Kylie Jenner's Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • For the mogul and new mom, Kylie Jenner, “the more makeup the better.” Kylie details her extensive beauty routine from inside her Calabasas bathroom. Starting with just a base of moisturizer and chapstick, Kylie shows how she does her lip liner (with her eyes closed!) brows and much more in this comprehensive makeup tutorial.
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    Kylie Jenner's Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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  • ZainubAfifa
    ZainubAfifa 31 minute ago

    Is this an ASMR video or a makeup tutorial?!
    I can't even hear her I had so turn the my headphones to max sound and I'm still deaf IMAO AF
    The thumbnail tho😘

  • Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler 3 hours ago

    She seems so judgemental lmao

  • 이나라
    이나라 4 hours ago

    America's cleanser must be really strong and nice

  • Fhybelle Auguis
    Fhybelle Auguis 5 hours ago


  • Viola Carretero
    Viola Carretero 10 hours ago

    5 pumps of foundation 🤭

  • Jennifer Evans
    Jennifer Evans 17 hours ago


  • Deborah Wolstenholme
    Deborah Wolstenholme 20 hours ago

    This one time, at Band Camp....🙄

  • Latoya Casely-Hayford
    Latoya Casely-Hayford 20 hours ago


  • watch1975 LearN
    watch1975 LearN 22 hours ago

    kylie in a makeup, i would paint her face with pink lipstick😄✋

  • yacine berabez
    yacine berabez Day ago

    she looks like a frog

  • мартимор
    мартимор Day ago +1

    kylie, give me 1000$ for ramen, plz

  • Fluently Crappy
    Fluently Crappy Day ago

    I tried following this tutorial, please do watch me struggle with it over at my channel :)

  • Landry Selena
    Landry Selena Day ago +6

    *Evеryonе knows, that the easіеst wаy tо lоse wеіght ***

  • AG64
    AG64 Day ago

    Did you guys edit this in iMovie. What is that intro?!

  • And and
    And and Day ago +1

    This summer changed Kylie into much more confident person, you go girl ✊🏻

  • Joshua Castillo
    Joshua Castillo Day ago


  • Joshua Castillo
    Joshua Castillo Day ago

    Hey beaty queen

  • Moonlight Devilツ

    She so quiet ❤️🥺

  • A Carolina Amitrano

    Her voice is so smooth

  • Menna Abdelsalam
    Menna Abdelsalam Day ago +2

    Without makeup she looked like is wearing makeup wow gorgeous

  • Ari ThatBrat
    Ari ThatBrat Day ago +1

    I love her eye shape and size

  • C H A L E T T E
    C H A L E T T E Day ago

    I thought it’s Anne Curtis!!!!

  • Iya Nakamoto
    Iya Nakamoto 2 days ago

    That was actually practical that she first started with her eyeshadow because there can be fallouts.

  • Urvi Mangaonkar
    Urvi Mangaonkar 2 days ago +1

    Her voice is so soothing ❤❤

  • Solo comentó xd
    Solo comentó xd 2 days ago

    No se a maquillado sola la han maquillado por que el 9:04 se ve el reflejo de alguien

  • Jake Fear
    Jake Fear 2 days ago +45

    People who complain that this is too much makeup need help. Have you not seen how much makeup a drag queen puts on?

    • Jake Fear
      Jake Fear Day ago

      @Jennifer Turrell And my opinion is that this is a light beat

    • Jennifer Turrell
      Jennifer Turrell Day ago +1

      Jake Fear yeah but drag queens usually put on a load for a show. This is too much. And she said she has some meetings that day and her makeup is way too much and way too crazy for a few meetings. It’s just our opinion.

