Black Future Month | March 20, 2019 Act 3 | Full Frontal on TBS

  • Published on Mar 21, 2019
  • Is the future more Black Panther or Black Mirror? Guest correspondent Sasheer Zamata investigates Afrofuturism and the journey to make Snapchat filters actually work. Produced by Halcyon Person with Adam Howard. Edited by Andrew Mendelson.
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Comments • 188

  • Music Lover
    Music Lover Month ago

    Progress on generic modification will make Eugenics easier to eliminate brown people.

  • Rickie Thompson
    Rickie Thompson 2 months ago

    Im so in love with Sasheer Zamata!!!!❤❤❤❤

  • Bill E
    Bill E 4 months ago

    Glad to see Sasheer on the beat. So talented.

  • hemmojito
    hemmojito 8 months ago

    Yes... A Bandersnatch joke...

  • always learning
    always learning 9 months ago

    The "Al gore rhythm" xD, that was hilarious
    Anyways just sending love from India :)

  • The special one
    The special one 9 months ago

    I seriously have a problem with the comment "the tech world is full of whites". I am a black person myself, and i am a programmer. I actually know people in africa, who travel kilometers to an IT-hub, in order to be able to test their programs. The black americans as usual, instead of getting into IT, u re all still walking around, playing cool and all wanting to be football players or rappers!

  • Mark Grandlouis
    Mark Grandlouis 9 months ago

    I love Sasheer Zamata

  • Joe American
    Joe American 9 months ago

    Sam Bee eats vaginas.

  • Tommy Gambardella, Staten Island

    Yea....right....because intelligent people believe Wall Street will be the next Chicago, or Brooklyn! Gang violence all along Wall Street! (Sarcasm)

  • Gillian Broadway
    Gillian Broadway 9 months ago

    As a woman in tech, I’d love to help with this!

  • MIZIEYA Newby
    MIZIEYA Newby 9 months ago

    michael moorcock wrote about this in one of his books- forget which one but the plot line had whites as ethnic minorities

  • Jackie O
    Jackie O 9 months ago

    Maybe it's just me but Safiya U. Noble looks like Sarah Sanders' black sister. Sister from another mister or mama.

  • Still Searching
    Still Searching 10 months ago

    I feel bad that Sasher Zamata got fired off SNL. She is really funny.

  • Nathaniel Jordan
    Nathaniel Jordan 10 months ago

    2:07 is a Black Mirror: Bandersnatch reference, in case anyone was confused.
    Interesting choice of reference, considering that's a 'choose your own adventure' movie on Netflix, which examines how much choice we really have and ultimately turns the tables on you forcing YOU the viewer to do things, instead of you forcing the character to do things.

  • Emily Christensen
    Emily Christensen 10 months ago

    "Companies with more culturally and ethnically diverse executive teams were 33% more likely to see better-than-average profits"... is that because they're getting away with paying their equally-qualified, ethnically diverse executives and other employees less than white men?

  • diana
    diana 10 months ago

    it makes me so happy to see sasheer! she killed it!

  • Kashimana
    Kashimana 10 months ago +1

    Good to see Sasheer ❤️❤️❤️

  • Michael Meyer
    Michael Meyer 10 months ago

    Facial recognition? Majority of phones are from East Asia so expect them to be prioritized for the East Asian facial features. Samsung is Korea, LG is Korea, Motorola is China, Huawei is China, Apple is China. The default emoji people are yellow not black, brown, or white. Fortunately, Tinder dating app had a successful campaign for interracial relationship emojis in late 2018. Facebook added diverse emojis in mid 2016. I can use diverse emojis in Google Hangouts web site but still waiting for Google Messages app on my LG phone to have them. Would be nice to represent my interracial family in emojis instead of using yellow ones.

  • Will Smith
    Will Smith 10 months ago +18

    Sasheer is a great addition. I agree with her 100%, we'd be a whole lot better off if more black women did have power. Georgia would have been WAAAYYYYY better if Stacey Abrams would have won

  • Alan Beck
    Alan Beck 10 months ago

    Why is it okay for black women to prefer to hire black women as in this piece? If a white person were to say he needs to help white people succeed he'd be ostracized from society.

