Will Spurs regret how they handled Kawhi Leonard's injury? | The Jump | ESPN


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  • Izak H
    Izak H 7 months ago

    Spurs didn't mishandle shit. Certain people slipped potion in Kawhi's ear and now have control over him. They found the perfect out with this injury bs.

  • john w
    john w 7 months ago

    how can anybody listen to these women who never played a day in basketball talk about NBA players like they know something... Come on... and the other dude was a nobody.... I guess they let anybody host these BS talk NBA stuff...

  • B K
    B K 8 months ago

    Pop is a liberal bitch

  • MJ Trace
    MJ Trace 8 months ago

    So many analysts just pushing so hard to keep Kawhi off the Lakers. What is their deal? This dude want to go to he Lakers.

  • herrowrldncshere
    herrowrldncshere 8 months ago

    He is leaving 219 million and people still questioning Kawhi, Spurs disrespect this kid that even money can't solve it. Stop hating this kid, NBA is a business, players should take control of their health, not team doctors.

  • Wul Vershon
    Wul Vershon 8 months ago

    Zaza destroyed the franchise

  • chaolin xing
    chaolin xing 8 months ago

    Kawhi is going to the Clippers. Don't sleep on jerry west .

  • Jonathan Wetzel
    Jonathan Wetzel 8 months ago

    We don't know if they handled it wrong. If they were right then it's on Kawhi. Can't blame the staff and teammates for being made at a bad teammate. Kawhi didn't help anything with being silent.

  • luca sanfilippo
    luca sanfilippo 8 months ago

    Ramona's face always looks like:"what I am doing here, I don't know nothing about sport", but then, she speaks like she thinks she is the best mind in sport ever...

  • Jay Wells
    Jay Wells 8 months ago

    Breaks my heart every time I think about how amazing the Kobe Bryant/Chris Paul back court would have been.

  • Ninch667
    Ninch667 8 months ago

    Aw how adorable, did she just imply that kawhi intended the clippers to be included in the LA conversation? Gtfo. Nobody wants to play with the clippers. That's like time - out for an nba star.

  • Geraldo S
    Geraldo S 8 months ago

    Kawhi personal doctor disagrees with the Spurs staff. If you want to retain Kawhi obviously that staff has to go. Why would Kawhi use them for treatment?

  • Geraldo S
    Geraldo S 8 months ago

    Obviously they regret it. Pop is flying around chasing Kawhi trying to talk to him. Why would you want to give a player 200M that you don't trust?

  • Mahbub
    Mahbub 8 months ago

    If I was kawhi I'd leave too. He can win 20 rings with the Spurs and everyone will praise Pop and "the system." If kawhi wins elsewhere we will all change how we view him.

    • K Woosh
      K Woosh 8 months ago

      Mahbub nobody says that. Smart fans know kawhi was a huge reason why they won. Stop spreading propaganda

  • larry smith
    larry smith 8 months ago

    Spurs should sue kawi for faking his injury he's just trying to make excuses to make himself look better we all know he's a snake cunt bitch

  • Jaleel Hunter
    Jaleel Hunter 8 months ago

    I think the Lakers will hold out until 2019 free agency. If you go back and watch Magic and Rob exit interview, they said they were looking to get free agents this year and next year. If they can get Bron or P.G this year and keep that great young core they have it would be lovely. Let the Kawhi situation play out, and if his injury isn't a problem sign him next year if he really wants to come.

  • Fujiwara Ryo
    Fujiwara Ryo 8 months ago

    Ask Zaza for what he feels for injuring Kawhi.

  • L-e-gendary
    L-e-gendary 8 months ago

    Kawhi might regret moving too. If he goes to another team and get injured, the other team won't take cae of him financially like spurs does to their players.

