Kylie Jenner's Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue

  • Published on Jun 27, 2018
  • For the mogul and new mom, Kylie Jenner, “the more makeup the better.” Kylie details her extensive beauty routine from inside her Calabasas bathroom. Starting with just a base of moisturizer and chapstick, Kylie shows how she does her lip liner (with her eyes closed!) brows and much more in this comprehensive makeup tutorial.
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    Kylie Jenner's Guide to Lips, Brows, Confidence | Beauty Secrets | Vogue
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  • Nidhi Pandit
    Nidhi Pandit 11 hours ago

    What lip liner is she using? Also lmk the shade please if anyone knows!!

  • Jhonnattan Eilish
    Jhonnattan Eilish 12 hours ago +1

    BRASIL ❤️

  • j v
    j v 12 hours ago

    SPEAK UP!! jeez..............

  • Yana Yordanova
    Yana Yordanova 14 hours ago

    Kylie:Jordyn always used to do my brows

  • Salyah Dows
    Salyah Dows 14 hours ago

    Man, look how much she talks about jordyn. That was a friendship

  • lyñer o'brien
    lyñer o'brien 15 hours ago

    werk it girl

  • Jaideep Kashyap
    Jaideep Kashyap 15 hours ago

    Why did she said Its Kylie who doesn't know at beginning

  • Simone R
    Simone R 17 hours ago

    anyone noticed one side of the upper lip is bigger than the other?

    HEYIT'SJAY 18 hours ago +1

    Kylie:" I like to test things on Jordan because we live together"

  • bad girl ikon
    bad girl ikon 19 hours ago

    Love ur so creative 😍 such a variety

  • Melanie Coldwell
    Melanie Coldwell 23 hours ago

    Although I enjoyed seeing her routine I find it hard to take her seriously when she makes so much money off makeup but cant even properly explain what it does.

  • Selena Emma
    Selena Emma 23 hours ago

    KENDALL does her make-up for 2 minutes
    KYLE does her make-up for 10 minutes

  • danny owens
    danny owens Day ago

    She sounds like Khloe mixed with Kendell.

  • Cameryn Gibbs
    Cameryn Gibbs Day ago

    Kylie: Jordyn I need you...
    Me: ...To get hit with a bus

  • Kimberly Manano
    Kimberly Manano Day ago +1

    Question: How long do u bake for?

  • Mr. Ryu
    Mr. Ryu Day ago +2

    Kylie smearing my rent on her face for ten minutes straight

  • Jasmine Kisila
    Jasmine Kisila Day ago

    Your brows look perfect

  • Coco H
    Coco H Day ago

    Honestly I always assumed this girl was spoiled and just put whatever make up out there ya know. I have low self esteem issues especially over my lips. Even today I can’t seem to figure out how to use any make up right especially lip makeup. So the fact that she actually cares what she puts out for her fans to use as make up only makes me want to buy her make up! Most of these make up industries put whatever out and it sucks. Having someone put makeup out there and caring about it justifies why she’s the youngest billionaire! Now I have respect for her probably more so than any of the others.

  • Catalicious
    Catalicious Day ago +1

    So ugly omg

  • Fashion TEA
    Fashion TEA Day ago


  • Pranavi Gunti
    Pranavi Gunti Day ago

    Completely artificial beauty!!!!
    She is actually beautiful without makeup
    Y do these PPL wear this much make up and increase ppl's expectations?

  • rebel ram
    rebel ram Day ago

    Using a shovel to remove makeup is optional

  • Nowshin Ruby
    Nowshin Ruby Day ago

    Which brush is she using?

  • デッドエゼキエル

    *kylie is the tea*

  • Personajes Ficticios

    Alguien sabe que es lo blanco que se coloca en las mejillas?? Debajo del bronceador?

  • niq eles
    niq eles 2 days ago +5

    I don't understand why everyone hates her... She seems really nice

  • J B
    J B 2 days ago

    *Ultimate Beauty* mirror for all you make up needs!!

  • Maria Kimkaith Gumisad

    Her lips.. look so weird....

  • Noir Addict
    Noir Addict 2 days ago

    يا يماااا بلاماكياج تخوفي غير الخلايع و الله

  • Maria Gu
    Maria Gu 2 days ago +1

    Kylie’s voice is living asmr she is so sweet

  • marie Reabel
    marie Reabel 2 days ago

    What color is her hair?

  • Omar
    Omar 2 days ago +1

    srsly how fked up that women have to put on make up every day :D

  • Blue The french bulldog

  • Riotgrrrrl1
    Riotgrrrrl1 2 days ago

    Wow, is that Caitlyn Jenner???

