Ranking The 10 Best Duos Heading into the 2020 NBA Season

  • Published on Jul 11, 2019
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    After many free agency signings and a couple trades, the 2020 NBA season will be very unpredictable. Here are the 10 best duos right now!
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Comments • 233

  • Wilson Sy
    Wilson Sy  5 months ago +14

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    • Dame Days
      Dame Days 5 months ago

      I mean horford and Embid?

    • Wilson Sy
      Wilson Sy  5 months ago +1

      I made this video a few hours before Russell Westbrook was traded to the Rockets. So my duo rankings for Harden and Russ still remains in the same number as Harden and CP3

  • ProfessorPlays
    ProfessorPlays 3 months ago

    Plus Kawhi is a top ten player

  • ProfessorPlays
    ProfessorPlays 3 months ago

    Chris is heading to OKC...

  • ongba Ng
    ongba Ng 4 months ago

    i still believed end of the day " We The North " will be Champions again....!!!!

  • Ricardo Nobre
    Ricardo Nobre 4 months ago

    James Harden and Russel Westbrook are back together at Houston Rockets, probably a duo to take under consideration

  • Raymond cox-cooper
    Raymond cox-cooper 4 months ago

    Yo cock head? Kemba, Tatum ring a bell? The fact u rank Denver and Portland over Boston is beyond me ..put Down the aderall and OxyContin and please slow down on the hi tech because you clearly don’t have a fucking clue what you’re talking about while under the influence. Remake this video please when you’re a bit more lucid and sober chipper boy! #ChingChunng!!!

  • Trending VLOG TV
    Trending VLOG TV 4 months ago

    sadly KD changed lanes.

  • Wrestling Reality 27
    Wrestling Reality 27 4 months ago

    1 Steph &Klay
    2 Cj & Dame
    3 Kawhi & Paul
    4 Fox & Hield
    5 Conley & Mitchell
    6 LeBron & Anthony Davis
    7 Westbrook & Harden
    8 Khris & Giannis
    9 Kyrie & Durant
    10 Fultz & Gordon

  • antcarrjr
    antcarrjr 4 months ago +1

    Fox and hield!!!

    BLACK GOD B LEAVE N ME 5 months ago

    Warriors are dead 😂😂😂

    PHIL CAIN 5 months ago

    Dirk and Nash fool they been did it

  • Aniekeme Udoko
    Aniekeme Udoko 5 months ago +1

    Super Splash Brother minus one .... Steph and Klay best dynamic duo minus DLO..... coming to your theatre near you NBA 2019-2020...

  • Akshat Nayak
    Akshat Nayak 5 months ago

    Just fucking see LeBron no's 28,8,8 wtf is this guy

  • Jalen
    Jalen 5 months ago

    What about Trae Young and JC?

  • Khatari Oneal
    Khatari Oneal 5 months ago

    Kawhi and pg are a better duo then lebitch and AD

    • Brandon Alvarado
      Brandon Alvarado 5 months ago

      Kwahi isn't lucky he works his ass off but LeGOAT and AD are still the better duo. Also you are a BITCH!!!

    • Andrew Liu
      Andrew Liu 5 months ago

      @joshy woshy
      Finally a smart guy agree with me.

    • joshy woshy
      joshy woshy 5 months ago +1

      @Andrew Liu yea

    • Andrew Liu
      Andrew Liu 5 months ago

      LeGoat and AD is better lucky number 2 and George Paul.

  • Bong Salvador
    Bong Salvador 5 months ago

    9 and 10 is debatable.

  • Real Skills
    Real Skills 5 months ago

    Top 5 teams not in order

    • Real Skills
      Real Skills 5 months ago

      @Alejandro_420 Then Harden needs to learn how to play team ball , are he'll never get a ring. Because , he's definitely not allowed to play that way during an allstar game.