  • Alex _
    Alex _ 8 months ago

    Fuck ESPN and their stupid opinions

  • Jay Spin
    Jay Spin 8 months ago

    They won't say it but its the Uncle talking Kawhi up about going to L.A. Dude was a a banker of course he is going to be a weasel but all the Media likes him cause they want the pussy ass Lakers that are impudent can't do shit on their own to do good

  • Corey
    Corey 8 months ago

    They already regret all the shade they threw

  • Sulaiman Alomran
    Sulaiman Alomran 8 months ago

    Kawahi was picked 15th in the 2011 draft
    There are always players that go over teams heads every year..
    Number 12 and 13 if chosen and devolved correctly could be future all stars

  • Santiago Macahilas
    Santiago Macahilas 8 months ago

    I THOUGHT pop was leaving the game when Duncan was gonna retire and yet he's still around

  • King Juice
    King Juice 8 months ago +1

    They should trade him for Porzingis and a little bit more

  • Rickey Pacheo
    Rickey Pacheo 8 months ago

    The spurs don’t need an emotional wreak on the team - one elite season and Kawhi let’s it go to his head - can’t wait to see him circle the drain - better loosen up those braids son

  • Luis Salas
    Luis Salas 8 months ago

    Get over it...who gives a fk

  • Lamaan Haq
    Lamaan Haq 8 months ago +5

    All these spurs fans all salty and defending their organization. Impressed by their loyalty but face it: you guys messed up

  • Jay Spin
    Jay Spin 8 months ago

    Pour lil baby Kawhi grow some balls Spurs are still the best place for Kawhi

  • DillyJ
    DillyJ 8 months ago +2

    these are literally the worst two people to have on this show, such a boring duo.

    DREVM 8 months ago

    Clippers are trying to build a new stadium? Lol have fun with a half empty arena after year one.

  • John Pestano
    John Pestano 8 months ago

    SA could have regrets if Kawhi goes somewhere else and has success that will prove he doesn't need SA to be successful. Pop and TP shouldn't have said anything then this situation wouldn't even be happening. SA still has leverage over Kawhi because they don't have to trade him now and they are not going to help LA get better. they can trade him to the east BOS has assets the problem is BOS wouldn't give up assets unless their sure Kawhi signs long term doubt that happens. so Kawhi will remain with the Spurs until FEB if LA gives SA a package they can't refuse this summer other then that i can't see Kawhi leaving yet.

    DREVM 8 months ago

    The worst thing about all of this is that when Kawhi leaves, it’s most likely the end of Popovich coaching. At least in the playoffs anyway.

  • Namjai Khonthai
    Namjai Khonthai 8 months ago

    The fat one needs to speak a little bit slowly.

  • Timothy D
    Timothy D 8 months ago

    POP drop the ball on this one, phil Jackson’s time in NY showed that sneak dissing players in the media doesn’t work anymore! Then for pop to send tony and Manu to sneak diss him as well..not to mention tony really came at his head saying his injury wasn’t that bad... yea pop F’d up big time.... Chris Broussard said while all this was goin on the spurs were banking on kawhi not wanting to leave that super max on the table even with the friction coming from the spurs side but once u spend the entire second half of the season and postseason disrespecting a guy to the media every chance you get, money is no longer a factor. Why play for or with disrespectful people?????

  • Crescendo Waves
    Crescendo Waves 8 months ago

    Bunch idiots talking about an idiot basketball player

  • Ross Best
    Ross Best 8 months ago

    so much better without Stephen Jackson Thank the lord.

  • Muse Russell23
    Muse Russell23 8 months ago

    They should. Wtf were they doing.. trying to bully kawhi into playing lmao, see ya

  • Alex Cantu
    Alex Cantu 8 months ago

    Please stop with the clippers

  • Arquis Stewart
    Arquis Stewart 8 months ago

    Keeping him is dumb if he walk away. Trade him

  • Rashard Stallworth
    Rashard Stallworth 8 months ago

    Nobody's going to trade away the future for somebody that stand for you and leaving so if the man wants to go to the LA Lakers he's going to the LA Lakers weather is this year or next year

  • True Oracle
    True Oracle 8 months ago

    you would be a fool if you don't think Lebron is behind the scenes talking to all the other free agents trying to set up his superteam... he's prob begging Kawhi to join him just like he hopped on Wade and Kyrie's nuts. did the same shit with Bosh, Ray Allen, and Kevin Love. some casual gonna @ me like Lebron's not the General manager lol foh

  • Gabriel Angelo Sanchez
    Gabriel Angelo Sanchez 8 months ago

    Pop is 69. His wife just died. He's gonna retire sooner or later. And it was so uncharacteristic for the Spurs to call out players in the media. They never did shit like that. And to top it off, the people who called Kawhi out publicly are people who are already on their way out. They've been really good for 20 years, but I'm not sure if they can bounce back if Pop retires.

