Why Are Cats Afraid Of Cucumbers? | Dolan Life Mysteries

  • Published on Jul 3, 2018
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    From whether you can breathe liquid oxygen to why cats are afraid of cucumbers, we answer several of your strangest question about life
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  • Super Planet Dolan
    Super Planet Dolan  8 months ago +650

    Check out our mobile game: DOLAN KART. Play free today!
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    Apple - itunes.apple.com/us/app/dolan-kart/id1316860571

    • 17941016
      17941016 13 days ago

      I've got a question

      What would happen if there was no sky? 😐

    • Butterfly Garmadon
      Butterfly Garmadon Month ago

      dack 16309
      Can you link the vid

    • dan tdm,s fan 1000000000000000 1000000000000000
      dan tdm,s fan 1000000000000000 1000000000000000 2 months ago

      Hey I have proof that planet Dolan does not exist doopie was on Earth playing snipperclips on TVclip and I saw nexion carving something on Earth and Dolan was seen on Earth and NASA does not know about any planets called planet Dolan and aliens should talk like this fjdvdhjdhdhejdjdhjdjejdbbdjdhhrudjhrufifi

    • yummy gummy cookies
      yummy gummy cookies 2 months ago

      Jjjkjmj nhbkjSuper Planet Dolan

    • Electrified Gaming
      Electrified Gaming 2 months ago

      What would happen if there was gravity in space

  • Dexbutt - Roblox Roblox

    I'm a cat

  • That Crazy Gurl
    That Crazy Gurl 2 days ago

    2:40 Does anyone get the reference? No? Just me? okay... ._.

  • kuku the the kawaii
    kuku the the kawaii 2 days ago

    Shima ill always be part of my heart,soul and spirit. I will always have a big space for shima in my heart

  • Coco Resto
    Coco Resto 2 days ago


  • Ashlynn Cat
    Ashlynn Cat 6 days ago +1

    I never knew how much hellbent loved popcorn


  • Kravil121
    Kravil121 6 days ago

    Moocluck! you sneaky handsome warlock :)

  • Genesis Schollianos
    Genesis Schollianos 6 days ago

    i wonder what dolan would look like with a fedora

  • El Quica
    El Quica 6 days ago

    Whats a Therory

  • JaDenTubeHD
    JaDenTubeHD 6 days ago +1

    That David Attorbourgh voiceover though.😂

  • Jack Gibson
    Jack Gibson 7 days ago +2

    Now it kinda made sense why no one wanted the green eggs and ham from the Dr. Suess book....

  • JoAnn Sanfilippo
    JoAnn Sanfilippo 7 days ago +1

    lil dancin dolan in the cornor of the wix sponcor is my life

  • Mia Richards
    Mia Richards 8 days ago

    are anyone dating

  • Kittystar 111
    Kittystar 111 8 days ago

    :p .-. :( :) :o :d :n

  • Tosha Davis
    Tosha Davis 8 days ago

    I miss Shima she left me I feel like: 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • KettleCheddar
    KettleCheddar 9 days ago


  • Infinite gaming
    Infinite gaming 9 days ago

    ᴄᴀɴ ʜᴜᴍᴀɴs ᴘᴜʀʀ

  • Nicole Isaac
    Nicole Isaac 9 days ago

    Danger dolin is are my favorite character in planet dolin

  • The Mad Hacker
    The Mad Hacker 10 days ago

    also, as my mother found out, if you boil a pot of eggs and FORGET ITS THERE...the eggs will eventually explode and the house will smell like every fart in existence occurred at once

  • Matthew XProductions
    Matthew XProductions 10 days ago

    I love this art style

    ERROR GAMEING 11 days ago

    How do you survive in the winter

  • Erros Tale D. Liiz
    Erros Tale D. Liiz 12 days ago

    Moocluck is back?

  • gretchen edwards
    gretchen edwards 12 days ago +1

    Nixxiom your hot 👍🏻

  • Da mn
    Da mn 12 days ago


  • Ethan White
    Ethan White 13 days ago

    2:39 is loss

  • Andrew I
    Andrew I 13 days ago

    Isn’t Doopie allergic to cats?

  • 17941016
    17941016 13 days ago

    What would happen if there was no animals except from us ~~ and what would the world look like is there was no middle of the earth ?

