Film Theory: The Rat That Beat Thanos! (Marvel Endgame)

  • Published on May 14, 2019
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    There are TONS of characters that show up in Marvel's Avengers Endgame. Most of them get at least one moment to remind the audience of why they are an awesome superhero and that we should be happy they are alive again. Now, the MVP of the episode is pretty obvious, but I want to talk about the one, tiny hero you probably missed. The rat. Which rat? Why the rat that brought back Ant-Man and made it possible for the Avengers to save the world. What are the odds? Well, you're about to find out!
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    Writer: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, BanditRants, and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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  • The Film Theorists
    The Film Theorists  Month ago +6673

    To everyone asking whether I calculated the rats repopulating, I did and just cut it before the final draft because it got too pedantic and lost in it's own numbers. Also, we wind back up at 50 rats anyway. Here's what got cut in case you were curious:
    "That means that at the beginning of five years, we're dealing with 50-ish rats in Scott Lang's area, which would replenish to their population carrying capacity in the course of just a few generations. Given that rat food supplies might be lower now that there are only half the people on the world, let's assume that they don’t get back to the full 100 rat population in Scott's immediate area, but that they make a good 50% surge back up to 75 rats roving all over Scott. Realistically it's almost impossible to know for our specific area exactly how many rats would be here, but we're making our best assumption right now and I'm trying to at least give Scott a fighting chance.
    So over the course of the six months after the Great Snap, rats would have pretty much bounced back, given that a new generation of rat babies is ready to go every six weeks. To get our final number, we’ll assume that an average-sized rat community would have at most around 50 rats out searching for food at any given time, since about a third of them are statistically in the nest at a given time."

    • Wasteland Inc. Gaming
      Wasteland Inc. Gaming 5 days ago

      yeah but dude i owned rats and bred them. that would of made a way better addition into your vid.. you compellty mis sout of par tof your theory, and yeah the rats would repopulate fast and they have in one set of pups (3 / 20) i owned rats and fed them. rats can climb and do all kinds of stuff as i have afew rats in my house right now and i see thempretty much do daredevil spiderman moves to get to topof my cabnets so... you you might want to retry this. and if one ran walked ove rht ekeyabord and didnt hit the button he leaves a small trail of pee wich will make antoehr rat fallow that trail. bc he knows its safe so yeah there more than fifty rats dude i call bull on this one and i never never call bull on ur vids

    • Corrin kid Miscellaneous
      Corrin kid Miscellaneous 10 days ago

      You are great

    • Odin Gamer
      Odin Gamer 13 days ago

      how good was endgame

    • Boywonderr71
      Boywonderr71 13 days ago

      That was the BEST roll into an ad! Dude that was epic!.
      Great job on ratstats love ya.

    • CrunchyTRex YT
      CrunchyTRex YT 13 days ago


  • Earl McCay
    Earl McCay Day ago

    ive been saying this ever since the movie came out, I KNEW I WAS RIGHT

  • Mazon 710
    Mazon 710 Day ago

    When ur desperate for content

  • Elemental 1920
    Elemental 1920 Day ago

    you khow that was exactly what i was thinking when i watched Endgame

  • silverjadearianrhod

    No rats I live in Alberta!

  • Vexcels vexcels
    Vexcels vexcels Day ago

    Rat the god

  • Lauren Farmer
    Lauren Farmer 2 days ago


  • Mason Pettiford
    Mason Pettiford 2 days ago

    First of all what the heack second of all how is this real

  • Jaxson Clark
    Jaxson Clark 2 days ago

    scott lang when he sees who saved him: oh sh!t a rat

  • Jaxson Clark
    Jaxson Clark 2 days ago

    you just jealous that a rodent saved scott and not you. jk matpat i love you no homo

    SHYBLOX 2 days ago

    ahh sh*t its a rat.

  • Harry Taylor
    Harry Taylor 2 days ago

    A more logical way of pressing that button is Antman controlling the ants to press them... just due to his size its a very low ability to communicate to them, so it takes 5 years...