  • Stanley Bahoyan
    Stanley Bahoyan 3 days ago

    "for those who doesnt know?" kylie youre famous as fckkk. loveyouuu

  • Jessica Gagne
    Jessica Gagne 3 days ago

    Anyone else notice that she gets REALLY loud then immediately drops to a whisper?

  • Omarr Koroma
    Omarr Koroma 3 days ago


  • Kemba Robinson
    Kemba Robinson 3 days ago

    Kylie u love but ur lips are so CROOKED😣🙄

  • Elina
    Elina 3 days ago

    She is just ugly naturally

  • Vinny Singh
    Vinny Singh 3 days ago

    Excess makeup. Why! Why can't you keep it natural.

  • elly.f
    elly.f 3 days ago

    Fish lips!

  • Mayuri Tathe
    Mayuri Tathe 3 days ago

    As she added every another layer of make up my skin started to suffocate. She is beautiful though.

  • Mayuri Tathe
    Mayuri Tathe 3 days ago

    Did you see in the background? She has no mirror in front of her. I mean lining your lips with your eyes closed is nothing compared to doing make up without mirror.

  • bts says
    bts says 3 days ago +4

    Man...her voice is so soothing

  • w w
    w w 3 days ago +1

    can we talk about her big bathroom tho?😭

  • Meagan Cruda
    Meagan Cruda 3 days ago +1

    i'm way more distracted and interested on her shadow at the back , than her make up toots! 😂

  • Future Noir
    Future Noir 3 days ago +1

    So used to se thise girls with make up that I even recognize than Without,

  • Wayne Apted
    Wayne Apted 3 days ago +1

    2019 anyone?

    SARAH BOSS 4 days ago +1

    Which foundation did she use?

  • cynthia nose
    cynthia nose 4 days ago +6

    She has the perfect voice for explaining the tutorial tone of voice A+

  • NAZA9782
    NAZA9782 4 days ago

    Kylie: i’m Not trying to be too crazy
    *One minute later*
    Kylie: I’m gonna do something a little crazy

  • Lucinda Archuletta
    Lucinda Archuletta 4 days ago +1

    What a doll! She really deserves all her success.

  • Lissy Fletcher
    Lissy Fletcher 4 days ago

    Omg her lips...

  • Tiffany Howard
    Tiffany Howard 4 days ago

    her eyebrows a lil different but thats why we call them sisters not twins

  • l3l3Cakes
    l3l3Cakes 4 days ago

    I can appreciate this beat, but I’m more of a fresh makeup kind of girl

  • Ayesha Mohammed
    Ayesha Mohammed 4 days ago

    Idk why but her voice is soo soothing ♥️

  • Rudy Velez
    Rudy Velez 4 days ago +1

    Why is her bathroom the size of my room...

  • Mayra Ramirez
    Mayra Ramirez 4 days ago

    Yo no puedo creer la cantidad de maquillaje que se ponen algunas mujeres

  • Sophia Bihariova
    Sophia Bihariova 4 days ago

    Do u have lip fillers

  • Saray Calle
    Saray Calle 4 days ago +1

    Jajaja te quiero

  • sina king
    sina king 4 days ago

    who else saw the lady in her little blush mirror

  • Blerina Selimi
    Blerina Selimi 4 days ago

    0:07 who doesn't know who you are ?❤❤🇦🇱

  • karina Aguilar
    karina Aguilar 5 days ago

    ASMR is perfect to she

  • Zleepy Kittty
    Zleepy Kittty 5 days ago

    Kylie: it gives away that you’re wearing makeup
    Me: yeah and the eyeshadow, eyebrows, contour and etc doesn’t

  • Sandy Sanchez
    Sandy Sanchez 5 days ago

    Kyle podrás aser en español plis.... Para entender

  • Anna Giles
    Anna Giles 5 days ago

    I sipped lots of tea while watching this video ☕️☕️

  • Anna Giles
    Anna Giles 5 days ago

    Ummm... why is her bathroom bigger then my bedroom I mean never mind my actual bathroom 😵

  • Anna Giles
    Anna Giles 5 days ago

    “ hey guys it’s Kylie fOr AnYoNe WhO
    dOeSn’T kNoW”

  • Clarissa Tabalujan 'student'

    product list?

