Kayaking to Snake Island - Hennessy Hammock Overnight Adventure

  • Published on Apr 14, 2019
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    This is the Kayaking Adventure to 'Snake Island' and I hope that you all enjoy it just as much as I did.
    Kayak Adventure Gear List
    Emotion Glide Kayak
    Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminum Kayak Paddle - 2 Piece (Black/Silver, 220 cm)
    Yakgrips Kayak Paddle Grips
    Outdoor Products Large Watertight Box
    Gerber 05640 River Shorty Knife
    O'Neill Superlite USCG Vest (Blk)
    Outdoor Products Rafter 50L Weather Defense Duffel
    Hammock - Hennessy Ultralite Backpacker Asym Zip
    Jacks are better High Sierra Sniveller
    Stakes - Shock Cord Lines
    Sealline Dry Bag
    Cheap Water shoes
    Power bag
    Fire Kit -Stove - pots - Spoon
    Misc kit
    Ombraz Armless Sunglasses
    Sealskinz Sunhat
    Chapstick - Sunblock
    BeFree Water Filter Bag 3L
    1L Nalgeen
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Comments • 341

  • MrMovieLover88
    MrMovieLover88 26 days ago

    loved It! More please! And thank you for all the great vids. And the Gopro looked great aswell.

  • Back on Trail
    Back on Trail Month ago

    Nice video. Agree, I am also a big fan of the Hennesy hammock. Though I prefer the 3x3 DD tarp to go along with it. The hennesy tarp just does not cut it when it really pours down.

  • Steve Farhat
    Steve Farhat Month ago

    You should be able to renew your fishing license online.

  • John West
    John West Month ago

    Luke what kind of camp pillow did you use ?

  • Michael Loon
    Michael Loon Month ago

    Make sure to add some floatation (float bags/pool noodles) to your boat. Will have your boat take on less water in the chance you flip with the displacement.

  • 1984 chevy c30
    1984 chevy c30 Month ago

    I really want to go camping but I just turned 14 and in the prosses in getting my learners permit so I can drive mabie one day

  • Joe Thomas
    Joe Thomas 2 months ago

    I also have a Hennessy Hammock and it's great. My only complaint is...I got the one with the bottom opening and my bug net does not unzip. So, it works but if you're trying to lay in the hammock with others and converse it would be nice to not have a bug net between you and your friends. So the side entrance with the zipper on the rain fly I think would be better.

  • Kyle Huisman
    Kyle Huisman 2 months ago

    Luke this is just me but I always say its the thought that counts. No water cops were gonna be out there just take the pole and buy a license the next day they get their (well deserved) money either way haha. That's just me though. Really fun video I really like these kayaking videos.

  • Jericho
    Jericho 2 months ago

    I hate snakes

  • john gudmundson
    john gudmundson 2 months ago

    Great place, we used to camp there!

  • Allen Moccasin
    Allen Moccasin 3 months ago

    Thanks for another great video of your journey 😊

  • Nicke
    Nicke 3 months ago

    Luke I love everything about this channel and you really know what you’re talking about.And I have learned sooo much from you and your channel.
    BUT....I must say that your paddle technique is terrible,and that is why you get blisters.(you don’t need those foam handles)
    And you are holding your paddle upside down☺️
    No offense!!!!
    Super awesome episode!👍👍👍👍
    Take care!!!

  • Lee Barton
    Lee Barton 3 months ago

    One of my favourite videos. Really enjoyed it....

  • Hugo Buard
    Hugo Buard 3 months ago

    Hello Luke, and hello to your family too!
    I've been following you for several years now, and I really enjoy your content. You asked, towards the end of the video, to let you know if we enjoyed this kayak adventure, and I for one definitely did! :)
    I'm a quite young man, reaching my 25th year soon, and a very avid outdoorsman. Unfortunately over a quite daunting adventure, I ended up damaging both knees and ankles (confirmed by several doctors, and myself, since I'm also a doctor, just graduated), and therefore can't go for long walking treks. I resorted to canoeing/kayaking, and still go out as much as I can. So if you do enjoy being on the water too, and would like to do more of that, I would definitely enjoy watching such adventures, and surely there are others out there with similar opinions
    Take care, hello to you all!
    PS : apologies if i made mistakes, I'm french, and as you probably know, french and english hardly ever go well together!

