MEGAVALANCHE 2018. What it looks like for the average Joe! an Avalanche of Crashes and Funny stuff

  • Published on Sep 6, 2018
  • Riding the megavalanche (the biggest mountainbike race in the world) with a 7 man crew from the Netherlands.
    Thanks to all the sponsors!
    1st song: THBD Good for you
    2end song: Moar progressive house - brenticus
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  • gidolf
    gidolf 8 months ago +28

    1. This puts all the incredible winner run videos in perspective.
    2. You're still waaay better than I'll ever be.
    3. ???
    4. Entertainment Profit!

  • jamesblunt006
    jamesblunt006 22 hours ago +1

    You have to shout "excuse moi" in order to win!

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  13 hours ago

      jamesblunt006 yeah I could try! 2 years I could overtake 85 riders by saying rider rider, and they would move to the side. (But that was in the slowest racing group). In the fastest racing group, you can scream as much as you want. But no one will move to the side 🙈

  • christophe Gelin
    christophe Gelin Month ago +1

    my question is: how average are you? green, blue, red or black slope?

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  Month ago

      christophe Gelin the whole group can ride black diamonds. And 3 guys can do double black diamond trails (They are right behind the pro’s in this race).

  • MTBen Voor Mannen Van Middelbare Leeftijd

    Whehe nice!
    Ik zag trouwens dat je gereageerd had bij mij, maar vreemd genoeg zie ik die reactie niet terug onder de video maar alleen in het meldingenscherm. Vreemd.
    Die downhillcup is over 2 weken he? Wij hebben alleen dat parcours nog nooit gereden...

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  2 months ago

      Ok gek, youtube is ondoorgrondelijk af en toe. De race is inderdaad over 2 week. En er zijn behoorlijk wat inschrijvingen, dus dat word wel een leuke dag! Het is wel slim om de baan eerder gereden te hebben (b.v. Op zaterdag) omdat op de race dag zelf vanwege de drukte niet heel veel getraind kan worden. (Je moet blij zijn met 4 - 6 runs voor de race aan, en iets van 4 tussen het racen door). De raceline preview video staat wel op de facebook pagina van bikepark groningen.

  • Tibia Mystery
    Tibia Mystery 3 months ago +2

    This is epic!

  • Dwarfedgiant
    Dwarfedgiant 3 months ago +6

    lol do you guys just go down as a group and have a laugh on the way? You're not in this to win, you're just going down for shits and giggles! love it lol

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  3 months ago +2

      Dwarfedgiant yeah, we do like a good race result. But for us that is a top 100 spot. So than we better have a fun week of riding

  • Player1 TV
    Player1 TV 3 months ago +2

    Its always harder going slower. You definitely show the courses danger better.

    • Player1 TV
      Player1 TV 3 months ago +1

      AD Biking what trip to do with your buddies. Well done.

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  3 months ago

      yeah, when the pro's fly over it, it looks pretty simple.

  • Par Microthrix
    Par Microthrix 3 months ago +1

    Amazing Team

  • Bert Nunyabusiness
    Bert Nunyabusiness 4 months ago +2

    Don't run over your team riders! Doh!

  • Andrew Price
    Andrew Price 4 months ago +2

    What a video! One of the best Mega vids I’ve seen - What 360 degree camera were you using and was it mounted to side of helmet or on you backpack shoulder strap?

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  4 months ago +1

      Andrew Price thanks! It was the Rylo360 mounted on the side of my helmed. But sadly it was destroyed in a crash later that year. For this years mega (in 2 weeks time) I got the Insta360 one X from So I hope we can make some nice shots again

  • Rory Barraud
    Rory Barraud 4 months ago +2

    Full send

  • I Gede Wahyu Wara
    I Gede Wahyu Wara 5 months ago +3

    the best video is damien oton, and then THIS! You describe the word f*ck so well lol

  • Jack P.
    Jack P. 6 months ago +4

    where do I sign up?

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  6 months ago

      We will ride with a 9 man group sponsored again by woip this year (so we should be pretty easy to spot). Maybe you can join for some practice runs (I know all the shortcut lines of the tracks)

    • Jack P.
      Jack P. 6 months ago +1

      @AD Biking Thanks, see you guys there!

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  6 months ago

      Jack P.

  • moon00dog
    moon00dog 6 months ago +5

    Great video - i probably would not make it past the trails - but even that would be fun

  • falkura
    falkura 6 months ago +4

    So I assume this was a qualifier because constantly stopping and filming wouldn't make it to the actual race.