  • Oliver John Dela Cruz


  • Groot Is the best
    Groot Is the best 2 days ago

    Me yes

  • Ethan Scholl
    Ethan Scholl 2 days ago

    To ant man it was five hours

  • Gabriel Kuzelj
    Gabriel Kuzelj 2 days ago


  • Wandergirl108
    Wandergirl108 2 days ago

    I'd be more bothered by the idea of a rat stepping on the button CAUSING THE BUTTON TO ACTIVATE. Don't rats step pretty lightly? It takes actual force to cause a button to be pushed, I would doubt that the rat's weight and the force of its step would suffice. How about a theory on THAT? ;P

  • Logan Stewart
    Logan Stewart 2 days ago

    alright you solved the probability of the rat.
    but what about the probability of a man spotting Scott on the camera afterwords??????????

  • Rowan Patman
    Rowan Patman 2 days ago

    I still want to know after half of all life is snapped out of existence who would choose to move a random van to that storage garage in the first place?!

  • Jacob Zwiernikowski
    Jacob Zwiernikowski 2 days ago


  • Maryam Aqil
    Maryam Aqil 2 days ago

    12:12 the of 30 is 15

  • Shadow bear 1x1
    Shadow bear 1x1 2 days ago

    I know late comment but I finally watched endgame. But I did not need to go pee at all during endgame Evan if it’s a 3 HOUR MOVIE I still did not pee not even holding it so peeing in endgame is just a theory

  • A Scott
    A Scott 3 days ago

    I bet we'd be more accepting if it were a cute, wittle kitty.

  • fish lasagna
    fish lasagna 3 days ago


  • The Channel Of Fun
    The Channel Of Fun 3 days ago +1


  • Jagjot Singh
    Jagjot Singh 3 days ago

    13:04 wtf i was wearing headphones you motherfucker

  • Moltenlava
    Moltenlava 3 days ago

    What if Loki was the rat in disguise? and he was never really gone

  • Just_call_me_ chaos
    Just_call_me_ chaos 3 days ago

    Oh shit a rat

  • RethinkingOofs
    RethinkingOofs 3 days ago

    Wait, if thanos snapped away half of all life, imagine a farmer seeing a plant turning in to the dust

  • Just Twigz
    Just Twigz 3 days ago

    Accident's, happen

  • Raf Li
    Raf Li 3 days ago

    It's literally OH SHIT, A RAT!: Save the world edition!

  • the pj samwich vids
    the pj samwich vids 4 days ago

    Its just what happened in the movie its not a theory a film theory

  • Ricky V
    Ricky V 4 days ago

    Thanos: Oh shiiiiiiiz! A rat!

  • IHaveCompression
    IHaveCompression 4 days ago +1

    Oh shiiiit! It's a motherfuckin rat! Im gonna whoop dat ass! Imma whoop dat ass!!!!

  • Wolfyy Cubz
    Wolfyy Cubz 4 days ago

    1:00 that's my background

  • TheBig cookie
    TheBig cookie 4 days ago

    That rat is just a good pal of ant man and was procrastinating to save him

  • vosothea cheng
    vosothea cheng 4 days ago

    There's 20+ volume Light Novel where nearly the entire story all started because the protagonist got turned on after seeing a girl's underwear...

    yup it's called The Monogatari series.

    The worst part is the fact that the story is insanely good.

  • redspaghetti2006
    redspaghetti2006 4 days ago

    *_A RAT_*

  • monty noname
    monty noname 4 days ago

    all right you're a avenger now

  • Kzglc Gaming
    Kzglc Gaming 4 days ago

    I will sing the ratatouille song

    Ratatouille ratatouille oh oh i love you ratatouille

  • ElectroTiger75210
    ElectroTiger75210 4 days ago

    5:18 I died.

  • your toes, hand them over

    Oh shit! A rat

  • atlas
    atlas 4 days ago

    Don't be rude, that rat has a name and it is Loki

  • Lee Nonya bussiness
    Lee Nonya bussiness 5 days ago


  • Lee Nonya bussiness
    Lee Nonya bussiness 5 days ago

    Then I heard the hacker thing and now I have can tell hes sponsored by nord vpn

  • TheMobile Cloakzy
    TheMobile Cloakzy 5 days ago

    Matpat: *watches endgame scene where Lang comes out of the van*
    Matpats next theory: The Oh s* a rat meme,is THE SAME RAT.
    But hey...that’s just a meme theory..