  • Stephen B. Smith
    Stephen B. Smith 8 months ago

    If Rachel just worked out and became more toned she would be so sexy

    SPERM DOLPHIN 8 months ago

    Nobody has heard him speak on L.A. 1x during this ordeal i won't watch anymore videos addressing him to L.A.

  • Roman Arturo
    Roman Arturo 8 months ago

    Maybe for like 2 years but the Spurs will find some diamond in the ruff either this draft or next draft and then trade some player like how they got kawhi.

  • Frank Machado
    Frank Machado 8 months ago +1

    What the hell is wrong with Kawhi? Why won't he speak? He might be one hell of a player but he is terrible at communicating. He wants respect from his coach and team but he's given very little respect himself...SPEAK MAN SPEAK!!!

  • Ace Esteban
    Ace Esteban 8 months ago +1


  • michael betts
    michael betts 8 months ago

    Pop showed kiwhi supermax contract kiwhi said hell yeah kiwhi sighns supermax 219 july 1st

    MAZINGER Z 8 months ago +1

    If Kawhi teams up with Lonzo, he will have a true brother that looks after him. No one wants to play with Tony Parker anymore because he is a jerk.

  • DC Yang
    DC Yang 8 months ago

    Kawhi gonna bust after leaving pop and his system.

    MAZINGER Z 8 months ago

    Tony Parker is a jerk.

  • Josh Adetayo
    Josh Adetayo 8 months ago

    She keeps saying yeah!!!

  • Connor Mcleod
    Connor Mcleod 8 months ago

    Whoever LA team lands kawhi first , LBJ will follow.

  • liu travis
    liu travis 8 months ago

    Ofc they regret it, mainly the way their locker room reacted, they should not allowed any locker room info got out, and they should've warned their veterans to not speak directly of the issue, just say "it's complicated", Kawhi might be in the wrong but Parker's comment was 1000% unnecessary, what was he trying to prove? That Kawhi is faking his injury, he is a puss? Even if so, what's the upside of saying that out loud? To those who worship Pop and think he can do no wrong, please realize he can't stand Dennis Rodman is one of the main reason the second bulls dynasty existed, Dennis was a problem player, but he always contribute on court, Detroit will never send Rodman to the bulls, Pop made that happen.

  • Connor Mcleod
    Connor Mcleod 8 months ago

    There is no way to heal a "fake injury".

  • Hublo Trap
    Hublo Trap 8 months ago

    This comes down to not being able to sign KD years back.

  • Mel bogs
    Mel bogs 8 months ago +3

    Spurs did no wrong the doctors cleared him to play,
    Spurs pay him millions to play it his job.but he quit..they have all the right to question for him not playing. ..

    • otakurocklee
      otakurocklee 4 months ago

      Doctors are not infallible. They screwed up before already. Why should Kawhi trust them again?

    • Le'Trell Whitehurst
      Le'Trell Whitehurst 8 months ago +1

      Geraldo S and that approach is the quickest to ruin a player’s career. Any injuries sustained in legs take longer to heal from than anything up top. Rushing players back before they’re ready when it comes to leg injuries is how those injuries become chronic. Brandon Roy and Jonathan Bender come to mind. Nevermind that Kawhi has the same quad injury that Blake Griffin has and we’ve all seen what it’s done to him in the last 5-6 years

    • unchained
      unchained 8 months ago

      Mel bogs maybe because his teammates and coach threw him under the bus before hand

    • unchained
      unchained 8 months ago

      Le'Trell Whitehurst facts why don't people realize this

    • unchained
      unchained 8 months ago +1

      "Doctors cleared him" people make mistakes, kawhi after they cleared didn't feel right and was limping again so no the doctors messed up then his teammates and coach threw him under the bus and plus it's HIS body how are you supposed to tell him what type of pain he feeling, you people need to stop protecting this organization it's not as perfect you think it is

  • Michael Abbott
    Michael Abbott 8 months ago +4

    Going off the assumption that Pop, Parker, and Ginobili are retiring soon and the Spurs are going to be rebuilding, I'd be spiteful with Kawhi. I wouldn't trade him. Instead, I'd give him a real reason to want to leave by making his last year in SA miserable. First, his ass would be on the bench being a healthy scratch every now and then. Second, I'd only have him play the last 3 minutes of the 1st half so his career averages would take a hit. But that's just me I'm a vindictive and spiteful person

    • Doran Mitchell
      Doran Mitchell 8 months ago

      Idk, if Kawhi was really injured, maybe he was kinda thinking about what happened to Isaiah Thomas in how the Celtics traded him coming off his injury, although that situation was a little different especially with his contract ending that season, but yeah I don't know Kawhi's situation.