  • Tom Jones GearGuy
    Tom Jones GearGuy 3 months ago

    Camera is great the sound from the built in mic is great. I have been browsing your videos and this looked like the only kayaking video. It was really good seeing you wearing a PFD they do save lives. I was noticing the temps and when you are paddling in cold weather or on cold water its very important to dress for the water, we never plan to go swimming when paddling but there is always a chance even for the best. In 40 to 50 degree water you only have about 30 to 60 mins before hypothermia set in. Always make sure you can get back in your boat to swim to the shore dragging your kayak is very hard. The paddle shaft pads are nice but a good pair of paddling gloves lets you change hand positions and can let you get more leverage on the paddle plus some have an SPF rating and can keep your hands some what warmer. One last thing and Im sorry I just notice this all the time when seeing other paddlers. If you look at your paddle the name of the company is printed on them, this printing should be up and readable not upside down. The reason being is the design of the paddle, it was hard to tell but it looks like one edge is longer then the other. The long edge should be up, when you paddling sometimes the blade will flutter when being pulled hard. The angle at end and the slight vee shape on the face of the blade help to stop this also they help the blade stay perpendicular to the pull on the blade requiring less effort to hold and control the paddle. Just some thoughts thanks for the time to make and post the videos

  • John Klopp
    John Klopp 4 months ago

    This was a great adventure Luke. Maybe you can do a catch, clean and cook next time! 👍

  • tokillamurderer
    tokillamurderer 4 months ago +1

    Luke, brother! So good to see you get out on the yak!! I have a question for you about your filter: since that lake is used for motor boating, is gas and oil contamination a concern when filtering water for drinking? I'm glad I saw you use that water, since I live on a lake that is excessively used for motor boats. I'm curious if I can safely use these standard backpacking filters to drink the water from the lake, or if I need something more complex and serious. Thanks for any info man, keep up the great videos!!

  • Bob McElroy
    Bob McElroy 4 months ago

    Loved it! Do it again! Do it again!

  • Jeff Nielsen
    Jeff Nielsen 4 months ago

    Get those oil leaks fixed or get rid of the vehicle. I thought I'd keep my good old Silverado forever but driving and being poisoned by oil(you couldn't really smell it all the time)is not tolerable.

    • Jeff Nielsen
      Jeff Nielsen 4 months ago

      Just because you can doesn't mean you should, but they will.

  • Gene Shimandle
    Gene Shimandle 4 months ago

    I just finished trekking the 184.5 miles on the C&O towpath from DC into Cumberland, the scenery along the Potomac was majestic. Last year when I found his wonderful trail I followed Google Maps chosen path from the Cleveland Clinic to the steps of the White house to celebrate my 1st year heartiversary and my 63rd birthday. This year was my return trip home. www.wusa9.com/video/entertainment/television/programs/great-day-washington/heart-transplant-recipient-walks-from-ohio-to-dc-to-save-lives/65-8124021

  • Chainsaw Jackson
    Chainsaw Jackson 4 months ago +1

    I still put people in my trunk. Although its quite the chore getting them to cooperate .

  • bigfatno
    bigfatno 4 months ago

    BOB = Big Orange Ball! That's great!
    Looked like a great trip. Thanks for sharing.

  • Mike Shelton
    Mike Shelton 4 months ago

    Hard to beat a hammock and a JRB quilt! Love mine

  • Heath Ellison
    Heath Ellison 4 months ago +1

    Kayak shots were cool. Really enjoyed this one, hope to see more.

  • Lewis Smith
    Lewis Smith 4 months ago

    I do like. It’s all so good.

  • Bill Hill
    Bill Hill 4 months ago

    You should be fishing in that green machine! If you had a license

  • John Trochesset
    John Trochesset 4 months ago

    This trip was awesome. I'm a kayak adventurer, and enjoyed this video. Thanks.

  • John Trochesset
    John Trochesset 4 months ago

    I just purchased one. haven't used it yet. Overnighter in my future.

  • Colcannon
    Colcannon 4 months ago

    The wife is gonna need a list of names of the "other girls" you stuffed in the trunk LOL

  • Rob Edmunds
    Rob Edmunds 4 months ago +1

    That was brilliant. Your enthusiasm and enjoyment shine through, thanks for sharing

  • Jason Phillips
    Jason Phillips 4 months ago

    you can get license on your smart phone in tn now

  • hokieskrb
    hokieskrb 4 months ago

    Luke, another great video bud. The new camera is looking/sounding great! Love the kayak video. Something about the calmness of the water, it's great stuff. I'm going to be hitting hanging rock with a buddy of mine in a couple weeks if you're interested in coming with. We would to have you. Take care, my friend.

