What is Hydro Dip Kit?


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  • Ozukum Aolong
    Ozukum Aolong 6 days ago

    Keramic cup?

    AEGON TARGARYEN 7 days ago +1

    1) primer
    2) white (base coat so it looks better)
    3) activator (onto film in water)
    you put the cup in water you are supposed to hold it at a 45°angle and while droping it in the water go a little bit forward
    4) clear coat (to protect it)
    water must be litlle hot
    and BOOM!

  • Kabeer Jawad
    Kabeer Jawad 10 days ago

    You can do this using spray paint

  • Adil Hussain
    Adil Hussain 10 days ago

    Maybe it works a little to well

  • Adil Hussain
    Adil Hussain 10 days ago

    I think this is more for 1 dimensional objects

  • Adil Hussain
    Adil Hussain 10 days ago

    I think it would be better if you dipped the folding cup folded???? 🧐🧐🧐

  • Avast xd
    Avast xd 23 days ago

    Who noticed the insect in 5:05?

  • Jeremy Scharba
    Jeremy Scharba Month ago

    I love his attitude !!!

  • Viewed Randomly Viewed

    Who saw the ant 😂😂😂

  • reece flynt
    reece flynt Month ago

    Clear coat is LAST...after dip.

  • Free Loader Acres Homestead

    dip at 45 degree angle

  • Stephen Sullivan
    Stephen Sullivan Month ago

    I think there's a knack to dipping it, you have to sort of carefully turn and twist what you're coating with the surface of the water - thanks for sharing!

    LAWLESS HUNTER Month ago

    hey tht knife is it a bastion braza, lol looks identicle to my braza😂

  • You Suck
    You Suck Month ago

    stalin gadgets

  • Milestone Adeepta Saha

    Foolish Russian Hacker

  • godd79
    godd79 Month ago

    пездц такой рукожоп!)))

  • Seth Nonya
    Seth Nonya Month ago

    Clear after diping it....

  • Depleted
    Depleted 2 months ago

    You also need a method to lower the items without touching them, ie using a hook on a chain with a pulley or something similar.

  • Depleted
    Depleted 2 months ago

    In mother russia instructions read YOU.


    Who else thought it was a bigass floral foam vid

  • Will Kinaschuk
    Will Kinaschuk 2 months ago

    Where are you from? My name is William kinaschuk

  • Sabir Baksh
    Sabir Baksh 2 months ago

    This was pun

  • Alex Tarasov
    Alex Tarasov 2 months ago

    Is it toxic?

  • Arran Muir
    Arran Muir 2 months ago

    read instructions

  • Dyson the Goon
    Dyson the Goon 2 months ago

    Clear coat goes on after you dip

  • Solence
    Solence 2 months ago

    Spider at 8:30 in the bottom right.

    POLISH BEAR 2 months ago

    snake color

  • TheRailGunner
    TheRailGunner 2 months ago

    The clear coat goes on after you dip it lol..

  • BlueBaron3x7
    BlueBaron3x7 2 months ago

    Good try :)

  • sandeep soreng
    sandeep soreng 2 months ago

    Why you are using tape????

  • Энжель Талипова

    Как будто русский по - английски

  • Theodora Siagian
    Theodora Siagian 2 months ago

    Why did he use so much activator

  • The Gaming Master
    The Gaming Master 2 months ago +1

    "I wonder if it'll work on a keramic cup"

  • Trucks utes n mowers
    Trucks utes n mowers 2 months ago

    What does he say at the start

  • Matthew Sosebee
    Matthew Sosebee 2 months ago

    You should hold the item at a 45% angle when dipping it

  • Rodrigo Correia
    Rodrigo Correia 2 months ago


  • Eeric Perez
    Eeric Perez 2 months ago

    U have to dip in a angel

  • SCN Skit Club nation
    SCN Skit Club nation 2 months ago

    Because your adding too much activator

  • Salar Ashour
    Salar Ashour 2 months ago

    Wooow a per of glows! Cooool

  • the Game Hunter
    the Game Hunter 2 months ago

    yoy mest up soooo harddd

  • OB1
    OB1 3 months ago

    I thought hydro dip was fish tobacco

  • Jenny
    Jenny 3 months ago +1

    5:36 hi ant

  • Cameron Hendley
    Cameron Hendley 3 months ago

    8:33 look at the black widow spider

  • mike slane
    mike slane 3 months ago

    mr bean off hydro dipping

  • Druakura
    Druakura 3 months ago

    Hydro Dip Kit Gadget put to the test

  • PantherZL1
    PantherZL1 3 months ago

    Ant got dipped

  • earl jan
    earl jan 3 months ago

    the clear coat is used AFTER it is dipped and dried

  • LuRose
    LuRose 3 months ago

    Why would you put a gloss on before the project is done fam

  • FortressSlayer53
    FortressSlayer53 3 months ago

    You have to put it in an angle for it to be evenly coated on each side

  • Mr Butter
    Mr Butter 3 months ago

    Dip it at an angle also the clear coat or any other spray goes on after the dip

  • MhaZG
    MhaZG 3 months ago +1

    StatTrak™ Mug "Hydro-Dip"

  • Michael Chicas
    Michael Chicas 3 months ago

    You did it rogue

  • tre phillip12
    tre phillip12 3 months ago

    Clear coat is the protection u use after u done everything. Is ti give it the rich look

  • tre phillip12
    tre phillip12 3 months ago

    Do a new video you do mistakes

  • ya mam
    ya mam 3 months ago

    1 of dis colour its metallic lol XD like if u agree

  • zUltra
    zUltra 3 months ago

    8:03 It does look school.