  • InKa4484
    InKa4484 10 months ago

    So black people are just better than everyone else? Huh, you learn something every day.

  • KizuRai
    KizuRai 10 months ago

    I love this, and I want to be hopeful of the future too

  • Stephen Nnodim Jr
    Stephen Nnodim Jr 10 months ago +3

    Great segment. Excellent job by Sasheer and wonderful guests.

  • revolucinarioCortez
    revolucinarioCortez 10 months ago


  • Paul Miller
    Paul Miller 10 months ago

    So good to see Sasheer.

  • Joe Jupiter
    Joe Jupiter 10 months ago

    Racist algorithms aren't the problem here. Racist data is the problem.
    How AI works and how it can be biased depends on the data you train it with. If that data already has a racial bias then the predictions of the trained neural network will have a racial bias.
    The algorithms themselves work completely fine. When a bad teacher (racially biased data) is teaching his student (algorithm/neural network) wrong stuff and then the student repeats the wrong stuff as he was told then the teacher is the problem and you shouldn't blame the student.

  • hathejoker
    hathejoker 10 months ago

    But when are we getting a Black to the Future movie?

  • leprechaunluck24
    leprechaunluck24 10 months ago

    Im gonna be honest. I dont get the point of this at all. All I heard was "Robots are racist!". No real information. Not saying I disagree. I just dont get it.

  • Reyna Arawan
    Reyna Arawan 10 months ago

    That is legitimately a good idea. Creating visions of the future for people of color to strive for so we're moving towards a goal we can comprehend.

  • Pauli Unknown
    Pauli Unknown 10 months ago

    There's nothing more annoying than cynicism marketed as woke, that's all that this is. The algorithms are simply doing linear regression, there's nothing racist about that, I agree that this is a problem, but saying that the algorithm is racist because it is embedded in a racist system is ignorant. You're not aware of how these things work. This problem is technical, not ideological. It is, after all, just statistics.

  • Simon Brooke
    Simon Brooke 10 months ago +6

    Well, this demonstrates how hard SNL wasted her.

  • Micah Stewart
    Micah Stewart 10 months ago

    Capitalism dosent have a colour. Everyone thinks their the best. Find the diamonds in the rough who believe in equality and unity for all.

  • Jeff Clayton
    Jeff Clayton 10 months ago

    I'm not trying to start an argument, but I am a little curious...why is this clip only showing light-skinned individuals? The color spectrum is wide and diverse, yet this clip seems to make it appear that the only people attempting change are young and attractive. I love Samantha Bee, but I gotta say this clip was a little too much tongue-in-cheek and not enough substance.

  • DarkSchneider
    DarkSchneider 10 months ago +6

    Since Ashley left can Sasheer join FF as regular staff?

    • DarkSchneider
      DarkSchneider 10 months ago

      @Gabi Ghita Yeah, think 2/21 was her last day + video tribute.

    • Gabi Ghita
      Gabi Ghita 10 months ago

      Oh no, Ashley left? In that case, I double hope she stays.

  • Leopard-King
    Leopard-King 10 months ago

    In the future black women will braid their hair with fiber optics. The will be able to gossip IN their hairdos without saying a word. They will same time each other from their edges.

  • Naestved DK
    Naestved DK 10 months ago +2

    That futuristic outfit was awesome :)

  • Norru
    Norru 10 months ago

    Is it ok to say "white power" in Wakanda?

  • Brian Sempowski
    Brian Sempowski 10 months ago +3

    think that black women were in charge the world would be so much better and diverse. It's time that the white man's rule the world diminishes or ends.

  • Brian Sempowski
    Brian Sempowski 10 months ago

    If you drink all of drinks you'll died of alcohol poisoning

  • Brian Sempowski
    Brian Sempowski 10 months ago +7

    These are amazing interviews that explore the side of racism that I was unfamiliar with of course is a white man's eye experiences a lot. More white people need to see racism in this treatment that minority groups experience. Racially biased technology hurts everyone I will set our world back generations. We should not use modern technology to repeat the toxic masculinity and racism of the past and present.