    • Muse Russell23
      Muse Russell23 8 months ago

      Michael Abbott idk how miserable you think you can make things for him. He'll be in los angeles about this time next year no matter what they do. Anybody can tough out a year

    • Michael Abbott
      Michael Abbott 8 months ago

      Gabriel Angelo Sanchez I actually like Kawhi as a player, he's great but I believe he quit on his team. When you have Iggy coming back as soon as possible, Klay playing on a sprained ankle, and Lebron (although self-inflicted) playing with an injured hand then compare to Kawhi making no attempt to come back for the playoffs, it's a bitch move. Also, I'm not a Spurs fan so I really don't care; this was a hypothetical situation. It's what I would do because again, I am a vindictive and spiteful person.

    • Michael Abbott
      Michael Abbott 8 months ago

      Young Saucy I'm not even a Spurs fan, I really don't give a fuck what happens because the team I root for is lost in obscurity so it doesn't matter.

    • Young Saucy
      Young Saucy 8 months ago

      Michael Abbott Yeah, you and that organization fucked up😁 Kawhi will come where he’s actually appreciated, LA baby, Showtime Lakers coming back!

  • Matthany Fiedtano
    Matthany Fiedtano 8 months ago

    The nigga wasn’t injured

  • spurs fan here
    spurs fan here 8 months ago +3

    They misdiagnosed Kawhi. It's a he said, they said story. Even IF they did, I doubt they did it on purpose. Spurs always cautious with players health. Dude sat out a year and got paid. That makes them even.
    Sounds like a bunch of BS to get traded to Lakers. If hes traded, then he only loses 30 mil. If he walks next year, he loses another 50. That's 80 total. He said it's not about the $. He wouldn't be looking for a bigger market if it wasn't about the $. I call BS.

    • Le'Trell Whitehurst
      Le'Trell Whitehurst 8 months ago +1

      He has the same quad injury Blake Griffin. The way it has plagued Blake it will only be a matter of time before it plagues Kawhi as well. He has some history with this injury

  • lance flaminiano
    lance flaminiano 8 months ago


    • Stephen B. Smith
      Stephen B. Smith 8 months ago +1

      lance flaminiano
      Thats what she says when the Mcdonalds employee asks if she wants to supersize her meal

  • Danny Blau
    Danny Blau 8 months ago +2

    That would be super hilarious if after all this, The clippers somehow landed Kawhi and then LeBron, Paul George or all 3. haha. I have no idea the Clippers financial situation and too lazy to look it up, so that might not be remotely feasible for them. Still would be funny.

  • Kobe doesn't need a Big 3
    Kobe doesn't need a Big 3 8 months ago +9

    I might be wrong but I've never seen a Spurs player flourished after they left the Spurs. I think Kawhi will get exposed if he leaves Pop.

    • Nick Salazar
      Nick Salazar 8 months ago

      Hopefully he is at his best so pop can expose him.

    • goodjoejoe
      goodjoejoe 8 months ago

      The same applies to traded players. Tiago Splitter is routinely among those mentioned who faded after being a Spur and he was traded as well.

    • james justsaying
      james justsaying 8 months ago

      George Hill didn't leave he was traded.

    • goodjoejoe
      goodjoejoe 8 months ago +1

      George Hill had his prime years in Indiana. Gave Miami a solid run. It is possible to leave and still be relevant.

    • Kame 16
      Kame 16 8 months ago +1


  • Bearboy193
    Bearboy193 8 months ago

    "I don't regret leaving the Spurs." -Kawhi Leonard

  • Rismic
    Rismic 8 months ago

    Why would the lakers trade away a lot when there’s a good chance you could wait till next summer to get him since he probably won’t sign long term with another team

    • Rismic
      Rismic 8 months ago

      Kirbystare1992 yea but why trade for him when you have a good chance to get him as a Free Agent

    • Kirbystare1992
      Kirbystare1992 8 months ago

      Rismic cause if they get bron and pg the only way to get him would be through trade.

