How Diamonds are Formed - National Geographic

  • Published on Nov 28, 2009
  • Clip from National Geographic regarding the formation of diamonds.

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  • Kat, UK
    Kat, UK Month ago

    3minute advert for a 2minute clip!

  • grimus97
    grimus97 3 months ago

    Not one true statement in this video. LOL they feed us 100% lies

  • Dawie Van Emmenes
    Dawie Van Emmenes 4 months ago

    I remember , I saw this documentary that same night when Armstrong landed on the moon.

  • Denis Nadeau
    Denis Nadeau 4 months ago

    Outch my bleeding eyes!!! Why was I recommended this blurry video... what did I do?

    • Shadow Sgt.
      Shadow Sgt. 2 months ago

      Some salty person who don't like science

  • HeartKreuz Gaming
    HeartKreuz Gaming 5 months ago

    science can proves everything! RELEGIUS ARE NOT!

  • Vivian Casas
    Vivian Casas 5 months ago

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  • Mario Vera
    Mario Vera 5 months ago +1

    I'm a Diamond!

  • Soma Banerjee
    Soma Banerjee 6 months ago

    This video is not good

    • Shadow Sgt.
      Shadow Sgt. 2 months ago

      Some salty person who don't understand science

  • oosveluzo levso
    oosveluzo levso Year ago

    Gold is way more difficult and complex to make, but yet Diamonds are way more expensive and rare, Gold takes the force of a Super Nova to be created, under gravity pressure close to a black hole and temperatures of millions of degrees, Gold and other metals are way more complex than Diamonds . while diamonds take only a few tens of thousand degrees and a few hundreds tons of pressure. In conclusion, Diamonds are created at the center of the earth, Gold and other metals are created with the force of a Super Nova, by the way not even the sun has the mass to create a super Nova, it's a Giant White star that has the power to do so. all the elements were created by the power of a Super Nova, a Giant white Star, our Sun is considered a dwarf white star.

  • werpis
    werpis Year ago +4

    Why is the diamond’s dark side so important for its sparkle? The most compelling reason our eye is caught by the sparkle of a diamond resides in the brain. Parts of the visual cortex respond strongly to high intensity contrast edges, and so the close proximity between brightly lit and very dark facets enhances the perceived brilliance of a diamond. The visual impact is enhanced by any slight movement of the stone, which causes a dramatic flashing and different facet areas to light up and then dim.

  • Nighran Phipps
    Nighran Phipps Year ago

  • McLovin
    McLovin 2 years ago +2

    Science Brought Me Here

  • Rajeev Comrie
    Rajeev Comrie 2 years ago

    yea diamond rocks are u know

  • Gaurish Kumar Gupta
    Gaurish Kumar Gupta 2 years ago

    mama mia its brilliant..

  • Future Professional soccer players

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  • Jonny Cinco
    Jonny Cinco 3 years ago


  • Arturo Avila
    Arturo Avila 3 years ago +3

    Iam confuessed
    What i know diamonds arent even from earth.
    They come from astroieds from space

  • ragini dhar
    ragini dhar 3 years ago


  • Marshall Ahmat
    Marshall Ahmat 3 years ago +4

    We are watching this for Religion at school. I don't know how the hell this relates in any shape for form to Religion.

    • J Prevatt
      J Prevatt 2 months ago

      Personal growth?

    • Dawie Van Emmenes
      Dawie Van Emmenes 4 months ago

      Science and Religion is like Mike Tyson taking on Muhammad Ali.
      It's brutal.

    • iUseVegas
      iUseVegas 7 months ago +2

      W8 you had a class called Religion? That is so foreign to me being an American from the south, in public schools you cannot even talk about religion with any teacher...

    • jose juan segura
      jose juan segura 8 months ago

      Marshall Ahmat the only relation I see is HOPE! other than that religion and science are like oil and water!

