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  • julia d
    julia d 58 minutes ago

    where is field hockey Germany vs New Zealand in rio 2016?? that was the best moment of the olympics! It was 2:0 to Nz and Germany scored 3 goals in the last 5 minutes!!

  • Léo Johnson
    Léo Johnson Hour ago

    the lakers game against the raptors wasn't a tie... basketball games go into overtime, lakers won.

  • john publo
    john publo 2 hours ago

    wheres jason lezac at beijing olympics for swimming

  • Ally Jajery
    Ally Jajery 3 hours ago

    You should include Nigeria in her game with Argentina in 1996 at Atlanta

  • Alexander Sønderhauge

    Barcelona vs PSG the 6-1 comeback

  • Mustafa Jalal
    Mustafa Jalal 7 hours ago

    1: 20

  • Ben Mercer
    Ben Mercer 8 hours ago

    Patriots vs falcons????????

  • Cyrus Mulei
    Cyrus Mulei 8 hours ago

    you seem not to know about psg vs barcelona

  • Christopher Joseph
    Christopher Joseph 9 hours ago

    Shut up and just play the footage

  • Sunny Srivastava
    Sunny Srivastava 9 hours ago

    They were hitting the horses????... How is that stuff even allowed

  • Cassandra Mae
    Cassandra Mae 9 hours ago

    *Im a sprinter in track- and I usually stay as a shadow behind the other girls, letting them burn themselves out so that I can sprint past them faster in the end* It works almost every time I recommend it

  • Ranjib Mazumder
    Ranjib Mazumder 9 hours ago

    usain bolt won olympic golds in 2008, 2012, 2016

  • Antonio Santiago
    Antonio Santiago 13 hours ago

    How about Julio Cesar Chavez's win over Meldrick Taylor? Down several rounds in the cards, he knocks Taylor out with only 2 seconds left in the bout...and T Weatherspoon's game winning shot in Game 2 of the 1999 WNBA Finals?

  • AB positive
    AB positive 13 hours ago

    steven is wow

  • saria abdurrehman
    saria abdurrehman 16 hours ago

    Where is bar a vs psg

  • Duran Williams
    Duran Williams 17 hours ago

    So I guess Usain Bolt wasn't at the London Olympics in 2012? Lol this is a mess

  • Robert & Yvonne Smith
    Robert & Yvonne Smith 18 hours ago

    Insane bolt

  • Fortnite God
    Fortnite God 21 hour ago

    Kobe retired in 2015-2016 not 2006

  • Curran O'Donnell
    Curran O'Donnell 21 hour ago

    Great video but you missed one of the best comebacks witch is in sailing we’re team USA wins coming back from 8 to 1 needing to win. 10 races to win and they win the America’s cup

  • MrBeard17
    MrBeard17 22 hours ago

    Bradbury's win is only due to the fault of his competitors crashing, which is mentioned in the video.. thats not a 'comeback'.

  • VigEuth
    VigEuth Day ago

    A Draw in Basketball??? WTF is wrong with you?

  • petafile tomato
    petafile tomato Day ago

    barca 6-1

  • Zac Amend
    Zac Amend Day ago

    what about the patriots 25 pt comeback?

  • You Tube
    You Tube Day ago

    Kobe is a THIEF ... he stole all jordans moves

    SHINOBI 忍 Day ago

    Czech Republic 👋

  • PakGamer
    PakGamer Day ago

    Wait, Wheres the best Champions league Comeback off all time?

  • Mo ses
    Mo ses Day ago

    322 hockey anyone?

  • Veneil
    Veneil Day ago

    That Australian guy remaining the only one staying upright at the end of the race was extremely funny. I remember it well. Still, he did manage to avoid the carnage in front and around him. Even that took some skill!

  • Clay LeBlanc
    Clay LeBlanc Day ago

    Is that narrator from Viral Vehicles?!?! Like if you know what I’m talking about!

  • Diego Garcia-Rivera
    Diego Garcia-Rivera 2 days ago

    Reading vs Arsenal?

  • YeshuaThe TrueLight
    YeshuaThe TrueLight 2 days ago

    Bolt raced and lost in 2004 Olympics. His consecutive Olympics were 2008, 2012(Not mentioned, but should have been... common sense) and 2016. Good Luck with your next video. God Bless

  • Racing Tracker
    Racing Tracker 2 days ago

    Miracle of Medinah Enough said

  • Arun Ravi
    Arun Ravi 2 days ago

    2005 Champions League Final?????


    No Larry Bird or M J??


