Dev Doodles: Sylas | League of Legends

  • Published on Feb 14, 2019
  • Real devs. Real stories. Real doodles.
    In the first episode of Dev Doodles, devs recount some of the challenges they faced while creating Sylas, a champion who steals ultimates from other champions.
    Animated by: Ehlboy -
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  • CallmeJoel
    CallmeJoel 5 hours ago

    Good comment. Keep pushing boundaries, never stop learning.

  • casper
    casper 10 hours ago

    what about not introducing a hero that steal ults ?

  • Bittex IL
    Bittex IL Day ago

    Well you did it at the end, and made another cancer champ joining the list:

    The List:
    Lee Sin

  • Sans the terminator

    Hey hey hey hey..
    About yasuo's brother I thought u will make that champion.. how long I will wait for that champion.. he's name is yone by the way

  • derpion derpson
    derpion derpson 2 days ago

    Can you work on the movement AI so it doesn’t try to walk trough gaps that are too small for champs to fit trough? Really annoying to get killed because the champ couldn’t figure out how to get around an allied shack box next to a wall and just decided to stand still instead.

    RED ZED 2 days ago

    freaking buff zed already,and stop freaking revert his buff and leave the nerf

  • High on Hentai
    High on Hentai 2 days ago

    Why does the cartoon look better than the ingame

  • Marshall Perryman
    Marshall Perryman 2 days ago

    So is sylas op?

  • Meerah
    Meerah 2 days ago

    And they stole *Rubick* . . . and pretty much everything

  • kien vu
    kien vu 3 days ago

    thank riot

  • Skorpion ZaZRulez
    Skorpion ZaZRulez 3 days ago +1

    I have a better idea....why not exclude sylas?

  • Joao Pedro
    Joao Pedro 3 days ago

    alguem por favor traduz isso para pt br =(

  • Just one Player
    Just one Player 3 days ago

    1:02 Homie

  • Aazaroth
    Aazaroth 3 days ago

    that my friend is what riot balance team looks like behind the scenes. Your welcome

  • Jhonny Silva Martins

    That, ooooor Sylas could just steal the Ulti as it is and accept the risk of stealing the wrong ulti and become a brick.
    Stole Nidalee's ulti? Turn into a cat and wait effect go away. Feels nice for the OP ulti steal distance.

  • 1BU
    1BU 3 days ago +1

    Not that crazy an idea, other moba's already have ''ult stealers''. Felt this video kinda ''oh it was so hard to make cuz it was new and innovative'' Nhe.

  • On Sound
    On Sound 3 days ago

    pleas update the game to 64bit for macOS PLEASE!

  • Corum
    Corum 3 days ago +2

    "We don't want to put in the extra work to make fun and interesting champions." Good to know I guess.

    • roxasthegreek
      roxasthegreek 9 hours ago

      "We don't want to have to put in extra work for every single update from now on just because we made this champion." Obviously that's logical. Your innovations aren't going to get you far if each one of them makes every subsequent workload heavier and the overall project harder to work with.

  • Lam Phan Thanh
    Lam Phan Thanh 3 days ago +1

    do you know what Lol is really missing ? balance and the joy of playing this game. It's just not the same feeling, not the same joy that i remeber wen i first play this game

  • Soma Yukihira
    Soma Yukihira 3 days ago

    But Mordekaiser still doesn’t work

  • Lieutenant Axner
    Lieutenant Axner 4 days ago


  • Hammonade
    Hammonade 4 days ago

    How about kalista?

  • Raging He
    Raging He 4 days ago

    Hahaha, Malphite is just a Rock xD

  • kaspar pantzare
    kaspar pantzare 4 days ago

    i didn't like sylas he's not fun too play against so i think you failed even before you got to his ult

  • EpicFailFTW
    EpicFailFTW 4 days ago

    when is anivias wall gonna have same broken block as trashsuo's ?

  • Xero Shifts
    Xero Shifts 4 days ago

    Pretty sure if Valve can do it, anyone can.

  • Austin Lim
    Austin Lim 4 days ago

    What about morde

  • jaime playz mcpe
    jaime playz mcpe 5 days ago

    Great animation and an awesome game and awesome game developers

  • Error 404
    Error 404 5 days ago

    P: more spins then garen
    Q: stronger version of poppy for some reason
    W: way too much healing
    E: take camille and riven E into 1 abillity
    R: Bruh, making sylas into every champion in the game with CD that low

  • Vincent Morris
    Vincent Morris 5 days ago

    Oh so Rubick? Cool you finally caught up, League.