    • Jodi Wood
      Jodi Wood Year ago

      Marshall Ahmat I'm searching for that answer as well, I had a dream last night that I was attending a church event, it wasn't at my church and I didn't feel like I was in charge of these kids but I was dealing with some unruly children, they were cussing at everyone, very rebellious, it was like I was chasing them, and I was trying to talk to them and teach them to be more respectful. Someone that I know from church stopped me and showed me a video of a ugly black rock and when chizzled and broken away, it revealed a diamond. At that point I quit chasing them and later in the dream they had completely changed, just a thought but maybe that guidance I was trying to give to them, put pressure on them to do what was right and revealed the diamond they were meant to become? Did you find out what your teacher was trying to tell you through this lesson? Maybe you could help me and shed some light on this dream I had?

  • Mia Tomlin
    Mia Tomlin 4 years ago +1

    What documentary is this?

  • Alisha Holmes
    Alisha Holmes 4 years ago +1

    I had a real diamond keyring, my father said it's fake, I see it shines like the real diamond, that cost 250 baht, (I'm not Thailand people, but I had a holiday here) , once I hear that compare with TVclip, I know my diamond keyring is real, cuz this shop is totally a thousand worth, it only discounted 89%.... Well... If it not discounted.. Wouldn't it be a thousand dollars?! They even sell real pearls cost 430 baht... Discounted...

  • Richard Delgado
    Richard Delgado 5 years ago +11

    I will never forget when I saw my first Prism. I got to see the Sunlight beam into the Prism and the Prism would take the Beam of Light and it would transfer it into a Beautiful Color Band. Wow ! I was so Thrilled to see this Beautiful Color Band. Then someone told me about a Diamond, and how it is formed. This to me was a tremendous mind and heart opening of Natures Way of Forming the Most Beautiful Stones I had ever seen. Thinking of a Prism, I knew that a Diamond side by side had and shared similar Amazing Faculties and Traits. Then I learned about the actual Forming and Creation of a Diamond. Just to think, that first it must have Severe Pressure; kind of like 800 thousand pounds of weight on top of it.... Then Severe Heat, kind of like 2700 Degrees all over it. In this amazing formula: of these Two Objectivities - Causing the Crushing of Molecules together and Changing it's Molecular Structure - Permanently. Carbon into Diamond.... Because of this Beautiful Reflection of a Diamond, just like a Prism, they are Extremely Valued and Sold for a High and Very High Price in Life. Well, in Human Spirit and the Courage Men receive in Difficulties; their is a Value Here. People Buy Value in Stones, Because they See more than a Quality, they see a Longevity and Endurance and a Gift that cannot be Compared. They are Priceless ! So, We Value our Fallen Hero's of Faith for our Country. The Serviceman and Women who have gone to Battle for over 280 years and came back with scares and memories and did it for God and Country. Will You Allow God the Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth to " Forge You " for His Battle of Truth in our Nation - Called " America the Beautiful ".... Beautiful because, our Arm Forces shed their Blood on foreign Soil, to Keep our Soil Safe and Secure. Thank You Arm Forces for your Duty and Respect for United States of America. God Bless Everyone of You...... I Corinthians 13:1 - 10

    • J Prevatt
      J Prevatt 2 months ago

      Trials & Tribulations in this gals life my whole life has been nothing but struggles. You said it -- Heat & Severe Intense Pressure...
      When God's done with this gal I'll be gloriously shining with the white hot intense glow of a gazillion suns!! ✨ ✨💎✨✨

  • EmilyamI
    EmilyamI  5 years ago +5

    Steel isn't natural. It's man-made from iron.

  • Anon386632
    Anon386632 5 years ago

    Steel is formed in the earth's molten core and then is shot up to the surface when a volcano erupts.

  • WormulonDCP
    WormulonDCP 5 years ago

    Unfortunately not. Diamonds require very specific environments as they become unstable if the temperature is too high. It is only where the kimberlite pipe strikes the particular diamondiferous field (a certain pressure/temperature range) where it can be drawn up towards the crust where we can extract it, often in the thickest, oldest and coldest parts of the crust, which are called cratons.