    • Alejandro_420
      Alejandro_420 5 months ago

      The rockets won’t work they have 2 ball dominate guards

  • Real Skills
    Real Skills 5 months ago

    The Sixers will not b better than the Nuggets

  • YouAre Elle
    YouAre Elle 5 months ago +3

    Wilson: cp3 and harden r the 5th best duo

  • Skins101
    Skins101 5 months ago +1

    Klay Thompson is a superstar

  • Pepe the Frog
    Pepe the Frog 5 months ago


  • Pepe the Frog
    Pepe the Frog 5 months ago


  • NBA BandWagon Fan
    NBA BandWagon Fan 5 months ago

    Can't wait for next season to start


    6:45 you mean westbrook😂😂😂

  • Justine Cordero
    Justine Cordero 5 months ago

    I don’t think the Nuggets will finish top 2 next season.

  • Tod Wilkinson
    Tod Wilkinson 5 months ago +3

    I don't think there is a clear number 1 Duo.

    I still might say a healthy Klay Thompson and Steph Curry.

    I'll say Leonard and Harrell is also a good duo. Remember Harrell was 18 ppg and 9 rebounds last season with 2 blocks per game on 65% shooting. He will still get those stats. Georges stats will go down to around 17 ppg.

  • Gurkaran Basra
    Gurkaran Basra 5 months ago

    Sadly no chris paul and james harden westbrook and hardej

  • Sarah Abigail McNulty
    Sarah Abigail McNulty 5 months ago

    Make a video about westbrook and harden

  • Damir Damir
    Damir Damir 5 months ago

    Bjelica and Bogdan Bogdanović ????

  • Kawhi Leonard
    Kawhi Leonard 5 months ago +1

    Wheres Ben Simmons and the 3pt line. Refs and Harden

  • William Green
    William Green 5 months ago +1

    Wtf happened 2 Trae Young and John Collins

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson 5 months ago

      They're not top 10 but they are definitely a good dou. Acclaim needs to bring back NBA JAM for Playstation 5.

    • akashi kaze
      akashi kaze 5 months ago

      Over who

  • JC Hoopa
    JC Hoopa 5 months ago +1

    what about derozan and aldridge

  • Gio
    Gio 5 months ago

    La and Demar disrespect

  • Brendan Snapp
    Brendan Snapp 5 months ago +1

    Russ and Harden number 1 😂💯

  • Aakaash narayannan
    Aakaash narayannan 5 months ago

    How the hell do you got Murray and Jokic here over guys like the jazz duo of Gobert and Conley or the Spurs duo of DeRozan and Aldridge

  • Gregory Villanova
    Gregory Villanova 5 months ago

    Dlo steph and klay WILL be a problem!

  • Piripiao
    Piripiao 5 months ago +4

    Luka and Kristaps
    The European Connection

  • chase noneya
    chase noneya 5 months ago +1

    Shaq needs to not disrespect penny like that. He would be a top 15 player in history if he never got injured. Simmons cool tho

  • Cap N CluTch
    Cap N CluTch 5 months ago +1

    Saying duos but wht about east teams

  • Elgie Lataza
    Elgie Lataza 5 months ago

    how about Derozan and aldridge? Like spurs Fans?

  • R V
    R V 5 months ago

    Where is mitchell and gobert

  • rainnier joseph olores
    rainnier joseph olores 5 months ago

    You mean the beard and WB

  • Anthony D'Elia
    Anthony D'Elia 5 months ago

    Why trade D angelo and not just play Thompson at the 3 Russell at the 2 Curry at the 1

    • Vincent Salamatino
      Vincent Salamatino 5 months ago

      Probably have to play Russel at the 1 honestly because he can't get in rhythm playing off ball where as Curry is always in rhythm

  • Red Skull
    Red Skull 5 months ago

    Let me rank this the right way
    10.Murray & Jokic
    9.Lilard & Mccollum
    8.Porzingis and Doncic
    7.Simmons & Embiid
    6.Middleton & Antetoukounmpo
    5.Curry & Klay
    4.Westbrook* & Harden
    3.Kawhi & George
    2.Kd & Kyrie
    1.Ad & Bron

    • Miss Megan
      Miss Megan 5 months ago

      It ain't lbj n ad they haven't proved nothing yet Curry n Klay

    • PhoenixGamer34
      PhoenixGamer34 5 months ago

      ​@Tod Wilkinson Which still be their best record since the 2012-13 season and get them to the first time to the playoffs since that season as well, yet they got swept by the Spurs in the first round.