  • Evelyn Cruz
    Evelyn Cruz 14 days ago +1

    How did human kind being

  • Gacha Kora and Sofia
    Gacha Kora and Sofia 14 days ago

    I think Doopy is not a full human

  • I may be trash but I'm Bangtan trash

    My cat eats cucumbers thus effectively eliminating the threat

  • Estrella Blotzki
    Estrella Blotzki 15 days ago


  • Gigi stickgirl
    Gigi stickgirl 16 days ago


  • YouTube Turtle
    YouTube Turtle 16 days ago

    Pringle abused

  • YouTube Turtle
    YouTube Turtle 16 days ago

    Green eggs and ham

  • T Pliley
    T Pliley 16 days ago


  • Basilisk Gamer
    Basilisk Gamer 17 days ago

    7:39 no wonder the guy in green eggs and ham didn’t want to eat it was an over boiled egg! He 2as just looking out for himself

  • Mr Mellow
    Mr Mellow 18 days ago +1

    What would happen if Britain never had unfair taxes?

  • TekARK
    TekARK 18 days ago


  • Nadine Stewart
    Nadine Stewart 19 days ago

    Also the moons on Mars will be a problem cause you might crash into one of its moons

  • ZePupGuard 78
    ZePupGuard 78 20 days ago

    Burning question:Can a rock have gold on it?

  • Candycane
    Candycane 21 day ago

    Hi dopey Lol bc shes dope

  • Ethan Loves Kitties
    Ethan Loves Kitties 21 day ago

    We’d have to change our sex like clownfish? So there is another gender...?

  • Brian Pier
    Brian Pier 21 day ago

    I have a cat!😻😺😻😺😻😺😻😺😻😺😻😺😻

  • 123 456
    123 456 22 days ago

    Dude that popcorn probably has earwax in it

  • Zero -Chan
    Zero -Chan 22 days ago

    Weeb Churches. I love the idea.

  • Trystan Yoshi
    Trystan Yoshi 22 days ago

    I can purr making its sound with actually purring like purr.

  • Jeremy Awitan
    Jeremy Awitan 23 days ago

    why the naruto reference

  • Alexander Martel
    Alexander Martel 23 days ago


  • Matthew Law
    Matthew Law 25 days ago

    why do sockeye salmon tern red

  • andreas con
    andreas con 27 days ago

    You guys are fucking stupid do you even do any research?

  • Devo22 Dj22
    Devo22 Dj22 29 days ago

    Burning Question:why is Dolan wierd

  • Javarn Lewis
    Javarn Lewis 29 days ago


  • Rose Vampire
    Rose Vampire Month ago

    But religion was the main cause for lack of progress in medieval times.

  • Cat Pie
    Cat Pie Month ago

    9:07 man this movie night looking pretty chill

  • Animation creation station!!!!!

    Actually cats are afraid of cucumbers because when they see it they are like I’ve never seen that before and are scared of it

  • Gebunator
    Gebunator Month ago

    Oh oh, religion whatifs!
    I do wholeheartily agree with the notion that religions allowed us to advance. I mean, if anything, common set of beliefs also brought common rules and ethics, allowing group of humans to take first steps towards civilization

  • Angel Medina
    Angel Medina Month ago

    May we ALL pay respects for doopie this was her last episode before going home

    Pile of fs:

  • Thomas M Højvælde

    i miss you Doopie

  • sonic vaz
    sonic vaz Month ago

    My inner planet Dolan person is pringle

  • sonic vaz
    sonic vaz Month ago

    2:25 "corners" of the "globe" so is our planet a cube or a sphere

  • Bailey Church
    Bailey Church Month ago +1

    what will happen if something is happening and you don't know what is

  • Rasmia Bayao
    Rasmia Bayao Month ago

    wait moocluck????....

  • Cool_Adrian7 Gaming

    If wheels don’t exist on earth

    Round earthers: *TRIGGERED*

  • Osman Sekmani
    Osman Sekmani Month ago

    not evolution allah creates it and humanity can live with only one gender

  • Osman Sekmani
    Osman Sekmani Month ago

    My religion is Islam NOT IZLAM K

    • Osman Sekmani
      Osman Sekmani Month ago


  • TheRealFuntime Foxy
    TheRealFuntime Foxy Month ago +1


  • gacha life
    gacha life Month ago

    9:14 😂 hellbent wtf

  • FBI
    FBI Month ago +2

    9 to 11? Yea George Bush's ass was boiled back then.

  • Kadia Justice
    Kadia Justice Month ago


    Also, how ya like it if someone sneaks up on you why you are eating

  • Aika Gacha Girl74
    Aika Gacha Girl74 Month ago +2

    Purr second cause im a bunny my friend is a cat.

