• Published on Feb 27, 2019
  • We are here to entertain & inform you of some of the CRAZIEST stories that you may not have known existed.
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  • Sincerely Eccentric
    Sincerely Eccentric 10 hours ago

    Imagine you steal someone's man, and then they date your brother. And now your nephew's mom, is also your boyfriend son. THEN you steal your bestfriend man and have his baby. WHEW KYLIE.

  • Pretty Puerto Rican
    Pretty Puerto Rican 2 days ago

    Dammm I had nooo idea they was trifling!!

  • Nini bella
    Nini bella 4 days ago

    Tristan father savage as hell
    " Khloe has a boy and a baby to raised " lol
    Hahahaha. He so messy👅

  • douglas byron Smotherman

    are you kidding me Khloe looks like an ogre

  • Sirah
    Sirah 5 days ago

    *Black women* : Have fun with my leftovers 🙋🏿‍♀️

  • animal lover
    animal lover 5 days ago

    2:42 before ruining his life XD im screaming

  • Jackie Jakesa Mulunda

    They never stole what's yours but always they stole what wasn't yours to begin with.

  • Chan Roobi
    Chan Roobi 8 days ago

    They're all nasty and have zero class. They're a bunch of home wrecking hyenas.

  • Hope Noel
    Hope Noel 11 days ago

    It seems like the Kadarshian desperately want to get the black family

  • brandon sneed
    brandon sneed 12 days ago

    It's hard to turn Kardashians down, they're Bad Boss bitches, what more could you ask for. And this Is coming from a guy who hates them

  • AriesAllDay4/14
    AriesAllDay4/14 13 days ago

    Nobody stoled anything them dudes went willingly

  • Debra Baldwin
    Debra Baldwin 14 days ago

    It do not matter if a man leave. His woman for another woman.the pain is the hurt

  • Zola Ade
    Zola Ade 14 days ago

    😂😂😂😂 2:42

  • androssteague
    androssteague 15 days ago

    Wow some of this stuff I forgot about.

  • Big daddy Julio
    Big daddy Julio 15 days ago

    Here’s the thing I hate when women fight with other women because apparently they “stole” their man first off your man didn’t get stolen he left you because he wanted to leave you don’t get mad at the women get mad at your “man” because he left you

  • Iris Trevino
    Iris Trevino 16 days ago

    I say the Kardashian girls are just rich prostitutes they change men as they change underwear

  • k j
    k j 16 days ago

    amber rose is not black

    • jeje 11
      jeje 11 13 days ago

      her mom mixed, so she 25% black, lol

  • Purp Hummus
    Purp Hummus 16 days ago

    There's a difference between stealing and walking away willingly

  • I.C G
    I.C G 17 days ago

    so in case she wasn't sure why she got she don't like that got make sure she knew why because Jordan and because of this she did to another girl named ....😂😂😂👀😈

  • Aleana
    Aleana 17 days ago

    this video needs to be updated.
    its time to add kendall

  • julie robinson
    julie robinson 18 days ago

    the Kardashian sisters can have these so called black men no need to steal them cos real black women wouldn't want them anyway!!🤣🤣

  • lauren wallace wallace
    lauren wallace wallace 19 days ago +1

    They also culture appropriate and try steal black women beauty.

  • I love Cupcakes
    I love Cupcakes 24 days ago

    No black women want those men lmao 😂

  • Faica Sparks
    Faica Sparks 25 days ago

    Justine is still friends with Kendall

  • Evelyn Pendall
    Evelyn Pendall 26 days ago

    Lack of RESPECT and IMORALITY dirty H*E.

  • Jo Sephine
    Jo Sephine 26 days ago

    The men are not even that great to begin with, to sit and be salty about who stole whom. A good way to cheapen your value is to have your entire life revolve around the relationships you make.

  • Mona Lisa
    Mona Lisa 27 days ago

    Amber Rose is whyte.

  • Dais TheDoll
    Dais TheDoll 27 days ago +1

    The caption took me out 🤣 I had to click 😭😭😭

  • culturefreedom89
    culturefreedom89 27 days ago

    Loose coochie......☠☠☠🔥🔥🔥

  • August Adams
    August Adams 28 days ago

    This is dumb. Stop chasing people that don’t want you. Just because your skin is the same color as someone doesn’t make them “yours”. Don’t look for something as superficial as skin tone , check their heart and their character ladies . Raise yourselves out of this mindset of things being stolen from you and go get what’s yours. Clearly no one is giving it to us so stop bitching about it and make Your life happen the way you want it to.