  • Axe lukla
    Axe lukla 5 years ago

    you are so stupid,i highly recommend u restart grade 7

  • Deborah Edelen
    Deborah Edelen 5 years ago +2

    My understanding is that diamonds formed under ancient conditions that do not exist anymore and that all the diamonds we have seen are many millions of years old. But how many millions? Billions? And what was all of earth like at that time?

  • simplecrs13
    simplecrs13 5 years ago

    LOL what an idiot

  • Bergsman100
    Bergsman100 5 years ago

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  • Bergsman100
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  • Sienna Nichols
    Sienna Nichols 6 years ago

    I have this for homework project. thanks

  • Jonathan Scannell
    Jonathan Scannell 6 years ago

    Reminds me of minecraft

  • Josué Sandoval
    Josué Sandoval 6 years ago

    This one too.

  • Josué Sandoval
    Josué Sandoval 6 years ago

    Don't worry, man, just ignore this guy :)

  • SuperPhantomfox
    SuperPhantomfox 6 years ago

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  • Theresa Lang
    Theresa Lang 6 years ago

    kdc43 Maybe you should contact De Beers and tell them what you think

  • Bruno Vieira
    Bruno Vieira 6 years ago +2

    It is strongly believed that diamonds are made from coals, however this is not true. The fact suggests that coals are found among other rocks like limestone whereas diamonds are found in beams nearly hundred miles under the core of earth and are brought up during outbreak of volcanoes. Although high pressure and heat is required for the formation of diamonds from carbons but these carbons are not the ones that form coal.

  • Micaela Rachelle
    Micaela Rachelle 6 years ago


  • Dodroble
    Dodroble 6 years ago

    man you sure are stupid

  • EmilyamI
    EmilyamI  6 years ago

    Define "credible." I have a feeling that your definition and mine are very different. I think you've made up your mind and are unwilling to reevaluate your stance in spite of any evidence that I provide.
    Scientists have the capability to grow muscle tissue in a lab, does that prove that no muscle tissue comes from nature?

  • kdc43
    kdc43 6 years ago

    Well, how come NO credible person has ever found one in Nature, there is Zero Evidence for them. "Natural" diamonds are in the same category as ghosts, Big Foot and flying saucers.....TVclip is filled with wild claims of them, but there is no evidence of them OR "natural" diamonds. Psychics claim to bend spoons with the mind but scientific skeptics use tricks to do the same thing and prove psychics are fakes. Scientific Labs make diamonds and that proves all the "natural" diamonds are fake.

  • EmilyamI
    EmilyamI  6 years ago

    How long do you think we've been making diamonds in those labs? The earliest accounts of diamonds and the earliest diamond artifacts come from India in the fourth century BC. The technologies used to create diamonds in a lab has only been around since the early 1900s.
    In Crater of Diamonds State Park in Arkansas, the public can even dig up diamonds themselves.

  • kdc43
    kdc43 6 years ago

    Diamonds are mythical paranormal things like space aliens, UFOs, Big Foots and the like. There is no such thing as 'natural' diamonds because we can make real diamonds in the lab factories. I will give Money to anyone who can prove the mythical diamonds came from the ground, but you can't because they don't exist. But using Science we can make authentic ones.

  • Renee Beveridge
    Renee Beveridge 6 years ago

    sorry...are you having difficulty reading it? have nothing better to do than complain about nothing? i don't NEED to spell everything out completely correct all the time when i'm typing something up on the computer which isn't being assessed for university marks. i don't know why htis bothers you so much.

  • Edgar Friendly
    Edgar Friendly 6 years ago

    You have a complete keyboard, use it!

  • Renee Beveridge
    Renee Beveridge 6 years ago

    too be honest. i dont think its just russians. u cant just say its them. cause if u think: y would they do that? the answer ud get would be "money." and russia isnt the only country hu wants money...every country does to sum degree. therefore, most countries that hav the power and money to make fakes, would do it to make MORE money.