    Ben Johnson was a greater sprinter than Bolt I think. If he had todays technology especially the drugs they have now compared to what he took hed break 9.5 I think...

  • woodyAUS
    woodyAUS 2 days ago

    2004, 2008, 2016 aren't consecutive Olympics.. You missed 2012 out..

  • Evan Troy
    Evan Troy 2 days ago

    Dis nigga just say the basketball game was a draw... ? Ok

  • Jetto.ennis
    Jetto.ennis 2 days ago

    2016 kobe completed his career not 2006 I watched him play and I was born in 2006

  • Oscar Farrington
    Oscar Farrington 2 days ago +1

    wheres tracy mcgrady scoring 13pts in 35 seconds

  • Flard
    Flard 2 days ago

    This guys knowledge summed up: a basketball draw

  • Joseph Thibodeaux
    Joseph Thibodeaux 2 days ago

    Kobe is not kind of a legend he is a legend

  • Eugene Jefferson
    Eugene Jefferson 3 days ago

    2004 2008 and 2016? Good one mate xD

  • Beast Tgh
    Beast Tgh 3 days ago

    I loved the vid I subed and liked

  • Yer Yer
    Yer Yer 3 days ago

    This guys voice makes me want to shoot myself in the face

  • gft 74
    gft 74 3 days ago

    First comeback: Heather Dorniden.

  • eM Jay
    eM Jay 3 days ago

    Hahaha... Of course Kobe Bryant will score more than Michael Jordan. MJ is a team player and not a ball huger...

  • Woody81
    Woody81 3 days ago

    Video idea - google best comebacks then pick a few and repeat while recording

  • Lucia Animates
    Lucia Animates 3 days ago

    It’s because he’s using his strategy,
    He doesn’t waste a lot of energy at the first point then when he is comfortable he runs faster

  • Rabbit PackCheese
    Rabbit PackCheese 3 days ago

    The music sets the tone

  • timomastosalo
    timomastosalo 3 days ago

    Mind that bird, or Mine that bird?
    Sounds like the 1st one. I don't even get what the 2nd one would mean.
    I know each word, but does it make sense? If it's not some saying.

  • Gregory Fernandez
    Gregory Fernandez 3 days ago

    Uhmm, Liverpool v A.C. Milan champions league finals 2005. Barcelona vs PSG champions league quarter finals 2017. Both of these are better and more Important than that random game of two no name teams.

  • Michael Drew
    Michael Drew 3 days ago

    Bolt won gold 2008 2012 2016 where you got 2004 is laughable research you melon

    FIRE WSC 3 days ago +1

    I guess you don't know about sports in the Philippines. One time in the PBA(Philippine Basketball Association) it was the Finals of Alaska Aces and the San Miguel Beermen. Well, summary is, Alaska led 3-0 in the series and San Miguel still won.

  • tankeryy
    tankeryy 4 days ago

    I thought horse racing was illegal?!

  • Kev Col
    Kev Col 4 days ago

    1:30 You have to be on tele

  • Raymond Ranbhise
    Raymond Ranbhise 4 days ago

    you forgot that time when the Royals were down 8-2 in the bottom of the ninth and with two outs, they made a comeback and won 9-8

  • Dorothy Gaby
    Dorothy Gaby 4 days ago

    No 28-3? Wow

  • Muslim Man
    Muslim Man 4 days ago

    add a boxing comebacks as well

  • M Harris
    M Harris 4 days ago

    Your so retarded there is no draws in basketball it’s called overtime

  • DJ bait
    DJ bait 4 days ago

    3:17 in 2006 Kobe scored 60pts in his last game? 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gideon Boyle
    Gideon Boyle 4 days ago

    I'm surprised this commentator didn't explain all the sports to us. "Basketball is played by throwing a ball into a hoop to score points".

  • Melissa Miami
    Melissa Miami 5 days ago


  • Hugh Mungus
    Hugh Mungus 5 days ago +1

    Where the hell is Barca Vs PSG?
    Credit to Nemanja Mocevic's comment, you recall do lack sports knowledge.
    How is a 2-1 ADO comeback better than the 4-0 Barca comeback?

  • Par Vent
    Par Vent 5 days ago

    4 x 400 is read, "4 by 400", not "4 times 400"!