  • Lee Nonya bussiness
    Lee Nonya bussiness 5 days ago

    I saw but meerly the thumbnail and knew it would be a black plague based theory

  • Sam the star wars fan
    Sam the star wars fan 5 days ago +3

    Infinity war: *happened*

    Rat: Am I a joke to you?

  • Lil' Spinach Boy
    Lil' Spinach Boy 5 days ago


  • Jazlin Elizondo
    Jazlin Elizondo 5 days ago +10

    **Thanos walks into a random room**
    **See's the rat**
    *Thanos: Oh Shoot! A rat!"*

  • Benjesus
    Benjesus 5 days ago

    Nord vpn- Proof that not all heros wear capes

  • uzumaki_rakku
    uzumaki_rakku 5 days ago

    It should've been Goose the cat who triggered that panel 🐈

  • Hung Phan
    Hung Phan 5 days ago +3

    Me:reads the title
    TVclip:(recommends antman crawling in thanos's butt
    Me:please don't be related

  • Kent Brian
    Kent Brian 5 days ago

    Your brain kills me

  • Starcea Silvester
    Starcea Silvester 5 days ago

    Rat ex machina

  • Scottington666
    Scottington666 5 days ago +1

    I'd like to point out that Scott only got trapped in the quantum realm because all three of the people who could have pulled him out got 'snapped' at the end of 'Ant man and the Wasp' and if the snap was truly random that was an unlikely outcome.

  • Blake Mitchell
    Blake Mitchell 5 days ago

    It's entirely possible, probable actually, that I don't fully understand probability. But in a multiverse with infinite possibilities, doesn't everything happen with equal probability? I know it sounds stupid, but the concept of infinity, itself, is stupidly stupendous.

  • Shanks 98
    Shanks 98 5 days ago

    And also it’s sad thannoss got taken down by one or 50 rats

  • Shanks 98
    Shanks 98 5 days ago

    I live it that you take so much time and calculations than you lose me in 6 min of calculations but you do this for theory’s or how dumb things are

  • Bagel Penguin64
    Bagel Penguin64 5 days ago

    so this is why strange predicted 14,000,605 universes, the only one depended on a rat.

  • Frostbite0w0
    Frostbite0w0 5 days ago +1

    I own rats as pets myself, so let me clear up some things. They won't give you any diseases your dog or cat won't give you. The thing is, the plague was caused by flees, which went on ALL the animals humans interacted with. Rats are extremely sweet and forgiving creatures. In my opinion better than dogs-. I don't expect anyone who doesn't own them to understand, but then again, don't pretend you know something you don't understand. It's funny how people who have never seen a rat or rodent in their entire life are the ones who go and say they are gross and disgusting. Obviously wild rats are a different topic. You don't go up to a wild wolf expecting it to be your "best friend" Don't you? You know why there is a huge infestation of rats in new York? People. They have wiped out rat natural predators almost completely, Whatever us dumbass people do, it's not the animals fault. You fucked with nature :/

  • dex11772
    dex11772 5 days ago

    Quake is a hacker!!!!

  • xilo silo
    xilo silo 6 days ago


  • EveryVideoGamer Victory Puddle

    Actually, Scott is in the quantum realm for five years, but he says for him it was 5 hours.

  • Cursed Moon
    Cursed Moon 6 days ago

    My mom: are you watching something educational. Me: *see how much math is in math*. Me: yup

  • Knight Of Valor
    Knight Of Valor 6 days ago

    It just matters when he’s released then I guess

  • Kya Lazz
    Kya Lazz 6 days ago

    I’ve never cried that much during a movie when I watched Endgame like when I saw my Girl Shuri come out of the portal I cried when Nat died I CRIED when Spidey came back I CRIED when Tony died I CRIED 😂😂 I loved it damn

  • Payton Hopkins
    Payton Hopkins 6 days ago +1

    Talks Avengers whole video but switches to DC when talking about the sponsorship

  • Smaran Tadepalli
    Smaran Tadepalli 6 days ago +1

    I wonder
    If a mother was pregnant and got snapped away, would the baby just fall and appear in the dust or would it also get snapped away since it is attached to the mother.

  • Boost How
    Boost How 6 days ago

    Maybe they use the rat in a future movie and explain this scene

  • AttackonLife
    AttackonLife 6 days ago +1

    Thanos: I will destroy half of the population of the entire world
    Rat; Hold my beer

  • Sharp Hand Joe
    Sharp Hand Joe 6 days ago +1

    Jokes on you, the spirit of Stan Lee possessed that Rat. He will do anything to protect his universe.