  • Kromexstylezzz Zz
    Kromexstylezzz Zz 8 months ago +1

    They regret it already lmao

  • mikeguerrero1111
    mikeguerrero1111 8 months ago +4

    He was leaving regardless what they did that's why they spoke out against him cause they saw how shady he was acting with that fake ass injury

  • Rollin Kocher
    Rollin Kocher 8 months ago

    No they dont. He wanted out from the moment he fired his agent.

  • Ronnie Alston
    Ronnie Alston 8 months ago +8

    I been saying that from the start once the players started throwing shots at Kahawi and Pop allowed It I knew Kahawi was gone who want to play with Team mates that would throw you under the bus like that

    • Nick Salazar
      Nick Salazar 8 months ago

      Ronnie Alston no one took shots at kawhi. What source are you getting this from? Lol

    • james justsaying
      james justsaying 8 months ago

      What shots? You mean truth, the fact Tony's injury was worse. Well dang if the man can't take truth maybe he does belong with the Lakers.

  • Andre Salazar
    Andre Salazar 8 months ago

    OF COURSE!!!!! #DUH All they can do now is BEG or wish him well, since keeping him throughout the year without knowing if he wants to stay is a BAD idea since his VALUE will fall = what you get in return will be MINIMAL at best = he will leave & sign with the Lakers, get a MAX-deal & WIN with them instead = the Spurs look EXTREMELY bad at this point in time! #DaFacts

  • sac riches
    sac riches 8 months ago +34

    Regret what? Popovich got five rings 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆.. Pop is smart even if kawhi wanna leave Pop gonna make the best move

    • Scrappy Coco
      Scrappy Coco 8 months ago

      Another Spurs fan that isn't worried about it, still made it to the playoffs in the West with Aldridge and a garbage team that was full of bench players.

    • Muse Russell23
      Muse Russell23 8 months ago +1

      sac riches hah spoken like a true spurs fan that has to rationalize this

    • PM CF
      PM CF 8 months ago +3

      The biggest question now is how will Kawhi turnout if he's not playing the Spurs system. I can't recall any player who played better after leaving the Spurs.

    • Dominique Robinson
      Dominique Robinson 8 months ago

      sac riches If Pop is content with not having Kawhi and not trying to contend for more championships then yea. But they aren't championship contenders without him.

    • sac riches
      sac riches 8 months ago

      D'Angela Stewart Russell has to learn team ball tho.. Paul going to the Lakers .. Russell has to learn how to set more than just Steven Adams up to score

  • Roger T.
    Roger T. 8 months ago +1


  • Kame 16
    Kame 16 8 months ago +25

    He wants out of San Antonio and preferably would like to go to LA. Thats the story here. The so called mismanaged injury is just being used to support Kawhi's real motive. The Spurs and their medical staff did everything right, he offered little to no communication, walked away from them and distanced himself from the whole organization who was out to help him not exploit him or his injury. The Spurs were right to question his character publicly. Stop vilifying the Spurs and their integrity as a great organization. Kawhi wants to leave injury or no injury.

    • bicyclethief
      bicyclethief 8 months ago

      everyone loves Kawhi's humble, blue-collar demeanor on the court. but he done changed. it's widely reported he wants to be in LA no matter what. either next season, or the one after, when he's a free agent. that sounds like the character of a diva to me, not a team-first player.

    • chaolin xing
      chaolin xing 8 months ago

      They are a great organization. But kawhi has a good character I seriously dont believe he will do this as an excuse.

    • bicyclethief
      bicyclethief 8 months ago +2

      I think you have to ask yourself who's more believable here: the Spurs organization who I've never heard a bad thing about from their players, injured or otherwise. Or Kawhi who takes an entire season off from an injury that was less severe according to Tony Parker, abandons his teammates in the process, and then wants out of the team that helped bring him up.

    • Kame 16
      Kame 16 8 months ago

      Before the public call out do remember that he had already been separating himself from the team. This is when the "ask Kawhi and his camp", and the public teammate speculation began. I'm not implying any malice intent here, I'm just saying it has to be deeper than just the injury. If he really wanted to stay then the effort would be made even now. In the future look for real stories of wrong doing by the Spurs, if there are any, but for now yeah things just don't add up.