  • avatara82
    avatara82 5 days ago

    How could you leave Virens fall out of this

  • Whelan Goh
    Whelan Goh 5 days ago

    How could one forget Arsenal vs Reading in the League Cup

  • Jayce
    Jayce 5 days ago

    Bolt competed and won in 2008, 2012 and 2016. Not 2004.

  • Meisterling
    Meisterling 5 days ago

    Just show the damn clips and don´t talk shit we don´t need to hear, thanks

  • Dritki _
    Dritki _ 5 days ago

    i win on that game montreal canadian 10000€ with 100€ thay com back 4:1 =4:5

  • G. D00RN
    G. D00RN 5 days ago +1

    Are you the guy from Viral Vehicles??

  • FPSReactions
    FPSReactions 5 days ago

    Where is Barca's PSG comeback?

  • bmo shareholder apple shareholder

    What about Miracle On Manchester? That was the Oilers verses the Kings in 1982. That was the greatest comeback in NHL history.

  • FR0sT
    FR0sT 5 days ago

    Barca vs PSG??????

  • Necrosius717
    Necrosius717 5 days ago

    Jason Lezak's anchor leg in the 4x100 Freestyle Relay Beijing 2008???? C'mon

  • Manong Driver
    Manong Driver 5 days ago

    Kobe completed his last game in 2016 and not 2006

  • Liam Lisu
    Liam Lisu 5 days ago

    I like to call Usian bolt you insane bolt

  • ray nech
    ray nech 5 days ago

    "20 season for the same team" (kobe)

  • Daniel Haslam
    Daniel Haslam 6 days ago

    Sorry but how the hell did he not include Manchester City Vs QPR in the EPL Race for the Title 2012?!

  • MrAsif173
    MrAsif173 6 days ago

    No man city vs QPR.....

  • Benjamin Plut
    Benjamin Plut 6 days ago

    2:21 Bolt did it in 2008, 2012 and 2016 and also no Slovenia handball world championships bronze medal game vs Croatia, who were leading by 5 with 11 mins to go, and Slovenia won that in the end

  • Rolando Jr. Antonio
    Rolando Jr. Antonio 6 days ago

    With strong determination, good strategy and a little luck, a miracle win happens sometimes

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  • E Will
    E Will 6 days ago

    Bolt won the 100 and 200 meters at the Olympics in 2008, 2012 and 2016 and not in 2004 as stated!!!

  • OGLoc Dogg
    OGLoc Dogg 6 days ago

    How is this the most amazing sports comebacks? i mean WTF dude.

  • Aerolitical
    Aerolitical 6 days ago

    cleveland cavaliers' 3-1 comeback in 2016 nba finals?

  • CycoticPigeon
    CycoticPigeon 6 days ago

    I liked the video but I had to press the dislike button for just how many times I got the same stupid ad

  • Rumaysa Dirie
    Rumaysa Dirie 6 days ago

    u forget lewandoski

  • Alex Bowen
    Alex Bowen 6 days ago

    Wheres 1999 UEFA Champions League Final Manchester united 1-0 down against Bayern Munich until 90 mins final score 2-1 to Manchester United 3 added minutes

  • Vishal ji
    Vishal ji 6 days ago

    How the hell you did not put ac Milan Vs Liverpool champions league final ✌

  • damn joueur
    damn joueur 6 days ago

    f* off dude, when you are talking about a french people STOP tell his origins ! you didn't did it for any other on your video. this is bad. close to racism

  • BrxLz
    BrxLz 6 days ago +1

    The heat coming back to beat spurs to win it all, where is it at?

  • Durgesh Mahant
    Durgesh Mahant 6 days ago

    excellent video

  • MacKenzie Elliott
    MacKenzie Elliott 6 days ago

    you made me cringe the entire time lmao

  • PreHistoric Playa
    PreHistoric Playa 6 days ago

    Kobe retired in 2016 not 2006 lol

  • Ronald Tartaglia
    Ronald Tartaglia 6 days ago

    Ummmm Patriots falcons?

  • Curtis
    Curtis 6 days ago

    See Tracy McGrady 13 points in 35 seconds

  • Cael Chips
    Cael Chips 7 days ago

    bills vs oilers oilers were up 35 to 3 and lost

  • Štefan Nagy
    Štefan Nagy 7 days ago


  • Blitzy
    Blitzy 7 days ago +1

    Barcelona Vs PSG ???????

  • Michigan91090
    Michigan91090 7 days ago

    Please don't do any more sports videos. Your descriptions reveal your lack of knowledge of these sports.