  • fortnite gaming
    fortnite gaming 6 days ago

    To be fair it took 5 years for something to hit the right buttons. Who know how many rats ran across the control pad. This one just happen to finally hot the right buttons. I bet the other 14 million outcomes were where the rat didnt step on the button

  • Lyric Mailloux
    Lyric Mailloux 6 days ago

    Who cried when tony stark died?..........just me?

  • Zisis  Chartampilas
    Zisis Chartampilas 7 days ago

    Well I bet that millions of possibilities are iron Man not beeing found by captain marvel

  • Horus The Owl
    Horus The Owl 7 days ago

    Yo, I'm marathoning everything I failed to watch before rn. You're welcome MatPat

  • wiggly piggly
    wiggly piggly 7 days ago

    thanos: and I *oop-*

  • Enpici Joonypr
    Enpici Joonypr 7 days ago

    None of this theory is really necessary. In Ant-Man and The Wasp, Scott was mind controlled by (I forgot her name but Hank's wife). In this moment, Scott was forced to walk over to a computer connected to a machine he hasn't really seen before, crunch some numbers he shouldn't have been able to understand, and even be all lovey-dovey with a man he isn't married to, nor has shown any prior romantic affections to. By this logic, we can assume that in the five HOURS that Scott was in there, he could find a weak mind to control (the rat), take it's mind over for a few seconds, and work up a minor appetite that had escalated and was mentioned later. Sorry if I sounded rude, but I couldn't help but keep thinking of this lol

  • S L aughter Skeleton

    Rats always group together in a strength of around 100
    Even if half their population was wiped out, the remaining colonies of rats would join together to form another nest
    so u can ignore the fact that thanks wiped away half the population of all living things

  • Jay Are Ancheta
    Jay Are Ancheta 7 days ago

    Wait thanos snaped two tims does that mean there's only 25rats a live?

  • Savieryfries-monk T
    Savieryfries-monk T 7 days ago +2

    Please tell me matpat that you find captain America controlling lighting just as BS as I do

  • Jaydyn Deems
    Jaydyn Deems 7 days ago

    This is true and also kinda of like how Cinderella could’ve never happend if she had a brother the parents didn’t meet or the dad didn’t leave!

  • N Nam
    N Nam 7 days ago

    It's basically like a shiny chance in Pokemon

  • idk idk
    idk idk 7 days ago +1

    jotaro be like

  • Ivan Tejeda
    Ivan Tejeda 7 days ago +1

    Rat you are hero

  • Ivan Tejeda
    Ivan Tejeda 7 days ago

    How did he know

  • jbarthol
    jbarthol 8 days ago

    Maybe Disney MCU decided to bring out Lady Vermin.

  • Stamp
    Stamp 8 days ago

    I know the hacker missing on the team thing was about a sponsor, but Shuri’s got that covered

  • rusted elbow
    rusted elbow 8 days ago +1


  • thekingzo 23
    thekingzo 23 8 days ago +1

    "riches beyond appear"
    TVclip: * flips a penny at mattpatt*

  • blocky bois
    blocky bois 8 days ago

    ah yes. in 5 years there is no way that anything could walk over that panel in a very grubby storage garage.

  • Benjerman Cullens
    Benjerman Cullens 8 days ago

    What if the rat was mystique

  • kaz
    kaz 8 days ago +1

    It's fake.

    The rat is a paid actor.

  • H4X00R_M4573R
    H4X00R_M4573R 8 days ago

    Nothing everything is destiny

  • Brook Yeet
    Brook Yeet 8 days ago

    I like rats one there
    Clean and I live in san Francisco and I love my city so... I'm not moving

  • my mom's not gay
    my mom's not gay 8 days ago

    Spoiler: Lightning McQueen dies

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz 8 days ago

    your really over thinking this

  • demir dincay
    demir dincay 8 days ago

    That rodent: 20000000IQ press

  • Wendy Gomez
    Wendy Gomez 8 days ago

    : Vanos I will snap half of existence with all six infinity stones
    :Stan lee don’t make me come down there or you punk
    :me Then else you’ll never make any friends OK the only friend you even have our yourself