Sonic Nausea ~ Electronic Harassment


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  • Joan Dean
    Joan Dean Month ago +1

    Turn off what you can at breaker box helps. It's coming through the wiring.

  • Lukasz
    Lukasz 4 months ago

    Targeting of children is a favourite activity for the psychopath who operates within his cult. Children's skulls are a lot thinner and less resistant to frequency attack. They are far more vulnerable to the psychological effects of drugs as well. Sibling will often be turned against each other with brainwashing methodologies and tech so that a family can be weakened, made sick and even murdered from within without leaving any evidence of the real perpetrators.

  • Fallen ButNotCorrupt

    The NSA doesn't have the right to conduct Electronic Harassment against
    the U.S. public. As a society, we need to hold these disgusting NSA
    bastards accountable for their crimes against humanity. I want these
    sons of bitches in prison where they belong, either that or anarchy and a
    public hanging.

  • toobalkain
    toobalkain Year ago +1

    OMG, they're after you as well?

    • Omnisense
      Omnisense  Year ago +1

      Yes and there are many targeted individuals.

  • Spring  James
    Spring James 2 years ago +3

    the scum target innocent children too

    • 100PercentOS2
      100PercentOS2 2 years ago

      +Spring James Innocent children my ass in my case. I was more than 50 feet away from 3 brats being annoying across the street when I decided to try my High Pressure Acoustic Device by Shomer-Tec. And it worked beautiful because all 3 of them started complaining, cursing and trying to get me to turn it off. And I said I would when they stop annoying me.

    • Omnisense
      Omnisense  2 years ago +2

      +Spring James Animals as well. :(