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  6 months ago +2

      A lot of the video is shot during the training week before the qualifier and the race. So that is why we stop that much and fool around.

  • exactpeak599
    exactpeak599 7 months ago +5

    Any dudes on hardtails?

    • Sporty Remmie
      Sporty Remmie 2 months ago

      Gmbn went down on a hardtale. Check their vid

    • exactpeak599
      exactpeak599 7 months ago +1

      @AD Biking or no brains. ;)

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  7 months ago +1

      exactpeak599 I did see 2 hardtails last year.
      You got to have some masive skills (and balls) to ride this track at race pace on a hardtail!

  • Nick Taylor
    Nick Taylor 7 months ago +7

    This is the best mega video I've seen so far. It looks like you've done it a few times, any advise? It looks like there is lots of pedaling. Any advice on armor choice and training (or just ride as much as possible)?

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  7 months ago +8

      Hi Nick Thanks! Yeah its gonna be my 4th time this year. The advice that I can give you: Get a propper enduro bike (150mm or more) with some serious brakes. Bring a truckload of spares. Ride the whole training week with a group of vriends (thats the most fun part). Take it easy on the training days! Get some enduro protection for your arms, and some good kneepads. For training at home ride as much techy steep and rocky stuff as you can (you dont need any jumping skills), and get minimum of 4-5 hours training per week. And most importaint, have a blast!! (IRL its 10x better than in the video).

  • marcusdolby1
    marcusdolby1 8 months ago +9

    The winner reportedly purchased his first mountain bike yesterday at Walmart.

  • UnicycleSoul
    UnicycleSoul 8 months ago +13

    Pulled his dick out like a champ. What a lad, that one.

  • Gyrocompa
    Gyrocompa 8 months ago +7

    OMG ! It looks sooo hard and dangerous ! I only cycle in town but it hurts a lot to see all these guys falling so heavily ! Gosh, you are real heros !

  • Hyunjin Cho
    Hyunjin Cho 9 months ago +1

    really great experience. thank you so much for sharing this video. I'm really interesting to watch.

  • Rick Gross
    Rick Gross 9 months ago +2

    poor guy at the start in shorts slides right into the open stream lol. I hear the winner gets a Red Ribbon WHOOPEE!

  • johnbeyer
    johnbeyer 9 months ago +2

    Wat een heerlijke beelden dit, geen macho gedoe, gewoon lekker fietsen en lachen als het even niet mee zit :)

    • Sporty Remmie
      Sporty Remmie 2 months ago

      johnbeyer 100%!! En hoe ik kijk hoe meer het gaat jeuken. Ondanks ik maar een paar keer echte dh heb gedaan in oostenrijk. De rest is gewoon mtb hier

  • 3Vimages
    3Vimages 10 months ago +7

    Funny how Dutch lads play around and exclaim in English but not Dutch. Is that for the benefit of a TVclip video or is everyone speaking English these days.

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  10 months ago +2

      Klopt, lijkt een beetje raar! Een van onze teamleden komt uit de VS (die gek die zo hard crashed in de sneeuw tijdens de wedstrijd), en kan nog vrijwel geen Nederlands. Daarom zijn we met het hele clubje maar overgegaan op Engels die week.
      Achteraf bleek het Nenglisch ook nog wel extra grappig in de edit inderdaad!

  • wilder9777
    wilder9777 10 months ago +2

    Good video AD biking

  • Raph Vandenberghe
    Raph Vandenberghe 10 months ago +1

    waw :)

  • ToFu
    ToFu 10 months ago +6

    "the snow is cold" 😂

  • Drew Kearns
    Drew Kearns 10 months ago +1


  • GogoMTB
    GogoMTB 10 months ago +1

    Really bice edit! Brings back a lot of good memories 🤙🏽

  • MTB Rides
    MTB Rides 10 months ago +1

    super tof!

  • justinvr
    justinvr 10 months ago +5

    At first I thought this was one guy just getting smashed all the way down!

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  10 months ago

      justinvr hahaha, that would be hell! 🤣

  • felipe ramierez
    felipe ramierez 10 months ago +2

    1 word .

  • Neph1l1m999
    Neph1l1m999 10 months ago +1

    Very nice :)

  • y legin
    y legin 11 months ago +1

    Ik zie elke keer een giant reign voorbij schieten! Mooie fietsen. 😎
    Ik de megavalanche ook echt nog een keer willen meemaken!!

