T.J. Hockenson Introductory Press Conference

  • Published on Apr 27, 2019
  • Watch as head coach Matt Patricia introduces TE T.J. Hockenson to media after he was selected by the Lions in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft.
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  • Damngglplus
    Damngglplus Month ago

    Just got his shit rocked in chiefs game for trying to hurdle too much

  • Robert Stacey
    Robert Stacey 2 months ago

    Great pick,I predict 1st team pro bowl TE ,all rookie team and the toast of Detroit and Statford will love him, complete package

  • Dylan freeman
    Dylan freeman 6 months ago +1

    He looks so tired

  • Sosa Dibiase
    Sosa Dibiase 6 months ago +1

    Ima Bengal fan but this dude will be the greatest Mark my words

  • Icyside
    Icyside 6 months ago

    I love TJ but he looks so sad

  • Allen Parker
    Allen Parker 6 months ago

    Neat "Devil" wax job on the eyebrows! A little red still in the uni-brow middle still. Looking slick!

  • Paul Steinwall
    Paul Steinwall 6 months ago +2

    Coach got the memo to clean up, talk with energy, and stop being a slob.

  • washburnbilly
    washburnbilly 6 months ago +2

    Coach is looking sharp while trimmed up!

    • washburnbilly
      washburnbilly 6 months ago +1

      @Buck Nasty yep I have the dvd, but I'm a fishing nut for steelhead and salmon. So I always think about fishing first. :) It's a sweet video!

    • Buck Nasty
      Buck Nasty 6 months ago +1

      Nah haha ive always liked this name, buck nasty was a dude from chapelles show

    • washburnbilly
      washburnbilly 6 months ago

      @Buck Nasty I thought that you were one of the guy's from the buck nasty brown's video. Lol

    • Buck Nasty
      Buck Nasty 6 months ago +1

      Lean and mean

  • Brandon Bauer
    Brandon Bauer 6 months ago +2

    Please be great, please be great, please be great

  • Mike Ladd
    Mike Ladd 6 months ago

    Shoulve taken Ed Oliver smh

    • Noah Gjolaj
      Noah Gjolaj 6 months ago

      Mike Ladd he ain’t a scheme fit lions needed scheme players we didn’t even need a dt dumbass people like u r the wrong in this “fanbase” go like the pats if u say dat shit

  • paul thomas
    paul thomas 6 months ago +2

    good questions to the kid. i was very concerned about what socks he was wearing.

  • Mc001Rem002
    Mc001Rem002 6 months ago +3

    Rip career

  • dale maki
    dale maki 6 months ago +1

    Tigers, Redwings then a Lion awesome!

  • Walter White
    Walter White 6 months ago

    At least we know he wont get in trouble with the Law

  • Debbie
    Debbie 6 months ago

    Welcome to Detroit TJ. My nipples are so hard right now.

  • Tommy Holsworth
    Tommy Holsworth 6 months ago +5

    Glad to have you TJ. Welcome to Detroit man!

  • joshua wentzel
    joshua wentzel 6 months ago +5

    Congrats TJ! Welcome to the pride! Welcome to the D!

  • Steve Garwood
    Steve Garwood 6 months ago

    I see these as evident- I am from a small city and recognize Detroit as the bastion of property opportunity for when I am rich, and I'dt be unnerved going to a Metropolis what high rises and traffic and group think... High... My skull felt like it exploded two times in a second during 1998 and I am punch drunk... I hate to mention this really... Don't he kinda drure sounds like Ernie Sims.... I am concerned.

  • John Doe
    John Doe 6 months ago +3

    Be a lion king

  • Matthew C
    Matthew C 6 months ago

    I can't even watch these.....uh uh uh uh uh uh um um um um uh uh uh um um um

  • Mike K
    Mike K 6 months ago +1

    Its Fat Patricia

  • Eric S
    Eric S 6 months ago

    Stupid cracka shoulda got a black homie doe

    • Tommy t
      Tommy t 2 months ago

      White boy is a beast your homie got no work ethic fool....

    • Debbie
      Debbie 6 months ago +2

      Everyone knows thats the key to building a championship roster. I'm sure they'll load up on black homies in next years draft.

  • Seraphim Watson
    Seraphim Watson 6 months ago +2

    No one asked him if he’s talked to stafford 😂😂

  • Alan Davies
    Alan Davies 6 months ago


  • Andrew Sallee
    Andrew Sallee 6 months ago

    A few things. Patricas breathing between sentences sounds like hes fighting for air. Love Hockenson him and Jesse are gonna be sweet to watch at TE. Idk about Jhalani in the 2nd. There were deffinetly bettet options at lb. They didn't even have highlights prepared to show for him then lol. Harris was a good pick in the third. I love that.

  • Patrick Chesbro
    Patrick Chesbro 6 months ago +2

    awesome pick. this guy is a beast when blocking he blocks like Frank Ragnow blows people away... and looks awesome when rout running...

  • Jay Pas
    Jay Pas 6 months ago

    The Browns have made some moves every couch Gm would make. Would be interesting to see how well they do.

  • Do it Effortless
    Do it Effortless 6 months ago +10

    I appreciate coach patrica taking how he’s presenting himself more seriously. Suited and booted coach!!!!! We see u!!!!! Respect

    • Phantom Alpha
      Phantom Alpha 5 months ago

      Do it Effortless now he had to go and ruin that dressing like a tool at MIS.