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson 5 months ago

      KD and Kyrie won't play next year at all. So can we really rank them yet? Maybe 10 for them since they won't even play. Next season maybe 3 or 4.

      Kawhi and anyone is the best Duo. We saw that last season. Kawhi and Gasol was the best. I think Harrell will take another step up. He's the best PF in the NBA by far. Kawhi and Harrell is the best.

      The Clippers look like a team that might go around 65-17.

      AD and James won't win that much. Remember James doesn't like someone esle scoring eventhough AD is a better scorer at this point in their careers. Also James will probably have AD standing in the corner the whole season. They'll only go like 52-30.

  • Jazz Rei
    Jazz Rei 5 months ago

    Number 5 is not real

  • Rayno CWH
    Rayno CWH 5 months ago

    Well, it is now harden n westbrook, official.

  • Martin Man
    Martin Man 5 months ago +1

    What had AD done with boogie, holiday, PLAYOFF Rondo..... Nothing but win vs portland. What has he done without them..... NOTHING. Some kind of superstar

  • Aaron Griggs
    Aaron Griggs 5 months ago

    Very disappointed that Conley mitchell for the jazz were not even mentioned. They are better then half of the duo's you have

    • Cap N CluTch
      Cap N CluTch 5 months ago

      @Aaron Griggs they trade favors too they needed that but they need pf and a shooter

    • Aaron Griggs
      Aaron Griggs 5 months ago

      Ok you mentioned Mitchell Gobert but it is the mitchell conley tour right now

  • Christian dela Peña
    Christian dela Peña 5 months ago

    U should remake this vid bro

  • Lone Surviver
    Lone Surviver 5 months ago

    Some of these injured players might not come back the same

  • Lone Surviver
    Lone Surviver 5 months ago +1

    If I'm Dallas I'm playing that man KP 27 minutes and taking him out as soon as possible with leads preserve those knees

  • Lone Surviver
    Lone Surviver 5 months ago +3

    The Lakers and sixers are more stacked than other teams for the most part. If cousins stays healthy and plays well Lakers have a trio and solid help around those 3. Sixers have Embiid and Simmons but also Harris and AL and Josh Richardson coming off a career year. Zhaire and thybull look solid as well.

  • tibursilog
    tibursilog 5 months ago +1

    This list just got outdated in a matter if hours lol.

  • Amy Ballarta
    Amy Ballarta 5 months ago

    Fuck that bitch

  • Mason Pratt
    Mason Pratt 5 months ago

    Russel Westbrook is now at the rockets. Cris Paul got traded to the thunder.

  • Arturo Robles
    Arturo Robles 5 months ago +12

    No DeMar Derozan and Lamarcus Aldridge?!

    • Andrew Liu
      Andrew Liu 5 months ago

      @YouAre Elle

    • YouAre Elle
      YouAre Elle 5 months ago

      No lonzo and Zion????

    • Gregory Villanova
      Gregory Villanova 5 months ago +1

      Arturo Robles 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Bubster 1969
    Bubster 1969 5 months ago

    2021 champion Nets, okay. LOLOLOLOL

  • Bubster 1969
    Bubster 1969 5 months ago +2

    KD's missing the entire season yet they're at #3

    • Tod Wilkinson
      Tod Wilkinson 5 months ago

      We can't put them 3 this season. I'd still rank them somewhere but more like 10th. Next season if everything goes well they will be around 4th.

  • Bubster 1969
    Bubster 1969 5 months ago

    Yes, Harden is one of the best. On his own. It takes teamwork and more than just one scorer to win.

  • Bubster 1969
    Bubster 1969 5 months ago +1