago

    I watched Kobe’s short film in school last year and I loved it so much. I’m on my schools basketball team and Frisbee team

  • Arman Tehrani
    Arman Tehrani Month ago

    You forgot Barca 6-5 PSG Soccer

  • Michelle Truong
    Michelle Truong Month ago

    1:40 “I’ve been waiting for that all weekend”

  • Silas Oostwoud
    Silas Oostwoud Month ago

    ado den haag

  • Payton Fisher
    Payton Fisher Month ago

    What about in 2017 when steffon diggs from the Minnesota Vikings caught it in the playoffs to beat the saints

  • Prashant Kerung
    Prashant Kerung Month ago

    that goalkeeper scored a really good goal

  • Valeria Aguirre
    Valeria Aguirre Month ago

    Thé Guy: Usain Bolt who doesn’t know Usain Bolt

    Me: WHI THE HECK IS USAIN BOLT?!?!?! 🤣 i hate spiders that’s probs why

  • Wa?
    Wa? Month ago

    1:27 LIKE A BOSS

  • Ryze Galaxy
    Ryze Galaxy Month ago

    2006? Kobe retired in 2016

  • Cole Washington
    Cole Washington Month ago

    FYI there are no "draws" in American Basketball

  • jort Mahieu
    jort Mahieu Month ago

    I am for ADO den hage

  • Kyler Liggett
    Kyler Liggett Month ago

    Pulling a what

  • Tehui1974
    Tehui1974 Month ago

    The Australian winter olympics victory was a complete fluke.

  • Xandro Panda
    Xandro Panda Month ago


  • Bell Wolf
    Bell Wolf 2 months ago +4

    Horse racing is so cruel whether it is regular racing, Steeplechase and the suicide race. While yes it is and amazing come back it should not have been featured. I don't support it and neither should you.

  • Mega Cat
    Mega Cat 2 months ago

    11 August is my birthday!!

  • Mega Cat
    Mega Cat 2 months ago

    How about Sal ford city 4-0 at 80th minute then 4-4 last minute

  • Luc T
    Luc T 2 months ago

    I'm sorry, at 4:52 you got the racers wrong... The first was a Canadian, not the US...
    At 6:33, He doesn't fall, he makes a last second adjustment to hit the ball to try and score...
    Do you watch sports?

  • Kalina Phillips
    Kalina Phillips 2 months ago

    Consecutive means one after another. If Bolt won Olympics in 2004, 2008 and 2016 it is not consecutive.

  • The Flash of Life
    The Flash of Life 2 months ago +1

    Im glad my cousin kobe Bryant made it on here our family is very proud of his success

    • The Flash of Life
      The Flash of Life Month ago

      Ok well it started with My grandmother and his grand mother who are sisters therefore we are cousins. Not much u can rlly prove on here.

    • Stephen Irving
      Stephen Irving Month ago

      Prove it