The Meg - Movie Review


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  • Paquette Stephen Brett

    This better than deep blue sea?

  • MikeinWB
    MikeinWB 9 days ago

    The movie the Meg sucked. Do not waste your time.

  • Jen Toland
    Jen Toland 10 days ago

    I get it, but I really didn't care for it because I was unable to care about the charactors.

  • Scott K
    Scott K 10 days ago +1

    Of course the problem is, I don't think it was an intentionally silly, self-aware film. I'm pretty sure it was trying to be good.

  • dixson salomo
    dixson salomo 11 days ago

    I just finished watching the movie and I don’t really like it. It’s cheesy and a bit stale to me but the cinematic were pleasing to watch, I just wish corny characters such as the rich guy and the Asian mom didn’t kill the mood (mine to be exact.) In fact, I actually think the GIRL has more character than the mother herself! All in all, the movie. Didn’t really like it, sooooo C+ because of the cinematic that boosted it up.

  • am83330
    am83330 12 days ago

    A beard, massive tattoo, black T shirt, and dimly lit room. Is this a biker bar or a movie review.

  • daimy kruyshaar
    daimy kruyshaar 12 days ago

    This movie might be the worst shark movie i've ever seen, how can you be positive about it?

  • Kevin Smith
    Kevin Smith 13 days ago

    i just wasted 20 bucks on this piece of shit im gonna wrap mine up and give it to some poor bastard for xmas

  • dterryize
    dterryize 13 days ago

    Have to disagree. . .not enough carnage for something capable of creating a LOT of carnage. . .and when it came down to it. . .Jason had enough, got out, and killed the thing in about a minute. It's a MEGLADON!!!!

  • Kami Kiramaru
    Kami Kiramaru 13 days ago

    Guess its a "B" movie

  • Muhammad Sadiq Mughal
    Muhammad Sadiq Mughal 13 days ago

    I hated that movie, water is habitat to sharks, this movie just proved human superiority over animals(that very very true) but killing a living fossil is a really unethical thing, they simply could have got out of the water.Megalodon was a masterpiece that they destroy.... Disappointed

  • SkyCommander
    SkyCommander 14 days ago

    If they had just given it an R rating I'd have been amazing like Piranha 3D or the Hatchet movies

  • Future Atlanteans
    Future Atlanteans 15 days ago +3

    Didn't anyone notice that (((Hollywood))) didn't show any morning for the white people that died ? Any time a white person died nobody really cared yet when Toshi and the father of that girl died they showed some morning for their deaths. Except for Statham all white men in the cast were used as Shark fodder.

  • Eddie Reis
    Eddie Reis 19 days ago

    Damn Chris sounds like a scientist

  • Resident Evilfan666
    Resident Evilfan666 20 days ago

    i really like this movie i just wish that eli roth could have directed this movie and i wanna a rated R film and i prefer eli roth i like his movies like cabin fever 2003 hostel part 1 2005 and hostel part 2 2007 and the green inferno 2015 and i dont like how we get pg-13 rated sharks movies we should have rated r like jaws not no shark night and also 47 meters down

  • Rabbit
    Rabbit 22 days ago

    This movie was stupid and had some cringey moments, but I loved it. I absolutely enjoy these animal monster movies.
    A surprising amount of people survived, which I'm fine with actually, usually most of them die.

  • Danny Raul Molina
    Danny Raul Molina 22 days ago

    Do you think they didn't make it R rated because the main audience is china? I assume censorship is very strict over there

  • Whynottho
    Whynottho 22 days ago

    I’ve seen better movies on SyFy.. sorry the actors were pretty bad.

  • Connor is a THICC SNACC of an android

    I like it, but I think there should’ve been more gore ( so many gore ideas that would look sick ) and maybe help get rid of the sterotypes of sharks so people wouldn’t be as afraid of sharks
    I like the fact the dog lived

  • TheWhiteDeath
    TheWhiteDeath 24 days ago

    You asshole! This movie was horrible in every way!

  • Derick Sy
    Derick Sy 24 days ago

    i thought this is gonna be another bad movie starring a shark but i was surprised the movie was great!! i just finished watching it!

  • William Kirchhofer
    William Kirchhofer 24 days ago

    The Asian girl and her daughter lived. That + Statham is all i cared about. The Acting was kind of careless but at least the black guy didn't die lol

  • Ismail Topa
    Ismail Topa 24 days ago

    When something dumb is presented as something cleaver and serious, I instantly hate.