  • Brittany Garza
    Brittany Garza 2 days ago +3

    Her lips look so weird before she puts her lipstick on .. I just can't stop staring at them 😂

  • north violet
    north violet 2 days ago

    Her voice is so calm I love it 😍

  • Rose Ross
    Rose Ross 2 days ago

    Her lips look weird af without lipstick

  • Gina G
    Gina G 2 days ago

    Didn't she say she wasn't going to wear to much makeup today? ha

  • Letícia Malagoli Fontes

    i don't hear anything

  • A K
    A K 2 days ago

    So jordyn was her slave...🤨

  • Myralyn Estimera
    Myralyn Estimera 3 days ago

    She's superrrr duperrr gorgeous❤❤

  • froggy9191
    froggy9191 3 days ago +7

    Looks way better/younger with no makeup (pity about the lip fillers) :/

  • Baby Gurl
    Baby Gurl 3 days ago

    Look at her chest..
    Is it hickeys 👀

  • Sandra Fernández
    Sandra Fernández 3 days ago

    ¿Qué le ocurre a sus labios? :O

  • watch1975 LearN
    watch1975 LearN 3 days ago

    kylie you're already beautiful you don't need makeup
    I do not wonder if your boyfriend does not interfere so makeup
    we understand you are beautiful chocolate skinned
    more makeup infects the skin ✋

  • Chris Bibes
    Chris Bibes 3 days ago

    This is what man's really don’t need!

  • deva dev
    deva dev 4 days ago +2

    Her lips looks duck 🦆 lip plastic surgery make her old lady😂

  • Na omi
    Na omi 4 days ago +75

    You guys can judge her all you want at the end of the day she’s still making millions and keeps a smile on her face

    • Daniel
      Daniel 3 hours ago

      As if making millions for doing minimal amounts of effort wouldn't put a smile on most people's face?

  • Preston Garvey
    Preston Garvey 4 days ago


  • Keren Del carpio
    Keren Del carpio 4 days ago

    Que tiene esa boca

  • Josue Gómez
    Josue Gómez 4 days ago

    Ughhh!! Ugly lips

    Really 😣🤮🤮🤮

  • Luci T.
    Luci T. 4 days ago


    *kylie: Jordyn used to do my brows..*

  • Julia Madeleine
    Julia Madeleine 4 days ago +1

    She has cool toned skin so all those warm tones wash her out, actually

    • Emily Drake
      Emily Drake 3 hours ago

      Julia Madeleine ur very right.

  • ayesh Rose
    ayesh Rose 5 days ago

    tbh I can live in her's bigger than my house anyway

  • amanjot mangat
    amanjot mangat 5 days ago +2

    Who else was watching her in the mirror behind? 😂😂 😂😂 😂

  • criazur
    criazur 5 days ago +1


  • A Gang Family
    A Gang Family 5 days ago +2

    She is the most prettiest girl. I love her so much❤️❤️😍 I hope she sees this comment And the people who see this comment I hope your having a wonderful DAY

  • asma farooqi
    asma farooqi 5 days ago

    She is naturally beautiful and perfect . 😎

    • Megan Mannerz
      Megan Mannerz 5 days ago

      It's not natural she's had plenty of surgery not that it matters tho

  • Queen nalaja
    Queen nalaja 5 days ago

    I dont think that she got her lips done

  • Sam Ash
    Sam Ash 6 days ago +2

    After becoming a mother, her public personality has become so likable 😌
    Thanks, Stormi ❤️

  • Tatis Tatis
    Tatis Tatis 6 days ago

    مين من العرب معي
    رجاء اشتركوا بقناتي

  • Ilany B. López Valdivia

    A girl that made a huge change in her face and body talking about confidence? I don't know about that haha

    • Lea Ryss
      Lea Ryss 2 days ago

      Ilany B. López Valdivia So what ? She can’t be confident bc she did her face and body ? You must be stupid

  • BigBootyAsians
    BigBootyAsians 6 days ago +1

    Beauty secrets - be rich

  • Glynna Schmehl
    Glynna Schmehl 6 days ago

    Was that your idea? To put shimmer on your lid w your finger?

  • Change Color Eye
    Change Color Eye 7 days ago


  • Ethiopian
    Ethiopian 7 days ago +1

    she had her lips done its a fact lol and its disgusting

  • yakshi glitters
    yakshi glitters 7 days ago


  • Cindy Tiappa
    Cindy Tiappa 7 days ago

    her bare lips make me umconfortable