    • Gabriel Angelo Sanchez
      Gabriel Angelo Sanchez 8 months ago +3

      It makes no sense for Kawhi to do that though. He told the media that he wants to stay with san antonio before he was called out publicly. And why would he risk sitting out due to an "injury," which will lower both his trade value, and his value as a free agent, when he only has 1 year left in his contract at 26? Things doesn't add up.

  • Stephen Anderson
    Stephen Anderson 8 months ago +1

    He the Spurs a ring a he doesn't owe them nothing just like LeBron in Cleveland

    • Game Central
      Game Central 8 months ago +1

      Stephen Anderson He didn’t do it by himself the Spurs as a whole won that ring.

  • Daniel Sanchez
    Daniel Sanchez 8 months ago

    Kawhi baby.

  • Hector Sauceda
    Hector Sauceda 8 months ago +4

    ESPN wants so bad for the lakers to be relevant again its pittiful

    • Stephen B. Smith
      Stephen B. Smith 8 months ago

      Hector Sauceda
      Yeah cuz Lakers being good is good for the NBA

  • DJ ShaqTown
    DJ ShaqTown 8 months ago

    If I got my teammates talking crazy about me my coach not believing me why the fuck would I wanna go back? Lol
    Idc how much on the table Imma get my money another way of I'm Kawhi

  • Rayyan Yousaf
    Rayyan Yousaf 8 months ago

    Kawhi better then Lebron and kd

    Lebron top 5 of all time

    Jordan is the goat

    Also spurs are dead

  • Damon Finch
    Damon Finch 8 months ago +2

    either kawhi is the most sensitive player on earth, or this is some excuse to play where you were born. Why even care what ginobli, pop and tony say about you?? They will be gone in a year or so..

      RED DRAGON 8 months ago +1

      Exactly, Pop will be gone in 2 years.
      Why would that scenario entice Kawhi to stay?

    • Damon Finch
      Damon Finch 8 months ago

      exactly..his uncle screwin him up. now everybody sees he will throw a tantrum to get what he wants and burn bridges.

    • D'Angela Stewart
      D'Angela Stewart 8 months ago +1

      Damon Finch
      He want to be a laker
      So his brand can do better
      Dude you have no personality
      La is not going to change that..
      Westbrook brand doing just fine in Oklahoma..yes Oklahoma

  • Mental Mind
    Mental Mind 8 months ago

    Why do we have two nba teams sharing the same arena anyways? The clippers should move out ... 😅😅😅

  • Yeah
    Yeah 8 months ago

    The clippers will always be counted out like they should be

  • David Kim
    David Kim 8 months ago

    It seems simple, they give him the super max and tell him they'll trade him down the line like the Clippers did with Blake Griffin. This way Kawhi gets maximum money. But for the Spurs this will open up the teams that are interested if he's locked up. So it will be Kawhi's choice, take the super max money and have a chance to go to LA and very good chance to leave San Antonio within a year, or don't take the super max to make sure he goes to LA.

  • Genesis Exodus
    Genesis Exodus 8 months ago

    Get all up inside Rachel's guts .

  • A Friendly Hobo
    A Friendly Hobo 8 months ago

    Jerry west creates dynasties. He might do it again. Dude uses black magic.

  • sirtwentythree
    sirtwentythree 8 months ago +1

    They won't regret anything if they know for a fact he was lying about the injury the whole time.

    • Muse Russell23
      Muse Russell23 8 months ago

      sirtwentythree why would he lie about an injury? Literally doesnt make sense. If he wanted to force a trade he could have done it last year

    • D'Angela Stewart
      D'Angela Stewart 8 months ago

      They shouldn't trust kahwi
      They should keep him until February then trade him after
      George and bron get all laker money

    • Monkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy
      Monkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy 8 months ago +1


  • WhateverItTakes
    WhateverItTakes 8 months ago

    The Spurs organization has been known to prolong their players careers. These people are full of shit.

  • nidhin prince
    nidhin prince 8 months ago

    If Ramona says "yeah" after Rachel Nichols say something one more time...

