Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers? | Dolan Life Mysteries

  • Published on Jul 3, 2018
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    From whether you can breathe liquid oxygen to why cats are afraid of cucumbers, we answer several of your strangest question about life
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  • Super Planet Dolan
    Super Planet Dolan  16 days ago +437

    Check out our mobile game: DOLAN KART. Play free today!
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    • brandon medlin
      brandon medlin 3 hours ago

      If men don't lactate, why do we have nipples

    • BRO's channel
      BRO's channel 5 hours ago

      Super Planet Dolan has made a great film for me 🤗

    • Awesome PooKz
      Awesome PooKz 16 hours ago

      Why are kids addicted to video and games

    • Jennifer Davis
      Jennifer Davis 21 hour ago

      Danger Dolan where is she okay have you been able to find her also Dolan are you your friends and your brother very concerned cuz me and everyone I love Shima very sad at that she disappeared please tell if you'll be able to find her soon we're all very worried

    • Fran Hrvoj
      Fran Hrvoj Day ago

      Super Planet Dolan why cats and dogs are enemys

  • Connor Rogers
    Connor Rogers 29 minutes ago

    2:03-2:07 NARUTOOOOOOO

  • Jania Basim
    Jania Basim 36 minutes ago

    What happens when you die

  • Lan quach
    Lan quach 49 minutes ago

    why chocolate spicy when i eat too much of it????

  • chaddyboi 110
    chaddyboi 110 Hour ago

    How were cars invented

  • Cooper Louis Riley

    What person can live longer than 100 years?

  • Jose Alberto
    Jose Alberto Hour ago

    becus it thinks it;s a snake

  • Rick TDE
    Rick TDE 2 hours ago

    8:28 I wonder why people have not made jokes about this yet

  • ლահɑӀҽςմʍლ հҽӀԹ ʍҽ

    Are u supposed to be a: TheOdd1sOut but a Donald Duck version?

  • Double D's Channel
    Double D's Channel 2 hours ago

    Did anyone else yawn when they were talking about yawning

  • brandon medlin
    brandon medlin 3 hours ago

    If men don't lactate, why do we have nipples?

  • cookie crasher67
    cookie crasher67 3 hours ago

    What would happen if you didn’t bathe

  • QmanGaming
    QmanGaming 3 hours ago

    2:40 LOSS

  • David Lopez
    David Lopez 3 hours ago

    My own opinion on if only 1 gender existed or the other suddenly disappeared is man would probably be able to adapt. I think it would be easier to invent a incubator where male sperm would be able to grow. On the other hand woman can reproduce without male sperm, so... .-.

  • Wild- Lopsiden
    Wild- Lopsiden 4 hours ago

    me when all my chocolate runs out 😆🤣😆🤣

  • Finland Ball
    Finland Ball 4 hours ago

    I missed this

  • Cookie Time
    Cookie Time 4 hours ago

    What would happen if the earth was flat??

  • Ava Mackenzie
    Ava Mackenzie 4 hours ago

    If The World Was Sqaure, It's Minecraft Then

  • your the best dolan
    your the best dolan 4 hours ago

    can cats die from cupcakes

  • Piggo
    Piggo 4 hours ago

    2:41 I S. T H A T. L O S S.

  • Nya
    Nya 4 hours ago

    My cat... Eats cucumbers

  • NooblisTheNoob
    NooblisTheNoob 4 hours ago

    Why and how do we yawn?

  • Gav Dav
    Gav Dav 5 hours ago

    7:44 this is funny LITTERALY

  • Cyrus Robinett
    Cyrus Robinett 5 hours ago

    have you played minecraft before

  • Bumblebee
    Bumblebee 6 hours ago

    2:28 Hard to imagine huh? Bruh we got homosexuals thats bad enough.

  • marlo van drunick
    marlo van drunick 6 hours ago

    I miss sima sorry there might be a spelling error

  • Greece416 pro
    Greece416 pro 6 hours ago

    Why we send monkeys to Space before humans; pls answer

  • TrixGamingHD
    TrixGamingHD 6 hours ago

    Why does it hurt when a rubber band hits your skin fast?

  • N_C_Rich
    N_C_Rich 7 hours ago

    How do cats jump so high?

  • GameBoss & DenisBG
    GameBoss & DenisBG 7 hours ago

    i wish i could be the yellow roblox guy (pringlis or somebody) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Dustie Clay
    Dustie Clay 7 hours ago

    Cucumbers looks like snakes and poop

  • Minty Boi
    Minty Boi 7 hours ago

    I call that a seizure 4:10

  • Minty Boi
    Minty Boi 7 hours ago

    I call that a seizure

  • The Noob
    The Noob 7 hours ago

    Where did cats come from?

  • •Blue MEOW Foxy•
    •Blue MEOW Foxy• 8 hours ago

    U R really smart.
    But about cats, they R afraid from snakes. Ik that.

  • Silus Heroes
    Silus Heroes 8 hours ago

    Will you turn into latios or latias?

  • Ethan Tanner
    Ethan Tanner 8 hours ago

    What happens when you eat someone's lunges hole

  • Madison&Abby
    Madison&Abby 9 hours ago

    How were the swim stokes were made? And how were the Dino's names were made?

  • Hank Hill
    Hank Hill 9 hours ago

    *Who is the voice actor of Hellbent cuz he gotta deep ass voice*

  • No name
    No name 9 hours ago


  • TehEpicFox
    TehEpicFox 10 hours ago

    2:40 Is tHiS lOSs

  • arizobal picache
    arizobal picache 10 hours ago

    I’m new here

  • Noobie Last
    Noobie Last 10 hours ago

    Please can me someone say whats the name of episode where dolan says the god dint like dinosaurs that they are beta version

  • HalfThatguy
    HalfThatguy 10 hours ago

    Was that loss?