  • Shieda Kayn
    Shieda Kayn 5 days ago

    rito buff I too weak people only play with Darkin plus they do not know the power of the killer, give more strength to my killer, once I stayed 41/8/8 in a match of killer evil people only think of the darkin that he does everything, and I'm getting forgetful too, the odyssey event just remembered a little more now that the new skin of zed I'm getting behind :(

  • VincVids
    VincVids 6 days ago

    So, the next big step would be to temporarilly destroy terrain

  • Yassine Abadi
    Yassine Abadi 7 days ago

    Hiiii what if sayls play vs him self in blind game how he could take hes one ult howwww

  • 500 Subscribers With 1 video

    A challenge to make there skills better not bad huh

  • IaMmEsSiNgBoY 303
    IaMmEsSiNgBoY 303 7 days ago


  • Jacob Clark
    Jacob Clark 8 days ago +7

    Pyke: steals your kills
    Zoe: steals your spells
    Neeko: steals your look
    Sylas: steals your ultimate
    next champion: steals your credit card information

    is Riot trying to revive communism?

  • Caio Campos
    Caio Campos 9 days ago

    O q me surpreende é que essa bixa da rito fica fazendo videozinho do jogo e em arrumar o jogo nem se fala ne bando de corno fdp

  • CheesyPizzaJokes
    CheesyPizzaJokes 11 days ago

    more pls!!

  • Veleds Of Turkey
    Veleds Of Turkey 12 days ago

    please delete this hero so absurd

  • yasser martin
    yasser martin 17 days ago

    I really wish that sylas will have glowing effects on his chain when using abilities, just like his ults
    I mean when you play sylas his ult's color felt really different than his other kit. It just doesnt match as a kit in one champion
    *Sorry for the critics, but riot's artist is actually really good at drawing other champion tho

  • Danh Vô Thiên
    Danh Vô Thiên 20 days ago

    how about Udyr ?

  • Miguel Ángel Roldan Devia

    Like si no sabes inglés :,,v

  • Endsieg
    Endsieg 21 day ago +1


  • Danund81
    Danund81 23 days ago

    I absolutely love this series.

  • Airosmith Redila
    Airosmith Redila 24 days ago

    Dev: There's no way we can do that.
    Me: Is this lazy? I have a feeling that there many quotes saying about *WAY*.So here's mine; It ain't no way but it takes many way.

  • Tristan Paguio
    Tristan Paguio 27 days ago +2

    Thank you for going through all the trouble and difficulties just to give us fun rito
    We love and support you though we rarely show it, we appreciate what you do
    So thank you especially for making
    Sylas because he is just the personification of fun

  • [True] Aabro XD
    [True] Aabro XD 27 days ago


  • ZarfoxHD
    ZarfoxHD 27 days ago

    nerf sylas

  • Sylphomet
    Sylphomet 28 days ago

    homer simpson confirmed for league

  • Aroop Roelofs
    Aroop Roelofs 28 days ago

    It's interesting that Sylas has less bugs that Warwick :^)

  • Loli Raviolli
    Loli Raviolli Month ago

    "techwise we just werent able to do it"

    meanwhile rubick has been in game
    for 20+ years

  • asgard demasia
    asgard demasia Month ago

    I feel like domics made this

  • Omae wa mou Shindireiu

    You guys mean something like Rubick?

  • BangBang 13
    BangBang 13 Month ago +1

    Sylas: I can steal ult
    Zoe: Steal mine
    Sylas: Nope

  • Lol Man
    Lol Man Month ago

    Meanwhile Illaoi...

  • Søren Holter
    Søren Holter Month ago

    That Sylas is so cute.

  • MaikeSamruo8
    MaikeSamruo8 Month ago

    As a software developer in progress I can relate to your struggle. That must have been such a huuuuuuuge project for u! Great work guys!

  • David Brown
    David Brown Month ago

    1:11 The Meme! THE MEME!
    Btw, make Riven and the rest of the LoL girls buff.

  • John Adrian Francisco

    3:12 when somebody gott hack your acc and your reaction is

  • Touch than
    Touch than Month ago

    My Teemo is gone. 😭

  • miguel pare
    miguel pare Month ago


  • Oliver Bukor
    Oliver Bukor Month ago +1

    What about a parasite champion that acts as a shield and some +stats for the champion (not able to cast spells in this form) or it can detach itself from its host and cast spells but after 30-40 seconds it starts taking damage

  • Сергій Мартиненко

    Sooo, RP stealing champion is possible now. Ok, will look forward to it

  • L4ZZA
    L4ZZA Month ago

    Sounds like someone's moving to ECS ;)

  • Jesper Lopez
    Jesper Lopez Month ago

    Sylas will be my new main

  • Thanh-Hai Tran
    Thanh-Hai Tran Month ago

    Domics did the animation?

    • Segafan243
      Segafan243 Month ago

      The animation is Ehlboy. He did the animations for things like the braummix and stuff too.

  • David Quijano Gonzales

    Ya me tienen pendejo con sus comerciales cada 3 minutos, la RCSM!!!!

  • Neeko The Curious Chameleon

    2:00 Nidalee❤

  • TheDreadedAssassin
    TheDreadedAssassin Month ago +2

    So what you're saying is, this champion had been *_chained_* next to every back burner idea that probably never went into development because it was likely going to take alot of work to redo everything.
    And possibly because of all the work that went into Sylas' creation, you may be able to _unchain_ other ideas that may now be possible?

