I Broke Dumb Laws In Front Of Police

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • Britain is an old-fashioned, weird place, and its esoteric laws are among the most ridiculous things about the place. From it being illegal to handle a salmon suspiciously, to the threat of having your head chopped off for wearing a suit of armour in Parliament, VICE's Oobah Butler sees if anyone takes any of these laws seriously by trying to break as many as he can-in front of policemen.
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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 24 815

  • VICE
    VICE  8 months ago +39796

    What's the weirdest law you've heard of in your home country?

    • dÿłåń ėâtš çàkē
      dÿłåń ėâtš çàkē 4 days ago

      In Florida, it is illegal for unmarried woman to go skydiving on Sundays.
      In Louisiana, it is illegal to make an angry face at a dog.
      I need more ideas, please reply some.

    • User 18662
      User 18662 2 months ago

      In florida on the day of sunday un-married women cannot sky dive

    • Chazman
      Chazman 2 months ago

      "Lap dances must be given at least six feet away from a patron."

    • Badders
      Badders 2 months ago

      I can't walk my goat on a sunday afternoon

    • Ty Schmitz
      Ty Schmitz 2 months ago

      It's still legal in clackamas county in Oregon state to hang someone because they stole your horse

  • A. Inai
    A. Inai Hour ago

    Why does he look like a lannister inbred

  • Vertitia Green
    Vertitia Green Hour ago

    His singing voice is amazing

  • Andrew Winn
    Andrew Winn 16 hours ago

    "It's for a kids TV thing"
    COPPA: "Interesting..."

  • Ken Thomson
    Ken Thomson 17 hours ago

    Was that the socialexperimentalist with the mic?

  • SlapHappyKiaralol
    SlapHappyKiaralol 18 hours ago


  • evil6661701
    evil6661701 20 hours ago

    the britisher bootlickers they always have been.its why they worship the Royal Family .

  • Randomness Gamer
    Randomness Gamer 20 hours ago

    Police with military grade guns: you think your fucking funny
    Vice: I'm filming

  • Rylan Rocks24
    Rylan Rocks24 23 hours ago

    Cops won’t let in even on our property

  • Padfoot
    Padfoot Day ago

    The officer at the end he made me laugh

  • David K. Adams
    David K. Adams Day ago

    this guy is a moron

  • Ninjahbutter
    Ninjahbutter Day ago

    So you can pretty much do anything in Britain. It's a just a crazy free for all and a wonder the country can function.
    Cool Video.

  • Thanus Hehehe
    Thanus Hehehe Day ago

    The second law is fair children like to go to libraries and they might learn to gamble

  • Alshabh Haha
    Alshabh Haha Day ago


  • PonQo
    PonQo Day ago

    did you know cutting someone’s head off is the same as cutting their body off

  • Dennis Wolf Cyclist

    Lol that hit and run and the cops is just smirking like a knob 😂

  • just golu
    just golu Day ago

    Their r many stupids laws in India also like y can't give lift to strangers or u can't fly a kite and so and so

    S1NINJA Day ago

    17k police disliked

  • Bismoo Surya
    Bismoo Surya Day ago

    World : Laws must be followed..!!

    Indonesia : What is law?

  • Daniel Barclay
    Daniel Barclay Day ago

    The real question is why the prime minsiters house is so unguarded

  • Garfield the cat


  • Alim
    Alim Day ago

    At first, I thought he was a woman 🤣

  • Jamee Gigliotti
    Jamee Gigliotti 2 days ago

    You’re not allowed to throw snowballs in one of the states

  • Erik -
    Erik - 2 days ago

    Clearly those cops dont know the laws what a shame 🤭🤭🤭

  • Loud Mike Media
    Loud Mike Media 2 days ago

    I didn't see any police

  • kickback4me
    kickback4me 2 days ago

    It's funny when he sang I heard hints of Ian Curtis, iggy pop and bing crosby.