  • Squanto
    Squanto 3 months ago

    Read the instructions?

  • Dan Archer
    Dan Archer 3 months ago

    Carramik cup

    KING TOMATOHEAD 3 months ago

    Can you tell me where you got the snake scales I want to know please
    - to crazyrussianhacker

  • Tanjim Mahtab
    Tanjim Mahtab 3 months ago

    It is ciramik

  • RettTV II
    RettTV II 3 months ago

    Taras, you silly boy, you supposed to say ceramic like seramik!

  • Steven Jennings
    Steven Jennings 3 months ago

    There is lots of video on TVclip about doing this. A little research would help you

  • Persues Matthew
    Persues Matthew 3 months ago

    KERAMIC * Internal screaming intensifies *

  • Omar Delawer
    Omar Delawer 3 months ago +1

    His Russian accent is so dohhh

  • 5 Swords
    5 Swords 3 months ago

    Just like that BOOOOOM!!!!!!!!

  • SweeZZy
    SweeZZy 3 months ago

    Too much activator plus he keeps shaking off the dip

  • castro95john
    castro95john 3 months ago

    Need to dip in angles and dragging angle to dip correctly

  • meme squad
    meme squad 3 months ago

    How much did it cost?

  • KelRan MamerTomagan
    KelRan MamerTomagan 3 months ago

    Keramik cup

  • Shadow Light
    Shadow Light 3 months ago

    Clear coat on Primer *facepalm*

  • The Last Phoenix
    The Last Phoenix 3 months ago

    Puts gloss finish instead of a primer.

  • SSSleepyWolf _
    SSSleepyWolf _ 3 months ago

    Simply nailogical!!? WIlL iT WATerMArBLE?

  • Андрей
    Андрей 3 months ago

    always dip at a 45 degree angle

  • CherryRibble MyButt
    CherryRibble MyButt 3 months ago

    *starts raining in the middle of the video*

  • Chigga Chang Wang
    Chigga Chang Wang 3 months ago


  • lovac
    lovac 3 months ago

    Usral ga usra

  • Nigga Waffles
    Nigga Waffles 3 months ago

    Boom he made a hydro ussr bomb

  • Brandon Guerrero
    Brandon Guerrero 3 months ago

    you are spraying too much of that active spray

  • Fishsticks 5211
    Fishsticks 5211 3 months ago

    Boom. Period.

  • Jorge Escamilla
    Jorge Escamilla 3 months ago

    He said “keramic cup” @ 1:54

  • Lol Troll
    Lol Troll 3 months ago +1

    B O O M

  • Zubayer Shafi
    Zubayer Shafi 3 months ago

    I think you are applying too much activator.

  • Mohammedh Riyaan
    Mohammedh Riyaan 3 months ago

    you need hot water

  • Paul Lopez
    Paul Lopez 3 months ago

    just use spray paint

  • Sphinx Gachatube
    Sphinx Gachatube 3 months ago

    Although u messed up I still like it🤗

  • BillyBull
    BillyBull 3 months ago

    Is that an Ontario rat knife?

  • LmaoKVS
    LmaoKVS 3 months ago

    *k e r a m i c*

  • Norman Jackson
    Norman Jackson 3 months ago

    ur suppossed to do it qiuckly thats why u floped

  • JACK54639 '
    JACK54639 ' 3 months ago

    You need to use a spray can of air to get rid of the air bubbles

  • 100 subs with no vid challenge ?

    Shake it up and BBbOoOoOoOOoOoOoMm

  • StanleyTheGamer
    StanleyTheGamer 3 months ago +1

    “ ‘K’eramic one

  • connor plummer
    connor plummer 3 months ago

    the ant got hydro dipped worlds most fancy ant

    UPTOWN BMX 3 months ago

    Tell me how I thought that was Gucci

  • Ryžas
    Ryžas 3 months ago

    why did i thought that was a cigarette

  • Tech Box
    Tech Box 3 months ago

    have to go into the water diagonally

  • 尺乇ÐᄊԾÐ乇乙
    尺乇ÐᄊԾÐ乇乙 3 months ago

    Fill a bucket with water, then make a pattern with the spray paint and boom

  • 尺乇ÐᄊԾÐ乇乙
    尺乇ÐᄊԾÐ乇乙 3 months ago

    U know u can hydro dip with just spray paint and water

  • iamRubRubz
    iamRubRubz 3 months ago

    Who else cringed when he put clear coat forst

  • My mother’s Sweet ‘n’ savoury

    U dip the object on a angle hope it help

  • Neon_Ninjja
    Neon_Ninjja 3 months ago

    Hydro dip your dogs

    Lol jk