  • Ben Wieneke
    Ben Wieneke 25 days ago

    I’m so frustrated that WB did not include a director’s cut, or ANY deleted scenes, in the home release. That alone convinced me not to buy it. The movie itself is good fun, but it’d be nice to see the R-rated version. Make it happen, Warner Bros.

  • Ruth Morris
    Ruth Morris 25 days ago

    I I read all five of the books watched every spoiler took two couples to see it. They lived it also. Now I own it& have watched it at least 6 times since yesterday. Now I can't wait for the next movie.LOVED IT

  • ErosiaEU
    ErosiaEU 26 days ago

    Grading this B is bordering on unfathomable. My verdict is a D.

  • King Mojo
    King Mojo 26 days ago

    people have forgotten that shark movies are scary...not that you should care about the characters but you should be scared for them

  • Bill L.
    Bill L. 27 days ago

    This movie sucked, glad I didn’t pay $$ to see it at the movie theatre! Horrible acting & directing! With a 130 million dollars budget, they could have hired a better director and writer. Hope the sequel to this crap will be rated R & please fire the original director and writer(s)!

  • Hikari Azuriel
    Hikari Azuriel 29 days ago

    How did the meg survive all this years?

  • chichiboypumpi
    chichiboypumpi 29 days ago

    as always trying-to-sell-to-china crap, pandering to sjws, libtards, and 3rd wave feminists, and make the Japanese a lesser character and then get him killed to please the uber-nationalist-Japanese-hating Chinese or the stoic Japanese

  • Bob Robertson
    Bob Robertson Month ago

    You have no balls ginger boy

  • Bob Robertson
    Bob Robertson Month ago

    This is a "F" or lower movie

  • Bob Robertson
    Bob Robertson Month ago


  • Bob Robertson
    Bob Robertson Month ago

    "B" ? Realy? This is F

  • Bob Robertson
    Bob Robertson Month ago

    Disrespect for the conformist review

  • TheBoltMaster
    TheBoltMaster Month ago

    I'm not a fan of excessive gore, like any gorier than the Saw movies and I am OUT, like if you show me a movie with mortal kombat x levels of gore but on a much more detailed level, then I will just be like "fuck dis shit I'm out!" It's why I'm not a fan of the final destination movies. So I'd say the amount of gore in this movie could be increased, but since this movie is going for a more silly less serious and scary mood, I'd say excessive gore involving intestines and shit pouring out of people would not be very fitting.

  • Time Space
    Time Space Month ago

    I just got done watching The Meg.
    This movie starts off weak, but it has one of the most epic ending.
    The best fight seen you've ever seen!

  • La Gatita
    La Gatita Month ago

    I wanted an ocean glistening with blood so much that the sand on the beach turned bright RED...nope just got blue, plain old BLUE.

  • Eisenhorn Overlip
    Eisenhorn Overlip Month ago

    terrible jason statham imperssion chris. Ruined the entire review smh.

  • Shigu Shingu
    Shigu Shingu Month ago

    I grew up with a megalodon -Chris


    This movie is ass

  • grgrgr grgrgr
    grgrgr grgrgr Month ago

    Beets. Bears. Battlestar Galactica

  • Ryan Gomez
    Ryan Gomez Month ago

    Who Else Watched This Then After Goes Straight Here?

    Like Me?
    And If U Agree Wanna See Something?
    Press This It Should Turn Blue.

  • Eric Riley
    Eric Riley Month ago

    see I thought it was fuckin great I loved it could it have been better sure what movie couldn't but I thought it was great I've watched it 10 times since I've got it

  • andresisthename
    andresisthename Month ago

    The reason why I can't trust movie critics these days. This shitty film is extremely shitty. There is no good praising anyone can make about it.

  • Adwait Shinde
    Adwait Shinde Month ago

    I watched this movie only because Jason Statham was there...
    Awesome movie though

  • buzzardbeatniks
    buzzardbeatniks Month ago

    This felt just like a 90's movie to me.

  • takito butface
    takito butface Month ago

    jason statham is good

  • TylerAdams
    TylerAdams Month ago

    Infinity War got lower than this...