  • * zenns98 *
    * zenns98 * 11 hours ago

    Poor earth chan.

  • MelonGaming56
    MelonGaming56 11 hours ago

    I have one! Why do sharks have a fin on their back?

  • LosingLuke
    LosingLuke 11 hours ago

    wait he's a marshmallow?!?! 0:53

  • golden.axe
    golden.axe 11 hours ago

    hey guys form Super Planet Dolan is shima coming back and is she ok i miss her :(

  • Ay Boi
    Ay Boi 12 hours ago

    I didn’t know my uncle was a Martian, thanks

  • Anna Fedorova
    Anna Fedorova 13 hours ago

    What will happen if nuclear bomb exploded in space?

  • Kelly Mallett
    Kelly Mallett 13 hours ago

    Red star 4 years

  • syed bilal
    syed bilal 13 hours ago

    answer is at 7:40

  • Max Walker
    Max Walker 14 hours ago

    What year did people think of making houses?

  • freddy lane
    freddy lane 14 hours ago +2

    when the tittle said cat
    I immediately thought sheema was back

  • Marko Bagaric
    Marko Bagaric 16 hours ago

    What if Earth have two moon?

  • ElectroGamer Roblox/ Gacha Studio/ And More!

    Do fishes poop?

  • Color Splash
    Color Splash 18 hours ago

    If wheels never exitested, 3:29 and the flat earth society would be correct

  • Christopher Chavez
    Christopher Chavez 19 hours ago

    Why does it hurt when sweat enters the eye?

  • FunArtWielder 123
    FunArtWielder 123 20 hours ago

    How does a person be born with autism?
    Or how many types of autism is there?

  • Mugmans wife Artist
    Mugmans wife Artist 20 hours ago

    Why is the sun hot?

  • Gotham’s Reckoning
    Gotham’s Reckoning 20 hours ago

    “SHAKE THE IDIOT!”- Hellbent 2018

  • Shellise Gore
    Shellise Gore 21 hour ago

    Why do you feal an itch in the shower after you roll in the grass?

  • wam balam
    wam balam 21 hour ago

    8:03 theory*

  • Lily Martinez
    Lily Martinez 21 hour ago

    What will happen if there were no pets????

  • Dr Chicken
    Dr Chicken 22 hours ago

    Can you freeze electricity

  • Alex Jamieson
    Alex Jamieson 22 hours ago

    6:50 Alternate Answer: asexual reproduction. It would probably work like a self fertilizing female.

  • Diego Carrillo Campos
    Diego Carrillo Campos 23 hours ago

    But I can pop my ears when I want

  • Galaxy And Space Wolf
    Galaxy And Space Wolf 23 hours ago

    Why does orange get spelled the same way in English language and French language?

  • EmojiBroNick
    EmojiBroNick 23 hours ago

    8:02 " One Therory"

    STAFFY LAND 23 hours ago

    would it be canabalisim if pringle ate pringles

  • jaiden M
    jaiden M 23 hours ago

    why do people use sign language if there death

  • Vincent Aramburu

    Can you guys do a face reveal if you havent

  • Lord Shen Emperor

    Can a female be a king? Can a male be a queen?

  • Dank Memes
    Dank Memes Day ago

    wait cats are afraid of cucumbers

  • Kathy Genao
    Kathy Genao Day ago

    i agree a squirkle will do great things in the world

  • JammerProductions

    Why does your sweat smell so bad?

  • Michael Manuel
    Michael Manuel Day ago

    How many emotions do we have

  • Michael Manuel
    Michael Manuel Day ago

    What would happen if a star touched another star

  • BoomMan_52 Mc
    BoomMan_52 Mc Day ago

    What would happen if an unstoppable object ran into a unmovable object?

  • BoomMan_52 Mc
    BoomMan_52 Mc Day ago

    Why do people have hair?

  • BoomMan_52 Mc
    BoomMan_52 Mc Day ago

    Can you “kill” a plant or tree?

  • Kawua PvP
    Kawua PvP Day ago

    I was here since super planet Dolan wasn't even a thought

  • Ábel Szabó
    Ábel Szabó Day ago

    2:41 is that fucking loss?

  • A Serra
    A Serra Day ago

    6:0 we would be f*cked.

  • A Serra
    A Serra Day ago

    Honestly, I'm an atheist.

  • Shadow & Lucario

    Are teeth actually white?

  • AbruptNoise
    AbruptNoise Day ago

    How much different it would be if everyone became tetrachromats?

  • Anime Wolf
    Anime Wolf Day ago

    What if people were made of gas (AND if they were could they fart and WHAT would it be like XD)

  • Shadow Flash
    Shadow Flash Day ago

    Lol that last question made me laugh so hard

  • Nikita Mokhnatyuk

    What if the earth's tilt changes from 23.5° to 30°?

  • MagmaMiner YT
    MagmaMiner YT Day ago

    Who misses shima?

  • Dara X trix
    Dara X trix Day ago

    What if animals were reasonable?

  • Kellan Meza
    Kellan Meza Day ago

    When was the first murder in history?

  • Bejeweled Bushes

    2:42 *is this loss*

  • Lol Lel
    Lol Lel Day ago

    If god made the universe who made god?

  • The Madness Maker

    i is weeb

  • Soldier Plant
    Soldier Plant Day ago


  • Cakebeef
    Cakebeef Day ago

    Green eggs

  • DerpyTurtle101
    DerpyTurtle101 Day ago

    Can I join the anime cult

  • hamad boyabess
    hamad boyabess Day ago

    Would you die if you just ate bugs