  • Brian Sempowski
    Brian Sempowski 10 months ago

    We really need a real-life Black Panther

  • Brian Sempowski
    Brian Sempowski 10 months ago +21

    Predictive policing is a horrifying concept that feels like it's out of the movie minority report

  • Brian Sempowski
    Brian Sempowski 10 months ago

    great using technology to further races

  • Brian Sempowski
    Brian Sempowski 10 months ago +1

    every day our world is closer to the black mirror and farther from Black Panther

  • Jack Doyle
    Jack Doyle 10 months ago

    American black people are really racist, I mean they appear to think they are superior. In Europe we had people like that too, they called themselves ubermensch...

  • Jack Doyle
    Jack Doyle 10 months ago +1

    Isn't the future of black people, white people etc that we lose the labels and just become one people? you know like in that communist utopian show that MLK was a fan of?

  • Mathy Don
    Mathy Don 10 months ago

    Learn algorithms, it’s not that hard

  • J LA
    J LA 10 months ago

    Wow! I had no idea about the tech thing. It's like how photographic film isn't set to feature people of color correctly either because the color tones are set based on only white skin.

  • Jabid21
    Jabid21 10 months ago +1

    Sasheer was amazing in this piece.

  • JTC TV
    JTC TV 10 months ago

    Al Gore’s rhythms?! 😩

  • mista mista
    mista mista 10 months ago +5

    I agree, we need to give more White Man Money to promote Black Girl Magic

  • Rita Dickson
    Rita Dickson 10 months ago +3

    You're very articulate. lol

  • Richard Pauli
    Richard Pauli 10 months ago +1

    No worries, because lessons not learned - will be repeated.

  • Dave F
    Dave F 10 months ago +9

    Great piece! I think Sasheer should be a full-time staff correspondent!

  • Kitten Diotima
    Kitten Diotima 10 months ago +15

    Yeah, surprise! the tech world is racist, and sexist, and queerphobic. Why ANYONE thinks tech CEOs are liberal Dems is beyond me, they're wealthy, prejudiced, vain, think-they're-god's-gift, entitled, jerks who have unchecked control of the internet. This is in no way a new problem either.

  • CarolCorp5x5
    CarolCorp5x5 10 months ago +13

    Sasheer was so underutilized on SNL so I'm glad to see her here

  • sreddi83
    sreddi83 10 months ago

    Ok I''m all for equality but aren't Muslims more marginalised than Black people now?

    • sreddi83
      sreddi83 10 months ago

      @Ariel Steinsaltz You are right

    • Ariel Steinsaltz
      Ariel Steinsaltz 10 months ago +1

      sreddi83 That’s definitely true. I had a bit of an issue with the “most marginalized group” thing too. There’s a lot of groups who are marginalized and it’s not reported on as much (the lack of coverage of anti-Semitism concerns me, as a Jew). But this type of technology bias is also underreported and worth noting. When we start asking “but what about this group’s marginalization” we run the risk of dividing human rights into categories, which has historically been a problem.

    • sreddi83
      sreddi83 10 months ago

      ​@Ariel Steinsaltz I know, it was excellent. But Asians, Indians, 2nd Gen Americans who go through racism due to cultural misunderstandings need a voice too. The amount of Sikhs or Hindus that get chastised for looking Muslim is staggering.

    • Ariel Steinsaltz
      Ariel Steinsaltz 10 months ago +2

      sreddi83 The piece literally before this one was about the Muslim ban.

    • sreddi83
      sreddi83 10 months ago

      @Ariel Steinsaltz No and I didn't mean it as such. It's just I see plenty of pieces on Black people and women but what about Asians, Indians, Muslims?? Or are things going super well for them?

  • g sun
    g sun 10 months ago +3

    Whe she showed black turtleneck
    I freaked out

  • JM Ellison
    JM Ellison 10 months ago +25

    Sasheer was amazing. Being a correspondent showcase s Sasheer's skills more than SNL.

  • Mason M
    Mason M 10 months ago

    "Get out of the way and let black women lead" how are the black men, Latinos, white people, first nations peoples, and Asians supposed to take that?