  • james lloyd
    james lloyd Month ago

    If you put an actress as bad as the lady that plays Suyin in a film, she has to at least get her tits out. Nearly ruined the whole damn thing

  • Richard Canipe
    Richard Canipe Month ago

    where's your review of Alpha (2018)?

  • I farted
    I farted Month ago

    No offence I HATED this film but I respect your opinion

  • W. 5
    W. 5 2 months ago

    Hoped for something as good as Deep Blue Sea...meh!
    DBS had humor mixed with scares, really good ratio.
    But the jokes in Meg are too lame/stupid and so not working-and nothing to be afraid of.

  • Ari Papermaster
    Ari Papermaster 2 months ago

    I was expecting I good movie and I didn't get it. Thats' all there is to it

  • Esperanzilla
    Esperanzilla 2 months ago

    I loved it , i was entertained every friends and I couldn’t stop laughing in some parts 😂

  • Peter Brackstone
    Peter Brackstone 2 months ago

    I Thought the Meg was a GREATTT load of shit

  • Mark Du Plessis
    Mark Du Plessis 2 months ago +1

    Terrible movie, no redeeming features at all, but cleverly Sinosycophantic.

  • michael mellan
    michael mellan 2 months ago

    They had to have the asian actors in it with a fake love interest just to pander to the chinise market, so istead of statham getting back with his ex they creat a weak love interest between the chinise actress and jason stathems character to sell more tickets in china

  • michael mellan
    michael mellan 2 months ago

    Thats exactly what i said, if it came out in the 90s it would of been a massive blockbuster but it gets a low rating coz peeps only wanna see superhero and starwars films, it never got the advertising budget it would of got in the 90s like speed etc!

  • Za N
    Za N 2 months ago

    i was bored :(

  • encycl07pedia
    encycl07pedia 2 months ago

    I saw this movie a couple days ago. It did exactly what it set out to do. 7/10
    The only thing I absolutely HATED was the Chinese pandering. Is there some law in China that makes it illegal to watch movies without Chinese characters/actors? Stop it already. It's so transparent. I don't even really like Statham as an actor (seems like a nice guy), but the racist cast was hard to ignore, especially when you know the motivations behind it.

  • hyenachase f
    hyenachase f 2 months ago

    watched lastnight what a load of bolloxs

  • MellowMadnessRMX
    MellowMadnessRMX 2 months ago

    2/5.. too much water

  • ShortyBig69
    ShortyBig69 2 months ago

    These days moviegoers are just to damn picky. You guys can't enjoy a movie because you want to pick at everything. No movie is going to be perfect.

  • Ashley
    Ashley 2 months ago

    So I just finished the audiobook (yea I’m gonna be that person...) and I can already tell the movie is faaaaaar from the told story from author Steve Alten.. I really liked the book.. not love but liked it have you read/listened to it? I tend to make the mistake of doing this a lot reading the books then seeing the movie and hating it, why couldn’t they actually make it like the book? Just from the few trailers I watched I didn’t see Maggie, Jonas’s wife who plays kind of a big role. I want to watch the movie now but I know I’ll be disappointed I hate that studios take a great book and twist everything into a blah movie 😑

  • Stuart White
    Stuart White 2 months ago

    I walked out in the middle of this movie. It was that bad!!!!

  • Crazy awesome
    Crazy awesome 2 months ago

    Even Jason Statham said that the movie didn't have enough gore in this then he wanted.

  • Tot tota
    Tot tota 2 months ago

    the meg was
    mega predictable, mega cliche, mega fail

  • PTSDSquirrel
    PTSDSquirrel 2 months ago

    Peter Griffons cinematic smash, Bigger Jaws came to life. i dont know how to feel about that.

  • Lorenzo Munisami
    Lorenzo Munisami 2 months ago

    Seeing Jason dive like that made my heart sink a bit. I can't look at him the same anymore 😂😂😂😂

    DINOXT4 2 months ago +4

    Jaws was a pg13 too...

  • mrdallstar
    mrdallstar 2 months ago

    movie is missing something it was not so entertaining to watch ....the whole story sucks

  • Jasper Adamos
    Jasper Adamos 2 months ago

    the movie is so retarded

  • Web Dog
    Web Dog 2 months ago

    5 bags of popcorn and I'll throw in a little miniature shark keychain

  • Winstone Deaver
    Winstone Deaver 2 months ago

    I enjoyed the predator you gave D, this is boring movie you give B. My review will be better a F-. You never did proper research on Predator movie.