    • Safiullah Mollick
      Safiullah Mollick Month ago

      That's why Rito named Sylas as "The Unshackled".... it means they are unshackled not Sylas

  • CowAndChick
    CowAndChick Month ago +3

    Seems like a complicated work hopefully not all future champions will be complex like this XD make it easy for the dev's but you know what would be easy...
    Give aatrox his second e back

  • Game Killerz
    Game Killerz Month ago

    The only thing I would change on sylas is after he steals someone's ult, it should not go away if not used. There should still be a timer for how long until he can get another/someone else's Ult if not used!!!!!! No other champion is left without an Ult (if not on cooldown)!! He should not be Ult-less either!! He should be able to keep the stolen ult until the time where he can grab someone else's OR, OR forced to use the ult he already stole to get another (after cooldown of course).

  • SomeDumbSkrub
    SomeDumbSkrub Month ago

    Mundo? Kai sa?

  • Levelonesucks
    Levelonesucks Month ago +30

    I dare you to finally make the ink mage

  • Ran Deri
    Ran Deri Month ago

    Here's a nice idea I think:
    How about a champion with no auto attack,instead,his q or something is on a low cd(like 1 sec or so),and it deals aoe dmg(sort of like yasuo q but tweaked a bit) scaling with w/e you choose his kit to be,the rest of his kit could be sort of like a change to that q ability giving it range/effects like cc or third proc dmg or stuff.
    What do you think?literally came up with it on the go

  • Рома Фролов

    so... after so many years they added rubic? 10 more years and they will put game and main menu interface in one client

  • Chuck E Cheese
    Chuck E Cheese Month ago

    basically, sylas made everything better for everyone. except solo queue.

  • Axzealot •3•
    Axzealot •3• Month ago

    Isnt this suppose to be Lux’s lore where she can copy other spell casters

  • DontKnow9000
    DontKnow9000 Month ago

    0:56 As if you'd have done that with Mordekaiser in the last 5 years, lul

  • Sombra
    Sombra Month ago

    *Rubik pokerface*

  • Savannah H
    Savannah H Month ago

    I LOVE THIS! Have yet to see Sylas steal a Shaco ult and use it but would love to

  • Raphael Johnson
    Raphael Johnson Month ago

    Well that's something... Riot finally created a champion that ruined their lives as well as their player base.... Interesting... I wonder how the balance team is going to weigh in on this....
    All kidding aside.... I will never stop playing League, too much "fun".... Unless I have to fight a Yas... - - - - - - -

  • TRN Tony
    TRN Tony Month ago +2

    Proof that no one at riots balance team is a top laner

  • Russell Christian Carlos

    3:12 that was cute 😂

  • mz1bz
    mz1bz Month ago

    icefrog had 2 spell stealing heros without crying

  • 계기
    계기 Month ago

    not copy of rubick?

  • John Albert
    John Albert Month ago +1

    The next champ should steal the enemies money.

    • 3Colors
      3Colors Month ago

      a thief champion! nice!

  • Dunk Master Darius
    Dunk Master Darius Month ago

    This is disgustingly cute lol

  • M. Mirza
    M. Mirza Month ago +1

    With that said, they will probably find new ways to yet again rework Ryze.

  • EdgeLord
    EdgeLord Month ago

    Ayyyy ehlboy

  • Sean Smyrke
    Sean Smyrke Month ago

    This was a fantastic insight to what the devs go through day to day. Thank you for the vid!

  • Elmo The Lady Killer

    Broken copy of Rubick this is what Sylas really is nothing special...

  • Manob Das
    Manob Das Month ago

    why ur champions look like cartoon?

  • samantha bennett
    samantha bennett Month ago

    Nerf his heal

  • Zoren Skye
    Zoren Skye Month ago

    *SQUADS looks like Shou Tucker from FullMetal Alchemist* :'( So now after creating chimeras, he created Sylas

  • charles kim
    charles kim Month ago

    just a bit confused does sylas "steal" your ultimate or does he copy it?

  • DeadArizen
    DeadArizen Month ago

    We need more vids of these styles!

  • Wayne
    Wayne Month ago

    Do Dev Doodles emotes in LoL

  • Pedro Sandoval
    Pedro Sandoval Month ago

    You need to do a rework to your community, what a salty place. I stopped playing this trash because of that. Fix your reports system to a one that actually works, because the one right now is a piece of garbage.

  • niizzy a
    niizzy a Month ago

    Stop lying. I bet the thought process was something like that:
    "Lets make a champion even more broken than the ones we launched recently and make more "veteran" players quit the game!"
    And with that thought, Sylas was born.

  • Dung Hoang
    Dung Hoang Month ago

    To be honest, udyr has no ultimate, 4 skills are balance, so what should sylas do?