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  11 months ago

      @y legin hij had het geluk dat er een dame achter de kassa stond toen hij hem terug bracht. We hebben de borg terug gevangen, en zijn vol gas weg gereden.

    • y legin
      y legin 11 months ago +1

      @AD Biking ik denk dat ik nog een jaartje of twee wacht. Eerst meer oefenen en ervaring opdoen in de bergen 😜. Zo dus de fiets was total los. Geen borg meer terug.

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  11 months ago +1

      Ja dat was een gloednieuwe huurfiets. Die is in de race total loss gereden. Het is een wonder dat hij de finish er mee gehaald heeft!
      De mega is echt een aanrader! Maandag start de inschrijving al weer.

  • Dreamer King
    Dreamer King 11 months ago +4

    11:24 welcome to 21st century where bikes can fuck humans

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  11 months ago +1

      😂 I couldn’t have said it better

  • Mountain Bike Life
    Mountain Bike Life Year ago +1

    Wild hahahaha. This looks so dangerous!

  • Crazy_Rider
    Crazy_Rider Year ago +1

    good vidéo and very fun +1 subscriber :)

  • Vaylor Tan Gao Zhen
    Vaylor Tan Gao Zhen Year ago +1

    Seems like a lot of fun going OTB OMG! Really wanna cross this off my bucket list in the future!!!!!!

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  Year ago +1

      Yeah, IRL it's even 10x better than what you expect!

  • roy_mcl_
    roy_mcl_ Year ago +4

    You glorious bunch of mad bastards! Great video

  • andrew2343
    andrew2343 Year ago +2

    great video, definitively a race for the bucket list, the landscape looks amazing! What music did you use in the video from about 2:45 onwards?

    • andrew2343
      andrew2343 Year ago +1


    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  Year ago +1

      Thanks! the song is: moar progressive house - brenticus

  • Paul Sack
    Paul Sack Year ago +2

    3:10 the bikes are flying low, looks like bad weather

  • Trailstoke
    Trailstoke Year ago +2

    That idiot crashing at 2:34 kind of looks like me. Weird...

  • Maven
    Maven Year ago

    What is this music at the start of the race? AlArma ?

  • markoo sanac
    markoo sanac Year ago +1

    great video. Do you also have some gimbal with camera or?

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  Year ago

      Yes thats the one! (but at the moment I would buy the insta 360 X)

    • markoo sanac
      markoo sanac Year ago Like this one?

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  Year ago

      Thanks. Its shot with the Rylo 360. So a gimball is not needed anymore

  • Fc Knudde
    Fc Knudde Year ago +1

    Altijd weer die nederlanders

  • Cykaima
    Cykaima Year ago +1

    Fucking incredible stuff man

  • Secret Squirrel
    Secret Squirrel Year ago +5

    Great video. You lol'd me. I'd seen that mega crash at 3:00 on many videos but this was the best. Comedy gold.

  • Mountainbike routes Nederland

    Welke go pro?

    • Sporty Remmie
      Sporty Remmie 2 months ago

      Mountainbike routes Nederland altijd grappig dat mensen er van uit gaan dat iedereen een gopro heeft...ik wel igg

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  Year ago

      Sony X3000 en Rylo 360.

  • Beelzebob the innocent

    Fun vid !! Thanx

  • DemonOfTheApocalypse

    one more thing would you be able to list the the gear you used i would like to know what kinda stuff i would need to do something like this.

    • DemonOfTheApocalypse
      DemonOfTheApocalypse Year ago

      @AD Biking i found out there are some nice bike trails near me house and i thought "why not start there"

    • DemonOfTheApocalypse
      DemonOfTheApocalypse Year ago +1

      @AD Biking thanks

    • AD Biking
      AD Biking  Year ago +1

      Of course. I used a 30t in the front, and a 42-10t in the back. (On a 29er).

  • DemonOfTheApocalypse

    that looks awesome! wish i could do something like that in the future.

    • Filip Cernak
      Filip Cernak Year ago

      OTB is basically a frontflip, extra style points?

    • normie x
      normie x Year ago +1

      DemonOfTheApoc You don't need sponsors to be stupid, kid. Just go downhill really fast on your bike then use the front brake to freeze the wheel, like these guys do. See what happens, much fun!