  • Bryan Smith
    Bryan Smith 6 months ago +7

    Great line of questioning guys...maybe one more question about the dude’s socks.

  • D1_Junk
    D1_Junk 6 months ago +5

    Very similar outlook to be as last year when we drafted Ragnow. Hated it at first, but slowly starts to make sense. People need to realize that if josh allen didnt slip, the jaguars were drafting TJ.

    • Darryl Wilson
      Darryl Wilson 6 months ago

      @Victor Bernard King, Jr. No he had to be Rob Gronkowski

    • Victor Bernard King, Jr.
      Victor Bernard King, Jr. 6 months ago

      Great pick if he turns out like Heath Miller Lions Fans will be happy with him

  • Robert Suchy
    Robert Suchy 6 months ago

    This game isn't for people who don't work tell Ziggy that

  • Arturo Núñez
    Arturo Núñez 6 months ago

    Offense looks goood .defense lol.

    • Arturo Núñez
      Arturo Núñez 6 months ago

      @Phantom Alpha hope so alpha i like the lions the only thing i dont understand why they passed on greedy williams on the second round .

    • Phantom Alpha
      Phantom Alpha 6 months ago

      We had the 10th ranked defense last year and we’ll be only better this year.

  • PredatorKingdom
    PredatorKingdom 6 months ago +10

    He's gonna really transform this offense by being here.

    • Luke G's Field Review
      Luke G's Field Review 6 months ago +2

      If your a lions fan checkout this youtube channel called Luke G's Field Review to get real lions football talk. The channel takes calls, does film study, live shows, and more

  • Luis Of The Lion
    Luis Of The Lion 6 months ago +23

    Lions can actually convert 3rd downs now with TJ and JJ.

    • Mike Tee
      Mike Tee 6 months ago +2

      Luis Of The Lion play calling and executing is the key.. living down here in Charlotte and talking to many “ retired NFL players “ that move here ... they said that is a key fans don’t see. Some games are win and lost because of play calling and execution. If the O line can’t block, how can they make a 3dr play !!! Run or pass????

  • Phantom Alpha
    Phantom Alpha 6 months ago +6

    The socks 🧦 played a role, I believe it.

  • Joshua Miller
    Joshua Miller 6 months ago +2

    Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor Hodor

    • Jesse Rowley
      Jesse Rowley 6 months ago

      Joshua Miller Hold door! Hold Door! Hold Door!

  • King Ericson
    King Ericson 6 months ago +34

    well maybe they will bring back "talkin with TJ"

  • DJ KO
    DJ KO 6 months ago +3

    Dude looks and sounds like an ogre lol

    • Jon Kapler
      Jon Kapler 6 months ago +1

      Bwahahaha goonies never say die

  • Seeyam Chowdhury
    Seeyam Chowdhury 6 months ago +11

    Yes! Solid TE finally

  • BlayerPlayer
    BlayerPlayer 6 months ago +6

    Idk if I agree with any of their three picks..

    • BlayerPlayer
      BlayerPlayer 6 months ago

      E Lowe yeah franks from Arkansas was ranked the top center in the draft. Hand was ranked the best high schooler in the nation and we got a steal on him. Both guys are good for us. Tracy also had a top 5 defensive rating on our team being a depth player not a starter. Not saying there bad picks hopefully they will be solid.

    • E Lowe
      E Lowe 6 months ago +5

      That's why you're a TVclip commentator and not in the office. Did you know who Tracy Walker or Jamal Agnew was? Hb Frank Ragnow or D'Shawn Hand?

  • Living Tree
    Living Tree 6 months ago +25

    Great pick im glad you got this guy, his demeanor says it all he is a natural what you see is what you get kinda guy. Not sure what kinda weed you were smoking in the second round though

    • Freddie Matthews
      Freddie Matthews 6 months ago

      @Rich Law i understand that but why year end and year out we have to use so many picks on offense and use the late rounds to address the deffense that shit dumb when you could of had a Top flight deffense .No matter who you draft for this offense it's not gonna be good enough cause the QB is average.

    • Rich Law
      Rich Law 6 months ago

      @Freddie Matthews we had no te production but it's a bad pick. Now we have two te's to play all three down because they not one dimensional but i respect your opinion

    • Freddie Matthews
      Freddie Matthews 6 months ago

      @Rich Law I seen that tweet just like you did but the pick of a TE just don't make since this team were a few playerz away from being respectable. Now there back at the basement waiting for player's to. Be come useful. That TE not going to be good or decent until a few seasons from now if he's become good and the LB is slow and was a big as reach.There are to many excuses that are gonna be threw around after this season this will be back to back seasons with out a playoff berth then Bob is gonna say we are building depthand for the long haul which he had already said and when he fired Caldwell he said this team is built to win now so when he goes back to send building for the future how are you fans going to react hearing the same thing over again. And another thing Mayhew have drafted that injured linebacker fans would have been on his ass but since this guy did it it's a diamond in the rough ladder double standards

    • Rich Law
      Rich Law 6 months ago

      @Freddie Matthews no I'm just telling the truth. You said Ebron don't give af and my response was he do because he spoke about our pick

    • Freddie Matthews
      Freddie Matthews 6 months ago

      @Rich Lawy'all people funny i notice since this TE been drafted yall spaking on the GM speak on kinda sad ain't it he gone.Let that man shine. Like he has been doing.