  • tipped jungle
    tipped jungle 2 months ago

    it was terrible!!

  • combocaz z
    combocaz z 2 months ago

    I just saw it and this movie is trash.

  • Akina Speed Stars
    Akina Speed Stars 2 months ago +1

    Well if I remember I fell asleep on my chair inside the theater. watching halfway through, the part when they try to tranquilized the cgi shark. My wife woke me up because I was snoring, sorry.

  • cesar db
    cesar db 2 months ago

    The movie his all about pandering to Chinese audiences, with TONS metrical TONS of expositional dialogues in mandarin. And american characters been saved constanly by the brave chinese, or the stupid black african american beent portraid as a coward and unable to swim, and the little girl is abnormally calm all the time (childs DO not act like this!). And we even see the crew going home in a yacht with a huge red China flag (so patriotic!)... so let the strong chines comunist party save you and indoctrinate you through Hollywood please!

  • James Dougherty
    James Dougherty 2 months ago

    Terrible review. I love your channel, but I watched this based on your opinion. I give this review a D+
    Deep Blue sea was and is better.

  • I Hate everyone - Twim
    I Hate everyone - Twim 2 months ago

    Why is noone talking about the fact that they release this "MEG" five years 'after' it makes an impact on the first scenes with the submarine? This utter shit of a movie should prove why producers in hollywood today deserves to lose their job..

  • C 0
    C 0 2 months ago

    I went in with low expectations and it was awesome!

  • Arctic Fox Gaming
    Arctic Fox Gaming 2 months ago

    The Meg is a 2 hour long promo for Shark Week. The PG-13 rating makes it terrible. I killed more brain cells in 5 minutes than the Meg did in 2 hours!
    To quote a wise man, "Shut up, Meg."

  • Zach Shannon
    Zach Shannon 2 months ago

    I swear the amount of times someone fell in the water....not creative at all man. Dealing with a 70ft shark i'd be holding onto the railings on the boat 24/7.

  • Moga Dishu
    Moga Dishu 2 months ago

    a porno is coming out soon... called "The Pen" short for "The Penis"

  • Josiah Black
    Josiah Black 2 months ago

    This movie was awful...

  • Silver G
    Silver G 2 months ago

    Which should i watch the meg or the Nun?

  • M W
    M W 2 months ago

    I thought it was a nice movie

  • pop cannon
    pop cannon 2 months ago +2

    I enjoyed the movie as well great review 😎
    I would give the movie a B-

  • Cap Subekti
    Cap Subekti 2 months ago +1

    It deserves the worst movie in the century, frankly.
    I've watched it but cannot agree with you, what a horrible movie. meh

  • jaime s
    jaime s 2 months ago

    Theres a scene where the shark is swiming full speed to a boat and when it heats it the boat doesnt even move. Like, it makes no sense

  • Blue Milk
    Blue Milk 2 months ago

    Shut up meg

  • J Easter
    J Easter 2 months ago

    All I could think while watching this movie was another movie, named 'idiocracy'.
    America is heading it's way for sure along with the Chinese.

  • Gliese 581c
    Gliese 581c 2 months ago

    Believe me when I say, this movie is fucking Bad.

    Really Bad

  • Stephen Strickson
    Stephen Strickson 2 months ago

    Worse film I've ever seen cgi was terrible

  • Syed Shah Nawaz Ali
    Syed Shah Nawaz Ali 2 months ago

    This is one of those movies that is majorly targeted to Chinese audience who still consuming 90's type movies, not matured enough.

  • Anton Chigurh
    Anton Chigurh 2 months ago

    One of the worst movies ever made. I was rooting for the shark every time hoping he'd eat all the swimmers at the beach, and glad to see the billionaire fuckhead shit actor get eaten. Turtletaub should never direct another movie and bingbing the overacting china girl should stay in hong kong. Shame on you Jason wtf you have a gorgeous chic you could have stayed home and banged but you had to make this disaster of a disaster movie.

  • Dead Classic
    Dead Classic 2 months ago

    Give it a B ? .. wow

  • Thomas Clowater
    Thomas Clowater 2 months ago

    This should have been a hilariocity

  • Yux Ning
    Yux Ning 2 months ago

    I might just watch jaws again after seeing this...this film was ok i guess...