  • passion fruit ;-;
    passion fruit ;-; Month ago

    Can you sleep for a 100,000,00 years?

  • Butterfly Garmadon
    Butterfly Garmadon Month ago +1

    Can you get Dolan cart on a Kindle fire

  • Dany Mask
    Dany Mask Month ago

    9:19 he dead :V xdd

  • Naomi Douglas
    Naomi Douglas Month ago

    if you kill pringle off
    1:you will go to jail
    2:he wont produce anymore popcorn

  • Sky
    Sky Month ago

    Wait* a second, I watch this the second time, and i don’t have a religion and I feel like I’m not real....

  • Q777 [GG]
    Q777 [GG] Month ago

    Wait a minute "whether we can breathe in liquid oxygen". Hmm... Where have I seen this phrase???....

  • Chibi Dva
    Chibi Dva Month ago

    We must unite all otakus!

  • #unicornz girl
    #unicornz girl Month ago

    2:38 Flying Spaghetti Monster
    2:40 Loss

  • Marian H
    Marian H Month ago

    Shima should home been in the video

  • dude krAzy
    dude krAzy Month ago

    0:28, what the hell is Dolan doing?!? Don’t you dare say “dancing”

  • jegnatuk217
    jegnatuk217 Month ago

    @2:40 They really pulled a loss on us

  • Sirocco the Raccoon

    0:23 I think doopie got it in a diffrent way...

  • Michel Genon
    Michel Genon Month ago +1

    Fooooo ga ga fgooooo ga ga uhhhh

  • Goldpunk 36
    Goldpunk 36 Month ago

    -why are cats afraid of cucumbers?-
    I feel soooooo dirty-minded!

  • chaotixninja5
    chaotixninja5 Month ago

    2:13 - 2:27
    And that's how indoctrination works.

  • Jun Alonde
    Jun Alonde Month ago

    That means the pink cat

  • minte
    minte Month ago

    2:41 heh loss

  • Idk what I'm doing with my life

    8:54 who else yawned

  • Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez Month ago

    my cats arent afraid of cucumbers, they just sniff it and walk away like nothing Happened

  • Sammi todoroki
    Sammi todoroki Month ago

    Well this is was interesting

  • Anime Mermaid
    Anime Mermaid Month ago

    Aren’t the cats just very surprised and scared at the huge (to them) object silently appearing? Would you feel scared if someone placed a huge green vegetable behind you silently while you are eating? Also don’t do this it traumatises the cats for life, they will never trust anyone while eating.

  • EarDrummz
    EarDrummz Month ago

    Dasa weird fruit

  • MewMew chan
    MewMew chan 2 months ago

    Nope. I refuse to believe religion. I'd rather be atheist..... I'm way too lazy too follow the rules of religions.

  • Blazer Allen Fury
    Blazer Allen Fury 2 months ago

    I squealed with joy

  • Антон Головин

    i will fucking put pringle' name to SHAME

  • Антон Головин

    me: what does Y-E-S spell?
    pringle: Yes
    me: What does E-Y-E-S spell
    pringle: eYes
    pringle: eYes?
    me:XD ok what does Y-E-S spell?
    pringle: Yes
    me: What does E-Y-E-S spell?
    pringle: eYes
    me: XD **cries of laughter**
    pringle: What're you crying for?..
    me: what does- XD
    pringle: what're you do-
    me: Okay, try again what does Y-E-S spell
    me: What does E-Y-E-S spell?
    pringle: EASE? AS? your making me-
    me: XD I CAN'T BREATHE...ok **theodd1sout sniff sound effect**
    pringle: EY. ES. eYES!
    **both laugh**
    me: Say it again, What does E-Y-E-S Spell?...XD
    pringle:... eYES? XD....WHAT??
    **both still laughing**
    pringle: You're making me crying, what?
    me: XD E-Y-E-S
    pringle: E-Y-E.... EYES!
    **both explode with laughter**

  • gamingshow THEDANNYBOI
    gamingshow THEDANNYBOI 2 months ago

    i love this vídeo

  • Bernice Colas-Johnson
    Bernice Colas-Johnson 2 months ago

    HAHA I GET IT!!! Pringle is PRINGLES

  • R candy
    R candy 2 months ago

    3:13 i dont have to whe got minecraft

  • Playtime
    Playtime 2 months ago


    That’s my name.