  • Stanley Robinson
    Stanley Robinson 8 months ago

    Why should the Spurs Regret Anything, Kawhi Leonard Is Acting like a Bitch Right Now..

  • I_Shot YouTube
    I_Shot YouTube 8 months ago +2

    The Spurs been done they trash manu ginobili and tony parker not playing to win they trying to collect that retirement money

    • Game Central
      Game Central 8 months ago +6

      I_Shot TVclip Trash yet made the playoffs 21 straight years and have more rings than 85% of the league

  • ryen mcdonald
    ryen mcdonald 8 months ago +2

    Trading for a guy that not only wants to come to your team but can come the next year in FA is flat out stupid. Don’t melo the team for kawhi.

    • ryen mcdonald
      ryen mcdonald 8 months ago

      Muse Russell23 That’s what u come with? 🤦‍♂️I said that because your dumbass obvious question was answered already in previous comment and usually smart people read the previous comments before running their mouth. Now Instead of reading it, realizing that your comment was off and having a discussion about what I said(get kawhi and pg only as FAs and with the rest of the money go get good roll players).......u engage is this weak shit🤣. Pretty pathetic. So are U ready to talk about what I said or do u wanna keep doing the weak shit u did the last comment?

    • Muse Russell23
      Muse Russell23 8 months ago +1

      ryen mcdonald is you being able to think too much to ask?

    • ryen mcdonald
      ryen mcdonald 8 months ago

      Muse Russell23 Try reading my previous comments(like my second one) before commenting. Is that really much to ask?🤦‍♂️

    • Muse Russell23
      Muse Russell23 8 months ago

      ryen mcdonald wtf are you talking about? They cant have kawhi, lebron, pg and kuzma/ingram/lonzo. Whether kawhi comes by trade or free agency you have to get rid of people anyway

    • ryen mcdonald
      ryen mcdonald 8 months ago

      Muse Russell23 🤦‍♂️No they don’t actually. Enough cap for two free agents.

  • Anthony S
    Anthony S 8 months ago +4

    yeah, Lakers always think they are getting every Super star!!!

    • Rayyan Yousaf
      Rayyan Yousaf 8 months ago

      Anthony S Lebron top 5 of all time and Jordan is the goat

      But get Kawhi he better then Lebron and kd

      Lebron way better then pg

      And boogie

  • T Will
    T Will 8 months ago +5

    I have been a Kawhi fan since he was drafted. This season, he was shady since missing all of only 9 games. What was really wrong with him? Nobody really know what his injury is or was. With all things happening you believe Kawhi decided to make such a drastic move to request a trade and specifically want to be traded to the Lakers? Something is up with that. Also, you think if Lebron or KD sat out like this because of a sore quad and some hurt feelings that everyone in the team and the organization would be ok with it?

    • Muse Russell23
      Muse Russell23 8 months ago

      T Will when are you going to admit to yourself that the spurs were shady?

    • Shiki Tono
      Shiki Tono 8 months ago

      bruised. there's no broken hand.

    • Le'Trell Whitehurst
      Le'Trell Whitehurst 8 months ago

      To answer your question it’s the same quad injury that has plagued Blake Griffins career in the past few years. Since Kawhi has a history of this injury it’s only a matter of time before it effects him like it’s done to Blake. Becoming a chronic injury.

    • D'Angela Stewart
      D'Angela Stewart 8 months ago +1

      T Will
      Give back the 20 million dollars they give you dude..
      They hurt your feelings so bad..
      Give it back and leave

    • D'Angela Stewart
      D'Angela Stewart 8 months ago

      T Will
      If waii is on a team with bron sitting out is not an option
      Dude played with broke hand in the finals

  • Hoop N Life
    Hoop N Life 8 months ago +9

    The Spurs of old are no more. They batched this whole situation smh.

    • Hoop N Life
      Hoop N Life 8 months ago

      D'Angela Stewart Wow crazy how people these days lack reading comprehension

    • D'Angela Stewart
      D'Angela Stewart 8 months ago +1

      jackson james
      This again they have been called old for 20 years.
      Find something new to say.
      20 years with old guys making playoffs
      Who esle can say that..?

  • Corey Brooks
    Corey Brooks 8 months ago +59

    Well if this man would speak for himself instead of his “camp” always putting it out.