  • Daracon1010
    Daracon1010 6 years ago

    Wow I'm actually surprised that I didn't hear naturalistic garbage such as "they took millions of years to form" in this video. Diamonds don't take anywhere near as long to form as some people think... C14 in diamonds proved that.

  • John Roche
    John Roche 7 years ago

    He just sounds like one of those greedy english bank thieves from bond movies

  • Intishar arafat
    Intishar arafat 7 years ago

    which program is this

  • Xin
    Xin 7 years ago

    @MultiJade haha...brilliant.

  • AllBrushed Models
    AllBrushed Models 7 years ago

    aren't the russians making fake diamonds, compressing carbon?

  • Wormy Dood
    Wormy Dood 7 years ago

    fake,diamonds don't spawn in layers up to 17

  • Snuffomatica
    Snuffomatica 7 years ago

    @williamjpiano You're absolutely right! At least I understood what you meant :D

  • kevintrujillo281
    kevintrujillo281 7 years ago

    mined over matter

  • William Piano
    William Piano 7 years ago

    @EmilyamI I mean an oyster's mantle, when particles get stuck between the mantle and shell.

  • EmilyamI
    EmilyamI  7 years ago

    @williamjpiano Pearls are formed in mollusks (like oysters) when they're irritated. A grain of sand or some object gets into their shell and they secrete a fluid that encases and smooths it so that it doesn't pain them anymore. And voila, a pearl.

  • William Piano
    William Piano 7 years ago

    funny how pearls are formed in the mantle too

  • creamy memes
    creamy memes 7 years ago

    @Gamersunitespeople lol

  • Kulgera4
    Kulgera4 7 years ago

    @CaramelCleo I'm not an expert, but I would presume that if the carbon is crystalized correctly, there shouldn't be any difference in its strength. However, current technology is inferior to nature, which has centuries and the Earth's mantle at its disposal, therefore artificial diamonds are not as good as natural diamonds, for now. For industrial applications, today's artificial diamonds will suffice.

  • Kulgera4
    Kulgera4 7 years ago

    @ZephonTLucifer There are many uses for industrial diamonds from abrasives to cutting tools, so you can make reasonable amount of money off of it. However, it doesn't come close to the money made by the rarer, better constructed natural diamonds. At least you never hear of an artificial diamond referred to as a blood diamond.

  • ZephonTLucifer
    ZephonTLucifer 7 years ago

    @Kulgera4 But can they make just a good a profit?

  • Joshua Zhang
    Joshua Zhang 7 years ago +1

    Minecraft's diamonds are good too right?

  • Kulgera4
    Kulgera4 7 years ago

    @ZephonTLucifer Artificial diamonds have already been invented and are utilized for industrial purposes. They aren't as brilliant as natural diamonds though.

  • EmilyamI
    EmilyamI  7 years ago

    @11iast I actually originally compiled this video as a project for an Earth Science class.

  • Spartan ARCHIVE
    Spartan ARCHIVE 7 years ago

    Thumbs up if you're here because of a project or homework

  • ZephonTLucifer
    ZephonTLucifer 7 years ago

    Carbon is in abundance all around us why dont we utilize that and actually make diamonds instead of mining them?

  • PlatinumRomance
    PlatinumRomance 7 years ago

    Diamonds are becoming worthless. DO NOT BUY DIAMONDS. Start investing in precious metals! Gold and silver!

  • greg taylor
    greg taylor 7 years ago

    @The49erfan52 what like cannabis, magic mushrooms and opium poppies?

  • gyqz
    gyqz 7 years ago

    Diamonds, gold, silver...all nature made and mankind is willing to kill for it!! You go mankind.

  • iamronidog
    iamronidog 7 years ago

    Can you guys please stop with these dumb comments and actually watch the video?

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