  • Neeraj kumar
    Neeraj kumar 2 days ago

    India's stupid law. Politicians can be prosecuted for murders or rape

  • Yahya K
    Yahya K 2 days ago +1

    Judge: "So you think it's alright to kill 20 men"
    Man: "Yes, vice said so 5:41"

  • smithy_667788
    smithy_667788 3 days ago

    I gambled in a school library before.
    Five finger fillet. I offered my lunch money

  • alex
    alex 3 days ago +1

    He must've looked insane

  • Shhlidy Dop
    Shhlidy Dop 3 days ago +3

    Are we gonna ignore the fact that he has an amazing singing voice?

  • Mylok
    Mylok 3 days ago


  • Abbadi Abbadi
    Abbadi Abbadi 3 days ago +1

    Thanks god for everything 😊🙏

  • Blinkshinati
    Blinkshinati 3 days ago +4

    I like how the police officer at the end had just a little chuckle after a suspicious looking man with yellow powder on his face walks up to the home of the prime minister without warning (possibly a terrorist) and knocks on the door and runs.

  • Rushikesh
    Rushikesh 3 days ago +1

    Tony boy tony come out and play

  • Zlatan
    Zlatan 4 days ago

    where do I get that armor and that outrages double ruff?... asking for a friend.

  • ianR Poli
    ianR Poli 4 days ago

    There was some A

  • The 19th Fighter
    The 19th Fighter 4 days ago

    Are you also not allowed to dance on certain days?

  • Eugene Sayers
    Eugene Sayers 4 days ago +2

    Your going to hell

  • Divinity -XENO-
    Divinity -XENO- 4 days ago

    In my country we are allowed to swim in the sewerage if we have a permission

  • Dave B
    Dave B 4 days ago +18

    The worst criminal in England's History

  • Octavian-Andrei Minculescu

    FBI open up

  • anwar daud
    anwar daud 4 days ago

    Most wanted man in england

  • Marat Bedoev
    Marat Bedoev 4 days ago

    Criminal: Im in for a 1st degree murder of a police officer. You?
    I knocked at the prime ministers door and walked off

  • Glitchlo Green
    Glitchlo Green 4 days ago

    Its illegal to have a considerable bulge in public in the state of indiana. You can't accidently get a boner.

  • Speedsonic75 OddTristan12123


  • Ominus YT
    Ominus YT 5 days ago

    I love british accents!

  • Alley Wolf
    Alley Wolf 5 days ago

    I want explanations for some of these laws. Like how did they come to be?

  • TDMCDavid
    TDMCDavid 5 days ago

    But what if i find the law that doesn’t allow me to shoot up school stupid in that sense you condone child murder…

  • kept you honkling, huh?

    The most recent stupid law consist of insulting a cult of arabic pedophiles

  • L Pesic
    L Pesic 5 days ago

    I like how the policeman at the end of the video started laughing when he knocked on the prime minister's house.

    NGEPRONE GEMING 5 days ago

    17k dislikes came from people that Uk should apart from Europe

  • nuqmannasyat Zulkiffli

    Gambling is wrong dude

  • Apathetic Apparition

    did you try having the wrong opinion in front of them?

  • Melted Heck
    Melted Heck 5 days ago

    Is that fish jinga???

  • I’m a nobody
    I’m a nobody 5 days ago

    Side note Vice was never seen again lol

  • Carlos Gonzalez
    Carlos Gonzalez 6 days ago

    That’s the most British Bad Boy you can get

  • Ryan G
    Ryan G 6 days ago +1

    It is illegal to kill a sasquatch in British Columbia

    • Ryan G
      Ryan G 6 days ago +1

      @ZEDFRA Thanks I did not know that thank you

    • ZEDFRA
      ZEDFRA 6 days ago +1

      Also France officially recognises Sasquatch as an endangered species for some reason. There's another European nation that does too but I've forgotten.

  • boom
    boom 6 days ago

    He's going to unlock the 7th wanted star