  • rauha
    rauha 5 days ago

    “im just gonna take a makeup wipe and wipe the access” @ 2:10

  • Live Alone
    Live Alone 5 days ago +1

    lol worst mkeup nd ur fce is going fully in ri8 side cz of power pf surgry disgstng

  • Brittany McGuire
    Brittany McGuire 5 days ago

    She is so her

  • Zara
    Zara 5 days ago

    I love her she is so pretty and unique

  • 21chch
    21chch 5 days ago

    ewww. ur lips are so full of filler the insides are coming out. u look so much better without them and ur freckles are cute but u covered them even tho u said u wanted them out.. ha

  • Sofia Spiga
    Sofia Spiga 5 days ago

    I don't understand why people hate her because of her surgeries, I think that if those people had money they would do it too. I mean that if you had surgeries it doesn't mean that you are a monster and you must die, she's a really cute girl and she's very strong and this is why I love her (I' m italian and I'm using Google translator and I don't know if what I'm saying is correct)

  • Ylin GM
    Ylin GM 6 days ago

    i can't stop look her lips :o

  • Storm
    Storm 6 days ago

    6 wars going on right now and this pathetic generation cares more about reality "stars" and moronic youtube videos. AND you fools can VOTE? Jesus Mary and Joseph. We are all doomed by clueless self entitled twits. God help us all!

  • Katherine Macker
    Katherine Macker 6 days ago

    does anyone notice her lips?

  • Ajie
    Ajie 6 days ago

    Is she really in her bathroom?! Her bathroom is bigger than my room 😭

  • Grace Malone
    Grace Malone 6 days ago

    I love Kylie Jenner but it’s “blended out really well”*** not good😂

    Not hating I really do look up to her

  • Eva 2004
    Eva 2004 6 days ago

    She has an ASMR voice hahah

  • Mrs. Misanthrope
    Mrs. Misanthrope 6 days ago +1

    After receiving lip fillers for years, I had the filler removed, but all of it was impossible to remove since I've already been using the fillers for years. Although my "pout" is noticeably smaller, I still have bigger lips than the parallel lines I was intentionally born with....all in all, I find Kylee's brand of lip liner more efficient in helping me pull off the illusion of my old filler "pout" my lips resembles Kendill
    It's perfection in photos, but I reeeeally wish I had Jordyn's lips 😘

  • Jlo Flores
    Jlo Flores 6 days ago

    What was the container Kylie used to mix her foundation??? Please I need to know desperately

    • Jlo Flores
      Jlo Flores 4 days ago

      Sara Larsson OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH

    • Sara Larsson
      Sara Larsson 4 days ago +1

      Looks like a Filorga product, like their eye cream container

  • Simran Punia
    Simran Punia 6 days ago +1

    Her voice is sooo soft I love it like if u agree

  • Achu Arun
    Achu Arun 6 days ago +8

    I like Kylie a lot. Shes got a pure and kind soul.. bless u

  • Tamires Villarinho
    Tamires Villarinho 6 days ago

    HER LIPS .... Jesus!

  • Nao Sei Ao Certo
    Nao Sei Ao Certo 6 days ago

    Dando dislike pq nao tem traduçao em portugues

  • blue river
    blue river 6 days ago +1

    before jordyn got kicked to the curb

  • soof
    soof 6 days ago

    her voice is so calming

  • Nafisa Momtaz
    Nafisa Momtaz 6 days ago

    I really like her voice when she speaks, why gotta keep whispering?

  • Emma Weenie
    Emma Weenie 7 days ago +1

    Can you give advice to middle schools mostly girls dealing with boys and crushes or how not to fall for someone who is pretending to like you

  • Alyx Burrola
    Alyx Burrola 7 days ago

    Say hi if you love kylie

  • Kim Swanson
    Kim Swanson 7 days ago

    That video literally had credits at the end

  • Johana Crusz
    Johana Crusz 7 days ago +1

    No te entiendo pero me encantó tu maquillaje 😍

  • pie pie
    pie pie 7 days ago +1

    I kinda hate her. But after this vidoe me and her are alright.

  • Rubi Roche
    Rubi Roche 7 days ago +29

    Anybody else notices all the marks on her chest😬

    • Lesley Ann
      Lesley Ann 2 days ago +1

      I mean.. she’s still human, she can still get acne, rashes, eczema etc..

    • Mikella Davy
      Mikella Davy 4 days ago +2

      Rubi Roche i’m not trying to say something like bad but i read that when you breastfeed you start to scar because it’s a huge change for your breast. or maybe something else happened to her, could be a rash.😊

  • Jacqueline Castaneda

    Ok but she looks so pretty here!

  • Cath Hammel
    Cath Hammel 7 days ago

    She's beautiful

  • Fedra Zuant
    Fedra Zuant 7 days ago

    She’s so prettyyyyy

  • Denisa Kociánová
    Denisa Kociánová 7 days ago +9

    "I love blush so I just put it all over my face" lol I love eyeliner what am I supposed to do?