  • Patrick Ogbue
    Patrick Ogbue 29 days ago

    A bit amotive isn't this?

  • Life of Z
    Life of Z Month ago

    Delete this video. Black women are not pressed and this looks pathetic

  • Heaven Gul
    Heaven Gul Month ago

    Stop with this foolishness man the title of this video alone made me cringe

  • Christopher A.
    Christopher A. Month ago

    These people are terrible to other people.

  • kitkatt430
    kitkatt430 Month ago

    I mean damn do these chicks even try to date white guys! Fr they don't even date Hispanic. It just seems like they're just obsessed with black people in general and very envious of black women. It's downright scary to me how they target these simple minded black guys and have babies with them like it's some sort of agenda..

  • Zigi Onye
    Zigi Onye Month ago

    Amber Rose ain't black

  • Kary Dickens
    Kary Dickens Month ago

    How does someone steal someone from another? Choices were made to leave...That applies to anyone and any race..This same scenario is scattered all throughout biblical history. Ain't nothing changed! Ain't nothing new.

  • Dana R
    Dana R Month ago


  • Stone Ghana
    Stone Ghana Month ago

    Kourtney didn’t steal anyone.

  • Mimi Denise
    Mimi Denise Month ago

    Well they like black men, what do you expect.

  • Daphne Pratt
    Daphne Pratt Month ago

    Thompson is like Harrison. You know Prince Harry of England.

  • Daphne Pratt
    Daphne Pratt Month ago

    He is mine

  • Daphne Pratt
    Daphne Pratt Month ago

    I rather have seconds than thirds

  • Daphne Pratt
    Daphne Pratt Month ago

    Who is famous

  • Daphne Pratt
    Daphne Pratt Month ago

    And jealous

  • Daphne Pratt
    Daphne Pratt Month ago

    Fake and more fake.

  • Ahman Ahm
    Ahman Ahm Month ago


  • Khylee Wormell
    Khylee Wormell Month ago

    Steal ? No the boys left a man can’t be stolen

  • Jimmie Parker
    Jimmie Parker Month ago +1

    I hear alot of hating women in this comment lol

  • cici88
    cici88 Month ago

    That’s why when all that mess happened with Jordan Woods, I didn’t feel bad for Khloe at all. Karma is real and she got exactly what she deserved.

  • syndi301
    syndi301 Month ago

    Let them have them hoochies who gives a hoot some black men are full of bull

  • SoBoogee
    SoBoogee Month ago

    Stole? Welp We dont own nobody? Lets.Start there And b4 the Kardashians gained followers Black men weren't faithful then period. Some black men are just insatiable when it comes to women period. What the Kardashians have done tho is Capitalizr and build Million dollar brand name businesses by imulating our body types, butt, hips, thighs. Lips and small waisted attributes..They flipped the script and created generational wealth from our beauty...that's ingenuity like I've neva seen b4..sad but true

  • Black Sorceress
    Black Sorceress Month ago

    Lmao it’s because those bitches can’t pull their own men.

  • Hannah B
    Hannah B Month ago

    Lol they’ve all lost those guys too. Kanye will eventually leave he’s such a lifeless drone

  • Fattie 2 BaddieTV
    Fattie 2 BaddieTV Month ago

    When Kylie was friends with Justine, she posted and deleted a photo in braids with “white girls do it better” caption. I told Justine to watch out for Kylie in her IG comments and she BLOCKED me. Now look at her, looking stupid.

  • Brittany Hall
    Brittany Hall Month ago

    Like I always say....
    🗣keep that same energyyyyy!

  • Home Skillet
    Home Skillet Month ago +1

    You cant "steal" someone's "man"
    Sodium milligrams are lethally high in here. Why does race have to be center stage? This why women should support each other

  • Lola Tee
    Lola Tee Month ago

    Im Latina and i know the only reason they want to date black men is cuz they want their babies to look like us cuz we all know they r all lowkey racist but find us beautiful

  • W00LYZ YT
    W00LYZ YT Month ago

    They can’t steal a black man that doesn’t belong to a black woman. However, sisters better not hang out with these women with their black men around.

  • LoxsannB
    LoxsannB Month ago +1

    Stole? Are these men not conscious beings? Stop it.
    Y’all the type to catch y’all man cheating & beat up the chick. Lmao
    Also I’m sorry I don’t feel bad for cyna & amber....I mean look at their track records. I’m surprised I haven’t dated any of their exes