  • Rick McMichael
    Rick McMichael 4 months ago

    That was a great trip to watch. Wouldn't mind seeing more hammock and kayak adventures. I just completed my first solo overnight hammock trip in the Great Smokies near Cherokee.

  • Hellfire Tactical
    Hellfire Tactical 4 months ago

    Gotta say I really liked this adventure. Something fresh, something new. More please.

  • Kevin Fayard
    Kevin Fayard 4 months ago

    Please do more of these kayak videos, Luke. The camera was great btw.

  • Brad
    Brad 4 months ago


  • Michael Dreams
    Michael Dreams 5 months ago

    I love your kayak adventures. Please do more. I have my own kayak camping trip planned at Lake James state park in NC. They have some new boat in camp sites their.

  • Cindy neely
    Cindy neely 5 months ago +1

    super place an gear

  • MrLangDog
    MrLangDog 5 months ago

    HAHAH You know someone really hates spiders when they make up names for kinds that don't exist :) Awesome video Luke!! So cool to have a lake that big all to yourself!

  • wilf williams
    wilf williams 5 months ago

    Great video again. Beautiful location. Off the wall question.......how tall are you?

  • Reason to Live Adventures

    A sweet kayaking/camping video, and the new GoPro7 video quality is superb. I’ve always heard good things about that lake. S. Holston lake is a pretty nice destination.

  • Explorers Of The Wild
    Explorers Of The Wild 5 months ago

    Picture and audio quality is very good. Go Pro has made vast improvements over the years. No doubt about that! Oh wait that’s your line Luke!

  • Snow
    Snow 5 months ago

    Wow GoPro must have really stepped up the mic quality on the new model, looks and sounds great for an action cam!

  • Tom Fehrenbach
    Tom Fehrenbach 5 months ago

    Luke you are so cool thank you for that great video. I am so wanting to get there and buy a kayak and get out there

  • Andrea Wunderlich
    Andrea Wunderlich 5 months ago

    Yet another great adventure from you! Thank you! I love the location and the kayaking. Have you ever been to Okefenokee Swamp? It's a magical location with wonderful camp spots. :) As others commented as well, the video quality of the GoPro is very good, as well as the sound!

  • David Vickers
    David Vickers 5 months ago

    Love the sunglasses and the Kayak adventure. Hoping one day that I can get a Kayak soon so I really enjoyed the video.

  • Bob
    Bob 5 months ago

    This reminded me of red dead so much lol. Does anyone know any spots like this in Texas

  • Bob
    Bob 5 months ago

    This is by far one of your dopest vids vid man

  • Kenny Wolf
    Kenny Wolf 5 months ago

    Love the kayak videos. Do you have any favorite camping food that's not freeze dried? Thanks for the videos.

  • himesjb
    himesjb 5 months ago

    This was a great adventure. Beautiful lake. Nice camping spot on the island. Makes me want to get a kayak and a hammock! I like your style. Each video is edited so well, no dead weight, just great scenery and stories. Your pacing is just right, you keep it moving. I look forward to more of your adventures! Thanks for taking us along.

  • Corey Bell
    Corey Bell 5 months ago

    Loved the video.. Keep the kayak trips coming!!

  • Stephanie chapman
    Stephanie chapman 5 months ago

    Great video I enjoyed watching it

  • Chris & Jody Ausborn
    Chris & Jody Ausborn 5 months ago

    I love kayaking adventures. Keep it up.

  • Kevin Piggott
    Kevin Piggott 5 months ago

    good times

  • Harry Jeffries
    Harry Jeffries 5 months ago

    Yes, another one PLEASE

  • panzerabwerkanone
    panzerabwerkanone 5 months ago

    That looked like so much fun. I need to get a watercraft of some sort now!

  • Go Faster
    Go Faster 5 months ago

    Just got done with work at 10:30pm this was my go to video at bedtime. This was a great adventure

  • Iva Hill
    Iva Hill 5 months ago

    As always super overnighter love them , never tire of them . THANKS

  • JackOfAllTrades
    JackOfAllTrades 5 months ago

    Enjoyed the use of a kayak. I'd like to see a multi night camping adventure.

  • Doug Gibson
    Doug Gibson 5 months ago

    Canada Geese