    • Roy Sears
      Roy Sears 8 months ago

      Geraldo S....it's so sadd you have the majority of Black People that can't see what the media is trying to do to these two Black men.

    • Geraldo S
      Geraldo S 8 months ago +1

      Corey Brooks Sounds like you are a media parrot. His uncle or the media likes to call him "his camp" is his representation and his acting agent. The media is trying to invalidate his uncle, but the Spurs will suffer because of it. The fact that his uncle is a black man, has a lot to do with the disrespect they are giving him.

    • FUNNY HOW?
      FUNNY HOW? 8 months ago +1

      Corey Brooks this is a business, obviously the spurs know, you're just nosey😂

    • nomibe2911
      nomibe2911 8 months ago +1

      Corey Brooks If Kawhi was more outspoken through the media you guys would be dissecting everything he said and would be bashing him. The man has barely spoken a word about this and you guys are still bashing him. The man wants to leave and he's told the team in the most professional way which isn't through the media.

    • Roy Sears
      Roy Sears 8 months ago +1

      Bobby mickey Bro you haven’t herd anything from Kawhi or his Uncle!! You can’t believe everything White People and SAS who is controlled by White People say

  • Justin Lytle
    Justin Lytle 8 months ago

    Where He Get Traded To...He Will Be Gone The Next Year So Just Trade Him To Us And Get Something Back

  • Paul Bearer
    Paul Bearer 8 months ago +13

    I don’t know why everyone is overreacting in the Spurs organization(Kawhi Leonard included). They still made the playoffs and took GSW to five games, which LeBron couldn’t even do. They’re basically letting the team fall apart because their best player wants to make sure he’s healthy.

    • Obsidian Chill
      Obsidian Chill 8 months ago

      Took the warriors to *5 games* LOL and to be fair curry was on the team that swept LeBron not for the spurs series

    • James Biggins
      James Biggins 8 months ago

      GSW snoozed to a gentleman's sweep of the spurs. lol

    • Sam B
      Sam B 8 months ago

      Absolutely agreed pb

    • Monkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy
      Monkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy 8 months ago +4

      Paul Bearer
      Well of course they did. They're a better team than the Cavs.

    • John Bryce
      John Bryce 8 months ago +4

      Paul Bearer Nigga said 5 games

  • 286mic
    286mic 8 months ago +21

    Kawhi is soft. Yeah yeah he's been great. Top 5 top 3 players. Whatever. He soft.

    • Isi Jr
      Isi Jr 8 months ago

      Nah Kawhi is just smart. Just look at Isaiah Thomas.

    • Juan Betancourt
      Juan Betancourt 8 months ago +1

      Dumb shit kid--How the hell is KL better than the Kang and Kd? To be better than them, you have to play first!

    • soundsfromthestreet
      soundsfromthestreet 8 months ago

      salty spurs fan detected

      RED DRAGON 8 months ago

      l don't think Kawhi believes he is an alpha type of player. That is what is expected of him in SA. Don't get me wrong though, that does not mean that he is soft.

  • Frankie Russell
    Frankie Russell 8 months ago +3

    Time for Pop to retire, and Spurs to rebuild.

  • King Wani
    King Wani 8 months ago

    Finally Rachel back

  • Justin Lytle
    Justin Lytle 8 months ago +5

    He Aint Going To No Damn Clippers He Coming To Us....#Lakeshow

    • Justin Lytle
      Justin Lytle 8 months ago

      Hector Lol

    • Hector Rdz
      Hector Rdz 8 months ago

      Justin Lytle "we will give you our pick and Ingram." Nigga you acting like you work for the Lakers front office, sit your ass down 😂😂😂

    • Justin Lytle
      Justin Lytle 8 months ago

      Yeah Kyrie Isn't Playing With Lebron We Know That Already Come Again With Something Else

    • T Will
      T Will 8 months ago

      Horford, Tatum, Kyrie, and Kawhi. If Lebron leaves the Cavs, the Celtics would be finals favorite from the east. then boston can convince Kawhi to stay after beating golden state or coming close to beating them.

    • Monkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy
      Monkey D. "Straw Hat" Luffy 8 months ago +1

      T Will
      Why would Boston lose Jalen Brown just to rent Kawhi for a year? That's just stupid.